The Walking Dead: Michonne Articles RSS Feed | The Walking Dead: Michonne RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network The 5 Most Heartbreaking Deaths in The Walking Dead Games Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Jaleesa Mitchell

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of all things TWD, especially after I had the chance to delve into all content TWD related.

So, it's no surprise that I got hooked on Telltale's video game series based off the popular show and comics.

With the release of the next episode for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on March 28, 2017, I thought it would be fitting to recap the top 5 heartbreaking deaths in the video game series, counting down from number 5.

The Walking Dead franchise is a brutal one...

5. Katjaa

Katjaa, The Walking Dead

Ever wonder what it would be like to live on a farm in the midst of the apocalypse?

Well, look no further. The Walking Dead: Season 1 by Telltale Games answers this question by giving us interesting characters who, yes, live on a farm.

And not just any farm, it's Hershel's farm from the comics and television show (wonder if that will crop back up somewhere else).

Hershel's Farm

It is here that we find Katjaa, who was essentially the medic of season one. She was the wife of Kenny and the mother of a young Duck. She and Lee had their differences from time to time, but they usually understood each other and were okay with the decisions made.

Katjaa's death was heartbreaking because you didn't see it coming. After Duck was bitten by a walker, you knew she was going to miss her son, but you knew that she would have Kenny by her side.

Katjaa Suicide

So when she blows her brains out in front of her dying son and her shaken up husband, the feels were strong.

4. Omid


During the zombie apocalypse, it's best to keep a sense of humor, lest you go crazy from all the bloodshed and violence.

What better character for the job than good old Omid?

Omid: He's Always Smiling or Smirking

Omid appeared towards the end of the first season of Telltale Games and lasted through the first few minutes of episode one of season two. He and his wife Christa were an ultimate couple. Brains, beauty, and the occasional comic relief.

So when the first episode of season two opens up with Christa, Omid, and Clementine headed to an abandoned gas station, your guard is up. Only what you expect is for Clementine to open up a can of whupass. Instead, she tries to talk down the thief, which gets Omid shot and killed. Luckily, Christa is there to save Clementine and exact revenge upon Omid's killer.

Christa Holding A Dead Omid

Unfortunately, it doesn't bring him back. This leaves a pregnant Christa (we're still not sure what happened to the baby, or Christa for that matter) leaving with Clementine in tow. Cue tears.

3. Colette and Elodie


If there's one thing I know, having a katana wielding badass in the group during the apocalypse is an excellent idea.

An even better idea is to get to know her backstory so that you know why she became a katana wielding badass.

Enter Michonne, and a brief glimpse into her past as the mother of Colette and Elodie.

Michonne Slicing Zombies

If there's one thing TWD likes to do, it's flashbacks. And boy are there a lot in the Telltale Games. Take The Walking Dead: Michonne where a good chunk of the series is trying to figure out what happened in Michonne's past.

The game takes place in the pocket of time before Issue 127 of the comic series. She ends up on a ship with a crew and relives the last few days before the apocalypse truly took over. In this series you find out that Michonne has two daughters: Colette and Elodie.

In the third part of this mini-series, you cringe in pain as you see Michonne let go of her dead daughters and save herself (assuming that's the choice that you made), and it makes you wonder how much emotional trauma she's carried with her over these last few years. The scene is one of the most depressing things to watch, but it's also a little hopeful.

2. Luke


It's important to know who you should trust when society has broken down and people are inclined to eat each other. After all, without trust there's no survival.

But it takes time to trust, and it's even worse when the person you trust dies before you do. I mean, who's going to have your back after that?

Luke and His Group

In season two of TWD Telltale games, you're not quite sure what to make of Luke- after all, before the apocalypse he majored in art and received a minor in agriculture (because that's helpful when every day is about survival). Luke also wanted to leave Clementine in the forest while she was hurt and recovering from a dog bite, definitely over cautious.

But, throughout the game you become fond of Luke. You find him to be kind, loyal, and- above all- he is trustworthy. So when it comes time to save Luke from breaking the ice and drowning to his death, you want to try everything you can to save him. The only problem is that you can't.

Clementine Trying To Help Luke

Regardless of what you choose, Luke still dies. The only question is whether you and Bonnie get dragged down with him.

What makes this scene depressing is that you've spent the majority of the game bonding with Luke. He's got your 6. He is your ace in the hole. The Clyde to your Bonnie, and any other cheesy reference you can come up with. To see him die is to die a little yourself, on the inside. But his death is nothing compared to our number one contender.

1. Lee


It all has to start somewhere. The destruction of the world, I mean. And what better place to start a story then at the beginning?

Lee and Clementine

Lee is the character that we start with in season 1. The sole purpose of Lee is to protect Clementine, and we do a mostly good job with it. Over the course of the season, we learn about Lee's past, we learn what type of man he is, and we find out the type of man he can become.

