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As a long time fan of the Warhammer franchise and the Total War franchise, it doesn't surprise me that the blending of the two has made a huge splash in the gaming community. A splash that, according to Creative Assembly, was to the tune of half a million sales in the first few days -- surpassing any other in the Total War franchise history.

Total War: Warhammer was released on Steam on March 24th 2016, and marks a huge departure for the series, which has had a rough time in recent years. Total War: Rome 2 struggled with release bugs and a lackluster campaign mode that was never quite fixed. It was also the beginning of Creative Assembly's love affair with paid DLC. This was, and still is, a hot topic for most fans of the series.

Total War: Attila was a much better game in many ways, but continued the DLC business model that frustrated many fans. The pre-order of Total War: Warhammer included the "Chaos Warriors" DLC for free. It will also be free of charge for those of us that purchased the game on Steam during the first week. After that, it's not clear how much it will cost. One thing seems apparent though; the paid DLC business model is here to stay.

The pairing of the series with the Warhammer franchise appears to be just what the doctor ordered for Creative Assembly. With such high sales, it makes me wonder if this will be a new direction for the series going forward or if they will return to their historical roots at some point in the future. Only time will tell. Until then, at least a half of a million of us can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Total War: ARENA--The New MOBA? Mon, 06 May 2013 18:21:39 -0400 Captain Rob

First there was DOTA: Defense of the Ancients--then came LoL: League of Legends. Now the people from Total War games such as Shogun 2, Rome 2, and Empire comes what I believe to be a game similar to those MOBAs. Massive Online Battle Arena’s have become quite popular and are storming the competitive gaming scene of eSports.

Closed Beta Notifications, No Sign Ups Yet.

As of right now there is not a closed beta sign up yet, but you can sign up to receive a notification of when it will be coming to Beta.

"During his session at GDC 2013 in San Francisco today, Lead Designer James Russell revealed a brand new title under development at the UK studio. 

Total War: ARENA will be CA’s first title in a F2P model, representing over a decade of strategy gaming expertise and a new spin-off for the Total War series. Offering players the chance to pitch history’s greatest commanders and their armies against each other in massive team-based battles, ARENA will focus entirely on online multiplayer, mixing elements of RTS and MOBA gameplay.

CA is looking for gamers to help craft their vision of a detailed, deep, multiplayer tactical experience. For more details on forthcoming Closed Beta Tests, sign-up at"

Let Our History Get It’s Game On!

This could be an interesting game; I mean as of right now we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in it but it does sound fun! Who would win between a Ninja and a Centurion? Or instead of just basic military groups, would it be the generals and leaders of that era leading the charge? Alexander the Great versus Genghis Khan! I can’t wait to see what this game is going to be like!

Total War Goes Free to Play Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:45:00 -0400 TheRustlerOfJimmies

The Creative Assembly, famous for the historical grand strategy series Total War in which players command thousands of soldiers in historical set-piece battles ranging in era from the days of the Roman Republic to the Medieval Ages, has announced Total War: Arena, a free-to-play online real-time strategy game which will feature 10 vs. 10 multiplayer battles.

Past entries in the Total War series have been singleplayer games in which players control entire armies comprising footsoldiers, archers, cavalry and artillery.

In Arena, which has the tagline "where there is Unity, there is Victory", each player will control will control a small section of an army which contains, for example, only infantry or only archers. Therefore, each team of players will have to work together to succeed as no individual player will have the diversity of forces to win a battle on his own. Therefore, the infantry players would have to protect the archer players, while the cavalry players would have to harrass the enemy artillery, for example.

Total War: Arena's shift from a singleplayer game to team vs. team game seems to be reflective of a larger shift in the genre of real time strategy games. 

Massive Entertainment's 2007 World in Conflictfor example, featured 8 vs. 8 multiplayer battles set in an alternate history where the Cold War went hot. In that game, players were forced to choose between commanding infantry, armor, air and support forces in massive battles where teamwork was essential to victory. Eugen Systems' upcoming Wargame: Airland Battle will also feature 10 vs. 10 battles, and Relic Entertainment's 2009 Dawn of War II was designed around the 3 vs. 3 team battle mode.

In the words of Total War: Arena's lead designer, James Russell, “Playing in a team of ten is far less intimidating than playing 1v1 on TW MP, especially for new players". He is clearly not alone in the computer game industry as other real-time strategy developers also move away from 1 vs. 1 multiplayer battles towards team-based online gameplay.

Gamers may sign up for a closed beta test of Total War: Arena at its official website.