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Sony is keeping the PS4 sales coming with PlayStation 4's Hidden Gems Sale, which is live now through May 20 at 11 a.m. EST. 

There are several hundred games on sale, spanning almost every genre one can think of, from action-adventure to strategy, RPG, shooters, and VR. Some are incredibly obscure, while others are household names. 

Almost all of the discounts are worth checking out, while some are 75%, making them quite the steal. Here's a list of just a few of the bargain-bin games, with a link to the entire sale at the bottom of the page. 

Note that the Destiny 2 discounts below are only available until May 13. 

Game Sale Price Reg. Price
Absolver $7.49 $29.99
Abzu $9.99 $19.99
Age of Wonders: Planetfall $24.99 $49.99
Arizona Sunshine $11.99 $39.99
Banner Saga Trilogy $19.99 $49.99
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night $19.99 $39.99
Child of Light $4.49 $14.99
Children of Morta $14.73 $21.99
Control $29.99 $59.99
Dandara: Trials of Fear Ed. $5.99 $14.99
Darkwood $7.49 $14.99
Destiny 2: Forsaken $14.99 $24.99
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep $20.99 $34.99
Don't Starve Together Console Ed. $7.49 $14.99
Enter the Gungeon $7.49 $14.99
Farming Simulator 17 $7.99 $19.99
Gris $8.49 $16.99
Guacamelee 2 Complete $5.74 $22.99
Journey to the Savage Planet $17.99 $29.99
Layers of Fear + Observer Bundle $11.99 $39.99
Life is Strange Complete Season 1 $3.99 $19.99
Mark of the Ninja: Remastered $9.99 $19.99
Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden $17.49 $34.99
Nidhogg 2 $3.74 $14.99
Overcooked + Overcooked 2 $17.49 $34.99
Payday 2 Crimewave Ed. $4.99 $19.99
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Ultimate Ed. $38.99 $59.99
Risk of Rain 2 $14.99 $29.99
Shadow Warrior 2 $9.99 $39.99
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom $2.49 $9.99
Sparklite $14.99 $24.99
Subnautica $17.99 $29.99
Terraria PS4 Ed. $5.99 $19.99
The Jackbox Party Pack $12.49 $24.99
The Surge $5.99 $19.99
The Talos Principle Deluxe Ed. $4.99 $49.99
Trine Ultimate Collection $19.99 $49.99
Yakuza 3, 4, 5 Remastered $19.99 $24.99


That's just a very small sampling of what's on offer during the PlayStation Hidden Gems sale. Head over to the sale's PlayStation Store page for more. The store's Big in Japan Sale and Games Under $20 are also live as well for even more savings. 

Project xCloud's Streaming Lineup Expands With New Games Wed, 22 Jan 2020 17:08:18 -0500 Ty Arthur

Though Project xCloud is still only in beta, the games streaming service already has 83 games in its catalog. The increase comes as a dozen new games were just added by Microsoft. They cover a wide range of genres. 

The new lineup includes a number of Telltale titles, which goes against the norm considering the studio's demise. Some other digital services have been jettisoning those games instead. For fans of those games, though, their inclusion in the xCloud lineup is a boon. 

Other games, such as SUPERHOT, Destiny 2, The Surge, and Sid Meier's Civilization 6 also make appearances. Here's the full list of newly added xCloud titles:

Several of those games are currently available through the growing Xbox Game Pass library, although Project xCloud and Game Pass are two separate entities at this point.

Game Pass notably has a monthly fee and currently supports installing games on Xbox One and PC. The two services are expected to eventually become compatible with each other, however, and may merge in some way.

At the moment, Project xCloud remains free, though in beta. If you get into the beta, you can play all the available games at no cost, However, the service is currently only available for a small number of player testers. Potential applicants need a compatible Android mobile device, a wireless Xbox One controller, and a stable wi-fi connection to take part.

Wondering what all the fuss is about and how this streaming service works? Check our Project xCloud early impressions here! Stay tuned for more news and info on Project xCloud as it develops. 

The Surge 2 Hands-On Preview: More Cyber Souls Fri, 19 Jul 2019 10:08:52 -0400 John Schutt

From the makers of Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, The Surge 2 aims to be a stronger entry into the Souls-like genre. Like it's predecessor, this new title is a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic world of warring factions and powerful, transformative tech.

I was able to get a few hours worth of demo time with the early parts of the game. At its core, The Surge 2 does mostly succeed in its desire to take From Software's masterpieces in new directions. The game wears its Souls DNA on its sleeve — and its chest, face, and everywhere else — but the core tenants are there.

From tough enemies, looping level design, a robust customization system, and several viable weapon types and build options, and there might be something to talk about here.

Built on the Bones

Two of the many strengths of From Software's flagship franchise are its difficulty and its worldbuilding. Enemies hit hard and often, but with careful play and a thorough understanding of mechanics, they can be tossed around without much thought. Equally important is the environment where players fight said enemies. It needs to be one steeped in mystery, an initial sense of smallness, and a feeling that there is always something more beyond the horizon. 

Based on the early levels I played, The Surge 2 offers a bit of both of these qualities and adds some of its own flair to create a unique identity. 

As with any Souls-like, early enemies are slow and predictable but hit like a truck if you aren't careful with your stamina management and block/parry timings. Dodging is about as effective as ever, but the invincibility window seems smaller than it is in a Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

Each weapon type also feels unique, requiring different playstyles to use effectively. There's also a combo mechanic allowing players to experiment with different move combinations and strings. No one weapon or combo is useful in every situation, either, making general mastery of all your tools a good overall strategy. Overspecialization isn't a detriment but doesn't seem to be heavily incentivized.

Still, the game does want players to be in the action as much as possible. To keep up the pace, it ties your access to healing items directly to your effectiveness in combat. You'll be replenishing your healing ability — a "battery" in this case — by racking up hits against enemies. Once you've filled up enough of a bar, you can bank a single usage of the battery.

You can't rest on your laurels, though, as once your combo stops, the bar starts to degrade. Fail to bank in time, and you're out of luck. 

