Stray Articles RSS Feed | Stray RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Stray: Where to Find All 4 Outsider Notebooks in The Slums for Momo Thu, 21 Jul 2022 15:30:53 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The Slums is the first inhabited location you come across in Stray. Full of tight alleyways and tall buildings, there are plenty of places for things to hide, including seven of B12's memories and eight pieces of sheet music. To progress through the chapter, however, you'll need to find four notebooks from the Outsider Companions: Momo, Clementine, Doc, and Zbaltazar. Some are hidden away cleverly. 

Your primary objective when entering The Slums is to speak to the Guardian, show them the picture of the beach (Outside), and talk with Momo, who can tell you more about how to get there. Momo is in the tall building with the giant orange sign, which the Guardian points out. You can go there immediately, but if you want him to help, you'll need to show him his companions' notebooks, so you might as well collect them first. 

For example, each notebook is numbered as if it were in a set X/4. Disregard the numbering conventions, though, as they can be a bit confusing. There is only one notebook from each of the Outsiders to find, and the X/4 denotes the number they are in the entire Outsider set, not a particular robot's collection.

This guide will show you their locations in the most efficient order to prevent as much backtracking as possible (though there will be a tiny bit). With that in mind, we'll go in reverse numerical order. 

Clementine's Notebook (4/4)

Climb to Dufer Bar's roof, and look for a blue wall with a white Outsider face logo painted on it. A red paper lantern is next to an open window bathed in yellow light. Climb inside, and head to the back through the broken panes at the bottom of the french doors. Turn right here to pick up a music sheet, then left to enter another small room with flowery wallpaper and a red light. 

Turn right inside the room, and you'll see a desk in the back with three computer monitors on it. Clementine's notebook is on the monitors to the left. 

Doc's Notebook (3/4)

Exit the apartment where you found Clementine's notebook, and follow the pipes directly below you to the balcony on the left. Grab the music sheet off the table next to the white plastic chair, then look to your left.

You'll see another apartment on the far side of The Slums. It has two red lanterns out front, and a square, blue sign with the Outsider face logo painted on it on the balcony. There is also an orange traffic cone, couch, and television on the roof in front of the apartment. 

Go inside the apartment, stay right, and follow the path around. You'll see a nook on the left with a piano and a piece of sheet music. Continue along the right side to the back right corner of the apartment. Jump over the books, and inspect the note on the bed on the right side to get a set of keys. 

From there, go to rows K-M in the library in the center of the apartment. You'll see a stack of books about halfway down the aisle on the left. Knock them down to reveal a safe. Use the key to unlock the safe and get Doc's notebook. 

Zbaltazar's Notebook (2/4)

Exit the apartment where you picked up Doc's notebook, and look straight ahead, back toward the Guardian on the far side of The Slums. You'll see yet another square, blue sign with the Outsider logo hanging above a building and two more red paper lanterns. You'll pass Momo's building while heading over, but it's easier to come from this way than up from the Guardian. 

Go to the roof, and remove the battery from the right side of the ventilation unit. Drop it on the ground, and climb up in the middle of the ductwork to find a fan that's stopped. Jump down through the fan, then down from the bunk bed. Knock down the stack of boxes to the right of the door to reveal Zbaltazar's notebook. 

Momo's Notebook (1/4)

Exit the apartment where you found Zbaltazar's notebook by scratching the green blind in the back of the room. Climb out the window, and go left. Jump over to the Companion robots throwing the paint cans, then climb up to Momo's apartment. There will be a cutscene when you enter before a bit of dialogue. You'll get Momo's notebook automatically. 

With Momo's notebook in hand, B12 will suggest showing him the other three notebooks from Clementine, Doc, and Zbaltazar. Show them to Momo in any order. After you show him the last one, he'll become encouraged to fix the transceiver, and you'll be on your way to Chapter 5: Rooftops. Be sure to get the memory in Momo's bedroom and the music sheet from behind the door to the left of the kitchen. 

And that's where to find all of the Outsider notebooks in Stray. For more tips, such as where to find all of the memories and music sheets, click the links at the top of this guide. We also have a handful of articles telling you how to find all the badges, how to scratch the record in Midtown's club, how to get the worker vest and hat, and where to find the poncho

Stray: How to Get the Worker Jacket and Hat for Blazer Wed, 20 Jul 2022 18:14:26 -0400 Jonathan Moore

To progress through Chapter 10: Midtown in Stray, you'll need to get into the Neco Corp. factory. But to do so requires finding the worker jacket and worker hat for Blazer, Clementine's contact "on the inside." However, the steps you must take to get both items aren't spelled out, and figuring out what to do can be hard to suss out. 

The guide below tells you everything you need to do in an order that (hopefully) eliminates as must backtracking as possible. Unlike some other subquests in Stray, this one requires specific criteria to be met for some portions to become available. 

Where to Find the Worker Jacket and Hat

First, speak to Clementine in her apartment. She'll tell you about using the old subway system to reach the Outside. She has the keys to the subway car but needs an Atomic Battery to power the tracks. A Companion robot named Blazer with a bomber jacket and gold chain can help you get it by infiltrating the Neco Corp. factory.

