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Whether you are looking for a fictional experience as in Astroneer or aim at diving into the hardcore challenges of Take on Mars, outer space has always been a source of inspiration to allow our minds to fly away from us as we wonder what is out there.


Perhaps we will never unveil all of the secrets that remain hidden within the stars, but that will not stop us from trying to do that in our games.


We hope this list has introduced you to a new game and that you give it a try.


Happy exploring!


Developed by Boxelware


Available on Steam


This game was released in Early Access on January 23, but it is already causing an impression, with 340 reviews marked as "very positive" on Steam. 


The description on its pages sheds some light as to why:


A procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of dynamically scalable blocks. Fight epic space battles, explore, mine, trade, wage wars and build your own empire to save your galaxy from being torn apart by an unknown enemy.


The simple nature of the graphics of this games ensures that it can run on virtually any computer, so you do not need to worry about meeting the minimum requirements to play this game.


Developed by System Era Softworks


Available on Steam


This is one of the games for you to look for in 2017, if you are a fan of the mysteries of the universe.


Featuring procedural art that builds a virtually infinite number of planets to travel to, the game shows to players mesmerizing sights, that invite them to explore.


This game offers an impeccable audiovisual experience and a cooperative mode that allows your friends to jump in and help you to gather supplies and survive in outer space.


This game is a must for any player who enjoys the sandbox genre.

Take on Mars

Developed by Bohemia Interactive


Available on Steam


Most space games show sci-fi versions of what space exploration looks like. They do not aim for realism, as they only wish to entertain the audience. This game, however, goes on the opposite direction of this trend.


Developed by the team behind the Arma series, this game holds the premise of being a realistic survival game set on Mars. Even the locations players encounter were faithfully reproduced based on NASA's images of the red planet.


The objective of the game is to survive and gather as much information on Mars as possible.


You can even try to establish the first human colony on Mars, as you survive the hardcore challenges of a game that will simulate the same challenges real astronauts have to deal with -- just without the threat of death, or having to grow potatoes out of human waste like Mark Watney.

Space Engineers

Developed by Keen Software House


Available on Steam


While the previous game allowed you to create your own galaxy, this one has a smaller scale, but delivers a compelling experience nevertheless.


Players build outposts that vary in size and purpose, build ships and pilot them to get to other planets, as they use their crafting skills to survive in space. Essentially, a 3D version of Starbound.


Above all, it features cooperative gameplay, so you and your friends can help each other in survival.

Universe Sandbox²

Developed by Giant Army


Available on Steam


Most sandbox games drop you in an universe where you need to explore and gather resources, but this game takes the sandbox genre to a new scope.


In it, you will not control a character. You will create whole planets, that will become an entire galaxy. You can become the God of your system, as you create physics for your planets, black holes and even make them collide with each other, in order to create interplanetary destruction -- if you wish.


This game is the closest experience you will have of becoming God.


Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and wondered what secrets are hidden within the starts; in the confines of outer space?


While most of the mysteries of the universe remain unsolved, some games offer you the possibility of venturing into space. You actually manage to fulfill the human dream of discovering new frontiers. 


If you love the secrets hidden by outer space and enjoy playing video games, then you are in luck. We have compiled a list of five sandbox games that will let you travel through space and conquer the unknown.


Climb aboard your ship. We are about to leave orbit.

Join the Star Rangers today! Early Access available on Steam https://www.gameskinny.com/nyz7e/join-the-star-rangers-today-early-access-available-on-steam https://www.gameskinny.com/nyz7e/join-the-star-rangers-today-early-access-available-on-steam Thu, 07 Jul 2016 08:39:41 -0400 Jenifyr Kaiser

Awestruck Games released Star Rangers into Early Access this week on Steam. No press release, fanfare, or blaring trumpets preceded its coming. It slipped in under the radar.

It may have come in quietly, but the developers are hoping it will make a big bang. That's a science joke folks, roll with it.