Lee and Clementine in the Trailer

From the very beginning, his instinct is to take care of Clementine and make sure that she has everything that she needs. And we love him for that. And after 5 long episodes, we have to watch as Lee is slowly killed by a walker bite. Five. Long. Episodes. This character who went through hell and high water to rescue her from the maniac who would kidnap and (eventually) harm her. And then he dies. Just like that.

I mean, I cried at a few deaths throughout the series so far, but Lee's death is the one that hurts the most.

Lee's Death: Before Clementine Shoots Him

And for that brief moment in Season 2 when you think Clementine is back with Lee, your heart skips a bit. Until you realize it's a dream sequence. It's painful.

But, that's also what makes for good storytelling. TWD Telltale Games would not be worth playing if the storyline didn't make you care about its characters. And that's why I recommend that if you haven't played the games, make time to play them.

You won't regret it!

The Finale Of Telltale games The Walking Dead: Michonne is finally available for download Tue, 26 Apr 2016 14:11:44 -0400 Cresta Starr

The third and final episode in the three -art miniseries for The Walking Dead: Michonne was finally released today, April 26 2016. Titled "What We Deserve", players can expect the same story-driven zombie chaos as the first two installments.


In The Walking Dead: Michonne, players play as Michonne -- the blade-wielding character from The Walking Dead graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman. In this newest episode of the game, players pick up right where the second installment (Give No Shelter) left off. They must try to protect an innocent family, while Norma and the Monroe crew are hot on Michonne's heels as she tries to escape them.

To make matters worse, Michonne is also beginning to hallucinate about the daughters she abandoned when this whole thing started. Players must choose who lives, who dies, and who can actually be redeemed in this zombie apocalypse.

Episode 3 -  What We Deserve is out now on Steam and available through the Telltale online store for PC/Mac. Episode 3 can also be found on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The episode is also available today for iOS devices from the App Store and for Android from the Google Play Store as well.

TWD Michonne Episode 2: Give No Shelter released, continues the story where Episode 1 left off Wed, 30 Mar 2016 04:21:07 -0400 Mark Elgie

The second of three episodes in The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries was released today. 

The miniseries follows the iconic character of Michonne, from Robert Kirkman's comic books. Michonne, who is played by Samira Wiley of Orange is the New Black fame, is haunted by her past. Players take control of her as they learn exactly why she left Rick and the rest of her group behind, and what exactly it is that brings her back. 

The second episode is titled Give No Shelter, which continues the story from the last episode -- in which Michonne, Pete and the others aboard the Companion are led to the floating colony of Monroe. 

In Give No Shelter, Michonne, Pete, and Sam escape from the colony and make a run for their lives, with Monroe members waiting for them ahead. Michonne's reality becomes torn when memories of her daughters persist, just when she needs to keep her wits about her to ensure her survival. As with the first episode, the choices the player makes in Give No Shelter affects how the story unfolds. 

The game is available on PC/Mac, PS3/PS4, X360/Xbox One, and iOS/Android.

The miniseries will conclude with What We Deserve next month. 

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 coming March 29th Tue, 15 Mar 2016 15:54:00 -0400 Cresta Starr

Telltale Games has recently announced the second installment for their miniseries The Walking Dead: Michonne. In Episode 2: "Give No Shelter", players can expect to make split-second difficult decisions based off of the choices they made in Episode 1: "In Too Deep". 

Here is a brief description for the upcoming episode. Warning: Spoilers Ahead:

In Episode 2, 'Give No Shelter,' a daring escape from the floating colony of Monroe sees Michonne, Pete, and Sam running for their lives. An all too brief reprieve is soon shattered; the leaders of Monroe don't forgive and don't forget. With memories of her daughters bleeding ever further into Michonne's blurred reality, her world is becoming increasingly fractured... just at the point when she'll need all of her skills to survive.

In this mini series, Michonne is portrayed by award-winning actress Samira Wiley, who is known for her work in Orange is the New Black. This three-part story is all about giving the player an in-depth look at Michonne as a character -- giving some clarity as to why she left Rick and the group, and what also brings her back.

Players can purchase the new episode starting Tuesday March 29th from the Telltale Online Store or via Steam for PC and Mac. But the game will eventually be available across all platforms. Players can look forward to the final episode, titled "What We Deserve", sometime in April.

[Review] Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 Tue, 23 Feb 2016 22:23:00 -0500 QuintLyn

After what seems like almost an eternity, the most recent installment of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series staring Michonne -- a favorite character of both the TV show and comics -- released today. Being a rather large fan of the games, and The Walking Dead universe as a whole, there was little doubt in my mind that I'd be picking this game up. In fact, it's been marked on my calendar for a while now.