Clementine gives you a note to give to him, but before you find Blazer, there are two things you need to do first to cut down on backtracking. When you meet Blazer, he'll need a worker's jacket and construction hat to get inside the factory. You'll need to do a few things to get those items. 

How to Get the Cassette Tape for the Jacket

Exit Clementine's apartment and go left, then left again to take the stairwell down one floor. Go left at the bottom, then right. Jump onto the small wall with the yellow railing. You'll see three video cameras in the area. Jump on all three to knock them down.

Now go to the bottom floor where the three robots are milling about. Interact with the one sitting down to "steal" the cassette tape. We're not done with the tape yet, but we can get the hat next. 

How to Get the Construction Hat

Leave the apartment block, and go toward the square with the hologram. Take the first right out of the apartment block, and enter the bar (if you pass the area with the red lights, you've gone too far). Go to the back, climb up the shelves on the right side, and push the crate of beer bottles on the sleeping/drunk robot below.

Exit the bar, and go to the Hat Shop on the left side of the square. There will be a delivery Companion in a yellow Vest outside with a box on the ground. Hide inside the box, and wait for the drunk robot to appear and take you inside. When he leaves, jump out of the box (it's OK if he's still in the shop), and steal the worker hat in the window. Escape through the grate on the left side.

How to Get the Construction Jacket

Crawl under the vehicle, and enter the clothing store across the street. Go to the back, and use the cassette tape with the boombox. When the music starts playing, the shopkeep will investigate it. Steal the worker jacket from the window.

Leave the shop, go right, then right again down the alley. Blazer will be leaning against the wall, reading a newspaper. Give him the note from Clementine, and exhaust his dialog. Then give him the worker hat and jacket.

Now that you've given Blazer the worker jacket and construction hat jump in the box to enter the factory and get the Atomic Battery. After the factory, you can scratch the vinyl in the club for a trophy or achievement before moving on to Chapter 11. For more, check out our Stray guides hub, where we also have articles on how to find all of B12's memories, where to find all of the music sheets, and how to get every badge.

Stray: How to Get the Poncho for Elliot to Fix the Tracker Wed, 20 Jul 2022 17:31:50 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Finding a way outside in Stray is no easy task for our intrepid kitty cat, even after getting all four Outsider notebooks. Throughout the game's roughly five to six-hour runtime, you'll dodge Zurk, hide from Sentinels, climb many a precarious perch, and be asked to complete various subquests for some of the Companions you come across. One such endeavor is getting the poncho for Elliot so he'll fix the tracker. 

However, like most other little side missions in Stray, the game doesn't provide much information to go on when it comes to Elliot's request. Where is the poncho? And how do you get the item needed to make it once you find out? This guide will tell you how to do both of those things. 

How to Get the Poncho in Stray

After installing the transceiver at the end of Chapter 5: Rooftops, you'll return to The Slums in Chapter 6, meeting Momo in Dufer Bar to contact the other Outsiders. This is where you'll cross paths with Seamus, Doc's son. 

Once you've exhausted all of Seamus' dialog in the bar, talk with Momo, and follow him to Doc's apartment (don't get too far ahead of Momo, or he'll stop walking). When you arrive at the flat, there will be a bit of dialog, and Momo will give you Doc's Notebook 3/4. Enter the apartment through the vent, and speak with Seamus, showing him Doc's notebook. 

How to Open Doc's Secret Room and Digicode Password

Seamus will mention a secret room in the flat. Jump onto the left side of the counter behind Seamus, and knock down the picture frame closest to the left edge. You'll need to enter a digicode to open the door in the wall. The passcode is on the clocks over the sofa: 2511.

Go into the secret room, and climb the shelf behind the stool on the left side. Knock the box down to reveal the broken tracker, and show it to Seamus. Now you'll need to fix it.

Elliot at Elliot Programming is who you need to visit, but he says he's shivering too much to work on it and needs a blanket. A poncho will do. Grandma can make it, but she needs the Electric Cable Azooz sells at the marketplace. And that costs 1 Super Spirit Detergent.

How to Get Super Spirit Detergent

From Seamus' flat, climb up the buildings on the right side and head over to the two Companions throwing paint buckets across the alley. Approach the one on the right side, and interact with them using Triangle on PlayStation or the corresponding prompt on PC. Meow at them until they drop a paint bucket.

The bucket will smash on the street below, causing Kosma, the proprietor of Super Spirit Laundry, to rush outside, shaking his fists, and start cleaning up the mess. Enter the laundromat, and turn left immediately. Inspect the table by the window for the detergent.

Now buy the Electric Cable from Azooz, and take it to Grandma, who can be found just past Elliot Programming, at the end of the path. The scene will fade, and you'll get the poncho in return. Take it to Elliot, who will then fix the broken tracker.

