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1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss


There's a reason Uncharted has always been a system seller. From the first game in Drake's Fortune, Naughty Dog captured the thrills of what it means to be a treasure hunter. Fighting mercenaries and pirates after the same treasure as you, betrayal after betrayal, and a wise cracking smart ass to follow along the way -- what more would you need in an exploration game?


With the series' success, developer Sony Bend decided to bring the series over to the PS Vita, and with it spawned the system's killer app. Combining all of the best elements the series had to offer on the PlayStation 3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss absolutely needs to be in every Vita owner's collection. Beautiful graphics, smart dialogue and story, treasure hunting expeditions, it's all here and at home on the PlayStation Vita. It also serves as a great appetizer if you haven't gotten your hands on the fantastic Uncharted 4 just yet.



Regardless of all ten of the games on this list, the PS Vita is definitely a system worth owning. Perhaps its introduction to the market was too late, but these great titles prove that, despite being abandoned by Sony, it wasn't without its place in the world. And anyone who hasn't quite made the jump yet, we hope this list helps sway you into snatching one up. 


Did we miss one of your favorites on the PlayStation Vita? Are you a fan on the system and agree it's greatness was too short lived? Be sure to comment below and tell us how you feel about Sony's powerhouse handheld!


2. Killzone: Mercenary


Sure, maybe dark dreary space shooters have become the norm in today's market, but Killzone has always been a step above the rest thanks to its fun multiplayer and pushing hardware to its limits. Such is the case with Killzone: Mercenary, which sets itself as one of the PlayStation Vita's best looking, habit forming shooters period.


Completing missions is bolstered by its fast-paced gameplay that rewards the player in combining kills and performing execution melee attacks. And as masochistic as it sounds, Killzone's death moves are likely some of the most fun ones to date. Every owner of the PS Vita needs to give this game a try, as it serves to be the best FPS the system ever offered to its fan base. 



3. Tearaway


From Media Molecule, the creators of Little Big Planet, Tearaway has to be one of the most beautiful and outstanding platforming games to ever grace the video game market. With paper inspired graphics that look like something out of a child's imagination, Tearaway benefits not only from an incredible art style, but also how well it implements the PS Vita's capabilities.


With gameplay elements that utilize the twin touch screens and gyroscope, Tearaway was perfect proof of what the system was capable of. It's just a shame the Vita didn't last long enough to see more phenomenal titles such as this. 



4. Gravity Rush


Sure, this title was eventually ported to the PlayStation 4 (as a way to keep the series alive before the announcement of Gravity Rush 2,) but it's hard to argue that this title truly belongs on the PS Vita handheld system first and foremost.


Utilizing the PSVita's gyroscope for air combat and puzzles, Gravity Rush was an incredibly inventive and original title to befall Sony's system. With the ability to manipulate and bend the environment to your whim, you'd be hard pressed in finding anything quite like Gravity Rush. It's also great seeing that Japan Studio hasn't given up on the series just yet in bringing it to the PlayStation 4, but it certainly would have been nicer to see it keep the Vita alive. 


5. Little Big Planet Vita


A staple in the Sony brand ever since it was conceived for the PlayStation 3, Little Big Planet gave players the freedom to create any level they wanted, all they were limited by was their imagination. So what better way to expand an already great game than by porting it to a powerhouse handheld with a touchscreen to help create levels more freely?


Sackboy managed to find a great home on the PS Vita, thanks to the acclaim it received from players and critics alike. Even if you already have Little Big Planet on your PS3 or PS4, be sure to check this one out too, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!




6. Unit 13


Oh Zipper Interactive, how we miss thee. You gave us some of the best tactical shooters any gamer could have ever asked for. You also happened to give us an addictive third person shooter with Unit 13, a sort of spiritual successor to your beloved SOCOM franchise.


Containing some of the most thrilling tactical shooting any handheld could ever offer, Unit 13 managed to be a great last hurrah from Zipper Interactive before having to close its doors in 2012. If you happen to see this title sitting on a game store shelf somewhere, do yourself a favor and pick it up. If not for the fun missions or exhilarating shooting, do it for the memory of Zipper. 



7. Soul Sacrifice


Easily one of the greatest strengths of the RPG genre are the magical worlds we get explore throughout them. And in the case of Japan Studio's Soul Sacrifice, that world can occasionally be outright terrifying.


The basic game mechanic of the game is the ability for the player to sacrifice parts of the protagonist's body to unleash destructive attacks. These sacrifices will then be permanently slashed onto the character's body, indicating they are not an unlimited resource to be tapped into. Thanks to its plethora of disturbing-looking creatures and interesting mythos, Soul Sacrifice is one of the system's finest RPG games to date. 



8. Wipeout 2048


Wipeout remains one of Sony's longest lasting racing franchises to date, receiving at least one new game on every one of Sony's platforms (currently excluding the PlayStation 4.)


Released as a launch title for the PlayStation Vita, this futuristic, anti-gravity racing combines high speeds and ridiculous tracks to keep the thrills lasting for all who choose to play. It still remains as one of the system's highest praised racing titles, and anyone looking for some racing mechanics and beautiful graphics will most definitely find it here. 



9. Freedom Wars


Most of the new games arriving on Sony's latest handheld have largely been JRPG games. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, but you will occasionally find one that actually makes for an excellent system seller.


Enter Freedom Wars, an addictive role playing game that combines gun-play and strategy to take down larger scale enemies. Not only does this game provide plenty for players to accomplish in its 30+ hours of campaign length, but it was also the second highest selling game for the PSVita in Japan! You know a game must be worth checking out if an entire country appears to appreciate it. 


10. Lumines Electronic Symphony


This long-running puzzle series first found its place on the original PSP, so it only seems fitting one of Lumines' eventual sequels would find a home on the PSP's younger brother. Lumines Electronic Symphony carries over the addictive gameplay with an all new soundtrack devoted to original electric beats.