Adding on Some Muscles

And luck is an important part of The Surge 2's progression system because your equipment does much more than your level to define how powerful you are in combat. You'll need to make liberal use of the series' unique mechanic — cutting — to chop off the various extremities from your foes for a chance at the gear that particular body part was wearing. 

There's no guarantee you'll get what you want, so if you want a specific piece of gear, you'll probably have to lop off a few body parts to get it. To do that, however, you have to attack said body part until it's weak enough to cut. Then you can use a pre-animated finisher to both confirm the kill and an item drop. 

The farming itself is typical Souls fare, as your Med Bay, a bonfire stand-in, respawns all enemies and resets the world. You'll also spend a lot of time in the Med Bay menus crafting new gear from the salvage you find throughout the world. It's there that the customization systems come to life.

Your level allows you to determine only three main stats: Health, Stamina, and Battery Efficiency. You allocate points into each for incremental increases and can reset your expenditures at any time. 

Health and Stamina do what you'd expect. It's Battery Efficiency that will become essential, as each piece of gear you equip has a power consumption score you need to compensate for. Too much armor will overload your character, and you won't be able to use implants for more passive bonuses. The reverse is also true. 

It becomes a game of compromises if you're not fine with farming for hours and power grinding your way to godhood. Even then, if you aren't wearing some protection and you don't plan on doing a no-hit run, you'll still want some armor to dull the blows you take.

Gear has its systems to elevate the game as well. Weapons have several stats that affect your combat abilities, from battery energy charge to attack speed, stamina consumption, status build-up, and more.

Standard Cyberpunk

The Surge 2 has what appears to be a deep and relatively complex character build system, so where does it stand on that other vital Souls-like quality — its world?

From what I played, this is the games' most evident weakness. Where From Software's games distort and play with expectations, dealing primarily in quiet dread and insignificance, The Surge 2 wastes no time hitting its players with standard cyberpunk tropes.

Nanomachines are taking over  again. The authorities are corrupt and want everything bad that's happened to go away; there's a cult of tech-heads with the answers you seek (maybe); someone (you) is going to set everything straight. 

There's little room for subtlety or nuance. You're asked to go to a place, kill the men, take their stuff, come back and get more stuff. While I found a lot of people who were down on their luck, I found just as many doing awkward dancing in no real sense of distress whatsoever. Perhaps that will change as the game opens up further.

Another thing I think The Surge 2 is missing in its early hours is a sense of freedom, both to think and to explore. It's a very linear experience, first of all, and while the levels do eventually loop back on themselves, they only do so to give you easier access to your Med Bay. 

Environmental storytelling isn't high on the list of qualities, either. Enemy types are too similar and the areas generic enough that I only get the sense that the city has gone to pot, not that there was or might be something grander at stake. I miss the lore in item descriptions, too.

That said, there were a couple of characters who piqued my interest. I'm hoping they aren't just one-offs who appear, deliver dialogue, and then vanish beneath my bootheel.

There seems to be some conspiracy at play, but I only really got that sense because of an audio-log I picked up after the final fight of the demo I played. I'm hoping that turns into something compelling and not the tired "we will control the machines to control the world" narrative I've seen so many times before.

All in all, The Surge 2 is looking to be a solid, if somewhat safe, entry into the Souls-like genre. If you're looking for that kind of fix before we see the coming of Elden Ring or maybe Nioh 2, I'd go out on a limb and say to give The Surge 2 a shot. We'll have a review coming not long after its release.

The Surge 2 releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 24, 2019.

The Surge Gets Free Cutting Edge DLC, Stupid Deep Discounts Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:08:13 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you thought you'd already gotten your hands on the most advanced weaponry and armor The Surge had to offer, think again. With today's release of the absolutely free "Cutting Edge" DLC, players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will find three new armor sets, three new weapons sets, and three new jumpsuits added to the game. Each item will provide unique boosts to stats such as speed, energy, life regen, and more.

New Jumpsuits in the "Cutting Edge"
  • The Angel: Gives players boosts to attack speed, energy attainment, and "impacts on CODENAME weapons"

  • The Aslepius: Improves life regeneration

  • The Nano Ward: Adds explosive blasts to perfectly timed blocks
New Weapons in the "Cutting Edge"
  • The Experiment 44H: Also goes by the name of "Dark Star." It leverages a containment field to eviscerate enemies. 

  • The Engelhart: Poses threats not only to enemies but also to the person using it. Using boost technology, this weapon can become incredibly hot, incredibly fast -- in any environment it is used. 

  • The BioN J-1: Also goes by the name of "Last Aid." Originally designed as a medical tool, the BioN J-1 is best used to surgically remove pieces of your enemies. 

Discounts to The Surge and Its DLCs 

Alongside the release of the "Cutting Edge" DLC, The Surge will also see deep discounts on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace from now until April 20. Sorry, PS4 owners; there are currently no discounts for The Surge on PSN as of this writing.

The largest discounts seem to be found on Steam. On Valve's marketplace, you can find The Surge: Complete Edition, which collects the base game with all of its previously released DLCs, for $24.99. Other DLC can be found for as low as $2.

If you're an Xbox One owner, you'll need a Gold membership to take advantage of The Surge's discounted prices. 


What are your favorite weapons, jumpsuits, and armor sets in The Surge? Do you plan on picking up any of the discounted DLC -- or jumping into the base game for the first time? Let us know in the comments below, and stayed tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on The Surge as it develops. 

If you're looking for tips, tricks, and strategies for The Surge, make sure to check out GameSkinny's guides for the Dark Souls-inspired ARPG. 

The Surge Gets Silly With A Walk In The Park Sat, 09 Dec 2017 13:24:29 -0500 Ty Arthur

It wasn't that long ago that Deck13 gave us a proper, devastatingly-hard Souls-style experience with a junkyard sci-fi twist in The Surgebut if you've been away for awhile, now there's plenty of reason to come back and take A Walk In The Park!

The amusement park theme here espouses visions of Nuka World dancing in my head (and all the promo shots of a theme park inhabited by killer robots didn't do anything to dissuade that image).

