Torchlight Articles RSS Feed | Torchlight RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Torchlight Frontiers Turns into Torchlight 3, Drops F2P Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:02:09 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Torchlight 3 is confirmed? What about the announced Torchlight Frontiers?

In a surprising but heartening piece of Torchlight news, Max Schaefer and the folks over at Echtra Games have decided to toss the Frontiers free-to-play model in the bin and instead bring the title to full glory as buy-to-play Torchlight 3.

Based on feedback from Frontiers alpha testers, Echstra Games decided to move the game to a more typical payment model in the ARPG genre and most fans of the series have little to complain about with the game moving to a more focused business model.

In the video above, Schaefer states they found Torchlight Frontiers was meant to be "a true successor to Torchlight 1 and 2", and the decision to change it to the actual third game in the series came after alpha tester feedback and the fact the game was growing into something suited to be an actual sequel, rather than a spin-off.

Along with this news comes the revelation that Torchlight 3 will be making its way to Steam, a welcome announcement for fans of the first two games who likely played them on the platform. It will also be releasing this year.

Torchlight Frontiers was meant to be a persistent game world shared by its players. Considering the phrasing of "buy to play," it seems likely Torchlight 3 will retain that vision.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Torchlight 3 as it breaks. 

The best computer role-playing games of our decade. Mon, 18 Apr 2016 04:29:53 -0400 Joshua Potter

The role-playing genre has long been the cinematic crux of gaming. From humble roots in games like Adventure on the Atari 2600, where you simply controlled a square wandering an 8-bit world, to modern powerhouse games like Final Fantasy XV that strive to revolutionize graphics engines, players have always craved the immersion granted by classic RPGs.

For PC gamers, there's a special sub-genre of RPG that is near and dear to our hearts -- the CRPG. These computer role-playing games were all the rage a decade or two ago, and have recently been making a bit of a comeback. Hallmarks of the genre included RPG elements like classes and customizable stats, turn-based combat, and often a top-down perspective. In light of this resurgence for CRPGs, we decided to round up some of the best ones from the past decade. Here they are.

1. Diablo 3

Leading the list is Activision Blizzard's own Diablo 3. Many gamers know the Diablo series from its predecessors, and held high expectations for the third installment. Naturally, the high expectations were hard to meet, and Diablo 3's initial release was shaky at best, due to issues with players not being able to play the game at all, or the in famous real money auction house.

After restructuring their staff, Activision Blizzard's game began picking up steam again. Following a new expansion, the removal of the auction house, reworks to the classes, and the introduction of "seasons" similar to other sports, Diablo 3 was able to become one of the best action role-playing games in the genre.

2. Divinity: Original Sin

With 11 different classes, attributes, and ability modifiers to define your character, talent and skill points to invest in, and a huge crafting system, Divinity: Original Sin really has a lot going on for it. The series is also cooperative, making for a great thematic adventure you can share with your friends. The game even uses an in-game relationship system based on how your characters choose to respond to the NPCs and the choices they make. There is also a turn-based system for combat, making Divinity: Original Sin stand out against its competitors, since it embraces its roots so well.

The game's humor is well established, and you are able to customize your character's attitude and choose a class right from the start. There are also several classes unique to the series, such as Wayfarers, the dexterous mages, or Enchanters, the manipulators of minds.

 3. Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity, similar to Divinity: Original Sin, has a selection of 11 classes, and races familiar to the Dungeons and Dragons crowd -- dwarves, elves and your occasional godlike being. The game includes skills that will be familiar to veterans of role-playing -- such as athletics checks and survival. This allows you to specialize your characters not only for the purposes of satisfying an objective, but also adding that extra layer of personality to who you're creating.

If you're looking for a single player experience to emulate the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition experience, this game is one of the hottest out there.

4. Torchlight

What sets Runic Games' Torchlight apart is just how gosh-darn cute it is! The character sprites for this game are amazing. To start it off, you get to pick a pet to accompany you throughout your adventures. Your pet is able to fight alongside you in combat, and even tote your trash loot back and forth between towns. My dog being able to barter with merchants for wares is pretty extraordinary, but I think I have some ideas as to how he gets it done.

Similar in feel to early Diablo games, Torchlight was able to make an otherwise unfriendly and difficult genre of gaming feel welcoming and accessible to anyone. If you're looking for a less complex way to enjoy a dungeon crawler, or just want a fun way to enjoy an adventure with friends, this is a great place to start.

5. The Witcher

The Witcher series brought something new to the classic computer RPG genre; mixing together the elements of a 3rd person action game while still retaining a feel of a turn-based RPG. While movement in the first iteration of The Witcher is free, the main character Geralt only attacks as frequently (or infrequently) as the weapon he has equipped allows. This adds the strategic element of swapping between available weapons, and use of spells to try to maximize the damage you're dealing to enemies while keeping yourself healthy. This made the game notoriously difficult to players new to the franchise, and gave the game the attention it deserved in order to escalate into the action RPG franchise it is today.

That's the end of our list. Despite being numbered, there's no right or wrong choices here, every single one comes with a stamp of approval. All of these titles will be able to give you that sense of satisfaction your role-playing heart could ever want.

What's Love Got To Do With An ARPG? Sun, 14 Jul 2013 19:05:29 -0400 Sarah Lou

ARPGs have never really been my thing, despite trying several different titles. In an attempt to rouse my interest, my boyfriend and I rolled new characters on Path of Exile, a free ARPG made by Australian developers Grinding Gear Games. While playing these new toons, I asked my boyfriend a few questions to better understand his love for and interest in ARPGs.

