Sunset Overdrive Articles RSS Feed | Sunset Overdrive RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Amazon Reveals Release Date for Sunset Overdrive on PC Mon, 12 Nov 2018 13:24:49 -0500 William R. Parks

While Microsoft has remained quiet about a PC version of 2014's Sunset Overdrive, a SteamDB listing and an ESRB rating for a PC release have fueled fan excitement over the last weeks.

Now, Amazon has further confirmed Sunset Overdrive's desktop arrival, launching a pre-order page that gives the game a November 16 release date.

Amazon indicates that the release will include both of the game's DLCs, Mystery of Mooil Rig and Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machine, as well as the post-release Weapon Pack that added four new guns to the game.

All of this will be available for $19.99.

Overdrive is an action-packed third-person shooter focused on keeping the player moving. Do not expect a quiet stroll through the park here -- if you plan on surviving, you will need to hit top speeds as you zip line, parkour, and grind your way through Sunset City.

Developed by Insomniac Games, fans of their recent Spider-Man will find a lot to love in the high-speed thrills Overdrive has to offer. And, if you have been waiting for something to take you back to the classic Jet Set Radio, this may be the perfect game for you.

Now, if only Microsoft would get behind Insomniac's desire to put out a sequel, we would have something to really be excited about.

9 Xbox One Titles That Should Get X Support Tue, 06 Feb 2018 15:28:05 -0500 Joseph Ocasio


Batman: Arkham Knight


The last of the Arkham Trilogy, Arkham Knight delivered a satisfying conclusion to the series with the same great combat and stealth that the series is known for, the best depiction of Gotham City in any digital form, and the Batmobile for the same added pleasure. That said, it was still prone to slowdown and screen tearing. However, all screen tearing seems to be removed for games while running on Xbox One X. Batman's world may be dark and gloomy, but with the benefits of HDR and 4K resolution, it could look even more spectacular. 




If you have a game that you'd like to see updated for the X that wasn't featured here, leave a comment down below.


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


As the last of the original MGS series, Metal Gear Solid 5 went out with a bang. While some fans lament the fact that it was missing an important chapter, it was still an amazing game in both gameplay and open-world design. While a patch was made for PS4 Pro, it did very little. With the power of the Xbox One X, we could, at the very least, see an improvement to resolution, seeing as how it's still locked at 900p on Xbox Consoles. 


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Deus Ex continues to have some of the most interesting settings in modern gaming. Its dark, neo-noir world may have borrowed a few things from other noir fiction, but it's distinctly its own creation. Mankind Divided continues this trend, with its unique depiction of Prague. While the 4K and HDR would be nice, it'd be more interesting to see if we could get an option of better frame rate, similar to what we got in Rise of The Tomb Raider. Deus Ex started its life on PC, so it would be interesting if we could get either the visual quality or frame rate to match Mankind Divided's PC version in some way. 


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition


Gears of War 4 already saw a patch for the X that allowed for improved textures and visuals as well as the ability to play at 60FPS, so it makes sense that this graphical remake should receive the same treatment. With its improved cut-scenes, beautiful artwork, and bleak world building, it would be interesting to see one of the most influential games of all time get that same treatment. Gears of War 3 saw an update for Xbox One X, so it would make sense that we'd get to see Marcus and Delta Squad's first adventure in 4K and at 60FPS for the campaign.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered


It's still hard to deny how influential the original Modern Warfare was to online gaming. Its tight, close-quarters map design and RPG Perk System helped reign in a new dawn of online shooters. That's not even mentioning its excellent campaign, which features some of the most iconic moments in gaming. Wouldn't you want to see this in 4K? 


It's a bit shocking that Infinite Warfare received an X patch but not Modern Warfare Remastered, especially since MWR was originally locked to an $80 version that had both of them. So, why not do both? MWR already supports PS4 Pro, so it'd be a mistake for it to never get an update on Xbox's newest machine.


Dragon Age: Inquisition


Before Mass Effect Andromeda tarnished Bioware's good reputation (whether you liked it or not), there was still hope when Bioware released Dragon Age: Inquisition. Taking all the feedback that fans had with Dragon Age 2, Bioware created a game that balanced the storytelling and scope of the first Dragon Age with an improved version of the sequel's combat system. Inquisition's gorgeous art design and powerful effects were limited to only 900p on the Xbox One version (though it does run better than the PS4 version), so having it in 4K and HDR would help bring Bioware's last great RPG to life. 


Halo: Reach


Yes, this isn't an Xbox One game, but seeing how Gears of War 3, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed, and even the original 360 version of Halo 3 have gotten a bump in improvements, it would be interesting to see how Bungie's last and, arguably, best game would look with X enhancements. Better lighting and a steadier frame rate would help this 2011 title stand tall, and with no word on if this title will ever get a remaster, we just have to hope that 343 Industries won't miss out on letting us play this fantastic prequel to the Halo franchise with Xbox One X improvements. 


Grand Theft Auto 5


It's one of the best-selling games of all time, so why wouldn't Rockstar want to put Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in 4K? GTA 5 was already a great-looking game on 360 and PS3 when it first came out, and when it was later ported to current-gen systems in 2014, it looked even better. So imagine how it would look in 4K? GTA 5 on Xbox One has already seen frame-rate improvements on Xbox One X, but it still would be nice to see some improved textures and a better drawing distance. Rockstar may be working on Red Dead 2, but that doesn't mean it can't have any of its other studios working on it. 


Sunset Overdrive


Released only a year after the Xbox One's Launch, Sunset Overdrive sadly didn't live up to the what Microsoft was expecting in terms of sales. That being said, it's still an absolute joy to play, with the same wacky guns and clever humor that Insomniac games has become known for with its Ratchet and Clank series. Even though it only runs at 900p, Sunset Overdrive's colorful, mayhem-filled world exudes so much personality and would benefit even more with a bump in resolution and HDR.


With the arrival of the Xbox One X, games are getting huge updates for Microsoft's powerhouse machine, from looking even better by taking advantage of 4K and HDR to playing better with improved frame rates for each title. Even if you still have an old 1080p TV, it's been proven that games like Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 are benefiting from the higher tech. Third-party titles, like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dishonored 2, have also been updated with enhancements that make already-great games look and sound better -- and there's more to come. 


With more all that extra horsepower, it'd be interesting to see what other Xbox One titles would benefit from getting this treatment. Here are just 9 games that would be even better by getting an update for the X. 

The 9 Best Hilarious Video Game Deaths Sat, 11 Mar 2017 09:00:01 -0500 Ricardo melfi

Sometimes it's just not enough to see a certain villain or comrade die in (mostly violent) different ways. You may feel the need to see them die in hilarious and outlandish ways because of, you know, entertainment and stuff. There have even been moments where the situation is supposed to be sad or upsetting, yet the way the character dies is just too good not to laugh.

We decided to compile the very best deaths that we considered hilarious (which means they have physically and literally made us LOL). Here are our 9 Best Hilarious Video Game Deaths!

Johnny Cage - Fatality

Mortal Kombat X

Yes, it is a surprise that Mortal Kombat features on list of hilarious video game deaths. But the crew over at MK have never really taken fatalities that seriously, which is perfect for scoring unlimited laughs.