If you find yourself in need of a challenging puzzle game on a handheld system, or just have been a long time fan of the series, you definitely can't go wrong here! 





Oh, the PS Vita -- the little handheld that just quite couldn't. Despite being the most powerful gaming handheld during its release, Sony couldn't quite get the PlayStation Vita rolling, thanks to Nintendo handhelds and smartphones becoming most people's go-to mobile gaming systems. However, those who did fork out the dough for what is likely to be Sony's last handheld system, did manage to find some great games that made the system worth owning. 


So while the PS Vita's future certainly appears muggy, it did manage to get a substantial fan-base during its golden days, and many of its owners will defend the handheld, despite its less than stellar performance in the market, as being "too much too soon" in today's smartphone dominated market. So if you're still interested in purchasing a PS Vita, or are looking to dust it off once more, here are ten games every owner of the system needs to play.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Multiplayer Impressions https://www.gameskinny.com/pf2tp/uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end-multiplayer-impressions https://www.gameskinny.com/pf2tp/uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end-multiplayer-impressions Sat, 30 Apr 2016 05:21:21 -0400 Donald Strohman

Just like almost any video game developer, Naughty Dog wants to ensure their production is as fantastic as it can possibly be. One of the best ways to determine that any game with multiplayer in it will be enjoyed by the fans is to release an open beta. Users to get a sneak preview of the game they've been waiting for, and the developer can fix the kinks experienced in the beta before release day. Everybody wins.

The Uncharted 4 open beta may have closed back in March, but now that the game's release date of May 10th is almost upon us, it feels like a great time to talk about the impressions we were left with during the short time we were given to play.

The good news is that Uncharted 4's multiplayer appears to be as fast paced and fun as ever. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception were highly regarded not only for their single player stories, but additionally for the action-packed multiplayer modes included.

It's not necessary to have multiplayer in already fantastic game, most players would agree that they'd rather have one amazing campaign or multiplayer mode in a game than both being mediocre, but if both just so happen to be fantastic, everybody's happy. 

With Uncharted 4: A Thief's End expected to have another incredible fortune hunting adventure for Nathan Drake, it's all about how the multiplayer is going to play out, and it appears the deathmatch modes are going to be just as fun to play as the last games.

For the few days I was able to experience it, there was never a moment I wasn't having a blast. Even if the teams were deadlocked at the center of a map killing each other, it all felt as thrilling as ever before -- and truly of Naughty Dog quality. Frantically avoiding incoming RPG fire, using special moves to hurt your foes (such as throwing out an old cursed relic)...it was all so much fun. It made me sad to see the open beta close so quickly in a matter of days.

However, as fun as the beta was, I am extremely thankful Naughty Dog chose to release a beta to test the bugs, because there were quite a few.

The biggest complaint I had with the multiplayer was the rope swinging. During the matches, you could use a rope to swing to further parts of the map or reach higher locations. This is awesome in theory, and when it's done right, it contributes to the thrill of being a fortune hunter. However, when it's done wrong, it hurts the experience more than helps.

I'm hoping Naughty Dog took this into account, but almost every time I chose to use my rope and swing across maps, I almost always fell to my death. Whether it was my fault or some kind of error in the physics, I never really got enough momentum to clear pits. This became so commonplace that I opted to just only use the rope when I was above land, and couldn't risk falling to my death in the process. 

Lastly, this feels more like a gripe than anything else, but I also had a small problem with the melee. In the single player campaign, hand to hand combat serves as the melee attack and adds some fun in taking down enemies. In the multiplayer, however, it's your standard "use butt of gun to hit enemy till they go down" technique.

Perhaps this is best to keep the players balanced and ensure nobody has an unfair advantage, but just imagine how much more fun it would be taking down real time players with a well-timed attack. Even the Uncharted 3 multiplayer had some variety in the melee take-downs, so I'd love to see them explore it more in the sequel. 

However, this is exactly what a multiplayer beta is for, to test out the kinks. Regardless of these minor gripes, I am still beyond excited for the fourth and final installment in the Uncharted series, whether it's through the fast-paced multiplayer or the heart racing narrative. Whether or not you have found yourself with a Playstation 4 thus far, many are predicting this to be the definitive killer app for the system, thanks to Naughty Dog's continuously amazing track record.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is set to release on May 10, 2016 exclusively for the Playstation 4. If you would like to find the best place to reserve your copy, be sure to read our pre-order guide article here. If you have no idea what Uncharted is, (have you been hiding a under a rock all your life?) be sure to watch the TV spot for the game below.

The Uncharted Collection is Not Worth Your Money https://www.gameskinny.com/28ylw/the-uncharted-collection-is-not-worth-your-money https://www.gameskinny.com/28ylw/the-uncharted-collection-is-not-worth-your-money Thu, 04 Jun 2015 13:31:25 -0400 Elijah Beahm

Sony has accidentally revealed that their latest remaster package coming to the PlayStation 4 is none other than... the Uncharted Collection. Since Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been delayed into next year, this seems like a smart move on Sony's part, yes? No, not so much.

Even going past my personal reservations I have with the series, the Uncharted Collection just is underwhelming at best. You get the three campaigns from the core PlayStation 3 entries, a photo mode (previously included in The Last of Us and inFamous: Second Son), and no multiplayer except for access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta.

Wait, what?

So, let me get this straight -- the excellent co-op mode from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 is completely scrapped. All that dynamic teamwork and substance in gameplay is just gone, even though people still even play Uncharted 2's co-op to this day on PlayStation 3.

Uncharted 3's also fairly dense (if sometimes questionably balanced) competitive multiplayer is also 100% scrapped for this collection. At best, day-one buyers get access to a limited-time multiplayer beta that will be unplayable after the beta concludes. Instantly, the replay value and extent of content in the package has dropped and we're just getting started.

Uncharted campaigns, love them or hate them, are not highly replayable experiences.