Over the course of this 3-4 hour DLC there's plenty of silly, tongue-in-cheek nonsense that's also gruesome in the extreme. My initial impression needed to be revised, as this is less Nuka World and more a nightmare Itchy And Scratchy Land. While there are robot enemies galore, many of the baddies are humans gone mad, and the blood spurts just as easy as the oil!

 The rest of the complex is filled with homicidal robots... might as well take time out to visit the amusement park

A Relaxing Vacation Where Everyone Dies

Before I could even get to all the theme park mayhem with The Surge's A Walk In The Park DLC, I was reminded of how ludicrously hard these types of games can become.

Just yesterday, I lost all my hard drive data after a Windows 10 update (thanks Microsoft), so I had to start Warren's story at the Creo corporation entirely over. Just getting to the second level to access the DLC was an hour long slog filled with more than a few four-letter words, but eventually, I got my footing back under me and figured out how to engage in the deadly dance of slow motion robotic combat. 

Honestly, that may be the best way to experience this expansion, going in fresh from the beginning so you aren't overpowered and don't breeze through while exploring different attractions like the Lumber Jack Show and Skybound Adventures.

After finally getting to Creo world, players used to the base game will be in for a shock witnessing the juxtaposition of a bubbly, brightly lit amusement park with shattered and bloody bodies everywhere.

There's almost a Dead Rising or Borderlands feel in the eye-popping silly factor and zany shenanigans going on. One of the first things you do after leaving the train is fight a giant animatronic donut.

Remember that campy '80s slasher Chopping Mall where the totally non-lethal mall guard bot suddenly goes kill happy after a surge of lightning, even though he had no weaponry of any kind a few seconds before? Oh boy, are we ever in that territory here -- and its kind of a blast.

 Some of these bots shoot frickin' laser beams from their eyes!

New Additions To The Surge

Some fun new gear is ready and waiting to be viciously hacked off your enemies, from a glowing light axe to something that looks oddly like a mashup of a parking toll meter and an electric razor.

Frankly, you will easily again be thinking of of Dead Rising when crafting the Head Of Donnie Donut helmet or picking up the candy cane power pole as a weapon.

While they are fun to look at, the new gear isn't particularly awesome at its base level without being upgraded, so as mentioned above this DLC works better on a first playthrough rather than in New Game+ mode. If you have all those powerful secret weapon drops from the bosses and have maxed everything out, your current gear will be an order of magnitude more powerful than anything found in Creo world.

While the gear may not be worth your time, the enemies are definitely more interesting and less drab than in the main campaign. Warren will battle everything from a giant partially eaten candy bar to a huge soda can (although sadly not in Saint's Row purple).

Cutting the equivalent of Freddy Fazbear in half with a pilfered hydraulic piston and then tearing apart his head for parts is a pretty good time. Besides the fun new enemies, the location itself offers something totally different from what fans of The Surge might expect.

The dual theme going on really hits home when the fake, plastic nature of the amusement park is jarringly set against a backdrop of a crashed roller coaster, with blood splattered across the concrete and a shattered body in pieces on the ground. In the latter half of the DLC, there is some truly odd, disturbing stuff going on.

 Not often in gaming can you get killed by an evil robot leprechaun whose main weapon is literally garbage

The Bottom Line

A Walk In The Park features more of the same on the gameplay front, with a player carefully balancing stamina for dodging, blocking, and getting in calculated strikes.

If you face too many enemies in one area then you're dead (sort of like in real life, you should be concerned if multiple people in mascot outfits have you cornered in an alley), and if you miscalculate your stamina for that return swing, well, you're dead. 

The big draw is in the totally new areas and the bonkers setting, offering something way outside the norm for this style of game. Since the DLC is set during the events of the campaign, A Walk In The Park is basically a big side quest to offer some levity (and a lot of blood).

If you liked The Surge and want more, do yourself a favor and pick up the expansion. Ready to get started? Check out our guide on getting into the new DLC park area over here!

How to Start The Surge's A Walk In The Park DLC Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:17:43 -0500 Ty Arthur

Released earlier this year from Deck13, The Surge was absolutely brutal, taking a robotic junkyard setting with a hard sci-fi bent and mixing it with the playstyle made popular by Dark Souls series.

While the base game was rather short, there's plenty more content arriving! The Surge's latest expansion, A Walk In The Park, goes off the beaten path and offers a segment of the game world you may not have been expecting to explore.

Previous games have taught us that amusement parks can be deadly places -- just ask Funcom's psychological horror exploration The Park or take a trip through Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC.

That grand tradition continues with A Walk In The Park, an expansion for The Surge that was very much named with a wink and a nudge. Instead of the typical dark factory floor or bombed-out junkyard settings, this time around, you and your exo rig are headed to Creo World, an amusement park for employees.

 Well, they got that right: you won't forget your time at the park!

Accessing A Walk In The Park During The Surge

As with the rest of the game, it would appear things have gone haywire at Creo World, with anything robotic getting zombified and going all homicidal. So how exactly do you get into the theme park gone horribly wrong to take roller coaster rides of death and duke it out with mascots in hilarious suits?

The DLC area isn't just an option to pick in the main menu. Instead, you have two different areas to access at two different points in the game. You can do this either on your first run through of the story or in New Game+ mode after starting over.

To access the first part of Creo World, fully complete the first level, Abandoned Production. Yes, this includes taking down the first boss P.A.X. in the junkyard. So if you haven't done that yet, then it's time to git gud already -- because everything after that point is even harder.

In the second mission, Main Production, play through the area until you start seeing the Creo World ads all over the walls and then come across Irina on the main path. After meeting Irina, you can jump on the train to access the bulk of A Walk In The Park's new setting.

If this is your first playthrough of the game, you will be prompted to leave Creo World after completing the first segment of the DLC. If you are on New Game+ instead, you can play both parts simultaneously without having to leave the park.

 Taking the Maglev train to Creo World

For the second part of A Walk In The Park (during your first playthrough of the base game instead of New Game+ mode), you have to play through the story until reaching the Research And Development level.