The series veteran, Johnny Cage, is still here carving out fatalities against his unfortunate opponents. His latest one sees Johnny go up behind his beaten foe and literally open them up from the back, peering through the gaping hole in their torso. This isn't what makes it great though, as Johnny pays homage to one of my favorite movies, The Shining, by saying, "heeeeeerrreeee's Johnny!"

Gold... just pure gold.

Spider-Man - QTE Sequence

The Amazing Spider-Man

There's a sequence in The Amazing Spider-Man, by Activision, in which Spider-Man (Peter Parker) has to execute a string of QTEs in order to pass the scene. Not an ultimately difficult sequence to keep up with, as Spider-Man is ever graceful. However, miss just one button and Spider-Man ends up flat on his face, extremities spread out as if he was squashed like a bug.

The above video shows off all of the hilarious death animations, but the first sequence is the most funny, with another having him spread out flat after hitting a wall. Cheap laughs? Absolutely, but still hilarious...

Daedalus & Sons- Hang Glider Plummet

Red Dead Redemption

Everyone loves Red Dead Redemption, as Rockstar absolutely nailed the harsh and untamed world of the Wild West. There are a few zany missions in this gem (that is still played today by the way) but the best one in our opinion is the Daedalus & Sons, hang glider mission. You see, Daedalus is determined to be the first man to fly using a hang glider, and is even willing to risk himself in order to prove it works... by jumping off a very high cliff.

After John has finished amassing the items that Daedalus needs and progressing to the end of the mission, we see him finally take the jump. Unfortunately, his hang glider isn't quite what he expected and he plummets to his impending doom, all the while screaming in true Rockstar fashion.

Horrifying? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely. Rest in peace friend, the world will never know of your exploits.

Face McShooty - Embracing Euthanasia

Borderlands 2

Usually when someone asks you to shoot them in the face, you consider what that could mean? The person's obviously crazy, right? So what do you do? Well, if you're playing Borderlands 2, you happen to come across Mr. McShooty who basically begs and screams for you to, erm, shoot him in the face. No sooner does he say it that a mission automatically appears instructing you to actually go through with it.

It's got to be a trick, so you wait... and wait. Once he starts to repeat himself, you think, "Why the hell not?" Now the hilarity doesn't actually stem from this moment but with the immediate, "THANK YOU!" he shouts, milliseconds AFTER being shot.... in the face.

Leon Kennedy - Big Fish in a Small Pond

Resident Evil 4

Leon Kennedy has seen some weird shit in his life when it comes to bioweapons (ahem, zombies and mutated monsters). He works hard and barely gets time off. Entering into Resident Evil 4, Leon has his work cut out for him as he has to save the president's daughter. Still, all work and no play makes Leon a dull boy, right?

Thus, we all decided to go lake fishing and started taking pot shots at the fish swimming around. It was kind of relaxing, if we're being honest. However, after taking too many pot shots at the defenseless, small fish in the lake -- found midway through RE4 -- will not end well for Leon. He thinks he can just push those fish around? Well not today!

After too many pot shots, a massive bio-weapon fish launches out and swallows Leon in one go. Yeah, that's what you get for picking on creatures smaller than you.

Carmine - Keep Your Head Down, Stupid             

Gears of War

Carmine, you poor, poor rookie. We understand that you're still working out the kinks in your soldiering but just a little piece of advice for you. When it comes to being in battle zones, don't keep your head up. Stay down, at almost every opportunity, as Carmine finds out the hard way. Kneeling to fix a jam in his gun, he cops a round to the head after not staying behind cover. Tough break, man. Maybe you'll do better next play-through... oh, it's scripted.

Rag-doll Physics - "I'm Faaaaabulouuusss"

Almost every game, ever

Rag doll physics are reason enough for spontaneous laughs almost every time. I'm not sure how these kinds of physics are supposed to make the game seem more realistic, but due to some of the rags we've seen over the decades, rag doll physics still haunt our darkest nightmares. Other times we lose our (collective) shit. You know what we're talking about.

Chained, Whipped, Beaten & Killed

Crash Bandicoot Series

That brilliant bandicoot was the epicenter of my young, gaming life, collecting every damn box, gem, relic and crystal this series had to offer. The first installment became insanely hard the further you progressed, with punishing saves and checkpoints. This meant that you would die, a lot.

Even as a professional Crash player honing my skills over the decades, I still manage to lose a lot of damn lives towards the later half of the game. As one would expect, every one of Crash's hilarious deaths are burned into our memories. Every, single, one.

Pop Culture Resurrections

Sunset Overdrive

Everyone loves pop culture classics like Dracula, The Ring, Back to the Future, all of the Superheroes, Portal, and even Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, so it goes without saying that the (very versatile) re-spawn animations in Sunset Overdrive are a real treat.

The nods to many great films and pop culture appear and yes, we know they aren't technically 'deaths' but you do have to die in order to see them. Check mate?


Proving that not all deaths in video games have to be such serious circumstances and that laughter is good for the soul, even if it is at someone else's expense -- but they aren't real, so it's fine. But for now, that was my 9 Most Hilarious Video Game Deaths!

Did we miss anything obvious or did you find some hilarious game deaths of your own? Leave a comment below and get involved!


Hoard of Bethesda E3 rumors include Skyrim remaster Tue, 07 Jun 2016 16:45:40 -0400 Anthony Pelone

In the latest round of rumors for E3 2016, EuroGamer reports Bethesda will be hosting a wealth of game announcements at their conference this Sunday, June 12th. According to the site, the games include a remaster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a revival of Prey 2, and the development of Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2. 

The Skyrim rumor is corroborated by two sources: Shinobi602, an industry insider who hinted at the game's existence in a podcast, and a NeoGAF poster by the name of Enter the Dragon Punch, who claimed the game will include all DLC, mod support and improved graphics. While the user lacks a history of insider reports, he had recently claimed the existence of a Sunset Overdrive PC port.

While Prey 2 was reportedly cancelled in 2014, new rumors cite it being revived by the new Austin, Texas, branch of developer Arakane. Meanwhile, the existence of Wolfenstein 2 hinges on a sole comment from a voice actress who worked on the first game. EuroGamer did not list any "notable" sources regarding The Evil Within 2.

If all these rumors are true, they'll be joining the first gameplay footage of Dishonored 2. In any case, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled this Sunday.

What do you think of these rumors? Let us know in the comments below!

Image source: NewsSense In

Sunset Overdrive And Saints Row IV Currently Free With Xbox Gold Mon, 18 Apr 2016 04:50:51 -0400 Justin McGovney

"Free" is a word that is music to everyone's ears. And Microsoft is the Pied Piper leading you to the goodies. Over the weekend, Microsoft added Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row IV to their lineup of free games for those with Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Microsoft has been offering games for free like this for years, and it has been an enormous success for Xbox Live Gold. Those paying for the service expect to get their money's worth. Luckily for Microsoft, they really shine on this front and put out valuable content.