In the footsteps of games like Kerbal Space Program and Take On Mars, comes Star Rangers. The title sings of pulp sci-fi, and the developers are playing that angle pretty well. The game takes place in the near future -- roughly 2035. Players are asked to join the titular Star Rangers and learn to become interplanetary explorers. 

The game is still in a very early alpha state, but it is definitely playable. Players can get their first taste of space at the Earth bound training camp called "Lagoon Island". There, they will learn the basic controls and some of the features of the game. Also included are a number of test maps on the Moon, Mars, even the oceans under Europa's ice. Players can explore these maps and even build bases on some of them. 

Although not fully implemented yet, there will be a character role system adding a bit of an RPG element to this sandbox solar system exploration game. Players will choose a role for their character including Commander, Pilot, Applied Scientist, Engineer, Geologist, and Biologist. Characters will earn experience for completing missions, which will make them better able to tackle more difficult missions later on.

Awestruck Games has worked in conjunction with numerous developers to build the game up to its current state. They have also worked closely with NASA to make sure the science is accurate. They even received an unofficial blessing from Bill Nye...The Science Guy (sorry Bill it's just how I remember you from my childhood). 

Take a look at the game's Early Access page on Steam where the game is currently 40% off for a limited time. For more details check out the official website. Have fun, explorers!

Game Industry Misbehaving Series: Steam Early Access, Fraudulent or Truthful? https://www.gameskinny.com/pjdnj/game-industry-misbehaving-series-steam-early-access-fraudulent-or-truthful https://www.gameskinny.com/pjdnj/game-industry-misbehaving-series-steam-early-access-fraudulent-or-truthful Wed, 26 Feb 2014 03:30:47 -0500 Pierre Fouquet

Does the Early Access program steal your money, or use it in creative ways?

Think About the Developer's Rent

Developers are humans and so need to pay for everything. They need to have a roof, and some food, as well as all the other nice things humans need.

Without this sort of system, and no publishers to back the projects, how can small studios make their games? The answer is that they can't, without sacrificing such luxuries like food, or water, or a place to sleep.

Money Grabbers

Developers need houses, yes, but that's only the developers who are just starting out. Take other developers who have already got a publishing deal. Games like Arma 3 or DayZ, in this case the developers are the publishers.

However this does not stop the fact they already have all the funding and houses they need.

So why would these people put an unfinished game on Steam Early Access?

To milk money from an unfinished game and from their fanbase is why.

Glitches were very obvious in the Arma 3 Alpha and Beta.

What Would the Developers Point of View be?

You, the consumer, may see this as a money grabbing scheme from the Bohemia Interactive teams, but they see this as showing you their game. They want to show you how it grows, expands and improves. Simply put to get the game, in an early stage, into gamers hands. They can then optimise the experience to fit the gamers wants and needs, to shape the game how gamers want it, while keeping to their vision. Balancing the game, stress testing the game and generally testing the game, to make sure it releases with as little bugs as possible. Indeed, Arma 3 is the least buggy Arma game, with the best AI.

DayZ was held off for a long time untill Dean 'Rocket' Hall, the creator of the DayZ mod and the head honcho for the DayZ team, held off the release untill he was happy it was ready to be playable, and in a reasonable condition. (Mr Hall is leaving DayZ soon).

DayZ Standalone has a few glitches, but nothing more than the mod.

Should you Always Trust Developers?

Do you trust a developer who releases a game which isn't created to its full potential, making the game broken and difficult to play? The outrage at the Battlefield 4 multiplayer being a prime example of this leading to a significant number of gamers demanding refunds. This then led players (like you) towards not trusting DICE as much as they may once have. So why when a game like, 7 Days to Die comes out (and you are made to pay full price for it, if you want it) is there almost no backlash? Do we just accept poor quality or down right broken games because it bears the mark pre-alpha or the like? Are gamers buying into this purely because the games bear the mark, "Steam Early Access"? Do you have any ideas?