Shortly after accessing the area, a drone will tell you to go right down a corner, offering immediate access to the second section of Creo World. From this entrance point, you can get to both the first and second parts of the DLC (without having to return to Main Production to get to the first area).

 Research And Development

That's everything you need to know to get started with The Surge's A Walk In The Park DLC! Are you still playing The Surge, and what new enemies and upgrades are you looking forward to interacting within this zany expansion? Let us know in the comments!

If you're just getting back into the action and haven't played in awhile, be sure to check out our full list of The Surge guides right here, covering everything from the weapons list to beating those devastatingly hard bosses!

Free Demo of The Surge released on Xbox One, PS4 & PC Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:15:56 -0400 daisy_blonde

A demo of post-apocalyptic action RPG The Surge is available to download today for PS4, Xbox and PC via Steam. In the demo, you play as Warren, using an enhanced mech exoskeleton to get around in a sprawling complex where rogue machines and basically everything is out to kill you. You are employed by mega corporation CREO, which is hit by a disaster in the first few hours of the game.

In this universe, the world is controlled by mega corporations like CREO rather than governments, as humans are faced with an ageing population and environmental disasters -- becoming redundant in the face of ever sophisticated technology…

The game was highly acclaimed when it came out in May, but was perhaps overshadowed by the saturation of great titles around that time, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn. The demo includes all the enhanced features for PS4 Pro users -- and if you choose to continue the adventure in the main game, your actions carry over.

Check out the demo reaction trailer with some famous YouTubers above. You can also check the official Surge website for more information and to get a copy of the full game.

The Surge Complete Weapon Guide Fri, 19 May 2017 09:11:17 -0400 Ty Arthur

One of the primary elements that sets The Surge apart, other than its sci-fi focus, is the interesting salvaged weapons you'll get to use to smash and slice enemies apart. 

Very few of these items are actually meant to be weapons in the traditional sense, as you instead hack components off robots or crazed cyborgs and put them to use as makeshift offensive weaponry.

Besides stat differences and weapon proficiency, each weapon has its own vertical, horizontal, dodge, and combo attack. Learning these differences will let you find the weapon that works best for your play style. Once you've got a weapon that works well for you, focus on continuously upgrading that weapon throughout the game, rather than engaging in the typical RPG staple of dropping old weapons in favor of newly found ones.

Some of these may not be the best weapons in The Surge, but they'll help you get through the game efficiently and effectively -- for the most part. 

The Surge Boss Weapons

Most bosses in The Surge drop quite powerful weapons you can salvage, but there is an even better, upgraded version of each that has increased stats and unique attacks if you defeat that boss in a specific manner.

For instance, using the twin-rigged backflip combo, the upgraded version of the Firebug Throttle boss weapon launches a long-range beam of fire not available in the base Mk1 version.

Specific details on what method you need to use while beating the boss are provided in each weapon's individual entry. These typically involve giving up whatever normal advantage is expected in battle. This will stretch your skills even beyond the game's inherent high level of difficulty, but the results are worth it.

Keep in mind that unlike every other enemy, bosses do not respawn -- you have to get the upgraded weapon on the first go around.

The Surge Weapon List

One-handed Weapons

You might be wondering: What's the difference between one-handed and single-rigged weapons? While not always blades, this weapon type is more akin to a long sword if you were in a traditional fantasy RPG, and it is usually held in the main character's hand instead of being hooked up to the powered exo rig.

These are well-rounded weapons that aren't too slow and offer a good mid-range to your attack radius. The starting Reclaimed Piston weapon is one-handed and gives a good idea of what to expect from this weapon class.

  • ASTir Vibro-Cutter -- right after installing your new power core, this weapon can be severed from an enemy outside of the Med Bay
  • Codename: Parsifal -- severed from enemies in the Applied Nanoscience area
  • FENRIS A-7 -- found in Resolve Biolabs in a loot pyramid after killing a maintenance robot
  • Reclaimed Piston -- you start with this weapon after getting your implants
  • Mimetic Edge -- awarded when you defeat the final boss, Rogue Process 

 One Handed Vibro-Cutter

Staff Weapons

Usually used in a two-handed fashion, these weapons offer moderately fast to fast attacks in a wider radius than other weapons. But when you work up their combos, they then switch to focused jabs against a single opponent.

Staff weapons take a little skill to master, but they can potentially be more useful than the basic, all-purpose one-handed weapons.

  • MG Negotiator -- severed from security guards in the Material Depot
  • Reinforced Pipe -- found in the Operations Base and hidden in the Toxic Waste Disposal
  • SERU HSS BioMaster -- found in the Toxic Waste Maintenance area
  • Spitfire Rod -- acquire the updated version by completing the Big Sister boss fight without destroying the welding arms in the battle's second phase
  • Codename Carmina -- found in the Exhibition Floor area
  • Peacekeeper -- severed from Irina Beckett's arm in the Executive Forum

 Staff Reinforced Pipe

Heavy-Duty Weapons

Absurdly over sized, these weapons very obviously aren't meant to be used in combat -- especially by puny human workers without exo rigs! The Titan, for instance, is actually a giant industrial wrench meant to be used by machines.

Obviously, these heavy-duty weapons have a much slower attack speed than almost all other weapons, but they provide extreme damage output to compensate for their slow speeds. More importantly, your energy meter will usually rise faster with these weapons, letting you overload doors and use special abilities faster. 

  • Bloodhound -- hidden in a corner of the Recycling area
  • ENDAS RS3 ‘Titan’ -- severed from enemies in the Power Plant area
  • Equalizer -- located in the Research & Development area
  • Codename Goetterdaemmerung -- found in the restricted access Nucleus Launchpad 02 area
  • MG Judge -- acquire the updated version by severing the Black Cerberus' arm during the boss fight

Heavy-Duty MG Judge

Single-Rigged Weapons

Powered by your exo rig, single-rigged weapons are very slow, powerful weapons that let you land devastating attacks. However, since The Surge isn't a walk in the park, they often leave you open to quick strikes from enemies.