What is an ARPG?

"Uh, Action RPGs tend to be third person, top down, point and click slaughter fests that have a lot of RPG elements such as: leveling, skills, classes, lore, varying enemies and monster types, bosses and loot/gear."

What ARPGs have you played?

"Torchlight 1 & 2, all three Diablo games, Titan Quest and it's expansion."

Do you have a favorite?

"Umm, probably just D2 out of nostalgia but PoE would definitely be a new favorite."

What was your first ARPG?

“Diablo 2.”

What about Diablo 2 pulled you into this genre?

"Well, it was, uh, really fun and it’s the first its type that I played. And it was kind of like League of Legends today, in the sense that you could just hop on and play with friends, make a passworded server. It was also one of the first games I’d played with a very dark art style, which was something I wasn’t used to, but enjoyed. On top of that, it was probably one of the first PC games I played aside from Runescape."

 How did you feel about Diablo 3?

"I dunno, it’s kinda hard to articulate my feelings on it. It was fun with friends but, it’s uh, death system made it so I pretty much only played Hardcore and once you got towards the higher difficulties made the early game boring. Because you’d get to like nightmare or hell and then normal is a joke. But if you die in harder difficulties, you have to start at normal again."

 What was after Diablo 3?

"Torchlight 2."

How was that?

"It was really fun. I liked it’s art style, environments, and monsters. Getting towards the end of the game was a bit tedious because I played on the highest difficulty from the beginning, but it was worth it. The game was only twenty bucks unlike D3 which was sixty and had a lot of bugs."

What makes PoE stand out from other ARPGs?

"Well, for one, it’s free, which I think not only appeals to people who have been burnt out on the genre, but those who have never tried ARPGs can get into it without having to spend money. It also has a cash shop that offers items you’ll never really need. It’s not pay to win like D3. It also has a lot of unique concepts, it has a passive skill tree (huge skill tree) and it’s barter system replaces currency. Unlike other ARPGs where you have to grind mobs for gold. You never have to go out and buy gold because there is none."

You’ve downed the last boss on PoE already, why do you continue to play with friends?

"It’s just, uh, due to the passive skill tree and the skill system. You can still put points in the skill tree and get stronger even if you’ve killed the last boss. They have multiple difficulty levels like other ARPGs so you can start on normal and keep going up."

Any sage advice for anyone that wants to try an ARPG?

"If you don’t like one, maybe try another one. The market is pretty saturated for ARPGs, so even if you don’t like one, you might like another one. And definitely try to play with friends."

Thanks, babe! I'll go ahead and apologize to my readers for all the "Uhs" and "Ums," killing zombies can be quite distracting.

"No problem."

As far as how PoE has made me feel about ARPGs, the jury is still out on that. But this avid ARPGer is really enjoying it, to say the least.

GOG Announces #NoDRM Summer Sale & Free Copy of Torchlight Tue, 18 Jun 2013 16:40:04 -0400 Stephanie Tang

A break from the Microsoft beatdown... kinda

GOG has always been a forerunner in the crusade against DRM in games. With the recent gamer outcry over DRM titles (no EA, I still haven’t forgiven you for Sim City yet), they stepped up to plate in a recent post reiterating their long-standing stance on “the importance of giving the ability to play their games where they want, whenever they want, and how they want. Gamers should be able to play their games on any device they own in any location, no matter the Internet quality.”

They also announced a sale.


That’s right, GOG has begun its #NoDRM summer sale, which will last until July 5. And for the next 48 hours, they are kicking it off with a free copy of Torchlight, no strings attached.

The sale promises 50-80% off over 500 titles. Today’s deal includes their “Definitive Dungeons and Dragons” bundle which includes 80% off of Planescape: Tormet, Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, Temple of Elemental Evil, Demon Stone, and Dragonshard for $21.10 USD and the “Wide A.Wake” bundle for 90% off Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at $4.48 USD.

Now, I am a huge fan of Steam and the consolidation of all my games on one stable and functional platform, but with selection and prices like this, (plus no DRM!) I could definitely go for some shopping right about now!

For those of you who have never played Torchlight, I seriously recommend it. With a Diablo-style UI and flashy, bubbly, colors and locations, it's cheap, fun, and has a cast of adorably cute characters. It is single-player only, unfortunately, but certainly the best way to get your feet wet before you spring for Torchlight 2 to play with your friends!

You can find these games and more here!

Torchlight is FREE Tue, 18 Jun 2013 15:02:10 -0400 Reilly C.

Get over to GOG immediately and get you free copy of the original Torchlight!

You also get five wallpapers, the soundtrack, nine avatars, 14 pieces of artwork and the Level Editor to create your own content for the game to share with the world!

No jokes or gimmicks - this is a GOG DRM free copy of Torchlight for you to play and take with you. Only down side is you don't get Steam's cloud saving feature so you can't play it on the go.

For anyone not aware of what Torchlight is, think of Diablo.  Do you like Diablo?  Then you will love this as it is a sort of Diablo Lite.  I know that is not giving them much credit but honestly the game is amazing and very well made - especially for the small budget it was made it on.

If you love loot drops and numbers exploding from enemies, get this.

I honestly should not have to convince you to get a free game and this offer only last 48 hours!  So get on it!