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In addition to other improvements, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition contains a selection of bonus costumes. However, it might not be entirely obvious how these costumes are unlocked.

This brief guide will help you do just that.

Within the item menu, there's a subsection labeled "Extra Items", which contains additional titles for each character. These titles are, in fact, bonus costumes. It's not obvious since changing most titles in the game does not alter a character's appearance.

To redeem these titles along with a corresponding costume simply click on each and confirm to add them to the existing collection of titles. Now, access the status screen and change a character's title based on which costume appeals to you the most.

That's it, your party of heroes are officially hip! Some costume titles are full outfits or homages from other Tales or Bandai Namco games, while some are just spiffy. There really is no wrong choice.

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