The poncho may seem insignificant, but it's the only way to progress the story and get one step closer to Doc and the Outside. Now that you have the tracker, you can head to the next chapter, Dead End. For more, like where to find all memories or how to scratch the vinyl in the club, click the links or head over to our Stray guides hub.

Stray: How to Scratch the Vinyl in the Club Wed, 20 Jul 2022 13:23:53 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Stray has quite a few trophies and achievements that reward you for doing cat things, like meowing 100 times, nuzzling up against robots, and evening dying nine times. One challenge, however, is less straightforward and a bit more perplexing. It asks you to scratch the vinyl in the club during Chapter 10: Midtown. If you're here, you're like me and wondering how to do it. 

Scratch was one of the last trophies I got in Stray because I just couldn't figure out how to do it, despite playing Midtown several times to find all of B12's memories (which can also be a bit head-scratching). Here's what to do. You can use this link to skip down to the solution if you already know how to get to the club.

How to Get to the Club in Stray

To enter the club, you'll need to steal the battery from the Neco factory by helping Blazer get the worker jacket and construction helmet. Once you have the battery, return to Clementine's apartment, and solve the item puzzle she leaves behind, finding out that she's gone to the club. This makes it accessible from a back alley window.

Exit the apartment block, and take the alleyway immediately to your left, the one bathed in red light with the vehicle parked on the left side. Go straight to the end, and jump up on the verticle orange sign on the ground, just to the right of the Companion sitting on and hanging their feet over the metal awning.

Climb up the sign, and stay along the pipes that cross over the alleyway. Follow the pipes along the outside of the white-tiled building, and you'll see another Companion leaning out of a window as you walk around the pipe. Speak to them to enter the club. 

How to Get the Record to Scratch Vinyl

Once you enter the club, you'll see the bar to your left and the stage to your right. From the window entrance, go all the way to the other side of the club, past the bar and the stage.

You'll see a tall round pub table, with tables against the wall behind it; there are also TVs stacked against the wall on the left side and green leaf wall decor. Jump up to the tall round bar table to find a record (which is arguably harder to spot than all four notebooks in The Slums).

Now face the stage. Take the record up to the turntables, and place it on the left turntable. A prompt will appear, and you'll be able to scratch the record. 

Now that you know how to scratch the vinyl in the club, you have yet another Stray trophy and achievement to add to your collection. For more tips, check out our other Stray guides, like how to get all Badges and where to find all of the music sheets for Morusque

Stray: How to Get All Badges Tue, 19 Jul 2022 13:12:56 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Aside from B12's memories, all of the collectibles in Stray are essentially for trophies and achievements. Finding all the badges is a fun little sidequest that allows you to interact with various Companions and robots during your journey, helping them out in all manner of ways. However, collecting all six is primarily for getting the appropriately-named Badges trophy and achievement, though you will get some nice bits and bobs for your vest, too. 

The guide below outlines all of their locations; you won't get the first one until Chapter 4: The Slums.

Where to Find All Badges in Stray

Music Badge

You'll get the Music Badge by giving Morusque eight pieces of sheet music in The Slums or The Slums – Part 2. You can find all of the locations in this guide.

Outsider Badge

You'll get the Outsider Badge automatically as part of the story, when Seamus opens the gate for you in Chapter 6, The Slums – Part 2.

Plant Badge

Talk to Zbaltazar in Antvillage, then climb up another level to meet Malo watering plants. She'll ask for red, yellow, and purple plants.

  • Yellow Plant location: Take the bucket near Malo down one level. You'll see a couch in front of you and a bar to your left. Climb out onto the pipe between the couch and the bar to collect the yellow plant. 

  • Purple Plant location: Go down two floors and to the two Companions playing a board game near the beginning of the area. You'll see a tree with purple flowers between them and the Companion on the couch watching TV. Climb out on the trunk to grab the flowers.

  • Red Plant location: There is a bucket and pulley near the Companions playing a board game. Take it down. As you descend, you'll see an island in the distance and a tree with red flowers on it. Use the barrels to cross the water to the island. 

Cat Badge

Exit the subway in Midtown, and pass the Companion being frisked/interrogated by the Peacemaker. Go up the steps, and go into the second shop on your right by climbing up on the counter; it's the one with the Companion in a white jacket standing out front across from a vehicle on the left side. Open the safe at the top of the shelves in the back. The code is 8542.

Police Badge

Continue to the square with the giant hologram. You'll see a security station on the left side, bathed in yellow light; it's just after the clothing store on the left.

Go into the alley between the security station and the clothing store. Near the beginning of the alley, climb up the air conditioners, then across the corrugated metal awnings to the end. Follow the path up to a small window with two bars. Go inside, and inspect the Companion on the floor.

Neco Badge

Play through Midtown, and get the construction outfit for Blazer. Enter the Neco Corp factory, and go through the first large area with Sentinels, then through a bulkhead door. On the other side, you'll see a worker on your right at the edge of another large room with a Sentinel. Go through here to an area with rectangle cages carrying trash.

Follow the path to the end, where you have to jump on barrels in the water. Instead of going straight, jump to the right, and inspect a pile of debris for the worker's keys. Return them to the worker you saw in the second large room. You don't have to speak with the worker before finding the keys.

