The Surge 2 Articles RSS Feed | The Surge 2 RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network The Surge 2 Getting New Retro Content with The Kraken DLC Wed, 08 Jan 2020 14:35:14 -0500 Ty Arthur

If you couldn't get enough brutal android dismemberment with The Surge 2, then you are in luck: a new expansion titled The Kraken is due to land later this month.

Following a string of gear packs that offered additional armor, weapons, and implants, The Kraken will extend The Surge 2's playtime with a brand-new story set on the suburban outskirts of Jericho City.

Following in the footsteps of the A Walk In The Park DLC from the first game in the series, this time around, we're getting another tongue-in-cheek expansion featuring a blend of horror and humor.

The Kraken has an '80s retro theme that will go from housewife-Hell to an aircraft carrier transformed into a bunker for the apocalyptic rich and famous.

Cheesy '80s movies, old-school workout videos, and robot pirates galore await! Both The Kraken expansion and The Surge 2 Premium Edition will hit all platforms Xbox One, PS4, and PC on January 16, 2020.

Existing Season Pass holders will also gain access to The Kraken early and can begin playing the expansion a full 48 hours ahead of time on January 14. Check out the DLC's teaser trailer below.

In our review of The Surge 2, we said that the ARPG sequel from Focus Home Interactive and Deck13, "is a nearly perfect refinement of this style and a significantly improved follow-up to the previous game. If there's an award for 'best sequel,' Deck13 definitely deserves to take it home for The Surge 2."

Stay plugged into GameSkinny for more news and information on The Surge 2 and any future DLCs as it develops. 

The Surge 2 Controls Guide: Keyboard and Controller Tue, 24 Sep 2019 16:34:41 -0400 Ty Arthur

Learning the fairly complicated controls to The Surge 2 is absolutely critical if you want to live more than a few minutes in Jericho City. From figuring out how to parry to learning the hidden jump and duck mechanics, there's more than initially meets the eye in this game's combat system.

Having trouble with the game's control scheme? Below we list out the specifics for PC / keyboard and mouse, followed by the console controls, and finally explain exactly how the directional blocking, jumping, and ducking actually work.

The Surge 2 KBM Controls

Note that this is the default PC keyboard control scheme, but it can be changed through the main menu.

I strongly recommend swapping dodge to Shift and sprint to Left-Ctrl, as it is far easier to dodge with your pinky by moving to Shift than Left-Ctrl during a tense fight. 

  • Move: W, A, D, S
  • Block: Left CTRL (for Directional Block, flick mouse in appropriate direction while Block is enabled)
  • Vertical Attack: Right Mouse Button
  • Horizontal Attack: Left Mouse Button
  • Sprint: Hold Left Shift
  • Walk / Sneak: Hold Q while moving
  • Evade / Jump: Space Bar (press directional key to evade, or hold while moving to jump)
  • Interact: Hold E
  • Launch Drone Hotbar 1: 3 (press 3 again to fire / use drone's ability)
  • Launch Drone Hotbar 2: 4 (press 4 again to fire / use drone's ability)
  • Launch Drone Hotbar 3: 7 (press 7 again to fire / use drone's ability)
  • Launch Drone Hotbar 4: 8 (press 8 again to fire / use drone's ability)
  • Injectable Hotbar 1: 1 (injections require charging first unless you are using the Automatic-Inject Charger implant)
  • Injectable Hotbar 2: 2  (injections require charging first unless you are using the Automatic-Inject Charger implant)
  • Injectable Hotbar 3: 5  (injections require charging first unless you are using the Automatic-Inject Charger implant)
  • Injectable Hotbar 4: 6 (injections require charging first unless you are using the Automatic-Inject Charger implant)
  • Lock Target: Tap mouse wheel
  • Cycle Targets: Tab while locked on
  • Cycle Body Part Counterclockwise: Mouse Wheel Up while locked on
  • Cycle Body Part Clockwise: Mouse Wheel Down while locked on
  • Cycle Favorite Weapon: G
  • Inventory: I

The Surge 2 Xbox One Controls

The Surge 2 PS4 Controls

How To Directional Block In The Surge 2

When first learning the ropes of directional blocking, make sure you have the Directional Block Analyzer implant equipped. It consumes 5 core power and uses up an implant slot, but its well worth the drawbacks in the early portions of the game.