You play through once, you see everything. There are no new or alternate encounters to find. At best, a few sections in the third game allow you to try to be stealthy for brief intro and outro sequences. It's The Order: 1886 all over again, just with substantially longer run time and none of the cool weaponry.

Remember, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune released back in 2007. It is nearly a decade old.

Regardless of your nostalgia for the series, there are only so many times you can replay a campaign so highly scripted and linear, with no real progression system either. The biggest thing the game offers is the ability to unlock guns at any point in the campaign, like a cheat mode, but in past entries, those have required you to beat the game on its hardest difficulty. There are licensed tie-in games with more to do other than go through the motions, over and over.

Nathan Drake balancing on a log while crossing a gap in the jungle.
This looked way more impressive back in 2007...

This is also on top of the fact that Uncharted games are foremost praised and known for their visuals. The problem there being that only rose tinted glasses can hide the aging engine tech of these games. Remember, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune released back in 2007. It is nearly a decade old.

What was once revolutionary technology is now less powerful than the latest version of the Unity engine. There are games on tablets and Android consoles with more detail than Drake's Fortune, so the whole "eye candy" angle is pointless now.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is the only title that can arguably be held up to a similar layer of detail as The Last of Us, but even then, has far more cramped environments as a result. The games will all be at 1080p resolution and run at 60 frames per second, but that only gets you so far.

So, the visuals aren't going to hold up great because they're built around looking realistic instead of looking stylized. The multiplayer, which for some of us was the only redeeming factor, is completely scrapped save for a limited time beta. Golden Abyss, the PS Vita entry that tried to increase single-player replayability, is absent. There is no graphical overhaul, just standard 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The campaigns have little-to-no replay value and are almost as linear and scripted as The Order: 1886.

Boy, I can't see any reason not to buy this collection. Especially when you could just, say, buy a PlayStation 3 for about $150, and get all three games for about $30 (and that's if you buy the Game of the Year editions). Along with access to tons of other, better exclusives for the PlayStation 3.

Because, you see, it actually has games released that are worth playing. From the creative oddballs like Fat Princess and Puppeteer, to the hardcore titles like Killzone 3 and Demon's Souls, you get a much better value for your dollar. They might not be at 60 frames per second, but if that's all that matters to you, then I don't think there's anything I can say to convince you otherwise.

[Image Credit: Uncharted Wiki, Softpedia, YouTube, Game Informer, Significant Bits]

What You Should Really Do With Your PS Vita https://www.gameskinny.com/sr7rg/what-you-should-really-do-with-your-ps-vita https://www.gameskinny.com/sr7rg/what-you-should-really-do-with-your-ps-vita Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:14:57 -0400 Elijah Beahm

So, due to the recent lull in big releases for Sony's little handheld, some people would tell you to trade in your PS Vita. Allow me to offer a counter argument as to why you most definitely should keep your PS Vita. I've had mine for roughly two years now, and still use it regularly, so here's how to get the most of your powerful little handheld.

1. PlayStation Plus

While it might only seem necessary for PlayStation 4 owners, PlayStation Plus is a key thing for any modern PlayStation gamer; especially on the Vita. With a Plus subscription, you regulary get anywhere between two to four games for your Vita every month.

Considering the cheap price point of Plus alone makes getting titles for your handheld that much simpler. The fact it often gives you downloadable Vita games near or at launch, along with cross-buy Vita versions of games you also receive on PS3 and/or PS4, is a huge bonus. This is how I got CounterSpy and The Swapper on my Vita.

The titles included are also not limited to smaller games. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royal, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipeOut, and Gravity Rush were all made available to me thanks to Playstation Plus. I also get serious discounts with Plus and was able to get Killzone: Mercenary at the pittance of only $9, while physical copies still retail at over $20.

So get PlayStation Plus, and your concerns about not having games to play on your Vita vanish away. From fantastic indies like Hotline Miami and Don't Starve (both of which I actually prefer on the Vita over their PC and console versions), to hardcore titles, there's plenty to keep you going.

2. Video Streaming

Now I know what you're about to say -- "My tablet can stream video!" You are correct that the functionality is available, but I still cannot deny I've found my Vita does a far better job at it. Having immediate tangible controls on top of the touch interface gives me the best of both worlds, and viewing YouTube on my Vita is fantastic.

On top of this, your Vita can play console games via PS Now. So, you can rent from over a hundred games, including some really good ones like inFamous 2 and Of Orcs & Men, and have them streamed to your Vita. The library continues to grow and they're even letting people pay a subscription fee to just stream whatever they want for a set amount of time.

Tablets have attempted this in the past with streaming services, but short of spending a costly amount of money to get a dedicated controller for your tablet, it is incredibly hard to play and control. You don't have this problem with the Vita because it has two anlaogue sticks and nearly every button and feature the PlayStation 3 and 4 have.

Oh, and did I forget to mention you can stream your physical and digital PS4 games from your PS4 to your PS Vita? Well you can! And while I haven't gotten to try it yet other than with a PS Classics on my PS3, I've heard plenty of praise for the feature.

3. The Core Library

As I mentioned, the PS Vita has a fair amount of solid games. The dual analogue sticks have allowed for genuine shooter experiences with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenary, Unity 13, Borderlands 2, Freedom Wars, and most recently Deadman's Cross. Role playing game fans have Persona 4: The Golden, Dragon's Crown, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Soul Sacrifice, and more.

That's only two genres and you have enough games to keep you busy for months, as more titles are released. None of the titles mentioned above are indie games either. On top of that, Borderlands 2 and Persona 4 aren't the only awesome ports to go along with the regular Vita exclusives. Sly Cooper HD, Ratchet & Clank HD, and Jak & Daxter HD are all on the Vita, so you can play your PlayStation 2 favorites on the go. You can also play most PSP and PlayStation 1 games.

Yes, including Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and it's 16 player multiplayer!