And that's that for Stray's badges and their locations. If you're looking for more collectibles to nab more trophies or achievements — or just to learn more about how this cat and robot world came to be — consider checking out our guides for finding all of B12's memories or uncovering all of Morusque's music sheets. We've also got one for the pawsitively perplexing Scratch challenge, too, and what you need to do for the worker jacket and hat.

Stray: Where to Find All Music Sheets and Locations Tue, 19 Jul 2022 13:12:49 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you're a completionist or just want to see everything there is to see in Stray, the cat game where you do cat things in a post-human world, you'll surely want to find all of Morusque's music sheets. There are eight of them hidden in various locations around The Slums, and they can be found in either Part 1 or Part 2 of the level. 

Once you give them all to Morusque, the guitar-playing Companion found near the Guardian, you'll get the Meowlody trophy (PS4/PS5) and achievement (PC), as well as the Music Badge, which is needed for another trophy and achievement. 

To give music sheets to Morusque, speak to her and exhaust her dialog, open your inventory, and select a sheet. She'll name the piece and comment on it before starting the tune. You must wait for her to finish playing before you can give her another piece of music. Some of these items are found alongside the Outsider notebooks you'll need to give Momo

Every Music Sheet Location in Stray

Sheet Music 8/8

The first music sheet is actually the last. Facing the Guardian (the Companion with the staff you met at the beginning of the level), take the stairs to the left leading down. You'll see Morusque on your left and a vending machine on your right. Go ahead and grab an energy drink, which you'll need for another piece of sheet music. 

Continue past Morusque and the vending machine. Look for a safe in a pile of trash in the back left corner of the area. The mysterious safe code is 1283. 

Sheet Music 4/8

The second piece of sheet music can be purchased from the marketplace to the right of the Guardian. Interact with the item to the right of the vendor Azoz, and give him one energy drink for the collectible.

Sheet Music 5/8

The next music sheet can be found upstairs in Dufer Bar. From the Guardian, go down the stairs leading back toward the beginning of the level. You'll see a red sign straight ahead and a Companion leaning against a vending machine. Go inside and up the stairs on the left. Turn right at the top, and go over to the booths along the wall. Inspect the center booth's table. 

Sheet Music 3/8

Exit Dufer Bar, and go left. Follow the alleyway as it turns left, then right. You'll see Grandma's shop at the very end of the alley and a door with a yellow sign and boxes stacked out front on the right.

This is Elliot Programming. Scratch the door to go inside, and grab the sheet music of the Companion painting directly ahead. You can get this one during The Slums — Part 2 when you give Elliot the poncho to fix the tracker.

Sheet Music 6/8

From there, go back to Dufer Bar, and use the vending machine outside to climb up to the second story, then once again to the third. Look for an open window with an orange paper lantern and a blue wall with a white face. Go through the window, straight to the back, and through the holes in the broken French doors. Turn right on the other side to find this on a bookshelf by the bed. 

Sheet Music 2/8

Leave the apartment where you found 6/8. Stay on the left side by using the pipe and board, and jump up to the next balcony. This music sheet is on a round table by the white plastic chair.

Sheet Music 7/8

From 6/8's balcony, look toward the building with the big orange sign (Momo's apartment/your objective). Left of that, in the far back corner, you'll see a traffic cone on a rooftop near a couch and TV. Behind that, you'll see two red paper lanterns above a blue square on a balcony.

Go into the door marked with the red lanterns (Doc's apartment), then right once inside. You'll find a cubby in the books on the left with a piano and this piece of sheet music on it. 

Sheet Music 1/8

Climb through the window to enter Momo's apartment, and go left to the entryway between the desk and the kitchen. There are two doors; one on the right and one on the left. Go through the bars at the bottom of the left door, and climb up to the shelf in the back for this collectible.

Those are all of the music sheets and their locations in Stray. Now you've heard Morusque's greatest hits and have the Music Badge, which you'll need for the appropriately-named Badge trophy and achievement. You also have the Meowlody trophy or achievement for your efforts. For more, here's where to find all of B12's memories and how to scratch the vinyl in the club.

Stray: Where to Find All B12 Memories and Locations Tue, 19 Jul 2022 13:12:28 -0400 Jonathan Moore

B12 is a drone companion that joins your journey in Stray's third chapter, The Flat. Once you find him, you'll be able to discover his memories in each of the remaining chapters, learning more about B12's background and the history of the world around you. There are 27 memories to uncover, and as is often the case with these things, some are harder to find than others. 

Memories are colored in a light blue glow with small blue boxes flittering around them, and they can be anything from murals and signs to railings and deactivated robots. You can view glitchy previews of them by accessing your inventory and tabbing right to Memories; once you find a memory, you can view its complete form in this same location.

There are no memories in the first two chapters: Inside the Wall and Dead City. We've outlined the rest of them in the guide below. You can see the total number of memories you've collected when loading your save file and by each chapter by choosing chapter select. Discovering them all will net you the "I Remember" trophy (PS4/PS5) or achievement (PC). 