For those unfamiliar with them, the Telltale The Walking Dead games are a series of interactive story games based mostly on the mechanics of making some really tough choices. The choices you make can affect small things like... you know, who lives and dies, whether or not people will listen to you or try to kill you later on... tiny things like that. The games are based on the comic book universe rather than the TV show, and has featured some well known characters as cameos before. But this is the first time that any character from the comics has had their own Telltale game.

So, it's well worth a look to see how it will stand for fans of the games and comics alike.

The Walking Dead Michonne Title Card

It's all about the story. (Don't worry, this is spoiler free.)

Telltale Games are ALL about story. It's what they're most known for. They're pretty much the company who made episodic games a thing. Whether that's good or bad for gaming, people have yet to decide. I tend to think it's okay as long as they're doing it right; like Telltale generally does. 

The Walking Dead games take place in the universe of the comics, with the first game starting as the apocalypse happened. By the time we reach TWD: Michonne, a good amount of time has passed. We catch up with the titular character during a period in the comics (between issues 126 and 139) where she's left behind Rick, the group, and her trusty katana to go for a kind of walkabout and deal with some issues from her past.

Of course, no one stays alone long in The Walking Dead. They either run into friendlies and team up for a while or they run into trouble. As with Lee and Clementine in the previous TWD games, Michonne does both. It takes no time for Michonne to run into trouble on a hunt for supplies, both of the human and walker kind.

While TWD: Michonne is part of the entire Telltale Game TWD universe, it is a standalone, so players will not have to worry about having played the previous games to understand what's going on. Having read the comics might help a bit though...

For those who have played the previous games, you will notice a pattern to the story -- lone hero hooks up with a group of mostly decent, well-meaning people. Group runs into trouble with another group of less decent people. 

I should probably note here that the first episode of the game was only about an hour and a half long; so I haven't decided if the other group is all bad or just one or two people are. But this is the way the apocalypse goes.


The Walking Dead Michonne Post Combat

One of the things that make Telltale Games work as well as they do is that they work closely with the creators of the IPs to make their games. In this case, the development team worked with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to make sure they've created a story that fits the universe -- and in this case, one very well known character. 

It is perhaps the treatment of this character that will draw more critique than anything else. With the exception of Glenn Rhee and some time spent at the Greene farm (both before Rick would have encountered either) the Telltale games tend to keep away from pre-existing characters; and even these were not main characters in the games or around for long. So, fans likely didn't spend much time paying attention to them. However, in Michonne's case, she is the main character and players will spend all their time with her. 

Since she's the primary character of the game, fans of the show and comic may find her a little uncharacteristically chatty. During a lot of the decision making moments in the game, I found myself inclined to have her say nothing; I'm so used to Michonne being more of a strong, silent, watcher type.

For those that may be fans of the show rather than the comics, the choice in voice actress may also seem a little odd at first. Telltale Games tapped Orange is the New Black actress Samira Wiley to voice the character and she comes off a bit less... wary... than Danai Gurira does when playing the character in the TV series. This may, however, be necessitated by the dialog-based gameplay.

Another thing that may catch TV fans off guard are some of the references to her backstory. Just roll with it and remember... comic book Michonne.

The Walking Dead Michonne  QTE

Pretty standard Telltale gameplay.

Gameplay wise, the game is pretty standard to what we've all come to expect from Telltale. It mostly revolves around dialog choices with QTE combat and activities scattered throughout. Due to the length of the episode, I can't really tell exactly how big of an impact choices will have this time around. I played the game through twice and changed some of my options, but they didn't seem to impact any major points of the story.

The Walking Dead Michonne Dialog and Choices

The QTE combat makes use of six keyboard keys: Q, W, E, A,S, and D. Q and E will pop up as little key looking icons while the other four will appear on the screen as arrows sweeping up, down, left, or right. They don't appear quickly enough to be impossible, so if you're paying attention, combat is easily doable.

That said, there are a few fights that involve a lot of opponents and you need to have your eye on the screen and your fingers on the keyboard, or you'll be lunch.

QTEs are also used for some out of combat actions, but I found that if you don't manage to hit the key in time for some reason, the game just does it for you anyway. (That only happens out of combat. In combat, if you miss, you'll be eaten right away.)

The Walking Dead Michonne Mini Games

There are also a couple of mini-game type actions you can take. One involves trying to tune a short wave radio; potentially mildly annoying, but nothing major.

Definitely Telltale graphics.

I'm fairly certain we're all familiar with the Telltale Games' art style by now. It hasn't changed. Personally, I'm totally okay with this. They've found a style that works for the kind of storytelling they're doing. And honestly, I'd much rather these games that all take place in the same world keep the same feel. 

Everything ran smoothly for me. I did notice one hitch in the game while playing but it cleared itself up quickly.

That soundtrack though...