So when it really comes down to it... the PS Vita does have a decent library at this point. In fact, by comparison to the PS4, it has a higher success rate with its exclusives and offers around 90% backwards compatability with most digital PSP games. It's not something any of us were counting on, but it is what it is.

Even without the older games and re-releases, the core set of games for the Vita are good enough to carry it through. I know we all are having fun singing the death bell for the Vita because "it has no games", but weren't we doing the exact same thing for the Wii-U? And before that, the 3DS? And before that, the PS3?  Let's try to keep a realistic perspective here.

4. Second Screen Capability

I already mentioned how I used my Vita for video streaming, but that is not the only functionality it offers. You see, for the longest time I was a skeptic of the idea of "Second Screen" gaming. Yet, I cannot imagine playing on my PlayStation 3 without it now.

Instead of a long pause and delay as I go back to the XMB, I can instantly check my trophies and send messages over PSN at the touch of my finger tips. I can Google a walkthrough if I'm having trouble in a level. I can have a Skype call with fantastic video quality, and carry them with me wherever I walk in my house. And like with the Video Streaming, I can still use actual buttons and not just depend on a touch screen if I don't want to.

This is on top of the capability to use certain apps previously only available to tablets, such as for Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut and GTA V.

When it comes down to it, I am happy with the Vita. Sure, I'd love it if we got more action games and Sony was better supporting it; anybody who has the handheld wants that. But as the system is now, there are plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy yourself. I'm not sure if I can call the Vita a success, but I also wouldn't call it a complete failure. It's opened the door to AAA handheld gaming, and I look forward to seeing what comes next. Until then, I'll be getting back to playing on my Vita.

Image Credits: DualShockers, AU PSN, Pocket-Lint, US Playstation, GamerInvestments, PC Mag, Forbes

15 Best PS Vita Exclusive Games https://www.gameskinny.com/yclfi/15-best-ps-vita-exclusive-games https://www.gameskinny.com/yclfi/15-best-ps-vita-exclusive-games Wed, 25 Mar 2015 06:03:28 -0400 Farrel Nobel




You all knew this one was coming at some point in this list. Tearaway is arguably one of THE BEST games on Sony's handheld. Period. It's a game that's made for everyone.


What makes this game so interesting and so much fun is the claymation-esque and paper-like aesthetic to the game. The way the game uses everything the Vita has to offer from the front touch screen, front and rear cameras and even the rear touch pad just showcases how great and, more importantly, fun games on the Vita can - AND SHOULD - be. 


Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remastered


It was a good move porting this PS2 classic to Sony's Vita. It allowed long-time fans of the Final Fantasy series to play one of the series' best games on their handheld, with enhanced graphics and other oh-so-sweet remastered soundtrack. If you even have the slightest interest in trying out JRPGs, or just RPGs in general, Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD is the way to go. 


Gravity Rush


Gravity Rush is a game about a superhero who can bend and shift the laws of gravity allowing her to do things superheroes do.. like fly and kill bad guys. 


The beautiful setting and how it manages to successfully combine the essence of western superheroes with a JRPG setting and mechanics sets this game apart from all the other exclusives out there. It might not have the best looking graphics but the story, characters, and gameplay are what you come to this game for. 


Soul Sacrifice Delta


Soul Sacrifice Delta is more than another action adventure game. One of the mechanics that makes this game unique to others is its "save" or "sacrifice" option, where you could sacrifice people to gain more experience points or save them to have them fight alongside them. The choice is not as simple as you think. 


This is one Vita exclusive that we'll definitely be seeing more of in the future. 


Muramasa Rebirth


This port from the Wii came long after it's original and has been a success on the Vita. With it's great art style and even more impressive combat, Muramasa Rebirth compliments Vita's catalogue of exclusives well adding another incentive for non-Vita owners to consider getting one. 


Take part in this 20-hour journey that takes place in Japan during the age of demons and mystical blades.


Dragon's Crown


Dragon's Crown is arguably one of the best action adventure games on the PS Vita. Don't let the 2D nature of this game fool you, gorgeous hand-drawn characters and environments and it's plethora of quests and other things to do in this game make Dragon's Crown a must have for any Vita owner.


Did I mention there's 4 player co-op? 




It might not be exclusive, but I included Guacamelee! in this list because of how essential this game is to the Vita experience. 


Equipped with wrestling moves like the suplex and piledriver, help Juan save El Presidente's daughter from the clutches of evil in this gorgeous and quirky adventure. It's got nice combat, great looking dungeons, and an art style like no other. 


Sound Shapes


It might look like another indie puzzler and it might also be available on the PS3 and PS4, but trust me, Sound Shapes is a game that's meant to be played for the Vita. It hits all the right notes with it's pick up and play feel to the whole game. 


Complete the challenging levels that blend platforming and music into gameplay. This is one game you're going to want to have on the go. 


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace


Remember that one crazy successful MMORPG Ragnarok Online? Yeah, those were the good ol' days. 


Well, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace isn't quite the same thing. It takes on more of a Monster Hunter aesthetic where you hunt together with friends to take down huge beasts, and craft newer and better weapons and armor. 


In a nutshell, imagine Monster Hunter but in a Ragnarok Online re-skin. Pair up with 3 other friends and go nuts!


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited


If you miss the days of tactical tile-based strategy games then you might want to look into Disgaea 4. It's everything you want out of a strategy RPG. The combat system is deep, even grinding is actually fun to do, the characters are funny and lovable, the story is quirky and filled with comical dialogue and the gameplay is challenging. 


It's a strategy RPG gamer's dream all in one cartridge. 


Wipeout 2048


One thing that I'd like to see on the Vita because it would go well as an on-the-go type of game is racing games. 


And what better racer than Wipeout 2048 for said game. This futuristic ship racer takes full advantage of the Vita's graphical capabilities. The controls are tight, visuals look beautiful and the maps look amazing. This is probably the best racing game on the Vita. 