Every couple of weeks, Microsoft makes certain big titles available for free for around two weeks to a month. Please note (to those who don't know) that this doesn't mean that you get the game free forever. You are able to download it for free and play it for as long as Microsoft makes it available for free. Currently, the games that are listed for free are:

  • The Wolf Among Us (April 1-30)
  • Sunset Overdrive (April 16-May 15)
  • Saints Row IV (April 16th-May 15th)

Saints Row IV is actually the Xbox 360 version, but it can be played on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One (due to its backwards compatibility.)

If you want to download the games, you can get Sunset Overdrive here and Saints Row IV here.


PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2016 Announced Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:37:55 -0400 Eric Levy

The PlayStation Plus games for April have officially been announced, and PS4 owners are in for a treat.  

First up is Dead Star, an arcade-space-shooter-RPG from Armature Studios -- a studio founded by key members of the Metroid Prime team. This 20-player online experience, while easy to pick up and play, also offers a great deal of depth with skill trees, ship upgrades, loot to collect, and many other details and mechanics.  Get your warships ready and prepare for 10v10 space madness.

Finally, PS4 owners are also getting Ubisoft's first-person survival-horror game Zombi.  Zombi was originally released as a Wii U launch title and was later brought over to PS4 and Xbox One.  Taking place in London after a zombie outbreak, you need to do whatever it takes to survive as long as you can.  Challenging and creative gameplay mechanics, along with the permadeath system make this cult hit worth checking out.

Here's the full line-up for April:
  • Dead Star (PS4)
  • Zombi (PS4)
  • I Am Alive (PS3)
  • Savage Moon (PS3)
  • A Virus Named Tom (PS Vita)
  • Shutshimi (PS Vita)

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Games for Gold for April, and their line-up is pretty strong as well.  Which free games will you be downloading in April?  Let us know in the comments below!  

Xbox Live Games With Gold revealed for April, and it's some lineup Tue, 29 Mar 2016 05:44:20 -0400 Scott Simpson

It seems Microsoft is really pulling one out the bag this month after announcing the free games on offer for the April edition of their Games With Gold program. It's even better news for Xbox One users, who can get both Xbox 360 titles even if they don't own the last gen console, due to Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature. The games on offer are as follows:

Xbox One
  • The Wolf Among Us (available April 1-30)
  • Sunset Overdrive (available April 16-May 15)
Xbox 360 (backwards compatible)
  • Dead Space (available April 1-15)
  • Saints Row IV (available April 16-30)

A pretty strong lineup, I think most would agree -- reviewers certainly did anyway, with all four games scoring at least 81 or higher on Metacritic. It seems like there's something for almost everyone on offer too, whether it be The Wolf Among Us to scratch your adventure game itch, Dead Space for your survival horror needs, or you just want some zany, over-the-top action in Sunset Overdrive or Saints Row IV.

What do you think about this month's offering? Let us know in the comments.

PlayStation vs. Xbox: PlayStation Is Doing Exclusives Better Thu, 19 Nov 2015 21:13:20 -0500 Curtis Dillon

"PlayStation 4 has no exclusives!"

That's the claim I've heard and read all year long.

"This is the greatest gaming line-up in Xbox history."

That's what Microsoft has touted all year long. Truth be told, though, the playing field is a lot more level than you might think.

PlayStation has always had more and better exclusives than Xbox.

Sure Xbox will always have Halo, Gears of War and Forza, but before the Xbox One, that was pretty much it. Microsoft tried its hand with the Fable series, Viva Pinata, and Too Human, none of which were massive successes. PlayStation, on the other hand has a history of hosting many fantastic exclusives and giving its first-party developers room to breathe and create freely.

Last generation, the PS3 played catch-up to the 360 for many years. Sony's third machine ended up outselling the 360, with a year less on the market. And it did so by having the best games. While Xbox 360 owners twiddled their thumbs between Halo and Gears of War experiences, PS3 gamers were having thrilling adventures with Nathan Drake, killing gods with Kratos, becoming a superhero with Cole McGrath, fighting the endless war against the Helghan, and creating worlds with Sackboy. Year in, year out, the PS3 had exclusives every other month.

A Promising Start for Xbox

This time around, Microsoft aimed to rival PlayStation in that department by having more exclusives - and more than just shooters. They came out of the gate with Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, and some Kinect titles, as well as showing trailers for Halo 5 and Quantum Break. The first two were easily the most exciting of the launch games, because Ryse had a ton of potential and Dead Rising is a great series to have exclusively.

PlayStation on the other hand, launched with Knack, Killzone: Shadowfall, and Resogun. Games that were initially intended to be launch titles, like Infamous and DriveClub, didn't make the cut-off. Therefore it's undeniable that the Xbox One had the better launch titles.

Microsoft continued its promising start by unveiling Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive - an awesome-looking game by Sony's buddies Insomniac. That was a real blow to Sony. Meanwhile, Titanfall was dubbed the "Call of Duty killer". Then came Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Killer Instinct and more Forza. The Xbox One was really looking like a fantastic platforms for what happened?

Cracks Begin To Show

Titanfall released and was...good. The game was a critical success, but not so much a commercial one, and it didn't bring about the death of Call of Duty like many had predicted. In spite of a year's worth of hype and anticipation, Titanfall faded quicker than a fart in the wind.

Sunset Overdrive was next. The difference with Sunset is that it was actually an amazing game. Sunset Overdrive was a fantastic game from Insomniac that oozed charisma and charm, and yet it sold poorly. Poorly enough that Microsoft never announced any numbers for it, and has referred to it when discussing the challenges of new IP.

A fantastic game that no one played

Forza and Halo did well, as expected. However, neither seemed to shift console sales - plus Halo was a muddled mess with big online issues. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, Sony had big success with Infamous: Second Son, The Last of Us: Remastered, MLB: The Show, and DriveClub, despite The Order: 1886 being pushed to 2015. Microsoft was trying, and even producing some great games, but it wasn't getting the desired results.

And so 2015 rolled around...

Do The Math

2015 was supposed to be the year for Microsoft. Sony had "nothing", particularly after Uncharted 4 was delayed. Xbox fans emerged from the crevices of the Internet to poke fun at PS4 owners. I've even heard industry insiders discuss the brevity of Sony's line-up. However, was it really as one-sided as everyone claimed? Nope. In fact, PlayStation 4 had more exclusives in 2015 than Xbox One.

Let's just start with AAA games. Microsoft's "greatest line-up ever" consists of Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Rare Replay. That's a great line-up, and probably the best Microsoft has ever had (as per the claims).

2015 hasn't been the best year for Sony; no one will argue that. But it hasn't been anywhere near as barren as you may be led to believe. The year started with The Order: 1886, a ridiculously pretty game that was unfortunately more fun to look at than it was to play. Then came Bloodborne -- the spiritual successor to Demon Souls was a surprisingly big hit for Sony and was all the talk when it came out. Bloodborne is a surefire game of the year contender.

The next big title to hit Sony's platforms, a game I wouldn't count if I didn't already count Gears of War, was God of War III Remastered. Then came the biggest surprise hit of the year, Until Dawn. A fantastic horror game in the vein of Heavy Rain, Until Dawn shocked many by how well it was written, how beautiful it was, and how much dumb fun it was. Then to round out the year we got Tearaway: Unfolded and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

So, Xbox One had five exclusive AAA games in 2015, while PS4 had six. Now all in all, quantity is not always as important as quality, and the fact that three of Sony's six were remasters is definitely a factor.