  • ASTir SpectreBite -- severed from enemies in the Support Link 2 and Conveyor Hub areas
  • KLINGE Power Grip -- severed from enemies in the Toxic Waste Disposal area
  • MG Legionnaire -- severed from enemies in the Restricted Projects area
  • P.A.X Imperator -- acquire the updated version by completing the P.A.X. boss fight without having the robot hit itself with a missile
  • Volatile Spectre -- found in the poisonous section of the Power Plant
  • Fractal Reaver -- severed from enemies in the Floor 1 Cargo area

Single-Rigged PAX Imperator

Twin-Rigged Weapons

Although you might think twin-rigged weapons would be slower than single-rigged weapons, they are actually much faster weapons that are the equivalent of a close melee boxing attack, which forces you to get up close and personal with the enemy.

  • Corroded Butterfly -- located in Resolve Biolabs area
  • CREO IP-75 ‘Inducer’ -- located in the Exhibition Floor area
  • Firebug Throttle -- acquire the updated version by severing all the Firebug's limbs before landing the kill in the boss fight
  • YOSUKE Butterfly -- severed from enemies in the basement of the Main Assembly Line area
  • Metamorphing Talons -- severed from enemies behind the security door in the Research & Development area
  • Claws of the Gestalt -- this is the updated version of one-handed weapon Mimetic Edge and is awarded by getting the hardcore kill version

Twin-Rigged Firebug Throttle

That's all the weapons we've come across so for The Surge weapon walkthrough! Have you found any others? Let us know and we'll get 'em added to the list.

Need more help? Check out our guides on The Surge, from fixing common bugs to taking on the first boss P.A.X.

The Surge: Fixes for Bugs and Known Errors Wed, 17 May 2017 17:03:09 -0400 Ty Arthur

New sci-fi action RPG extravaganza The Surge features a brutal level of difficulty, but not all the frustration comes from enemies with devastating stun lock attacks! As would be expected from the typical AAA titles dropping these days, there's a few known issues and bugs to work around immediately following official release.

Below we cover the most common known bugs in The Surge and their current workarounds. Having so much trouble with defeating that diabolical first boss instead that it seems like a glitch? Check out our guide to beating P.A.X. to get past him!

How to Fix Progress Bugs in The Surge

Exoskeleton Block

When you reach the Management Operations room where the exo rig component is discovered, you can be permanently prevented from making it further into the game if you exit after breaking the glass but before grabbing the suit.

Make sure to grab the suit before exiting the game or tabbing back to the desktop. If The Surge crashed or went idle in between the smashing and grabbing, you'll have to delete the save and start a whole new game!

Resolve Biolabs Door

There is a door in this area that won't open and allow you to pass if you accidentally trigger a sequence too early. The issue will be fixed permanently in the first patch, but for now there's a workaround to simply avoid the issue.

To ensure the proper trigger is hit, run all the way into the room and initiate the dialog segment with Dr. Melissa Chavez before engaging any of the enemies wielding flamethrowers.

 Talking To Chavez

How to Fix Equipment Bugs

Pre-Order Rig

Some players haven't been seeing the pre-order yellow exo rig they are supposed to have, and instead start out with the base black version.

Changing this incredibly simple -- just enter the Med Bay and navigate to the "Rig" tab, then either click the "Change Appearance" button or just tap the C key to switch over.

 Changing Rig Appearance

Malfunctioning NG+ Equipment

In NG+ mode, sometimes individual pieces of equipment brought over from your previous playthrough will appear to be equipped but won't actually offer their stat bonuses.

While waiting on a patch to actually fix the problem, you can just equip a different piece of armor in the slot, then switch back to the original equipment to solve this issue.


Those are all the main problems we've come across so far in The Surge. Let us know if you've found any other bugs or issues, and we'll look for a solution! 

The Surge: How to Beat the First Boss, PAX Tue, 16 May 2017 18:33:19 -0400 Ty Arthur

Compared to some of those Nioh and Dark Souls bosses, The Surge's first giant robot boss, PAX, is practically a defenseless kitty cat -- but for those not expecting the sudden ramp up in difficulty, it can be a frustrating experience resulting in a whole lot of returns to the med bay.

After battling tiny drones and whacko humans in combat rigs for the first portion of the game, PAX is a totally different kind of boss battle that will force you to rethink your normal tactics. Below we cover the simplest attack pattern for beating PAX and earning a nifty new weapon and achievement.

BeatingThe Surge's First Boss

Before entering the junkyard arena where you fight PAX, you may want to equip a fast weapon -- or spend some upgrades on speed with your primary weapon -- as you can't get too many hits in before having to dodge away. It's still perfectly possible to take down PAX using a slower, more damaging weapon -- it can just be more challenging on the first few tries.

Once the battle has commenced, it's a much better idea to stay behind the giant mech than to fight from the front, as its easier to dodge most attacks from that vantage point.

He normally won't be able to hit you with those swords at all if you are positioned directly underneath or slightly behind him. If you have trouble getting behind this boss, run up to his front and dodge forward through his legs, rather than trying to run in a circle around him (which just gives him time to re-position or hit you with a sword strike or front kick).

The player avoids the first boss' stomping legs in The SurgeAvoiding Stomping Legs

Dodging Attacks

While underneath or behind this nasty boss, the primary attack you have to watch out for has an obvious precursor. PAX raises either foot for a half second before dropping it down for a high powered stomp that sends you flying backward.

As long as you're paying attention to your stamina meter, it's easy to dodge backward out of the way of this basic attack. Later on in the battle, he'll do three stomps in a row that alternate between legs.

The front-facing kick, on the other hand, comes much quicker and is harder to avoid, requiring fast reflexes on a left- or right-side dodge. Be on the lookout for combination attacks that can take you out quickly, like getting knocked back by the leg stomp and then hit twice with sword strikes.

Damaging P.A.X

Now that you know what to avoid, it's time to start wailing on this boss' legs. Get two or three strikes in, then dodge out of the way of whatever attack is coming. You'll notice his health doesn't go down, but his energy meter does go up.

After a set amount of damage is inflicted (watch the orange bar on the bottom) PAX will mention "maximum subjugation" or "reboot initialized," launching into the air to fire a missile at you.