Tales of Hearts R


Finally, a Tales of game comes to Sony's Handheld and a pretty good-looking one at that. For those who may not know. Tales of Hearts R is a reimagining of it's Nintendo DS version all complete with a 3D world where you can run around the battle map. No more left-and-right-only situations! 


If you're looking for a good JRPG game, Tales of Hearts R is one worth looking into. 


OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood


Perhaps you don't enjoy huge AAA titles that try to do too many things to make the best out of the PS Vita's hardware; that's where you'll get hooked with OlliOlli2.  


This is a new take on the skateboarding game genre that requires your complete attention and focus. Truly enjoying this game's gameplay is about pulling off the sickest stunts and getting that perfect landing after a long chain of moves. The controls are sharp, gameplay is tight and extremely fun. 


Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Golde Abyss is your chance as a PS Vita owner to play as Nathan Drake on the go. This installment of the successful series by Naughty Dog explores the origin story leading up to the first Uncharted title of the trilogy. It doesn't look anywhere as good as the PS3 titles, but it looks pretty darn gorgeous for a handheld game. 


Persona 4 Golden


If you didn't get the chance to play this game on the PS2 then the PS Vita counterpart will serve you just fine. Go through the life of a new high school kid while exploring secret dungeons collecting different personas. The story is great with some good voice acting. A solid JRPG experience indeed. 


It's 2015 and you just bought a Vita huh? Or maybe you think you skipped some good gems? Here's THE list of the PS Vita exclusive (or PlayStation systems exclusive) games you could consider playing if you've got the handheld.


I do have to note that there isn't suppose to be any particular order to this list so please refrain from going nuts if I didn't put your favorite game in the top 5 or so. And feel free to comment below on the games that I missed, or games you feel should be on this list. 

What You Should Do With Your PS Vita https://www.gameskinny.com/c0c5g/what-you-should-do-with-your-ps-vita https://www.gameskinny.com/c0c5g/what-you-should-do-with-your-ps-vita Sun, 22 Mar 2015 15:38:36 -0400 Farrel Nobel

Ahh yes, the PlayStation Vita. So much hope, so much hype, and as expected, it doesn't match up to consumer expectations. (Those expectations weren't even really high, mind you.)

The Vita debuted back in 2012 with big ambitions. Launch titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone were supposed to be the cannonball dive that Sony needed to jump back into handheld market. Sadly, although these were very good games for the PS Vita (amongst other notables like Gravity Rush and Tearaway), this cannonball dive turns out to be just a tiny splash on Nintendo's radar. 

The 3DS is the main competitor for Sony's handheld system, and the odds are heavily against them. The 3DS has amounted a vast catalogue of games, and not just Mario & Luigi ones either. There was Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening and the classic Mario Kart 7. Sony's handheld tried to put up a fight with some great titles like Uncharted and Persona 4. But sadly, I just don't think it's enough. 

I'm not writing this to take a cheap shot at Vita owners and tell them their product is a failure. I myself have owned and played the Vita quite a lot, and finished their good games within a few months. Sadly, after the wave of good Vita exclusives passed, there wasn't much else for the handheld. Most of the JRPGs are all in Japanese, and the PlayStation Plus service didn't really crank out any worthwhile games for the Vita either.


Hell, the new Tales of Hearts R is just a (pretty good) remaster/remake of the DS version of the same game.

I really wanted to like the Vita, I really did. I was hyped up to play the games it had to offer. And honestly, I had a good time with them. I'm sure that I made the Vita's asking price worth it with the (unfortunately limited) number of games that made Vita stand out. And if anyone is thinking about getting one, I would recommend it to them only if they want to play the exclusive games. Frankly, all their other games, especially the indie titles, are all just ports from another platform (mostly PC and mobile). Perhaps if there were more Vita-only games, the system would be more successful. 

So what should you do with it?

 The answer for me was simple. Trade the Vita for a 3DS. There just weren't enough original Vita games to keep me invested. If you've played Vita games like Persona 4, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Uncharted, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, (which is coming to the PS4, another blow to the Vita) Dragon's Crown and Borderlands 2, then you've experienced the best that the Vita has to offer. Everything else is just indie games that you could probably play on your PS4, or PC. 

I know it sounds like I'm hating on Sony's handheld, but I'm just trying to help gamers make good decisions for their entertainment.

I'm sorry (but not sorry) to all the Vita owners who disagree with me, and if you believe the Vita's an awesome handheld with plenty of great games to come, then good for you. But I'm betting I'm not the only one who has bought the PS Vita and is disappointed with the lack of content compared to the 3DS. I just had the sense to recognize when I've made a bad purchase and need to make a change. I hope all you gamers can too. 

Buying $100 Worth of PS Vita Games https://www.gameskinny.com/s1jt4/buying-100-worth-of-ps-vita-games https://www.gameskinny.com/s1jt4/buying-100-worth-of-ps-vita-games Sun, 05 Oct 2014 23:19:41 -0400 mchiu

Recently, the PlayStation Blog put up a post about how you can get $15 credit for spending $100 or more in the PS Store. The promotion runs from 10/1/14 - 10/28/14, so I better get started!

What games would I buy for $100 from the PlayStation Store?

While, I could just buy 2 games for the PS3 or PS4 and make it happen, I figured that this might be a good excuse to expand my nearly non-existent PS Vita collection. In the legendary words of Barney Stinson, "Challenge Accepted!"

I really only have a few PS Vita games which are: Uncharted: Golden AbyssBatman: Arkham OriginsPlaystation All-Stars Battle Roayle, Limbo, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. For the purpose of this article, I will throw out these games in the games I consider.

I will also only consider games made for the PS Vita, excluding games that are playable on the Vita, but made for PS1, PSP, or are PS Minis. The games I will mention in this article are games that I have not purchased yet, and will base my decisions primarily on titles that interest me, and their previews, descriptions, and screenshots. I have decided not to base any decision on game reviews, mainly because reviews discourage me from buying games 99% of the time. 