For Xbox, Rare Replay and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition outperformed expectations, Halo 5: Guardians has been a hit, Forza always performs, and Rise of the Tomb Raider has been met with critical acclaim, but sold poorly in the wake of Fallout 4. The sales disappointment of Rise of the Tomb Raider is surely a problem, but it's been a great year for Xbox regardless. It outsold the PS4 in the month of October - marking only the second time this year it has done so, and the fourth overall.

If you want to get really nitpicky...

If we look at smaller titles, PlayStation has had a far better year. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, SOMA, Axiom Verge, Journey (Remastered), Volume, Hotline Miami 2, and Grow Home are just some of the games that came to PSN this year. However, one title in particular really captured the hearts of millions in 2015 -- Rocket League. The second vehicular soccer game from Psyonix has been an unprecedented hit, selling over 6 million copies. The game is likely to come to Xbox One in 2016, but it was a Cinderella story on PS4 this year. The only Xbox digital games you heard talked about this year were Ori and the Blind Forest and State of Decay: Year One.

Party Partnerships

Now I've talked at (great) length about what games came to which platform, yadda yadda yadda, but what's really important and interesting to look at, it the logistics of the exclusives.

Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all third party exclusives, the latter being only a timed exclusive. The only first-party games Microsoft have published are HaloForza, Rare Replay, and Gears of War: Remastered.

Another amazing game no one is playing. Thanks, Fallout 4.

The failure of the third-party games to be commercial hits has probably hurt Microsoft's relationship with third party developers. Take Titanfall for example. EA and Respawn has both admitted it would have benefited the game being on PS4 - and the sequel will be. Phil Spencer has even said that third party games will be less of a focus going forward, though it's not because Microsoft don't want them.

Looking ahead at 2016, Xbox One exclusives Recore, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break and Scalebound are all second and third-party developed games once again. This isn't necessarily a problem, but like I said, should the games continue to underwhelm commercially, developers will be less inclined to work with Microsoft (and Microsoft will be less inclined to work with them). 

On the other side, every game released by Sony this year, minus Tearaway, was a second-party exclusive. Even the Uncharted Collection was done by independent port house Bluepoint Games (although still published by Sony). This is a less risky business than third-party development because Sony still owns the IP, which is also true for Microsoft with Recore, Scalebound, Quantum Break, and so on.

The point is: Microsoft's third-party exclusives are a very short-term solution.

The company has not built any new series, though it's not for lack of trying. There won't be a Ryse 2, and a Sunset Overdrive 2 or Dead Rising 4 is unlikely. Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform. Whereas there will probably be a Knack 2 for the PS4, there will certainly be sequels to Infamous: Second Son, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, and even The Order: 1886. Already this generation, Sony has created 3, maybe 4, new exclusive series.

First-Party Poopers

Part of the problem is Microsoft's first-party studios. Microsoft owns 343 Industries, The Coalition, Lionhead Studios, and Turn 10 -- all of whom are confined to making Halo, Gears of War, Fable, and Forza for eternity. That's four main studios, all tied to making the same four games over and over; it's creatively stifling and redundant. Imagine if Sony had gone to Naughty Dog and demanded it work on Crash Bandicoot forever - without that creative freedom, we wouldn't have gotten get Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, or The Last of Us.

Then Microsoft also has Rare, BigPark Studios, Mojang, and a litany of small studios that work on tablet and Kinect stuff. Rare is working on Sea of Thieves, a fun-looking game with tons of potential. BigPark is completely in the dark, and Mojang is doing its Minecraft thing.

There's plenty more where these came from

So we kind of know what every single Microsoft first-party developer is working on, and it's exactly what you'd expect. This is why Microsoft has gone to third-parties like Armature, Respawn, Insomniac and Crystal Dynamics to get exclusive games. The Xbox needs more variety.

Sony has no such problem.

Of Sony's first-party developers, we know we are getting Uncharted 4 from Naughty Dog, Dreams from Media Molecule, Gran Turismo Sport from Polyphony Digital, Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games and Rigs from Guerilla Cambridge, Gravity Rush Remastered, Gravity Rush 2, and The Last Guardian from Japan Studio, and Evolution is still working on DriveClub. Four of those are new IPs.

The rest of the first-party studios are shrouded in mystery -- Sony Bend, Sucker Punch, Sony San Diego, Sony Santa Monica, North West Studio and Sony London. Sony Santa Monica is almost certainly working on a new God of War, but it also helps with development on a ton of smaller games, from The Unfinished Swan to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Sony London is working on Virtual Reality. Sucker Punch is well along in the development of something, according to Shuhei Yoshida -- maybe it's another Infamous. Sony San Diego is inevitably making the next instalment in the MLB: The Show series, but it is also helping produce Drawn to Death, Guns Up, and Kill Strain - three other PlayStation exclusives.

I broke down Microsoft and Sony's first-party studios to paint a picture of the future. Sony gives its studios a lot of rope to hang themselves with and, as such, we get extremely exciting new IP like Horizon Zero Dawn, surprising sequels like Gravity Rush 2, and a few artistic experiments like Dreams. Simply put, Sony's first-party titles are much more exciting.

The product of creative freedom

However, Sony also works with second and third-parties, as mentioned earlier with all of this year's exclusives. Also coming exclusively to the PS4 is Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream, Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky, Persona 5, Hellblade, and a lot of third-party VR support. This is different from Microsoft, because those games are all almost guaranteed to sell well - Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky and Persona 5 are no-brainers, and Hellblade and Detroit could definitely do well if marketed properly.


I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and spell doom and gloom for the Xbox One, because that most certainly isn't the case. The exclusives games on the Xbox One so far have ranged from good to great, and it's a shame that some of them didn't sell better. If you are a true gamer, you do not wish ill on Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, because competition is good for everyone.

The failure of Rise of the Tomb Raider is bad news for Microsoft; if a known property like Lara Croft cannot sell, then what can be expected to? However it has baffled me since E3 that Square Enix and Microsoft agreed to send it out to die beside Fallout 4, sandwiched between Call of Duty and Star Wars. Hopefully the game will find some success when it releases on PS4 next year.

Microsoft will always have its staples of Gears of War, Forza and Halo, which may not be the most exciting prospects, but they're a very safe bet. It would be nice to see those developers get more leeway and maybe even develop some new IPs; however, renaming two of them to reflect their respective games kind of suggests they won't get such freedom.

This fall has been a big season for Xbox One, and the winning sales of October are a great sign, but the goal should not be to outsell the PS4. If Microsoft provides excellent games that can only be played on Xbox One, then gamers will come. 2016 is looking exciting for the green brand, with Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Recore, Quantum Break, and Scalebound, not to mention a myriad of fantastic digital games like Below, Cuphead and Inside. Microsoft could benefit from re-organizing a few internal teams, most of which were working on Kinect, and setting them off to work on new IP. They should follow Sony's example and allow established studios (like Naughty Dog and Guerilla) to stretch their wings and try new things.

The Xbox One cannot afford another Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, or Titanfall, it needs new first-party IPs that can be established into series. Right now, Microsoft is sitting pretty with exclusives but the past two years were not great for Xbox One, and going forward it could serve the company well to take a page out of the competition's playbook. 