With this implant equipped, a white marker appears on the screen letting you know the direction of an incoming attack so you don't mess up your direction block.

To use a directional block, hold the block button, then flick the mouse in the direction of the attack.

Note that keeping your mouse flicked in the appropriate direction does nothing (other than instantly draining your stamina) as you have to flick your mouse or the control stick as the attack is about to hit.

How closely you move your mouse or control stick to the attack's execution will change the color of the white marker on the screen:

  • Green: Successful directional block, can parry
  • Yellow: Blocked attack normally but no parry
  • Red: Failed entirely and took normal damage

This takes some practice to master, so spend some time trying out directional blocks on the first android enemy just outside the Jericho PD after you go down the gravity lift. If you die, you'll immediately respawn at the health station just a few feet before the android to try again.

How To Jump / Duck In The Surge 2

          Jumping over an attack

While either blocking an attack with Left-CTRL or evading out of the way with Space bar while tapping a directional key are the primary ways to avoid damage, The Surge 2 does still feature the jumping and ducking mechanics from the first game — they just aren't explained with in-game text.

Unlike directional blocking, there's no indicator for properly timing and lining up your jumps or blocks, so this takes more trial and error. When locked onto an enemy, wait to see if their attack will come in high towards your head or low towards your feet.

If the attack is coming in low, tap the Space bar without pressing any directional buttons to jump up and avoid the attack.

If the attack is coming in high, tap the Shift key without pressing any directional buttons to duck down low and avoid the attack.

Like with a directional block, if you time these perfectly you leave the enemy open to a devastating counter attack.


Still need more help defeating specific bosses or finding hidden locations in Jericho City? Be sure to bookmark our guides page for The Surge 2.

The Surge 2: How to Beat Warden Garcia Mon, 23 Sep 2019 18:04:10 -0400 Ty Arthur

Action RPGs with brutal, unforgiving combat are known for extremely difficult boss fights, and The Surge 2 is no exception. With that in mind, let's go over how to beat Warden Garcia and get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic.

Don't smash your keyboard or controller to pieces yet, though. With a little pre-planning and some knowledge of his attack patterns, Warden Garcia doesn't have to be a frustrating boss fight.

How to Beat Warden Garcia in The Surge 2

Recommended Loadout and Gear

Getting the Automatic Inject-Charger implant

  • Weapon: Salvaged Gouger (upgrade to Mk. II)
  • Minimum Stamina: 160
  • Minimum Battery Efficiency: 106%

At this stage in the game, your weapon, equipment, and implant options will be very limited. While the heavy-duty Equalizer or the one-handed Empty INF Lab-Chassis sword can both be viable, the speed of the Salvaged Gouger spear works best for this battle. That's because you want to be nimble enough to fire off quick combos before jumping out of harm's way.

The stats listed above are the bare minimum to get this fight without taking damage or repeatedly healing. Obviously, if you want to grind components in the armory, evidence room, and Cell Block B, you can potentially upgrade your gear and weapons even further.

Make sure to pick up and install the Automatic Inject-Charger implant in the hallway before the boss fight!

Since you'll still be learning the mechanics at this point, it is incredibly helpful to have your battery automatically charge a medi-voltaic healing injection so you have some healing ready to go after landing enough hits.

Fighting Warden Garcia in The Surge 2

How to Defeat Warden Garcia Quickly

This battle takes place before you get your drone, so you have to take the Warden down the old fashioned way, which means upgrading your equipment, finding the right body part to hit, and memorizing the warden's attack patterns.

When the battle starts, immediately lock onto the Warden's left arm, which is his only unarmored body part.

Stand in the entryway, then dodge to the left when he leaps at you, which lets you learn his jump distance and attack speed.

Immediately turn around and land a 4- to 6-hit combo with the spear's primary attack. While the spear's secondary attack does more damage, it's harder to aim and has a longer animation, so you won't be able to land a combo for increased damage and battery charging.

After the combo is over, leap backwards so you can gauge the attack time of the Warden when in close combat.

The point of this first move is to learn exactly how many hits you can get in while dodging out of harm's way, as you'll need to repeat this process several times.

From here, you want more space to maneuver, so run in a circle around the main section of the room and let the Warden's drone shoot the shelving to remove them as obstacles.