That being said, here are my choices for games that add up to around $100:


I really love the stealth genre of games, which means that games based on spies, ninjas, and thieves usually will grab my attention. Looking at the game preview of CounterSpy, what really caught my attention was the soundtrack, which has a James Bond-esque sound to it, combined with fluid animation, and lots of stealth action. However, it looks like the game can also be played in a non-stealth way, and if you choose, you can also play it guns out, with heavy gun play and explosions. I also like the fact that I can play it across various PS systems, though I probably would end up just playing it on the Vita.

At the time of this writing, the game is $14.99. So, that'll be game #1.

Still left to buy: $85.01

Murasaki Baby

Purple is one of my favorite colors, so the title Murasaki Baby definitely caught my attention ("murasaki" is the Japanese word for "purple"). The game looks to be very unique, considering the graphics are all hand-drawn, and the game looks very unique, in that you are to help this baby girl find her mommy, while guiding her through the world, and teaching her right from wrong.

As a new father, this game particularly caught my interest, though I am not sure if this would be the way that I would teach my son about the world. What I also found interesting in listening to the interviews with the developers is that they want the user to create an emotional bond with the character, which makes me want to play it even more. Along with the fact that the game uses only touchscreen and rear touchpad, I think this would make for a fairly interesting game.

This game is also selling for $14.99. That's game #2.

Still left to buy: $70.02


I have absolutely no idea what Metrico is about, except that the game is looks to be a puzzler based on infographics. Infographics! I love those things! Putting them to use in a video game is very intriguing to me, and I would buy this game simply to see how they do this! According to the description, everything you do in the world, will directly affect it, which makes me think that while there may be more than one way to solve a puzzle, how you solve the puzzle will determine the difficulty of solving other puzzles in the game, which also makes for a very interesting gameplay.

This game is a little cheaper at $13.99. That's game #3.

Still left to buy: $56.03


Mousecraft combines several games of my past together! In part, it reminds me of Lemmings, in the sense that you direct the mice through an obstacle course, by placing objects in their path. The pieces that you lay down remind me of Tetris, and I guess the mice themselves, remind me of ChuChu Rocket. That's three great games all come together in an updated, 3D and cartoony look! Hmm... I see that I seem to be on a kick with puzzlers here. Gotta do something to change that...

This game is currently selling at $10.49. That's game #4.

Still left to buy: $45.54

Stick It to the Man

I like the clever naming of this game. Stick It to the Man has a unique story where your character has the ability to read people's minds, and can change the world using stickers. I like the crazy artwork in the game, where everything is paper in a 3D world. It looks like it's basically a strategy game, with a bit of a puzzle element to it. (yup, I think I am addicted to puzzlers)

The game sells for $12.99. That's game #5.

Still left to buy: $32.55.

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

Another clever naming of a game. Akiba's Trip (or Akiba Strip) is an adventure game where you hunt down vampires, but in order to kill them, you need to rip off their clothing so they burn in the day light. The setting, as the name implies, is in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, (aka Akiba) best known as a district for selling all kinds of electronics, but also for its huge otaku culture. The open-world game recreates the entire district, along with over 100 real-life shops. Yes, I guess a game about ripping off other people's clothes could seem a bit pervy - but aside from that, a game based on Akihabara is also very interestingif only to see how close it can come to to recreating the actual district.

This is by far the most expensive game in my selections, at $39.99. That's #6!

Still left to buy: -$7.44 Goal Reached!

So these are the games that I would purchase to reach my $100 goal:

Murasaki Baby
Stick It to the Man
Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed

Additionally, I should take a look and see what I would do with the $15 credit.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Now that I am older, I have more of an appreciation for the game of golf. While I have played other golfing games in the past, they all seem to be a bit too serious for my tastes. Hot Shots Golf seems to be more up my alley. It has a more NBA Jam style of gameplay to me, in that everything in the game seems to be larger than life, and much more cartoony. 

So that's my list. I know everyone has their own opinion on the games that they would get, and since I had $100 to play with, I just chose the games that really popped out at me at first. Of course, there were other games that I would also consider, but I think these are the ones that I would first buy in order to jump-start my collection.

I would be curious to see what other people might get instead, and also would be interested in seeing whether the games I chose actually will meet my expectations based on their descriptions. When I get around to it, I'll have to update this in another article to see how they all fare.

Underrated, Thy Name is Vita https://www.gameskinny.com/e9cam/underrated-thy-name-is-vita https://www.gameskinny.com/e9cam/underrated-thy-name-is-vita Thu, 06 Mar 2014 19:16:10 -0500 Matt Whittaker

In many circles, the PlayStation Vita bears a dark reputation as “the handheld with no games.”

Don’t get me wrong, the amount of blockbuster first and third party exclusives on the system is definitely lacking compared to the much more popular Nintendo 3DS. However, when one takes a look at the entire library on the Vita, its “gameless” reputation simply doesn’t hold water.

I will preface the rest of this opinion piece by flat out saying:

The PlayStation Vita is a failure compared to the 3DS in terms of sales figures.

As of February 22nd, 2014, the Vita sold 7 million units worldwide (according to vgchartz) compared to 43.2 million 3DS units. That is not a typo folks, the Vita has sold less than 1/6 the units the 3DS has sold (the 3DS has almost a year of market-time more than the Vita, but just by looking at the numbers that’s irrelevant). Sony definitely has some serious work to do if they hope to sell even 20 million units by the end of the Vita’s cycle.

While the numbers paint a heinously hideous picture, one simply has to spend a few hours with the Vita to fall in love with the quirky device.