Every B12 Memory Location in Stray

The Flat — 1 Memory

Memory 1/27: Eventually, you'll find a mural of a beach along the main path after meeting B12 and riding in the bucket outside of the flat. B12 will grab a postcard off of the mural after reminiscing, adding the memory to your log.

The Slums — 7 Memories

Note: All of these Memories can be found in both The Slums — Part 1 and The Slums — Part 2.

Memory 2/27: The next memory, this time a mural of a companion, is to the left of the Guardian in The Slums (the robot carrying the staff you meet when you first arrive). Facing the Guardian, go left past Roshee, the robot tending the plants, and down the stairs. At the bottom, go left into the small alley left of Morusque, the Companion with the guitar, and climb up to the top. The mural is in the back above a block of air conditioners.

Memory 3/27: With your back to the Guardian and facing down the stairs toward Dufer Bar, climb to the top of the building directly to your left with the red vending machine (directly across from the building with the yellow vending machine). Interact with the robot leaning against the sign at the top.

Memory 4/27: Another memory is in Dufer Bar. Go upstairs and inspect the bowl on the round table at the top, across from the pool table.

Memory 5/27: Another Memory is in Elliot Programming (in the alley where you begin the Slums area, near the "Bar" sign for Dufer Bar). Enter and grab music sheet ⅜ off the wall directly in front of you if you haven't, then go left and up the stairs. At the top, on the left, there will be a green, glowing tree near a white plastic chair.

You could also get this one during The Slums — Part 2 when you convince Elliot to fix the tracker by giving him the poncho from Grandma

Memory 6/27: Leave Elliot Programming, and go right. Go right again at Grandma's Clothing at the end, then left. You'll see a light ahead, heading back to where you began the chapter. There will be a stairwell leading up on the right side of the alley. Go up, and interact with the "RIP Humans" mural on the left wall by the vending machine.

Memory 7/27: In Momo's apartment, go past Momo into the bedroom behind the beads. Interact with the Back Home 2 poster on the left wall, opposite the bed. You can grab it after getting Momo's notebook.

Memory 8/27: This memory is the painting of the Companion for sale at the marketplace near the Guardian. You'll need three energy drinks to buy it. Here's where to find each vending machine in The Slums.

The Slums Energy Drink Vending Machine Locations 

  • The first energy drink vending machine is off of the alleyway at the start of the level, next to the RIP Humans memory mural. If in the alley facing as if you're going into the Slums, there is a set of stairs leading up on the left side.

  • Another is above Rozey. Go back down the steps you used to reach the vending machine above, and go left, then left again when it forks. Pass Rozey sitting on the left under the paper lanterns, and go up the stairs. Turn around at the top and look up.

  • From that machine, climb straight up to the adjacent roof with a keg on it. Turn right for another vending machine on a nearby roof, the one with the couch and TV on it near Doc's apartment.

  • Finally, the last energy drink vending machine is to the left of the Guardian, down the steps and across from Morusque.

Rooftops — 3 Memories

Memory 9/27: Follow the level through two areas of Zurk enemies. After, you'll come to a section where you'll need to jump on a large horizontal pipe, then up on a small AC unit, and finally up to a board hanging off the edge of a building with a fence on the left side. There will be a large, red, flickering sign directly in front of you. Interact with it. 

Memory 10/27: Continue along, and pass over a large crane. Push a plank down to enter a building with construction materials and Zurk. Climb to the second story, and go all the way to the end, past the Zurk in the cage on the left. Interact with the Neco Corp sign behind the steel beams lying on the floor by the rot.

Memory 11/27: You'll get this one automatically after going up the elevator and using the transceiver at the top.

Dead End — 3 Memories

Memory 12/27: After Seamus opens the gate for you, go straight until the path breaks left and right. Go left, and inspect the roll-up door near the vehicle and red barrels at the end.

Memory 13/27: After the cart section and "big fall," you'll climb up some pipes and fans. At the top, go straight and through a break in the fence at the end. Turn right to see a dead robot on a dock with a fishing pole in green water. Interact with the robot.

Memory 14/27: Soon after, you'll need to fix a generator to continue. Follow the wire across a broken metal bridge and into a house. Go downstairs, and interact with the mannequin behind the Companion you meet. The mannequin has a bucket with a smiley face painted on it on its head.

The Sewers — 2 Memories

Memory 15/27: Momo will open a large round door for you and look for another way through. Follow the path ahead and up onto a catwalk. Enter a blue-lit room, and go down a ramp. Take the first left about halfway down the corridor. Destroy all of the Zurk egg sacs, and jump into the large pipe opening in the left wall. Follow it to the end, and interact with the railing.

Memory 16/27: Go through the area with the eyes on the walls to the very end, and drop down onto a medium-sized pipe. Follow the pipe left, and jump over to a smaller pipe along the left wall. Follow the path down, across two barrels in the water, and up to an opening on the right. You'll enter a silo with eyes at the top. Interact with the prompt near them.