PlayStation Vs. XBOX: How The Tables Turned Wed, 15 Jul 2015 11:44:57 -0400 Curtis Dillon

If you'll indulge me for a few moments, I'd like to start off by explaining my history with both PlayStation and Xbox. You see, I was born in Ireland in 1992, and growing up my brother and I had a variety of consoles - including the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, SNES, N64, and the PS1. Some of my earliest gaming memories are of playing Beavis and Butthead on the SNES.

Back then I didn't care what console I played on, I just played games. That being said, I do recall my brother playing Syphon Filter and Duke Nukem on the PS1 and not liking them. They were too mature for me at the time, so I stuck with Banjo Kazooie. Eventually I began playing the PS1 more and more because my brother preferred it. Fast forward to 2001-ish, and my brother gets a PS2.

Before The Stick of Truth, Beavis and Butthead made farts cool

Once again the games were just too mature for me, he was playing GTA III and Metal Gear Solid 2, and I was dumbfounded. So I rebelled and got a GameCube. I mostly opted for the GameCube because it had Mario Kart and Super Mario Sunshine. To be completely honest, I stand by my decision, because the GameCube was an amazing system with great games.

However, I always found myself returning to the PS2. It was there I eventually began playing Grand Theft Auto, Jak & Daxter, Dragon Ball Z, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor, Crash Bandicoot and Metal Gear. So by the end of the generation I was totally a PlayStation guy. However, I made the same mistake again when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out. I got a 360.

Once again I turned my back on PlayStation and opted for the competitor. I chose Xbox because it came out a year earlier and it had 2 games that fascinated me, Dead Rising and Gears of War. So I got my first iteration 360 and played the heck out of the aforementioned games, as well as Saints Row. Then, somewhere around 2007, disaster struck....the red ring of death. So long story short, Microsoft fixed it twice, it broke a third time and they refused to fix it, saying it was my fault. It was at this time when my brother decided to get a PS3. Hallelujah.

Three frickin' times

So we got a PS3 and I played everything on it. I mostly stuck to third party games for a while, but at that time I had no idea what a first or third party was. Anyway, after a couple of years I got my own PS3 and with it I began playing more first party stuff. This was also around the time I started following the games industry and listening to shows like Podcast Beyond.

So my knowledge of gaming improved vastly and I suddenly realized how amazing the PS3 library was. I mean, if you didn't like shooters then you were out of luck on 360, whereas the PS3 had Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, MGS 4, Killzone, and Little Big Planet, to name but a few diverse titles. I well and truly fell in love with the PS3.

Nothing the Xbox 360 offered was interesting to me. I could not understand my friend who had a 360. I couldn't wrap my head around why you would have a 360 when PS3 has so many games to offer. I quickly became part of Team PlayStation and would proudly state that the games were more important than sales figures. And that's still true.

Then the PS3 and 360 wound down and the new consoles emerged. I won't belabor the history of those 2 consoles - we're early enough in the gen that everyone remembers. But I will say I learned my lesson and stuck with PlayStation. Now you might think this article is leading to my revelation that Xbox One is now the better system but it's not, I am more than happy with my PS4 and don't regret it at all.

The best place to play

However, somewhere along the way, the PS4 has become more like the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One more like the PS3.

This theory was proven 100% correct to me when PlayStation showed off Call of Duty on its E3 stage this year. No offence to the COD series or fans, but that series epitomized the divide between PS3 and 360 - the PS3 had the amazing titles that flew under the radar, the 360 had little to no exclusives and focused on third party support. This has become the marketing strategy of the PS4 and it's a little worrying.

Both systems have had some amazing exclusives, but neither have had killer apps just yet. That being said, I do think the PS4 library is better than the PS3 library at the 2.5 year mark. So while the PS4's marketing is reminiscent of the Xbox 360's, it's good to see that Sony is still producing exciting new IP like Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Horizon Zero Dawn. But it's also great to see that Microsoft learned its lesson and has concocted a new exclusive-heavy mindset for the Xbox One, with games you would never have seen on 360 - Sunset Overdrive, Sea of Thieves and Recore.

So both consoles are fighting for supremacy and we the gamers are benefitting the most.

That being said, it's undeniable that the PS4 has a fairly sparse line-up this fall, when compared to Xbox One. Now, I personally don't think this is a big deal when we have massive third party games coming out from September 1st right through to late November. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida said himself that Sony was in no rush to put out an exclusive this fall and let it die amongst the third party behemoths.

Indeed it seems fairly illogical of Microsoft to release Rise of the Tomb Raider on the same day as Fallout 4Also, PlayStation rather ingeniously aligns itself with games like Arkham Knight, Destiny, Call of Duty and Star Wars: Battlefront, getting exclusive content and therefore advertising the game as "Only on PlayStation". So the lack of first party games this fall does not matter. And yet it matters to shareholders.

Right now perception is that Xbox One has more exclusives. The facts are thus: the PS4 has 49 console exclusive games, the Xbox One has 34 exclusives. 8 of those are AAA....on both consoles. So the truth is both consoles have had 8 AAA exclusive games, while PS4 has 15 more digital exclusives. Now this isn't a d$*k measuring contest, so it really doesn't matter, nor am I attempting to justify the PS4's exclusives, which I don't think need justifying. My point is that the perception of both consoles has changed and reversed since the PS3/360 days.

Perception Isn't Always Reality

As mentioned before, PS3 fans boasted about the amazing games that were on the console, whereas 360 fans made jokes about the system's sales and poor running of Bethesda games. By the end of the generation, PS3 fans had the last laugh; the system had a vastly better library of games and even sold more! Then the PS4 and Xbox One were revealed and Microsoft did exactly what Sony did with the PS3 launch. It assumed that it had the core gamers in its pocket and attempted to expand, which just pisses off the core. PS4, however, emerged the clear leader in mindshare and pre-orders.

 That initial mis-step by Microsoft has  proved a hard one to recover from,  with the PS4 outselling it by a 2-1 margin. The  public mindshare has been  completely PS4 since launch, and  that's a hard thing to change. So  PlayStation is coasting right now,  with double the sales, and it's doing  so without any upcoming games.  Sony is aligning itself with huge 3rd party games and relying on that to sell the system. Xbox One, however, is trailing far behind, but with a lot of great games on the immediate horizon. The tables have well and truly turned. The good news for PlayStation fans is that the PS4 is not as barren with exclusives as the 360 was.

So truth be told, this generation has just pushed Microsoft to become a lot more experimental and frequent with exclusives.

Competition is best for everyone, most of all, us, the gamers! Rejoice and let the companies continue to wage war for our hard earned money!

Sunset Overdrive Review Fri, 12 Jun 2015 20:34:56 -0400 Elijah Beahm

Insomniac Games has had a rough patch recently with the Resistance series and FUSE. Can the developers that brought us Ratchet & Clank and Spyro return to form? Yes they can, and they do it with style! Insomniac knocks it out of the park and out of sight with one of the best next-gen and Xbox One exclusives to date. Sunset Overdrive is the Xbox One game to beat.

Game: Sunset Overdrive
Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed), and maybe some day we'll get a PC port...
Price: $19.99-39.99
Rating: 10/10

This game was reviewed using a commercial copy of the game bought with my own money.