7 Days to Die may have good ideas, but it doesn't make them look good, or work.

Who is to stop a developer just never finishing their game? What if they run out of money because they can't manage said money, and so cannot pay for staff or office/house rent? Will they, in effect, been stealing the money, of possibly thousands of gamers, on a false promise? In my books, that's fraud.

What is an Alpha or Beta for?

For developers:

  • Alpha 
    • When game's story has been implemented, but often unfinished
    • A small part of the world has been made
    • Very buggy or unoptimised
  • Beta
    • When full game is playable from start to finish
    • There are bugs (sometimes game breaking)
    • Optimisation issues a plenty.

For the consumer theses should mean something a bit different.

  • Pre-Alpha
    • When the core concept is there.
    • Game isn't fleshed out.
  • Alpha
    • Building upon the pre-alpha
    • Core concept works and is fully playable
    • Minimal game breaking bugs.
    • Like the state DayZ is currently in.
  • Beta 
    • Fully functional
    • There are some optimisation issues
    • Servers need to be stress tested, due to online features
    • Such as the Titanfall Beta
Attach These Definitions to 7 Days to Die

Is 7 Days to Die in a fit state to be released? I don't think so, but for a game like Interstellar Marines it's ok right? Errr... I'm not sure, do you want tell me what you think?

Interstellar Marines has one of the most open developers out there, Zero Point Software. They often release 'behind the scenes' video logs (vlogs) for small announcements, and they release previews for upcoming updates. All of this really shows how basic the game is, and where they want to go with it. But the game is functional and has only minor bugs, well with the exceptions, and the issues that come with PC gaming, it will crash. Overall the game is very stable, I think in part it's due to Zero Point developing it in public eye and in small sections. It's in a pre-alpha stage, where there is only multiplayer, and no single player as of yet. So this is a good thing right? Even if I do personally like the game, even in its current state, I am waiting for it to be fully released to play it as much as I want to. I payed for it as I wanted to fund the game, just like I wanted to do with their unfortunate Kickstarter. Is this how Early Access should be used? To fund a game in a similar way that Kickstarter uses?

Interstellar Marines was released very barebones, but works. Almost flawlessly.

Is Early Access Just like Kickstarter?

In some ways yes. You give a developer money, before the game is out, to help fund the development process. Only the game has to be playable right? Well not always, as I have explained before, but the developer does have more of an inclination to finish the game as it's playable, and in the publics hands. Which is always a good thing. Look at Broken Age for a great Kickstarter success.

The game may have gone over budget, but it's still great.

The good side of Alphas or Betas

As I have said before, the Early Access Program allows a game to be shown to people before it has been released; as a sort of pay for demo. This allows player feedback to shape the game. Then it's exactly how gamers want it. Think Goldilocks and her porridge, it's just right. I think it also opens the development process of the game up to the public, as they can see exactly how the game takes shape, what features are harder to make (these will often be the features implemented last) or what features get taken out, if any (but hasn't happened as of yet).

The Name: Steam Early Access

Does the name of the program make you think you can have access to games early? Sure. But does it also tell you the game is still in development? Not so much.

I think Early Access says to someone "you can now have access to our game earlier than anyone else, and it will work". Which is not the case. Maybe a more fitting name would be, Steam Funding Access, or Steam Pre-Release Access. Ok, not those, but something which screams. This game is still being made, it will be broken, and/or unfinished. This is purely for funding the game and seeing the progress we make.

My Views

If the system is used well, like with DayZ, then great. On the DayZ Steam page, it says:

They are actively trying to stop you from buying their game unless you want to fund it, or are able to deal with game breaking issues. This is great, as it tells you exactly what to expect.

I hate Early Access when it's used to push out a bad, broken, or unfinished game, and claim it's like that because it's still in development. So I mostly hate the way some developers use the system. I really hate it when the terms Alpha, Beta, etc, are used as get out of jail free cards. I know the game is still being made, but as I can play it, it should work.

I like the idea behind Early Access, but dislike the way some use it.