Antvillage — 2 Memories

Memory 17/27: Cross the bridge into Antvillage to get this one automatically.

Memory 18/27: From there, take the ladder up, and pass the two robots playing a board game. There will be a robot watching TV at the next ladder; the memory is on the wall to the right of the robot, but you'll have to return when B12 is ready. Keep climbing to the top, and interact with a Companion to move the story forward, then return to this area for the memory. 

Midtown — 7 Memories

Memory 19/27: Enter the subway to get this memory automatically.

Memory 20/27: Follow the stairs up from the subway tracks. Go through the gap in the fence at the top, and turn right. Inspect the bookshelf in the makeshift room with the clothes hanging from the fence.

Memory 21/27: Exit that area, turn right, and go straight. Go up the steps where the Peacemaker is interrogating the Companion. Continue straight ahead toward the purple sign; just before it is an alleyway on the right with a Ramen Bowl sign in it.

Go down the alley until it opens up a bit on the right side near a vertical orange sign on the ground. Climb up the sign, then follow the path forward and left. Climb up again at the blue neon sign with the lightning bolt. You'll eventually reach a concrete balcony and the memory at the top.

Memory 22/27:After picking up the battery in the Neco factory, return to the central square with the large hologram in the middle. Facing the hologram, with the hat shop on your right, you'll notice the door to the security station (the building bathed in nauseating yellow light) is open. Go inside, and scan the picture of the Sentinel on the wall.

Memory 23/27: From there, enter the restaurant across from the security station; it's the building with the tables out front and two Companions talking. Go to the back, and climb up the two mini-fridges under the fan and blue clock. Turn around, and jump over to the tiled wall separating the wash area and food prep area. Climb into the hole in the ceiling above you. Interact with the memory in the back left corner. Note: You can pick this up before getting the battery. 

Memory 24/27: Now, go across the street to the barbershop, the building to the left of the hat shop. Inside, climb up the red couch on the left side (behind the "barber"), and climb into the narrow loft with the ladder leaning against it. Interact with the items in the back left corner. Note: You can pick this up before getting the battery. 

Memory 25/27: When you reach the Club, go behind the bar, and take the elevator in the counter between the drink bottles and the sink down. There will be a table with bottles on it in the center of the basement when you arrive.

Jail — 1 Memory

Memory 26/27: Rescue B12, go outside into the jail yard, and trap the first Sentinel for Clementine. After, she'll open the first gate in the area to move forward. Turn right as you go through the gate, and pass the yellow barrels by the gate. Interact with the robot on the ground leaning against the refuse can in the back left corner.

Control Room — 1 Memory

Memory 27/27: Enter the control room to get this one automatically.

Those are all of the memory locations in Stray. Now you know about B12's tragic tale and the events that led to the state of the world around you. There are more collectibles to find on your journey, so be sure to check out our guides for Morusque's music sheets and the game's six hidden badges

Stray Review: Being a Cat is as Smooth as Ever Mon, 18 Jul 2022 12:01:21 -0400 George Yang

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Stray from Blue Twelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive. I figured it would at least be a walking simulator where you control a cat. However, Stray is much more than that. It has a touching narrative about hope, wrapped in themes of capitalistic greed.

Stray follows a cat who literally falls its into a city filled with robots. As the cat tries to find its way home, it learns about the robots’ desires to go to the Outside, a mysterious area past the domed city that has been closed off for tens, if not hundreds, of years. Along the way, the cat meets a drone named B12 that helps it translate the robots' language and defend it against enemies. 

Stray Review: Being a Cat is as Smooth as Ever

Throughout the game, they’ll learn more about themselves and the previous civilization that inhabited the city. Stray’s narrative is incredibly heartfelt and through the trials and tribulations they both face, they grow closer as a pair.

The enemies in Stray are called Zurks, and they’ve evolved to eat metal but will still devour the cat if they manage to get a hold. The way Stray implements combat encounters is impressive, as well. While the cat can’t fight, B12 can protect it by shining a purple light that eviscerates the Zurks. Not only is this mechanic creative, but it also shows the bond between B12 and the cat that adds another layer of depth to their companionship.

Stray also feels very smooth to play. The platforming sections and controls for the cat are precise and impactful. Every time the cat jumps, you feel the proper weight of the jump and subsequent landing. Whenever the cat runs, you feel the rush, whether it’s to escape enemies pursuing you or to just casually stroll through the city.

The puzzles in Stray are intuitive and fun to solve; they're not particularly challenging but not insultingly easy either. The game does a great job of teaching you how to use different objects in the environment. For example, whenever you see an empty horizontal barrel, that’s usually a cue that you need to roll it somewhere, get on top, and reach higher ground. 

Many locations in Stray are filled with life, despite having no humans around. The different robots have developed anthropomorphic qualities as they try to imitate the previous civilization by learning through the items left behind. The graphics look great as well, and the art direction is colorful.

What’s also appreciated is that the game uses custom typography and language instead of generic Asian letters and symbols for the neon signs scattered throughout the cities. By doing so, Stray manages to nail the cyberpunk aesthetic while also avoiding orientalism and racial stereotypes.