Here you want to run underneath him as fast as possible so he hits himself with the explosion, dropping to the ground on fire. This is your real chance to strike.

PAX is wounded in The Surge and lies on the ground. The player takes advantage with a few quick hits. Dealing Direct Damage

While in this state, you can get in some free swings on his unarmored front head portion, which is normally out of reach while PAX is standing up.

The missile is a surefire way to get this state. But if you get enough damage in on the legs through your normal weapon, you'll get an "overload mending in process" message and can run in to damage the head of this boss without having to use the missile process.

Repeat the process of striking quickly, dodging attacks, and using the missile to drop him until he finally goes down, netting you the PAX Imperator weapon and unlocking the PAX achievement.

The player defeats the first boss, PAX, in the Surge and unlocks an achievement. First Boss Down -- Congratulations!

And that's all there is to beating the first boss in The Surge! Rejoice while you can because there are plenty of nastier bosses out there -- and you'll encounter them soon enough. 

Let us know if you have any other strategies for taking down PAX in The Surge. If you're looking for more tips and strategies on The Surge, make sure to check out our guides here!  

Smash and Dodge Your Way Across a Brutal Sci-Fi World in The Surge Mon, 15 May 2017 21:29:17 -0400 Ty Arthur

I've got to be honest here: I hear the term "sci-fi Dark Souls" get tossed around and wasn't actually that excited for The Surge. I don't see the appeal of that particular series, and it seems now we've got to wait patiently for it to hit all the different styles from samurai to medieval to sci-fi before finally dying out in popularity.

Having now given The Surge a fair shake, I'm not sure it's fair to simply call it a sci-fi Souls clone, although its clear that was the basic inspiration. If I had to boil it down, I'd say its essentially Space Siege meets Lords Of The Fallenwith a more interesting visual flair.

Whether its the aesthetics, the tweaked approach to difficult ARPG gameplay, or the focus on crafting, this particular entry in the style is a lot more consistently entertaining than anything presented in the typical Souls fashion.

 There's just something fun about taking on killer robots in a futuristic junkyard

Combat And Gameplay

The heart of the gameplay is dodging and smashing combat, and that aspect is actually really satisfying. Bear in mind that statement is coming from someone who gets very frustrated with the Souls style very quickly -- so if you enjoy the masochistic aspects of those games, then this one may be too easy for you.

That said, the combat's difficulty level is pretty punishing. It's easily a level of magnitude harder than the average action game, even if its not on the level where you'll be throwing your controller every few minutes.

Of course there's a stamina gauge to manage between your different types of strikes and to balance attacks against dodging or guarding. If you aren't smart here, three or four hits will have you dead.

The hardest part is when new enemies show up in surprising locations, taking you out before you've figured out their attack patterns. There are a lots of cases where enemies with unknown attacks styles are lying in wait in unexpected areas.

Your starting gameplay style will change a bit depending on which "class" (or in this case, which base exo-rig suit) you choose. Rather than a static clicking option at a character creation screen, the selection is built into the intro as the main character decides whether to apply for the agile and versatile Lynx technician position or the Rhino heavy tech position at Creo.

        I went with the Rhino. Subtlety isn't my strong suit.

Upgrades And Severed Limbs

Besides your basic attack and dodging types, a system is in place for targeting specific body parts of an enemy, with some locations more armored than others.

Can't get through a heavily-armored torso or metallic limb? Switch to the soft, squishy head instead! Because the enemies have the same piecemeal equipment style as you, sometimes you'll be tearing off legs or smashing arms to bloody pulp instead.

There's more to this than just damage reduction though. The game is based around building a suit of armor component by component, which means you need to pull specific parts off dead enemies.

In a wonderfully brutal addition, you have to sever body parts to use in your own exoskeleton. You don't always get the part you are going for, though, even if the execution was timed correctly -- and sometimes you'd rather have more tech scrap than a severed part. Besides giving you new parts to work with, you can also learn about particular strengths and weaknesses of enemies by seeing the specs on severed equipment.

This adds in a strategic element that makes the grind more tolerable while trying to build a specific component or get the parts necessary to upgrade an existing piece of armor. 

As a bonus, the slow-motion, camera-blurring finishing moves that result in a severed piece of equipment are simply a thing of beauty. Think Spartacus in a sci-fi robot factory, and you've got the level of gore down perfectly. 

On the melee front, there are satisfying differences between the weapons in terms of speed and attack radius, and they all look phenomenal because most of them aren't meant to be weapons. You might have a snapped-off piston, an electrified hydraulic press, jagged forklift pieces, and so on.

Crafting new parts and upgrading existing ones, in addition to swapping out implants for different bonuses or skills, provides a very well-rounded experience overall that isn't all combat -- even though everything is essentially based around destroying robots and zombie cyborgs.

Severing An Arm To Add To The Arsenal

The Grind...Oh God, The Grind

Despite the high level of quality and fun on display, The Surge does suffer from a major setback -- and it's not the overly difficult nature of the enemies. Rather, its how those enemies respawn in their original positions every time you return to the med bay.

On the one hand, that means there's lots of opportunity to earn more tech scrap and get more severed parts. On the other, this sort of destroys immersion, since it feels less like you are moving through an unfolding story and more like you're wandering around an area filled with actors who reset every time you rest.

As with the other games in this style, this element adds in an ungodly amount of grind. You will "git gud," but the downside is having to re-kill the same enemies in the exact same locations a couple of dozen times.

You'll have to make a tactical decision -- return with the amount of tech scrap you've got now that might be enough to upgrade your suit's core, or keep fighting and potentially die and lose it all unless you hack your way back to your corpse?

Either way, though, it results in that same grind. When you go to the med bay the enemies respawn, but they also respawn if you die and have to return to your body's loot pile -- so it's kind of a lose/lose.

Upgrading Equipment Piece By Piece 

As a final downside, and this might be more of a big deal to some than others, the beeping sound of the indicator when near a hidden item gets pretty annoying when you can't immediately find said item. It seems like this system is probably better on the console than PC, since I assume you get a controller vibration instead.