Warden Garcia's Attacks

Now it's time to get into the groove of the battle, so be on the lookout for each of these attacks, and make sure to get in a combo before leaping out of the way after each one:

  • Large leap with longer recovery time
  • Short leap followed by immediately throwing one firebomb directly in front of the Warden's current position
  • Double slash when you are in close melee range
  • Throwing a spread of five bombs that explode in a line

For the final attack type, dodging toward or away from Warden Garcia is usually the best bet.

Due to the wide spread, you are unlikely to avoid the bombs by dodging left or right, unless you are already far enough away to be on the very edge of the farthest bomb's landing point.

How to Get a No-Hit Win Against Warden Garcia

If you are going for a no-hit win, don't attack when the drone's red laser is out at all, as its too easy to accidentally get shot during an attack animation.

Don't forget that unlike the shelving, the stone pillars completely negate the laser-sighted gun attack from the drone.

If you are having problems dealing with both the Warden and the drone at the same time, moving in a circular pattern around one pillar or a figure-8 pattern around both pillars for the duration of the fight can make the battle more predictable and less dangerous.

Once you've got the attack types down, repeat the process of landing your 4- to 6-hit combo, then dodging out of the way and running in a circle around the room until the laser gunfire stops. Rinse and repeat until the Warden goes down.

Warden Garcia defeated in The Surge 2.

How to Get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic

However, if you want to unlock the MG Jackknife Pro weapon and the goliath class A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear schematic, you need to target his armored right arm and eventually sever it.

This takes a lot longer as you'll deal half damage, but the strategy is otherwise the same. Going this route also unlocks The Surge 2's High Performance achievement/trophy.


That's everything you need to know about beating Warden Garcia. If you want to know how to beat more bosses in The Surge 2, beat sure to bookmark our guides page for the game.

The Surge 2 Review: Unforgiving Combat Refined to Sci-Fi Perfection Mon, 23 Sep 2019 18:32:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

In a year marked by several highly anticipated titles that don't quite stick the landing, an unlikely contender for Game of the Year has arisen.

After a lukewarm response to its predecessor, The Surge 2 has taken everything you thought you knew about brutal combat titles featuring respawning enemies and refined that style into a brand-new post-apocalyptic, sci-fi experience.

Just about any complaint you may have had about The Surge  its clunky combat and limited options, for instance is missing from the sequel. The Surge 2 is leagues better than its predecessor, taking its style to new, futuristic heights.

Bigger, Bolder, Badder

        Behold, my defibrillators of DEATH!!!

The Surge 2 immediately makes it clear you will have far more choices here than in the previous game, starting with character customizing, where players can change their gender, skin color, and hairstyle. They can tweak their character's overall work background.

Taking a cue from RPGs, that final choice has real repercussions NPCs will react to characters differently based on what you did before the nanite plague turned Jericho into an android war zone.

Character creation is just the tip of the iceberg, though, as every last mechanic in The Surge 2 has been enhanced, improved, and extended. Options for customizing rig parts and using different weapon types seem limitless.

Starting out dual-wielding defibrillators like an absolute boss, it won't be long before you're severing robotic limbs and choosing between spears, sledgehammers, table saws, flaming gas tanks, and many, many more marvelously gruesome weapons.

Between brand-new skill modules to equip and a vast range of equipment crafting possibilities, such as sets focused on speed, damage, or interrupting enemy attacks, the game gives you free rein to learn and master your own preferred combat style.

But that's not where the upgrades end. The game world is larger this time around.

Expanding from the confines of the factory in The Surge or the amusement park from the A Walk In The Park DLC, the whole city is open to exploration, and the environment is used far more effectively to keep the game feeling fresh.


         You won't be needing THAT anymore...

Coming into The Surge 2 off a long stint with Blasphemous, I initially wasn't super excited. The thought of diving into a game with super-hard combat and a restrictive stamina mechanic didn't sound like much fun.

Thankfully, that's not the case.

Early on, you can pump points into your stamina stat like crazy to mitigate that restriction. When you know how to dodge enemy attacks and get in combos to sever limbs, you frankly don't need health anyway.

On that front, the game utilizes an updated battery mechanic that fits its own style so perfectly that I honestly can't understand why it wasn't used before. In order to sever limbs for scrap collecting, power special abilities, or even heal yourself in boss fights, you need to charge your battery by landing multiple hits. That means aggression is rewarded here, and the combat is much faster and more fluid than before.