I played Stray on both a laptop and Steam Deck. It runs great on Steam Deck  -- most of the time. However, the framerate occasionally chugs and comes to a crawl for seemingly no reason. Stray drains the Steam Deck’s battery pretty quickly, too.

Stray only features an autosave function (no manual saves here), and there were instances where I'd have to start over from the most recent checkpoint after stepping away from the game. It was annoying to lose about 5 minutes of game time when a manual save option could have been implemented to avoid such situations.

Stray Review — The Bottom Line


  • Touching story between the cat and B12.
  • Controls feel great.
  • Beautiful to look at.


  • Performance issues on Steam Deck.
  • No manual save option.

Stray takes about five to six hours to finish, but it makes use of that short run time to tell a touching story between a cat and a robot drone. Its controls feel great and impactful, whether you're jumping or running. There’s so much personality to the cat, too: being able to meow on command and do cat things like knocking over items and scratching on walls is a nice touch.

Stray is a tightly focused journey that is worth experiencing at least once.

[Note: Annapurna Interactive provided the copy of Stray used for this review.]

PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming Recap: Every Game Reveal Thu, 11 Jun 2020 18:26:49 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Today's PlayStation 5 The Future of Gaming showcase gave us a look at a full hour's worth of new PlayStation 5 games. From bold new departures to epic (and gorgeous) adventures, we've rounded up the biggest reveals below.

Highlights include Resident Evil 8, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a Demon's Souls remake, Hitman 3, and tons of awesome-looking indies.

We've collected every trailer from the showcase below. Let's get started.

To see what the PlayStation 5 itself looks like, head over here. Sony revealed two PS5 models, as well as a number of peripherals, at the end of the showcase. 

Resident Evil 8 (Resident Evil Village)

Those Resident Evil 8 rumors, about how it's a big departure for the series, were right. It's first-person horror with a dash of Brothers Grimm, as a local tale comes to life — and brings hell to Earth. 

According to Capcom, the game is "set a few years after" Resident Evil 7 and features Ethan Winter as the protagonist yet again. Oh, Chris Redfield plays a significant role, as the rumors said he would.

"Witches, werewolves, and insanity" sound bizarre for the series written out on their own, but it looks like a promising entry in the franchise following Resident Evil 7. It's scheduled for a 2021 release for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. 

Horizon Zero Dawn 2/Horizon: Forbidden West

If that wasn't enough, how about Horizon Zero Dawn 2? Only it's officially called Horizon: Forbidden West.

Aloy journeys to uncover the secrets of the Old Ones and why they vanished from the planet, lest the same destruction revisit the world and destroy it forever. And it looks as fantastic as you'd expect, full of vibrant color, creatures, and environments for Aloy's next colossal adventure in a post-apocalyptic version of the U.S.

Sadly, there's no release timeframe yet, but Guerilla said we can expect more news soon.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

While it seems some of the games shown off may release after the PS5 launches, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is set for a Holiday 2020 release, presumably alongside the PlayStation 5. We didn't get to see too much of the game in action, but it looks like Miles' adventure is gonna be a doozy.

What is evident is that the excellent combat and traversal systems from 2018's Spider-Man will make a return.  

Demon's Souls Remake

Nearing the end of the presentation, Sony revealed footage of the highly-anticipated (and previously unconfirmed) Demon's Souls remake. Yes, that's right. Those Demon's Souls remake rumors were true. And it looks abso-freaking-lutely incredible. To say fans have been waiting a long time for this one is an understatement.

No release date was provided, but we know it will be a remake built from the ground up. 

Gran Turismo 7

As expected, Sony and Polyphony also showed off the next Gran Turismo game, Gran Turismo 7. Apart from looking gorgeous and on-brand for the storied racing sim, Gran Turismo 7 sounds more realistic than ever, and we can't wait to see how the DualSense and the PS5's other features shape the experience. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

It turns out the new Ratchet and Clank rumors were true as well. In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the dimensions are collapsing, and Ratchet and Clank are being chased through a number of incredible-looking worlds — futuristic, Jurassic, and pirate just to name a few, all presented without a single loading screen.

And Ratchet himself gets lost somewhere in the process, leaving room for a brand-new female Lombax to take center stage. There's a new partner in town for Clank, and Insomniac is promising loads of new gear and worlds built from the ground up specifically for the PlayStation 5.

Surprisingly, there was no Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart release date, though that's likely because this was pre-alpha footage.

Project Athia

Next up was a new game from Square Enix and Luminous Productions: Project Athia. There's wolves, dragons, all manner of fantastical beasts, and the sort of realized environments we should probably start getting used to. For anything else Project Athia, though, we'll just have to wait and see.


Annapurna Interactive debuted footage from Stray. Set in a dystopian world where robots scavenge the streets for survival and cats act as delivery critters, Stray looks like a unique take on the cyberpunk genre — because you're the cat. We'll be keeping an eye on Stray as we learn more ahead of its 2021 launch.