I often find myself playing a major console title and a smaller Vita title concurrently, and I find myself enjoying each game more when I do this. I love AAA console titles for their narratives, scale, graphics, and gameplay; I love Vita titles for their quirkiness, challenge, stress on gameplay over cinematic experience, and portability. I don’t feel the need to play mobile games, as the mobile experiences on Vita are greater than any mobile game I’ve experienced. I am able to satisfy any touchscreen gaming urge I may have (which is maybe once every, I don’t know, millennium), and have the tight, button-based, precision controls I demand from skill based gameplay.

While I feel that everyone who is serious about gaming should have either a console or a gaming PC (don’t worry Master Race, I have your back), a handheld can greatly compliment the games you play on your main system. In terms of accessing the type of handheld content I personally enjoy (opinion alert!), the Vita is the ideal handheld system.

It has fantastic games.

One of the five greatest games I have ever played (Persona 4: Golden) is a Vita exclusive

One of the five greatest games I have ever played (Persona 4: Golden) is a Vita exclusive. I love a well-designed JRPG (as my undying love of the Pokémon series can attest to), so this urge was satisfied by the eighty plus hours I spent with Persona 4: Golden.

If a platformer isn’t going to be ultra-challenging, then I feel it needs to be super charming and quirky. Both Tearaway and Little Big Planet: Vita satisfy this bizarre personal requirement of mine. I am in the camp that firmly believes Tearaway should be packaged with every Vita, as no other title has perfectly demonstrated every feature of the system without feeling gimmicky.

What really stood out about Tearaway, and made it one of my favorite handheld titles of all timewas the way the player was incorporated into the beautiful paper-craft universe. The front camera is used to place the face of the player, charmingly known as “The You,” into the paper world’s sun. If something “scary” (placed in quotations because no sane human will be scared by Tearaway) was happening, I made a scared face. If something joyous was happening, I smiled. This level of emotional interaction added a depth to the game that could not be accomplished without the Vita hardware. 

Little Big Planet: Vita is the definitive entry in the aforementioned series. The precision platforming, combined with the touch and gyro controls, makes the gameplay a joy. If you are a fan of Little Big Planet and haven’t played the Vita version, you are doing yourself a great injustice.

The excellent content on the PlayStation Vita certainly doesn’t come close to ending here.

Want a cinematic, console-esque experience on a handheld? Uncharted: Golden Abyss should be right up your alley (it was the closest thing to a “console game” I’ve ever played on a handheld).

Want to play a sports game? (I sure don’t, but that’s a conversation for a different day.) One can find the acclaimed FIFA and Madden titles in the PlayStation Store.

Want a solid shooter? The grossly underrated Unit 13 will satisfy both first and third person shooting needs, and Killzone: Mercenary will allow players to play a quality first person shooter title online.

Bizarre Japanese visual novels that consistently make you question your sanity more your thing? Look no further than the truly strange Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

All of these games can be great fun, but where I find the greatest enjoyment is in the wealth of quality indie titles available for download (which is definitely the ideal way to get your games on the system).

I could begin naming them, but I’ll be here until I’m 40.

The Vita has had a small revolution as the “indie-system,” and this could not be more true. As I have previously written, indie games are the best place to go if you are looking for developers that take risks in their games.

All of the quirky things you love about indies are beyond present on the Vita, and the tight controls and gorgeous screen allow you to experience them at their best. With PlayStation Plus, one will get a couple of excellent games every month for free, and tons of discounts of the extensive indies available. Because of this, PlayStation makes it affordable to access the incredible lineup on the Vita (once the still annoyingly high cost of entry is paid, mind you).

Obviously this article is completely opinion-based, one could absolutely detest indies and non-Nintendo handhelds.

All I can say is that if you get the chance to fool around with a few quirky games on the PlayStation Vita, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find at least a little joy.

Gamescom Predictions: The Potential Resuscitation of the PlayStation Vita https://www.gameskinny.com/w0s40/gamescom-predictions-the-potential-resuscitation-of-the-playstation-vita https://www.gameskinny.com/w0s40/gamescom-predictions-the-potential-resuscitation-of-the-playstation-vita Tue, 13 Aug 2013 14:02:03 -0400 Max Jay

On February 22, 2012 the PlayStation Vita arrived in Europe and North America. Needless to say the ambitious handheld was more or less dead on arrival.

Ever since the launch the Vita has suffered reaching the mainstream gaming population. Sure, statistics show that everyone that has the Vita loves it with the hot fiery passion of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation, but if barely anyone buys the thing, what’s the point?

**You're like a middle child, but less fun.**

In terms of sales figures the specifics for the Vita were tragically absent from Sony’s Q1 report for 2013, however there are statistics stating that the PSP and Vita combined sold about 600,000 units, which is actually down from the same time last year. 

Interestingly enough, Sony revealed an insane attach rate for the Vita during their E3 conference this year: The average number of games purchased per Vita user is more than ten games. Sure, this doesn’t sound like a lot, but for any console the numbers are amazing. That being said; the Vita is still in trouble regardless of the post price-drop sales spike in Japan.

Sony had previously announced that Gamescom, the largest gaming convention in the world, will be all about the Vita. Yet with the upcoming PlayStation 4 what reason would Sony have for doing this?

**Moments before the Vita brutally murdered and ate the PS3. Not Friends.**

Remote Play (That Actually Works)

With both the PSP and the PlayStation Vita the great sounding Remote Play feature worked like a drunk airplane pilot – it was iffy at best and crashed at worst. With the revamped systems in the PlayStation 4 infrastructure Sony is going to be pushing the Vita hard to core gamers – likely saying it will enhance the player’s experience.

Along with that Sony said that players will be able to wirelessly beam games to the Vita a-la a Wii U type system that doesn’t totally suck. This also increases marketing value for people within a household that isn’t full of game lovers. People would potentially be able to pop their game over to the Vita and play it there, which would free up the TV for less awesome people to watch Bravo or MTV.