It could be compared to the change between Dark Souls and Bloodborne but much more pronounced. 

Finding New Ways to Kill

Aside from the updated limb severing (and oh, you will sever so many limbs!), there's more a larger stealth component this time around, and the environment can be used to your advantage in different ways.

Jericho City is a big area, and now there's frequently more than one way through any given location.

Finding hidden stairwells, back alleys, and rooftops offers new ways to take out enemies, such as using a drone to shoot them from above or below where they can't reach you.

Of course, you can plow through those enemies via standard melee combat instead, but if any particular enemy type is vexing you, there are now more ways to play than just having to "git gud" and that addition to this style is long, long overdue.

Playing in a Living World

While exploring acidic rivers, bombed-out apartments, gravity lifts, and more, there's a shared world element at play, as well. You can see where other players had victories or defeats (much like with Nioh), but The Surge 2 takes that idea a step further with an interesting twist.

Besides just shooting enemies or searching for loot, your drone can drop a hologram "banner" of your current character loadout. The idea is to find extremely hidden, out of the way places to drop the banner and the longer it remains hidden from any other player, the bigger your reward. 

        Hi me, meet me!

Lock-On Combat

The Surge features significantly fewer instances of hidden secondary enemies, those hidden just out of your field of view waiting to gank you as soon as you enter an unfamiliar area. The first game was lousy with that kind of cheap mechanic, and thankfully, it's more manageable here.

That being said, the camera can still be your biggest enemy since its auto-lock feature is turned on by default. In almost every way, it makes it difficult to see who is coming up behind you when fighting more than one enemy at a time.

I'm still not entirely certain if that's a feature meant to increase the challenge in group combat or a bug that doesn't need to be there, but after disabling auto-lock my enjoyment with the game skyrocketed into the stratosphere, so I highly recommend turning it off.

With auto-lock off, you can still cull a herd of enemies into a manageable size, then manually lock onto whoever looks like they will have the best loot. While locked on, your goal in any fight is to either sever a specific armored part to get components you need or target the weakest body part with the best weapon and attack mode for firing off a deadly combo.

That latter element is crucial to beating bosses, and it is used to enhance the combat system along with a new directional blocking mechanic that lets you get in counter-attacks.

It's somewhat complicated, but very satisfying when you figure it all out, and the system comes together for frenzied melees or large scale boss fights. These bosses definitely aren't cakewalks, and there's some serious strategy to be employed if you want to them down from "impossible" to "doable with some luck."

For instance, it took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 attempts on the first boss fight before I realized the weaker but faster attack could be chain-combed for 5 or 6 hits in a row on one specific body part.

The end result is that boss fights are basically puzzles to be worked out, and they're extremely satisfying when you unlock the right combat style to move forward.

       Trying out different equipment and module loadouts is crucial 

  • Updated battery, limb severing, and healing mechanics
  • Much faster, more fluid combat than the previous game
  • The Souls style has now been refined into something with a broader appeal
  • There is a bit of a grind
  • The auto-lock on feature should be turned off immediately

Other than learning to work around the lock-on feature, the only real downside to The Surge 2 is that there is some grind involved to find schematics, construct equipment, and upgrade components.

Respawning enemies is integral to the gameplay since you need to sever limbs to find new weapons and scavenge parts to upgrade. But with the expanded nature of the various game mechanics and the hidden routes to find across the city, it doesn't feel nearly as repetitive as it could have.

That issue aside, The Surge 2 is a nearly perfect refinement of this style and a significantly improved follow-up to the previous game. If there's an award for "best sequel," Deck13 definitely deserves to take it home for The Surge 2.

[Note: A copy of The Surge 2 was provided by Focus Home Interactive for the purpose of this review.]

GameSkinny Weekend Download: Gears 5 Bans Smoking, Nintendo Recharges, and Gamestop Goes Retro to Stay Alive Sat, 20 Jul 2019 08:49:34 -0400 GS_Staff

This week, Nintendo unveiled a new Switch model that's not as exciting as it sounds. Gears 5 removed smoking but left all of the blood and guts the series is known for. And GameStop looks to stay alive by going retro. 