The Bottom Line

Visually, The Surge's color scheme is really eye-popping, and the animations of the Aliens-inspired yellow exoskeleton feel more refreshing than the more drab Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Nioh style.

On the story front, I really enjoyed discovering information about the world and the Creo corporation through propaganda, graffiti, audio logs, and equipment descriptions.

I was frequently reminded of all the darkly comedic descriptions of worker life on Mars in the Doom reboot, and got a good chuckle every time the med bay informed me that "this isn't a scheduled break time" when I went to heal and re-configure my equipment.

With several twists on the typical Souls-isms, there's reason even for non-fans to give this difficult action RPG a try -- just beware of the huge amount of grind on the horizon!

For more information on The Surge, you can check out the trailer below or visit its Steam store page to pick this sci-fi action game up for $49.99.

Note: A copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review.

My 6 Top Most Anticipated Western RPG's Mon, 30 Jan 2017 03:00:01 -0500 Michael Llewellyn

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Platforms PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC


Being a huge Mass Effect fan I have high hopes for this game I feel it is one of the best and most intricately developed Sci-Fi universes in any form of media I have seen there's just so much lore and love that's gone into this series, it's ever expanding universe ranks up there the likes of mature Sci-Fi media and literature like Battlestar Galactica and The Expanse.


BioWare brought in a great team of experienced Sci-Fi writers for this game and the developers have promised a more open and expansive galaxy to explore with a more flexible class system that isn't locked into one style of gameplay through progression tree. Now the protagonist Ryder can have combat, tech, and biotic abilities all in one playthrough.


With everything set in place for this new space set adventure which is just weeks away -- at the time of writing -- and with level of talent available at BioWare it really does have the potential to Game of the Year material.


Which western RPGs are you most looking forward to you in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Platforms: PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC


Release Date: TBA 2017


Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been in development for a while but now that the developers have signed a publishing deal with Koch Media's publishing division Deep Silver, the release is looking for hopeful for a 2017 release date.


The game is an open world RPG much like Skyrim at first glance but this game is set in Bohemia 1403 with period accurate armor and clothing, it's also going to steeped in historical realism adapting real life events in history -- so no magic, dragons, elves and monsters. As much as I love the Tolkienesque setting in RPG's, being a bit of a history buff I've been hoping for a modern day RPG that was willing to go the historical medieval route.


The game puts you in the shoes of a blacksmith's son in a once peaceful mining town until it is raided and his whole family murdered. This puts the protagonist on a path of vengeance and an epic journey to bring peace to the Kingdom of Bohemia.

The Surge 

Platforms: PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC


Release Date May 2017


The Surge is coming from Deck 13 Interactive, the studios who brought us the flawed but underrated Dark Souls-alike Lords Of The Fallen, and much like its predecessor, it follows a similar gameplay formula and is promising to expand on it.


It's set in a dystopian future in the aftermath of a technological disaster. It's a world populated by robots, non-humans and surviving humans. The protagonist is not a warrior or soldier but is connected to an exoskeleton that you will be able to upgrade and craft to your liking.


If the developers can learn from the flaws of Lords Of The Fallen -- which in my view was a good game with a really solid combat system that had just a few flaws that held it back from being great. With a new setting and a new premise there's an opportunity for Deck 13 to do great things with this new IP.

Horizon Zero Dawn 

Platform: Playstation 4


Release Date: North America 28th of February EU 1st of March 2017


An open world RPG, and a first of its kind from Guerilla Games -- the developers of the Killzone series -- it's a complete deviation from the first person and mostly linear shooters we've seen in the past from the studio.


It's post-apocalyptic land is ruled and roamed over by robotic, mechanical creatures of varying sizes. You have the ability to take the creatures down in a variety of ways from combat to hacking.


It's looking like brave new direction from the studio, with absolutely stunning visuals -- as expected -- and a really appealing art design, the outlook is looking good for this promising new title.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Platforms: PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC


Release Date: 28th of February 2017


Torment: Tides of Numenera is considered a spiritual sequel to the critically acclaimed Planescape: Torment. Only licensing issues put a stop to the game being a full sequel but much of the original development team will be returning for this game, including the composer.


The game is using the same classical CRPG stylings of the original title and is looking very promising with a talented team of developers and writers behind the game. With Divinity and now Torment the classical CRPG has seen a lot of new life lately and is successfully finding a new home on consoles too.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 

Platforms: PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC


Release Date: TBA


I have really enjoyed the Divinity series over the years with underrated DIvinity: Dragon Knight Saga to the modernised CRPG stylings of Divinity: Original Sin. 


Funded by Kickstarter, Original Sin, received high praise for its challenging yet exciting gameplay mechanics, beautiful world and its story. The sequel looks to be following in the same footsteps as its predecessors.


I've already made a list here on Gameskinny about my most anticipated Japanese RPG's for 2017 and I've wanted to follow on from that with another list for the Western RPG, as I enjoy both approaches to the role playing game genre equally.


I have a huge love for Western RPG's from the open worlds, to refining your character's stats in order to perfect your sword wielding warrior or your spell casting wizard.


Much like the JRPG there is are a lot of games to get excited for in terms of quality and variety in 2017 -- so without further ado are my list of of of most anticipated Western RPG's.

The Surge Receives 3 New Exo-Armor Screenshots Fri, 23 Sep 2016 04:56:43 -0400 Richard Sherry

Deck13 has released new screenshots for their upcoming action-RPG, The Surge. The three new images give us a first look at the modular exo-suit armor that can be equipped and customized in-game.

Apart from looking awesome, armor items in The Surge can be mixed and matched and provide various bonuses and resistances to the player. Each exo-suit is a remnant of the CREO corporation, the international company that our hero Warren worked for before disaster struck -- and so had their own industrial uses before being turned to combat scenarios.

The Liquidator, seen above, is an industrial suit originally used by workers for protection in hazardous environments. Thanks to this, it boasts extra mobility and resistance to fire, toxic spills and radiation -- all of which will be encountered in what Deck13 promises to be a Metroidvania-style world.