All materials not recorded by myself are used for the purpose of reviewing under fair-use. All music, voice overs, graphics, and, animation are all owned by their original IP holders.

Playing Xbox games on Oculus is lame Fri, 12 Jun 2015 08:05:50 -0400 Michael Slevin

Yesterday, Microsoft and Oculus announced a partnership. Now, an Xbox One controller promised to come with each Oculus headset.

On the surface, this is a big move. However, I have a bone to pick with this partnership. It has nothing to do with the companies themselves, the controller being packaged in, or the need to have Windows 10 in order to stream your Xbox One games to Oculus.

No, my problem is in the immersion that Oculus offers with Xbox One games. In case you didn't know, the Xbox One games that you will be able to play will be shown to you in a virtual theatre, in which you will play games on a big screen.

(Image from

Personally, the reason the Oculus Rift is so exciting is because it offers a new level of immersion within gaming. Why would I want to play a game on a virtual TV when I have a big screen right in front of me.

Upon first hearing the announcement of a partnership, I imagined Xbox's best exclusives and being immersed in their worlds. Gears of War, Halo, Forza. I want a shift in how I experience those games. I want to be in those worlds. But instead, I get put into, essentially, the same world I have been playing these games in for years.

This is *so* close to being what I want, but it isn't. Bundling the controller is smart, and Microsoft tying Windows 10 to streaming the games is a very business-savvy move on their part.

But the most important thing to me as a gamer is the experience.

The kind of experience and gameplay provided is critical, especially with VR.

The difference between wearing a VR headset and not wearing a VR headset and just playing on my TV, is that the headset should provide a level of immersion. No distractions, just getting to be inside the world of whatever game I am playing.

Xbox One games on Oculus, as of right now, seem to offer no real improvement on the Xbox One experience.

For now, it seems smarter to simply play Xbox One games on your TV screen, as opposed to the virtual screen that your Oculus headset would provide. 

Oculus and Microsoft partnership announced Thu, 11 Jun 2015 11:51:17 -0400 Michael Slevin

Oculus announced today at its pre-E3 press conference that it will be a partner with Microsoft.

Xbox One games such as Halo, Forza, and Sunset Overdrive will be available to stream to the VR headset.

The Oculus Rift will also natively work with Windows 10. It is clear that Microsoft wants to jumpstart gaming on the Windows platform. However, it should be noted that Microsoft did announce the Microsoft HoloLens. Perhaps this means that the HoloLens will not be gaming oriented.

Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe went on to note the need for Oculus to come packaged with a controller, prompting the announcement that each Oculus headset will come with an Xbox One controller and adapter.

It will be interesting to see if the relationship between the two companies expands to exclusive games and software, or if this is the full extent of the relationship.

The Oculus Rift is slated for a Q1 release date, but in the meantime you will have to play your Xbox One games the old fashion way, perhaps on one of the fancy new 1TB consoles

Try Before You Buy Sunset Overdrive Now Until June 15 Wed, 10 Jun 2015 07:02:02 -0400 Bryan C. Tan

From now until June 15, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to try out Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, before deciding to purchase it, Insomniac Games announced today.

The Xbox Live Trial will let Xbox Live Gold members download the full game and play it for up to three hours. Regarding the trial timer, Insomniac recommends waiting for the game to finish downloading before starting to play, and making sure to exit the application to stop the timer.

Apart from the three-hour trial, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to purchase the full game, season pass, digital deluxe edition of Sunset Overdrive for 33% off each thanks to this week's Deals with Gold.

Sunset Overdrive previously had a trial period before two new story add-ons included in the season pass, Mystery of the Moo-oil Rig and the Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines, were released. For more on the Xbox One exclusive, read what the critics said about it.

10 Bands Who Need to Compose a Game Soundtrack Wed, 22 Apr 2015 20:34:55 -0400 The Soapbox Lord


What do you think about my crazy ideas? Which of your favorite bands would you like to see work on a game soundtrack? Let me know in the comments below! 

The Pogues with Shane MacGowan

As much as I enjoy Flogging Molly, The Dropkick Murphys, and other Irish/Celtic punk bands, there is no topping The Pogues, especially with Shane MacGowan on vocals. Along with fiendishly clever lyrics laden with black humor, The Pogues also had a knack for taking traditional Irish music and reformatting the folk songs to fit their punk sound, making the old new again. Look no further for your Irish punk fix!

Dream Game:

An interactive, multiplayer drinking game. I know you didn't see that one coming.


Like their namesake, Mastodon is a mammoth in the metal world. Despite only being around for 15 years, the band has racked up countless awards and success for their music. Starting out as sludge metal, the band has added progressive elements, which make for one trippy and fantastic live performance. Known for immaculate musicianship, jaw-dropping drumming skills, and killer solos, Mastodon has become a fan favorite and metal mainstay.

Dream Game:

Their more progressive songs would be a great fit for the Escher visuals of Monument Valley or Antichamber. For their heavier stuff, a new Painkiller or Bulletstorm with Mastodon doing music duties would be pretty damn great. 

Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman

Nothing quite says over-the-top like Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album series. However, many people fail to recognize the massive influence Jim Steinman had on the two Bat out of Hell albums he composed. Meat Loaf encapsulates grandiose and overblown at its best, and the music is glorious for it. No one else could pull off performances like Meat Loaf does or the compositions Steinman effortlessly unleashed upon the world. Given the overblown nature of some games, they are practically begging for collaboration with these two.

Dream Game:

Racing along at breakneck speeds, causing vehicular mayhem and crashes in Burnout while Meat Loaf blares over the speakers would be a suitable match. Honestly though, is there anything Meat Loaf does not go well with?


While Weezer’s newest album was a solid return to form, they have made some lackluster ones lately as well. As solid as any new albums may be, sadly, Weezer will never be as great as their peak as they were with Blue and Pinkerton. Blue was a masterwork of alternative power pop. With introspective and honest lyrics of being nerds, being rejected, and dealing with an alcoholic, Blue was a welcome departure from self-obsessed music at the time.


For the follow up to the catchy, hook-filled Blue, Rivers Coumo went into self-imposed isolation and poured his being and soul into music. The result was Pinkerton, a startlingly, and at times, disturbingly honest release filled with anguish and loathing. Needless to say, the album was reviled upon release. Rivers went into a deep depression and subsequent Weezer releases returned more to the sound of the Blue album. In the following years, fans and critics realized the masterwork of Pinkerton and have clamored for a return to the sound.

Dream Game:

Titles full of teen angst such as Life is Strange and Gone Home would be a perfect fit for the Weezer of yesteryear. 

The Big 4 and Exodus

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax are the bands commonly referred to as The Big Four. The Big Four are known for pioneering thrash metal and bringing it into the limelight. Although Exodus is not considered to be a part of The Big Four, they deserve to be recognized with the rest for their work in the genre. Do I really need to explain why having these bands working on a soundtrack would be amazing?