On top of that, we've got exclusive interviews with the developers of The Blackout Club, Teppen, and Redeemer. We have a few reviews, including Super Mario Maker 2 and Etherborn, as well as a handful of guides for some of the latest games, including Teppen, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Dr. Mario World

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna do? Play video games? 





Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. Be sure to check previous weeks for more content: 

The Surge 2 Hands-On Preview: More Cyber Souls Fri, 19 Jul 2019 10:08:52 -0400 John Schutt

From the makers of Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, The Surge 2 aims to be a stronger entry into the Souls-like genre. Like it's predecessor, this new title is a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic world of warring factions and powerful, transformative tech.

I was able to get a few hours worth of demo time with the early parts of the game. At its core, The Surge 2 does mostly succeed in its desire to take From Software's masterpieces in new directions. The game wears its Souls DNA on its sleeve — and its chest, face, and everywhere else — but the core tenants are there.

From tough enemies, looping level design, a robust customization system, and several viable weapon types and build options, and there might be something to talk about here.

Built on the Bones

Two of the many strengths of From Software's flagship franchise are its difficulty and its worldbuilding. Enemies hit hard and often, but with careful play and a thorough understanding of mechanics, they can be tossed around without much thought. Equally important is the environment where players fight said enemies. It needs to be one steeped in mystery, an initial sense of smallness, and a feeling that there is always something more beyond the horizon. 

Based on the early levels I played, The Surge 2 offers a bit of both of these qualities and adds some of its own flair to create a unique identity. 

As with any Souls-like, early enemies are slow and predictable but hit like a truck if you aren't careful with your stamina management and block/parry timings. Dodging is about as effective as ever, but the invincibility window seems smaller than it is in a Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

Each weapon type also feels unique, requiring different playstyles to use effectively. There's also a combo mechanic allowing players to experiment with different move combinations and strings. No one weapon or combo is useful in every situation, either, making general mastery of all your tools a good overall strategy. Overspecialization isn't a detriment but doesn't seem to be heavily incentivized.

Still, the game does want players to be in the action as much as possible. To keep up the pace, it ties your access to healing items directly to your effectiveness in combat. You'll be replenishing your healing ability — a "battery" in this case — by racking up hits against enemies. Once you've filled up enough of a bar, you can bank a single usage of the battery.

You can't rest on your laurels, though, as once your combo stops, the bar starts to degrade. Fail to bank in time, and you're out of luck. 

Adding on Some Muscles

And luck is an important part of The Surge 2's progression system because your equipment does much more than your level to define how powerful you are in combat. You'll need to make liberal use of the series' unique mechanic — cutting — to chop off the various extremities from your foes for a chance at the gear that particular body part was wearing. 

There's no guarantee you'll get what you want, so if you want a specific piece of gear, you'll probably have to lop off a few body parts to get it. To do that, however, you have to attack said body part until it's weak enough to cut. Then you can use a pre-animated finisher to both confirm the kill and an item drop. 

The farming itself is typical Souls fare, as your Med Bay, a bonfire stand-in, respawns all enemies and resets the world. You'll also spend a lot of time in the Med Bay menus crafting new gear from the salvage you find throughout the world. It's there that the customization systems come to life.

Your level allows you to determine only three main stats: Health, Stamina, and Battery Efficiency. You allocate points into each for incremental increases and can reset your expenditures at any time. 

Health and Stamina do what you'd expect. It's Battery Efficiency that will become essential, as each piece of gear you equip has a power consumption score you need to compensate for. Too much armor will overload your character, and you won't be able to use implants for more passive bonuses. The reverse is also true. 

It becomes a game of compromises if you're not fine with farming for hours and power grinding your way to godhood. Even then, if you aren't wearing some protection and you don't plan on doing a no-hit run, you'll still want some armor to dull the blows you take.

Gear has its systems to elevate the game as well. Weapons have several stats that affect your combat abilities, from battery energy charge to attack speed, stamina consumption, status build-up, and more.

Standard Cyberpunk

The Surge 2 has what appears to be a deep and relatively complex character build system, so where does it stand on that other vital Souls-like quality — its world?

From what I played, this is the games' most evident weakness. Where From Software's games distort and play with expectations, dealing primarily in quiet dread and insignificance, The Surge 2 wastes no time hitting its players with standard cyberpunk tropes.

Nanomachines are taking over  again. The authorities are corrupt and want everything bad that's happened to go away; there's a cult of tech-heads with the answers you seek (maybe); someone (you) is going to set everything straight. 