Returnal is a brand-new IP for Sony Worldwide Studios from Housemarque. It follows an astronaut who can't escape an endless cycle of exploration, entrapment, and death. Somehow, the world she explores with every cycle of rebirth becomes a part of her — at the cost of her sanity. So she keeps fighting and tries to uncover the truth in the possibly vain hope of escaping this cycle.

It's a departure from the studio that's cut its teeth on games like Resogun, Nex Machina, and Matterfall

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sumo Digital debuted their latest title: Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Think Little BigPlanet, where all the best possible level designs got crammed into a 3D platformer that's bursting at the seams with charm. Sackboy's journey takes him through all kinds of varied locales, from a desert oasis to the high seas, all with the series' signature charm and style.

Destruction Allstars

Destruction Allstars is basically what happens when you inject (more) steroids into a monster truck rally and a wrestling match, then throw them in a cage and give them weapons. It's bright, loud, and chaotic. It's Twisted Metal with a Rocket League skin, and it currently has no release date.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

Ember Lab presented Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a charming-looking adventure about a young girl (Kena, presumably) learning to harness the power of the world around her. Her goal is aiding troubled spirits who come to her for help, but she's not alone. She's accompanied by a veritable army of adorably fuzzy creatures who carry items for her and generally act as support.

Goodbye Volcano High

After that was Goodbye Volcano High from Ko-Op, an introspective look at one character's insecurities and doubts about stepping out and trying to find their destiny. That's about all we know right now, other than it has a 2021 release window.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Remember Oddworld Soulstorm? Well, we finally learned more about Oddworld Inhabitants' new project.

Abe escaped his own terrible fate in New N' Tastey, but now he's got the future of his entire species resting on his shoulders — so, no big deal really. Except that failure is, according to creator Lorne Lanning, supposed to be devastating and hilarious at the same time.

The game will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS5. It will also launch on PC through the Epic Games Store. 

Ghostwire Tokyo

The next PS5 game shown off was Ghostwire Tokyo, an enigmatic game about a Tokyo that's gone very wrong indeed. You have special abilities that allow you to hear and sense things others can't, and you have to fight to free Tokyo from the grip of an unknown menace. Ghostwire Tokyo launches in 2021 for PS5 and PC.

Jett: The Far Shore

Superbrothers' Jett: The Far Shore is all about creating a new world where people can hope and dream, a world built on the rubble of failure and despair. We only got to see a cinematic trailer, but Jett: The Far Shore launches Holiday 2020, so we'll probably learn more soon.


It's only fitting the first-known PS5 game, Godfall from Gearbox, made an appearance too. It's definitely a huge step ahead of that "leaked" footage from last year. You'll fight fearsome foes, gather godlike weapons, and strive to grow even stronger this holiday season when Godfall launches.

Solar Ash

Annapurna Interactive debuted another PS5 game, and it couldn't be more of a departure from Stray. In Solar Ash, you play as an abstract-looking being navigating a lush and equally abstract world called the Ultravoid, "an unstoppable rift of despair ripping through space."

We'll be keeping an eye on Solar Ash leading up to its 2021 launch date.

Hitman 3

Next up was a new Hitman game, Hitman 3. The dev team calls it the dramatic conclusion to the trilogy and Agent 47's most intimate and difficult case yet. The setting this time is Dubai, but other than a moody trailer, the only thing we know about Hitman 3 is its launch date: January 2021. 

Astro's Playroom

In a complete 180 from Hitman 3, we got a short look at Astro's Playroom next. It's a rollicking romp with every kind of platforming challenge and environment imaginable. It currently has no anticipated release date.

Little Devil Inside

Combine Monster Hunter with Tim Burton, and you'll get Little Devil Inside. You'll travel the world, hunting a number of fantastical beasts and trying to survive, all while a parallel storyline takes place in a grim-looking village somewhere else.

NBA 2K 21

While we did get a super short look at NBA 2K21, we can't really say much about it because A.) it's still in its pre-alpha phase, which means B.) there isn't much to show. What we did see looks impressive, though, especially for alpha footage. Expect NBA 2K 21 in Fall 2021.


Then there was the Bugsnax, a quirky adventure where you take on the characteristics of the bug snacks you eat. It's another 3D platformer adventure game that also looks like it takes excellent advantage of the PS5's engine. And Bugsnax is likely a PS5 launch title because it'll release Holiday 2020.


Deathloop from Bethesda Softworks is a stealth-driven shooter, but not like you'd expect. You've got the power to rewind time, and everyone's out to get you. Literally. The island's main sport is hunting down the protagonist, Colt, who's stuck on a loop as they try to take out eight targets to break free.

The only trouble is, Colt has a rival on the island of Black Reef. Her name's Julianna, and she's determined to keep him in the loop forever. It's set to launch sometime in Holiday 2020.  


And that was PlayStation 5's The Future of Gaming presentation. Sony's Jim Ryan said there's even more to share as we approach the PlayStation 5 launch date this holiday season, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PS5 news as it develops.