Dream Game:

Let them have a crack at Devil May Cry and watch the sparks fly. Very metal indeed.    \\m/


I’ll be honest; Needtobreathe is on here simply because Bear Rinehart singing in a game would be bliss. Seriously, this guy is insanely talented with one of the most passionate and soulful voices around. I had the privilege to see this band perform live not long ago, and I was blown away. While Bear’s vocals are great, the entire band comes together to create a beautiful harmony which is heaven for your ears. This is a band you want to see live if you possibly can.

Dream Game:

Let these guys make some vocal tracks like Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett did on Transistor, and you have a match made in musical heaven. Maybe even put Darren working with these guys since Bastion had such strong country, frontier-like sounds. I’m drooling just imagining the possibilities. 

Devin Townsend 

Devin Townsend is one of the hardest working and talented people in music today (not to mention possessing one of the best set of vocals cords around). Devin formed the beloved Canadian extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad way back in 1994. Despite being a hugely influential metal band, Devin also did solo work on the side which was vastly different from SYL’s catalog. When SYL disbanded in 2007, Devin began working on his solo career in earnest and has released nine albums since, on top of producing, remixing, and working on countless other albums. Thankfully, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


The most striking thing is how varied his catalog is. His work with SYL sounds completely different from his solo work. However, even his solo work is incredibly varied.

Dream Game:

His album Ghost would be the perfect fit for a zen-like puzzle game, whereas Deconstruction would be right at home being the soundtrack to a gonzo, over-the-top action affair like Bayonetta

Modest Mouse 

Modest Mouse remains one of the quirkiest and interesting bands in independent music 22 years into the game. After 22 years, vocalist Isaac Brock still possesses a remarkable energy with a delivery few others can match. Besides having a unique vocalist with Brock, Modest Mouse has also embodied quirky with their music. While they are classified as indie rock, there is no other band that does what Modest Mouse pulls off effortlessly. Couple unique rhythms and sounds with thought-provoking and usually less-than-sunny lyrics, and you have an exceptional musical cocktail.

Dream Game:

Pair this band with the demented geniuses at Dejobaan Games and you have a winner!


Sweden has proved to be a most fertile land for metal. At The Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquility are only a few of the legendary bands Sweden has given rise to over the years. In fact, these three bands were pioneers of a new style of metal called the “The Gothenburg Sound” which was named after the city where these bands were living when they became noticed.


Unlike their melodic counterparts, Meshuggah is about as far from melodic as it gets. Known for their odd time signatures, rapid tempo changes, and jazz fusion elements, Meshuggah has stayed true to their roots and delivered uncompromising, extreme metal on each of their releases. A gargantuan beast in the underground world, Meshuggah is not for the faint of ears.

Dream Game:

They could make one hell of a soundtrack for a precision platformer. Meshuggah + Super Meat Boy!

The Sex Pistols 

While The Sex Pistols are not the only punk band nor are the necessarily the progenitors of the "punk" sound, but The Sex Pistols were perhaps punk personified. We are talking about a band from the U.K. who wrote a song ragging on THE Queen. They also refused to attend their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not only did their music tap into a vein of anger, the band themselves embodied the rebellious, punk spirit (as self-destructive as it was). The band only recorded one album, but that one album has proven to be one of the most influential albums not only in rock and punk, but music as a whole. 

Dream Game: 

The punk world of Sunset Overdrive would have been a perfect match for The Sex Pistols. 


Game music has seen a wonderful evolution along with video games themselves. From the simple polyphonic scores of the NES to the fully-orchestrated works we have today, game soundtracks have evolved as much as games. There are an innumerable amount of talented composers working to produce lovely soundtracks. While I love the music we have now and the works composers produce, I can't help but wish some of my favorite bands would score or contribute to some game soundtracks as well. Stewart Copeland has worked on the Spyro series; so why don't more bands give it a shot?


As with all lists, it's hard to narrow down candidates (especially when you listen to as music as I do), so I tried to focus on the bands who might deliver something special and unique. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole of dreams?

5 Must Play Games on Xbox One Mon, 23 Feb 2015 18:59:17 -0500 Eric Nicolai

With just under two years under the new generation there is a litany of games that are released. There are games that you may have looked at, but aren't quite sure if you may like them Here is a small list of games that you may enjoy on the Xbox One. Although most of these are exclusives there will be some multi platform games that are throughly enjoyable on any console.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Although Ryse had not gotten the best reviews it was one of the first games I had played through on the Xbox One. Ryse easily boasts one of the games with the best graphics to date on the X1. This game features a simplistic control scheme, a meaty gameplay factor, and for those that want it a multiplayer feature to enjoy with your online friends.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive was hyped since the original announcement. This game is by far one of the most fun games out there if you are looking for an open world style. Sunset Overdrive also allows players to play online with friends and offers much more on the single player level than the above stated title.

Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen is a current gen launch. This game had Dark Souls fans captivated since the initial trailer. This game seems like an easier transition into the Dark Souls gameplay style. Lords of The Fallen is a more forgiving and enjoyable for the casual gamer and should be given a try. This action RPG is amazing in every aspect and is great to sink single player hours into.

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 was a launch title for the X1 and also one of the most enjoyable to date. This free roam zombie slaughterfest is more beautiful than its predecessors. Dead Rising 3 has more to offer in the way of graphics, gamesplay, and open world mechanics. As an added bonus if you have a smartphone or compatible tablet with the Xbox One Smartglass app you are able to access bonus parts of the game.

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals is one of the most impressive racing games I have seen on X1. Although the car selection is not as bulked up as Forza the gameplay is not comparable. The amazing multiplayer functionality of Need For Speed is hard to describe. The open world ability to interfere with other player's racing is amazing. This game also allows players to take roles as a police officer chasing down other players as they compete against one another.

As most of these are older games there is a good amount of us that have played these games. However, with recent price drops or promotions there are plenty of players joining the current generation of consoles and the above list may make choosing certain games slightly easier.

Top 5 Xbox One Games Sat, 03 Jan 2015 20:11:22 -0500 Jreesecup99

The Xbox One is a fantastic console, one packed with all the media functionality we could ever need, and plenty of games to boot. After all, that's why the console graces our entertainment stands--to play awesome games. Whether your still deciding between buying a PS4 or Xbox One, the question stands: what games should you play if you have an Xbox One?

There are many enticing upcoming Xbox One games we can't wait to get our hands on. But if you're looking for something to play right now, I have ranked the top 5 games out of the many I have played. Starting with... 

5. Battlefield 4

The first-person shooter genre is defined by its seminal moments. There's Doom's corridors. There's Quake's multiplayer modes. There's Tribes' breadth and scale. There's Modern Warfare's online progression. And now, there's Battlefield 4's "levolution." Sure, the name is awful and its creator should be shot. But the idea--taking an online multiplayer level, and through player action, fundamentally altering that level--will be the new industry standard for the biggest and most lucrative genre in gaming. That fact alone puts Battlefield 4 near the top of this list of the best Xbox One games.

And even setting aside levolution, Battlefield 4 offers one of the finest--if not the finest--large-scale multiplayer components available on any console. With 64-player maps, Xbox One owners are getting the same experience PC gamers have held over them for years, one that's defined by an expertly crafted mix of infantry interacting with ground, air, and sea vehicles. Add in a wholly competent (if not inspired) single-player campaign, and what you've got is one of the best interactive experiences currently available.