There's little room for subtlety or nuance. You're asked to go to a place, kill the men, take their stuff, come back and get more stuff. While I found a lot of people who were down on their luck, I found just as many doing awkward dancing in no real sense of distress whatsoever. Perhaps that will change as the game opens up further.

Another thing I think The Surge 2 is missing in its early hours is a sense of freedom, both to think and to explore. It's a very linear experience, first of all, and while the levels do eventually loop back on themselves, they only do so to give you easier access to your Med Bay. 

Environmental storytelling isn't high on the list of qualities, either. Enemy types are too similar and the areas generic enough that I only get the sense that the city has gone to pot, not that there was or might be something grander at stake. I miss the lore in item descriptions, too.

That said, there were a couple of characters who piqued my interest. I'm hoping they aren't just one-offs who appear, deliver dialogue, and then vanish beneath my bootheel.

There seems to be some conspiracy at play, but I only really got that sense because of an audio-log I picked up after the final fight of the demo I played. I'm hoping that turns into something compelling and not the tired "we will control the machines to control the world" narrative I've seen so many times before.

All in all, The Surge 2 is looking to be a solid, if somewhat safe, entry into the Souls-like genre. If you're looking for that kind of fix before we see the coming of Elden Ring or maybe Nioh 2, I'd go out on a limb and say to give The Surge 2 a shot. We'll have a review coming not long after its release.

The Surge 2 releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 24, 2019.

The Surge 2 E3 Preview: A Ferocious Fan-Influenced Sequel Wed, 20 Jun 2018 16:05:41 -0400 Erroll Maas

E3 2018 was full of fantastic showcases and thrilling reveals. Some were shown at the big press conferences, while some were show behind closed doors. 

Despite not making an appearance on the main stages, The Surge 2 was one of those E3 2018 games that (mightily) impressed. 

A direct sequel to 2017's The Surge, we had the chance to take a look at a behind-closed-doors, hands-off demo of Deck 13's sci-fi action RPG sequel The Surge 2. Along with around 10 other journos, what we saw made us excited for what's to come for the franchise. The Surge 2  seems to be a vast improvement on its predecessor, and it is shaping up to be a meaty sequel.

Taking place in the dangerous Jericho City, The Surge 2 explores an area under quarantine -- and one that's much more expansive than the facility of the previous game. According to the developers, Jericho City will employ a more ambitious level design and a larger variety of environments, many of which were heavily inspired by player feedback following the first game.

However, it's not just the locale that's getting changed up. The game's protagonist will change, too. This time around, instead of taking the role of Warren, players will be able to create their own customizable character as they create their own narrative within the game world.

The number of different weapon types has also been doubled from five to 10 and includes the new double-duty type weapon we were shown.

Similar to heavy-duty weapons, double-duty weapons can be used for strong and heavy attacks, but can also be used for faster attacks. The weapon we were shown was able to switch from a heavy two-handed blunt weapon to dual-wielded smaller weapons, allowing players to adapt to each situation on the fly.

A new directional block system has also been added, which allows players to stagger enemies and execute a counter-attack when they've properly blocked an enemy attack. This can be helpful when utilizing the limb targeting system to obtain new parts. And that, too, has been tweaked in The Surge 2, offering more options to obtain the parts players want or need to build new weapons and armor.

One thing that stood out in our demo was that not all enemies were visible to the naked eye as some required special equipment to be seen. This required equipment can be obtained from enemies as well, and depending on player positioning, can help with a sneak attack when using the terrain to the player's advantage.

However, the environment can also be harmful to the player if they aren't careful, so some strategic planning may be needed to prevent an untimely death. 

The Surge 2 also contains a more advanced AI than the first game, and enemies will work together to defeat the player when in the same area.

Some enemies, such as large bosses like the robotic sentinel, Goddess Helena, can't be hit with melee attacks unless staggered first. Their defensive capabilities may seem like a problem at first, but players will have a variety of ways to deal with them as long as they can figure them out, adding to the depth of gameplay that is sure to be shown off in the near future.

The Surge 2 is shaping up to be a proper sequel, fixing some of the biggest problems players had with the first game. Taking player feedback into consideration to help improve gameplay and variety will make The Surge 2 a sequel to keep an eye on.

The Surge 2 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.