Readers Your Money! Please?

Now as this article is in an unfinished state, I demand your money! Or you will never get the full article. What's that? This article is finished? Never mind then.

Please leave your mumblings, thoughts, musings, or fully constructed and formatted ideas in the comments bellow. It would be best if all of the above are to do with the article, but feel free to write about anything.

If you cannot complete your fully constructed ideas, please don't ask for money, that's just rude.

Take on Mars? What is it? When's it out? https://www.gameskinny.com/te2tq/take-on-mars-what-is-it-whens-it-out https://www.gameskinny.com/te2tq/take-on-mars-what-is-it-whens-it-out Thu, 18 Jul 2013 08:22:36 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

When do I get to play it?

Take on Mars will be on the Steam Early Access Program, and hold your horses--no really, hold on to them, blast off on August 1st.

So what is Take on Mars?

You take the role of a Rover Operator, allowing you to control fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary Landers. In this you will work your way through the numerous Science Missions and will unlock the secrets of Mars along the way.

There are 3 main gameplay modes:

  • Space Program - Develop new technologies, vehicles and instruments to tackle the tasks ahead for the Science Agency.
  • Scenarios - Head straight to the surface of Mars and complete individual missions centered around various Science Missions and objectives.
  • Editor - Create scenarios or free-roam, your choice.

Sound like something out of this world to you? (Puns are puns-ey?)

The link to the Steam page is here.

The link to the official website is here.

Take On Mars - Early Acces Date Revealed https://www.gameskinny.com/qhpqs/take-on-mars-early-acces-date-revealed https://www.gameskinny.com/qhpqs/take-on-mars-early-acces-date-revealed Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:52:15 -0400 Smoky Grey

At E3 this year the most exciting title I saw was a simulator called Take On Mars by Bohemia Interactive. We were introduced to this amazing looking Mars exploration simulator in the expo at E3, but today we get to see a new trailer of game footage.

Today we found out that not only will we have a choice of several rovers and landers, but that those vehicles will be customizable. I can't wait to see just how customizable they are gonna be. This new trailer doesn't give us a lot of new info on the game, but it does give us a release date. Take On Mars will be available as a Steam early access title on August 1st.


I am a huge nerd and this game has me super excited, I can't wait to start exploring Mars. if you are as impatient as me you can scratch your itch today by pre-ordering the game here. I have never been a fan of Steam, but with this game at $12.99 I have already reserved my copy.

E3 Reveal: Take On Mars https://www.gameskinny.com/wgswd/e3-reveal-take-on-mars https://www.gameskinny.com/wgswd/e3-reveal-take-on-mars Fri, 14 Jun 2013 15:13:46 -0400 Smoky Grey

At E3 this week I was nerd-freaking out when I saw the new Take On Mars title. Have you ever wanted to explore Mars? How about driving a rover on its surface? Now you can with this new simulator Take On Mars from Bohemia Interactive.

With Take On Mars you get to start off in the NASA control room with the ability to control the landing and driving of a rover on Mars. The landscape of Mars is based on real satellite data which is an amazing idea; even the time, gravity, and the rotation of the planet are scientifically accurate. All of the rovers and landers are based off of real life NASA vehicles, with real damage. Thankfully they decided to speed up all of the vehicles to triple speed, otherwise it would take us days to get anywhere on the surface of Mars.

Check out the trailer below, it looks amazing and any science nerds like me will love the idea of landing on and exploring the surface of mars.


The attention to detail is awesome, and the amount of gadgets and things to do will keep you exploring for hours. They have added and changed a few things from real life to make the game a little more accessible and fun for players, so don't expect everything to be perfectly accurate. For those of you who just want to explore there is a flying camera mode where you can zoom around and check out Mars. For those of you who love modding the developer said that the engine is very mod friendly even including an in-game editor and an included toolset.

No word yet on the release date, but out of all the titles for the PC at E3 this week Take On Mars has me the most excited.