4. Sunset Overdrive

It’s felt like ages since Insomniac Games has put out something that dazzled us--we were starting to worry that we’d never see the creative spark that was the heart of, say, Ratchet and Clank. Thankfully, Sunset Overdrive put those fears to bed in an colorful explosion of tongue-in-cheek insanity.

Grinding around Sunset City to reach our next destination Jet Set Radio-style never got old, while our arsenal of wacky guns and cheeky one-liners kept us grinning throughout. The vibrant world is downright gorgeous--a comforting reminder that game palettes aren’t limited to mud--and our player-created, aging punk rocker fit it like a glove. If you think creativity in AAA gaming is dead, Sunset Overdrive is one of the better ways to change your mind.

3. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Prepare yourself, we’re about to make a bold prediction: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is going to be just as influential to games as Max Payne or Gears of War. Why, you ask? Just like bullet time or third-person cover shooters, we expect Mordor’s Nemesis feature to become the new flavor to dominate games over the next few years.

Enemies affected by your actions? A dynamic social structure within the game world? Gameplay that responds to the actions of the player? Honestly, it’s the kind of stuff we thought all open-world games would have years ago, but to see it in action is just so, so satisfying. Then again, we could be wrong--if so, we’ll just have to wait anxiously for a sequel.

2. Destiny

Forget the haters--Destiny is a game that’s all about innovation. Bungie tied the class system, loot grabbing, and multiplayer raids you’d find in an MMO to their trademark FPS gunplay in a way that had us dying to jump in time and time again.

Actually, that’s something of an understatement. We’ve played Destiny a lot. Our Xboxes stayed on throughout launch week and our game discs kept spinning until the sun came up. We maxed out a character, then immediately fired up the next one. We’ve even managed to delude ourselves into believing that Peter Dinklage isn’t just a Guilty Spark knockoff with a new accent. Despite any hiccups along the way to an FPS/MMORPG hybrid too beautiful for our mortal minds to handle, Destiny remains an addictive experience that’s hard to match.

1. Alien Isolation

So often are we the aggressor that we almost never experience the other side of the coin. The most popular games always cast us as the badass, the champion, and every other form of unstoppable hero--why is it only horror games that are willing to knock us down a peg?

Case in point: Alien: Isolation made us fear for our lives, squealing like little girls when the titular extraterrestrial made mincemeat of our fragile human form. It’s the Alien (note the lack of “s”) game we’ve always wanted, an atmospheric survival simulator starring a beast that’s just as intelligent as it is unpredictable. If you don’t believe us, just hop on board and see how long you last. We’ll be here hot chocolate and hugs when you need us.

Those are the top 5 Xbox One games that I have chosen. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope I have enhanced your gameplay!

Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Dec 12th-14th Thu, 11 Dec 2014 21:01:36 -0500 Eric Nicolai

This week was light on new releases, but there are still games to be played and time to be killed. This round-up will consist of a couple older, not too old, games that many have already played. However, if you are looking to have a play for a good price look no further. All of these deals can be found at Best Buy which is offering a current "buy two get one free" deal on games.

These deals promote Best Buy which is not intentional.

Little Big Planet 3 - $39.99

This new installment to the series is available on both PS3 or PS4. LIttle Big Planet was the first game that I had bought on my PS3. Little Big Planet does not add much if anything new to the series, but it is a solid game that has a heavy backing. The community that it entices rolls out a lot of content and has more than enough to keep players busy.

Sunset Overdrive - $34.99

Sunset Overdrive is a flashy third person open world shooter. The game was highly anticipated prior to it's launch. Although this game felt like a minor let down it was fun. I enjoyed the single player and multiplayer alike. I feel that at this price you are getting a heck of a deal and could take up your weekend and probably a couple to follow.

The Last of Us - $29.99

The Last of Us has been out for a while and is a game that many PlayStation fans have had a chance to play through. However, if you have not had a chance yet this price is fantastic. Playing through The Last of Us is just like playing a movie - the characters and environments feel cinematic. Plus, players are sure to want more after one play and more than likely kill the entire weekend doing so.

I have already played the games on this list so my weekend will consist of finishing up Shadow of Mordor. I also may lean toward starting my play of Dragon Age Inquisition. What games will take your weekend away from you? Comment below.

Microsoft Celebrating First Year On Market Sun, 30 Nov 2014 07:51:09 -0500 TumsST

People who jumped on the Xbox One early in the system's life could get a nice surprise in the future months. Microsoft is celebrating the system's first year on the open market. If you bought your Xbox One during the calender year, you might be getting something from Microsoft.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Sunset Overdrive system bundles highlight what random gamers could receive from Microsoft. Limbo is also planned to be released to Day One system owners. Some Xbox One owners might be in better shape than others, with location, age, and system-life playing a factor.

Rewarding players who took a chance on a system looks like it's becoming a trend for game companies that didn't have stellar launches. The main system/comapany that I can think of that did this was Nintendo and the 3DS. Many gamers weren't too happy with the launch of the 3DS, and to compensate the early adopters, Nintendo created the Ambassador Program, which gave people access to Virtual Console games that weren't available to everyone else.

"Best of Sunset Overdrive" Soundtrack, New Weapons Pack Now Available Wed, 26 Nov 2014 18:29:41 -0500 Michael Falero

If your gaming sessions were lacking the proper guitar riffs and raw lyrics necessary to kick butt, then they won't for much longer.

Insomniac Games, the developer of the hit open-world comedy shooter Sunset Overdrive, released a digital soundrack on Amazon this Tuesday entitled Sunset Overdrive Original Soundtrack: Best of Sunset Overdrive Music.

The 18-track album includes songs specifically written for the game by artists like Meat Market, Boats!, Bass Drum of Death, and Cheap Time. The album maintains a garage/punk rock ethos to mirror the game's irreverent, futuristic narrative and gameplay.

The album maintains a garage/punk rock ethos to mirror  the game's irreverant, futuristic narrative and gameplay.

Additionally, an announcement by Xbox Wire on the same day detailed the soundtrack as well as the concurrent release of a new four-part weapons pack. The blog also announced a player voting system for deliberation on future game updates, plus a higher chance of receiving more in-game OverCharge points and a ProPain Launcher weapon (through December 1st of this year).

Sunset Overdrive debuted exclusively for Xbox One on October 28th, 2014.

Sunset Overdrive Free This Saturday for Xbox Live Gold Members Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:24:37 -0500 Sara Ventura

Major Nelson announced this morning on his blog that those who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold will be able to play Sunset Overdrive for free on the Xbox One this Saturday starting at 12:01 p.m. EST.

The full game, including the campaign, unlockable achievements, and Chaos Squad, the eight-player co-op mode, is available for users to access.  After the free play ends on Sunday, gamers can continue playing the game right where they left off if they choose to buy the full version at a later date.

Sunset Overdrive is a third-person shooter created by Insomniac Games, best known for their Ratchet and Clank series. The game is set in the near future and focuses on the Sunset City, a place rampant with people transforming into mutants from consuming the FizzCo energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT. The player is a customizable employee from FizzCo in charge of cleaning up the city.

The game is exclusively on the Xbox One and retails for $59.99. There's also a white Xbox One Sunset Over Drive bundle for $599