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Telltale games is their choice in songs for opening and closing credits. TWD: Michonne opens with a solemn, bass-y, country piece titled "Gun in My Hand." When you get into the story, you'll see just how well it fits. 

The same can be said for the "Wolf," which is featured in the closing credits. Performed by a group called First Aid Kit, the song could be used to describe the true personality we've all come to know from Michonne.


Before we end, there's one more thing I'd like to address. Players will notice a small annoyance in the menu system. For the most part it operates fine. But it may confuse some people a bit when they don't get an option to save their settings where they changed them. Don't worry. It is there. The settings save option pops up when you're attempting to leave the menu.

The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1


Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne is a solid TWD game and very in line with what we've come to expect from the company. It doesn't do anything new or innovative. It might be a tad short. However, it does offer fans of the series a look into one of their favorite characters. 

As a complete standalone, I'm not 100% sure how it does. I'm personally inclined to believe that players more familiar with the comics will get more out of it. That said, what the game does, it does well. It gives The Walking Dead fans just a little bit more of the universe they love.

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: Michonne lands on PS4 tomorrow Mon, 22 Feb 2016 05:39:48 -0500 Damian A. Hinton

Telltale is bringing their episodic storytelling to consoles tomorrow in the form of The Walking Dead: Michonne!

Announced at last year's E3,  one of The Walking Dead's most popular characters will star in her own series of stories. The episode, titled "In Too Deep," is sure to bring some of the same drama and dire situations present in Telltale's original The Walking Dead games, which were very well received by gamers and critics alike.

Danai Gurira, the actress who portrays Michonne in the television show, will not reprise her role as the titular character. Instead, Samira Wiley (best known as Poussey from Orange Is The New Black) will assume the character of Michonne.

The game will explore what happened to Michonne between issues 126 and 139 in The Walking Dead comic. The story will include original characters not present in The Walking Dead universe.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will join the growing library of Telltale's interactive storytelling adventures, which present players with a variety of choices that affect how the game will proceed.

Tomorrow, February 23, you can check out the first episode. So, be ready to dive back into The Walking Dead's apocalyptic world!

The Walking Dead: Michonne gets release date of February 23 Mon, 15 Feb 2016 10:06:22 -0500 BlackTideTV

Valentine's Day brought more than Cupid and the return of The Walking Dead TV show this year. Thanks to the extended preview uploaded to YouTube yesterday, a release date for the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries has been revealed - and it's sooner than you'd expect!  

Prepare to adventure as the blade-wielding badass on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android as soon as February 23, 2016.

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Michonne Episode One In Too Deep

Enthusiasts of the television show beware: this game series is derived from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic books, not the AMC original series, therefore, the events that unfold may not transpire in the television show. That being said, comic book readers will certainly find the miniseries enjoyable as it delivers insight on the time Michonne left Rick, their group of survivors, and her katana behind. Telltale promises that:

"Players will discover what took Michonne away from her trusted allies, and what brought her back to them."

The first episode of Michonne's Telltale spin-off, "In too Deep," takes place aboard sailing ship, "The Companion," on a journey down the coast of Chesapeake Bay. Upon the discovery of a great massacre, Michonne and her crew must enter the colony known as Monroe in search of the culprits.

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Michonne Head Chop

Following the gameplay style of other Telltale games, TWD Michonne's universe will be entirely dependent on the player decisions to impact the final outcome of the story. Speaking of, the story will certainly be amusing as Michonne has never been one to share her personal feelings. A series entirely focused on her is sure to shed some light on her situation.

To recap, the release date for In too Deep, Episode One of The Walking Dead: Michonne three part miniseries is the very close February 23rd, 2016. The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

Watch The Walking Dead: Season One as a stage play at San Diego Comic Con Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:08:11 -0400 Bryan C. Tan

Taking a page from fellow Game of the Year, The Last of Us, Telltale Games will be bringing its talents to the stage for the first time ever, as their most popular episodic game series, The Walking Dead, will be given the live treatment at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con.

On Saturday, July 11th at 8pm PT, a series of scenes from the award-winning The Walking Dead: Season One will be performed by six of the cast members, including Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine, and Dave Fennoy as Lee.

Besides "The Walking Dead Live Performance", a Q&A panel with the live performance cast will take place on Friday, July 10th at 11:30am, and the upcoming spinoff, The Walking Dead: Michonne, will be featured at the "Skybound Entertainment Celebrates 5 Years" panel on Thursday, July 9th at 3:30pm.

Those in San Diego can attend "The Walking Dead Live Performance" during the Walker Stalker Fan Fest at Petco Park with a $30 single-day or $55 two-day pass. For everyone else, Twitch is at the ready, as the entire event will be streamed live at Skybound Entertainment's official Twitch channel, which will also play host to a variety of games, events, creator interviews, and free giveaways throughout the Fan Fest on Friday and Saturday.