The Proteus armor, meanwhile, was a security suit providing health regeneration and physical protection for personnel at low power costs. It will likely prove useful to Warren when taking on the malfunctioning drones and robots he encounters as he explores.

Finally, we can see an example of a suit made up of a variety of armor sets including Lynx, Black Cerberus and MG Gorgon. This combination provides all sorts of benefits, including Black Cerberus’s heavy riot-control defense and Lynx’s hydraulic speed advancements.

The Surge will have thousands of possible item combinations, presenting exciting possibilities for customization and player freedom.

It's coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.

The Surge: A Sci-Fi Dark Souls? Fri, 19 Aug 2016 08:16:43 -0400 Richard Sherry

Deck13 Interactive has released a 15-minute Gamescom gameplay video for The Surge, their upcoming addition to the hardcore action-RPG genre.

Popular for their punishing and unique gameplay, hardcore A-RPGs have been dominated by FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. Whilst many die-hard fans understandably laud Dark Souls for reviving the genre and maintaining supremacy, it’s nice to see that a handful of attempts have been made by other developers to break into the genre and provide some variety.

The Surge is the latest of these attempts -- swapping gothic, dark fantasy horror for futuristic dystopian sci-fi. Set in a future where global warming has devastated the planet and technology has made much of humanity obsolete and unemployed, society has begun to collapse and people are forced to take any work they can get using powerful exo-suits. After waking up from an accident on the first day of a new job at a CREO facility, you’re left to wander the area and fight for survival in this mysterious world.

In the new video we can see our protagonist -- Warren -- going toe to toe with unstable humans and hostile robots using a variety of futuristic mêlée weapons. The game’s core mechanics will be familiar to veterans of Dark Souls. They include combat against hard-hitting enemies, expending stamina to perform actions such as attacking and dodging, with an emphasis on timing and intelligent gameplay to avoid being made into mincemeat.

But along with these staples, Deck13 is pushing to innovate, boasting an interconnected Metroidvania-type world to explore and interact with. Thanks to your exo-suit, you’ll also have the power to slide and boost across the ground, allowing for dynamic movement to exploit those ever-important windows of opportunity to damage the enemy. This will still consume stamina of course, meaning you won’t be able to just boost into or out of any sticky situation -- so it maintains the need for thoughtful stamina management.

Instead of having light and heavy attacks, The Surge favors horizontal or vertical swings and will allow you to target individual limbs to cripple the opponent with visceral finishing moves. On top of this, the gameplay shows an interesting gear crafting system, involving upgrading your attributes and collecting scraps from defeated opponents to build new weapons and exo-suit add-ons at hubs called Operation Centers.

Deck13 has prior experience with hardcore A-RPGs, having released Lords of the Fallen in 2014. Whilst some criticized the game for being a Dark Souls clone, Lords of the Fallen worked hard to introduce new features, story and settings to shake up the formula and deliver an experience that, whilst heavily derivative of Dark Souls, was still fresh and satisfying.

All of this suggests that Deck13 is working hard to break out of the behemoth shadow of FromSoftware. The sci-fi setting in the video creates a completely different atmosphere to previous entries (we see some actual sun!) and champions diversification for what has historically been a very niche style. Full of Elysium-style exo-suits and futuristic technology, The Surge could be a clever move for Deck13 to capture a new audience of players who haven’t yet been attracted to the offerings of the Souls series.

That said this is not a game for kids. Decapitation, dismemberment and buckets of blood ensure that, along with punishing gameplay, The Surge shows the potential to live up to the genre that inspires it and break free of the “Dark Souls clone” curse. We’ll just have to wait and see whether Deck13 learns from its missteps in Lords of the Fallen to deliver on this potential.

The Surge is slated for a 2017 release and will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you looking forward to this change of setting and tone or do you prefer your hardcore Action-RPGs dark and Gothic? Let us know in the comments below!

The Surge E3 2016 trailer comes out Thu, 16 Jun 2016 05:50:58 -0400 Janiece Sebris

Focus Home Interactive released an E3 trailer for The Surge, showcasing the eerie near-future setting.

The Surge -- the newest sci-fi action-RPG from developer Deck13 -- drops players in a near-future where they slice and dismember their way into the CREO, an institution developed to save the world with disastrous consequences.

Members of CREO are outfitted with exo-suits, which supply both power and human strength. The members are also able to attach make-shift tools to the exoskeletons. Players must use the exo-suits and make-shift weapons to survive after something inside CREO goes horribly wrong.

In the E3 trailer (above), the reluctant hero is first seen discovering the exo-suit modules. The trailer shows that the dystopian world is the worst-case scenario for earth, as players must delve deeper into the mega-corporation to find out what went wrong with CREO and how they can stop it.

With Deck13’s classic duel-style and combat system expanded with unique limb targeting mechanics and paired with a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling, there are thousands of combinations of armor and make-shift weapons to dismantle, craft, and merge with the player’s exo-suit.

The Surge will be released in 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

First artwork for The Surge, new cyberpunk game from Lords of the Fallen devs Tue, 11 Aug 2015 06:10:14 -0400 Charly Mottet

The German studio Deck 13 (Lords of the Fallen) is joining forces with the French editor Focus Home Interactive in order to bring to life The Surge, an action-RPG taking place in a dystopian future. 

The setting is a distant image of modern day London - welcome to the 2020s. The Surge reveals a dark future for human kind, where Artificial Intelligence has evolved immensely, and the human race is falling behind. They have been forced to live in overpopulated cities and are threatened by environmental diseases.

To survive, the younger generation has to search for work in the suburbs, and the only way to be able to compete with the machines is with the help of an exoskeleton. 

First artwork revealed at Gamescom, but no trailer

Instead of some gameplay or a trailer, the game is being revealed through a first piece of artwork, which shows dark, dilapidated times for humans. The characters seem small next to the machines we will have created... 

"The game will be set in a dystopian sci-fi future! This new IP will feature innovative combat mechanics and an original character progression system based on modular upgrades gained through tight, visceral combat," says Deck 13.

The Surge is set to be released in 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.