The prospect of being able to interact with a PS4 game using a Vita is really alluring to me. Yes, the Wii U does this, but the Vita isn't just a controller: It is a system with it's own library and it's own positive attributes that can contribute away from the television. Using the Vita as an in game map or to work into the regular gameplay could open up gaming in a way that hasn't actually been done well before. Given that both pieces of equipment are first party Sony products, the spottyness of Smart Glass may evaporate - or it may be just as frusturating as it is now.

**More of these are a great idea.**

Price Drop or Bundles?

The Vita had a price drop in Japan earlier this year, which was met with a considerable spike in sales which are currently only being bolstered by a bevvy of really solid games like Dragon’s Crown and Soul Sacrifice coming out. Unfortunately, however, mum was the word on a North American price drop.

Lately though, the Vita has been seeing exclusive bundles including memory cards and games like The Walking Dead and Assassin’s Creed Liberation for what I could easily call a premium price. I find it hard to believe that the Vita wouldn’t see some kind of price drop coming within the next month or so, but if they don’t, you can bet there will be a handful of really cost-effective bundles incoming.

Part of me feels like Killzone: Mercenary bundled with the Vita, a good-sized memory card, and a year of PlayStation Plus for $300 would bring a much greater value to the gamer. However, in hard economic times the average consumer will only see dollars and cents, making $300 a lot more scary to look at than $200, even if you nee to spend another $130 either way on games and a memory card.

That being said there is also a possibility of there being a PlayStation 4 bundle that includes the Vita, however I think this is probably a long shot. The cost would proably be somewhere in the area of $600, which would make everyone crap themselves and cry for seven hours. I’ll buy everyone that comments on this a burger if this turns out to be the case (not really though).

**I hope you're as awesome as you look.**

The Killer App

Since the launch of the Vita people have been clamoring for the system selling game that the Vita so desperately needs. Uncharted: Golden Abyss wasn’t it, and neither is Dragon’s Crown despite the fact that so many people thought they would be. Sure, the games have gotten decent sales across the board, but the Vita lacks a Halo or a Mario to really drive it home.

I don’t know what Sony has up their sleeve for this, but I think a real system seller is going to be incoming with the launch of the PS4. The short list would be an InFamous or a BioShock, but I think Sony will want it to connect directly with a game that will be within the PS4 launch window. Could it be a Knack tie in, or will they be willing to hold off until InFamous: Second Son comes out and perhaps revisit Cole in an alternate timeline. Who knows? Probably Shuhei Yoshidaactually – I’ll bet he knows.

Keep an eye out on GameSkinny for Gamescom coverage from August 21 to August 23 for the final word on all of these predictions. Hopefully we’ll see something great out of the Vita.

Do you think Sony has the chops to revive the comatose handheld, or will it shift forever to the ranks of the Virtual Boy, the Sega Saturn and the Wii U (sorry guys)? Sound off in the comments down below and I’ll give you my PSN ID so we can play games online and talk about friendship!

Software and Hardware: 'Ware' Does it Go Wrong? https://www.gameskinny.com/w47o8/software-and-hardware-ware-does-it-go-wrong https://www.gameskinny.com/w47o8/software-and-hardware-ware-does-it-go-wrong Thu, 08 Aug 2013 07:15:13 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

The WiiU has sold 3.61 million consoles, this may sound like a lot, but compare it to the sales the Wii produced -- more than 20 times more, at 100.04 million. If you also look at the PlayStation Vita, it has sold 2.2 million, compared to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) which has sold more, at 76.3 million.

Linking Hardware Sales to Software

So, why are these consoles, which both have great hardware, especially the PlayStation Vita, getting really low sales. Especially when compared to lower powered and older consoles. As you can see, this isn't just for the living room consoles (the Xbox, PlayStation, the Wii) but also for handhelds.

Poorly selling consoles, why?

I believe it comes down to the games, there needs to be a constant supply of at least one good game for the console every few months. The PlayStation Vita looked to have a strong opening line up, mainly with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but it is still, even now, selling less than the PlayStation Portable month on month. So, as you can see the answer lies in the software.

The WiiU and PlayStation Vita offer 1 or 2 killer apps (great games) each, but nothing more. With the WiiU it's Super Mario Bros WiiU, and the PlayStation Vita it's Uncharted: Golden Abyss, as the core games, and arguably the best games on the console. Except just these launch games are not going to make anyone, except for maybe the most hardcore fans, buy the console at launch, the proof is in the numbers.

Even if the hardware is the best anyone has ever seen, this does not create sales. The games offered need to be as good, or better than the hardware to justify people spending their money on the new console.

Selling consoles, why?

The PlayStation family has always had good sales, and they are all loved, the only exception, the PlayStation Vita, which is still loved, even with it's lower sales.

Numbers time!

  • PlayStation 1 sold 102.49 million
  • PlayStation 2 sold 155 million
  • PlayStation 3 sold 75 million (IDC March 2013 estimate: 78 million)

I believe the PlayStation 3 is selling less because of the price, and it's main competitor, the Xbox family.

New kid on the block, Microsoft released the Xbox in 2001, it sold 24 million units, which is super good for a new console. It boasted the best online system ever and faster loading times. Its good sales are in part due to Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as a host over other great games. Halo 2 helped to continue these sales with its multiplayer features. Its successor, the Xbox 360, has sold 78.2 million - very similar to the PlayStation 3. Add the sales up and you get 156 million.

Going back to the sales of PlayStation and why the PlayStation 3 did not sell more than its predecessors are that the older PlayStations owned the market, they were the best, but not the most powerful - much like our friend the Nintendo DS. Selling a staggering 153.93 million (the second highest sold console, the first being the PlayStation 2) it is no wonder it is many people's favourite console.

So, why do low powered consoles sell more? Well the answer, again, lies in the games. I could list all the amazing exclusive games the PlayStation family offers but you all know what they are. The Xbox offers Halo, Forza, and Gears of War at its core line up, and the PlayStation offers Uncharted, Killzone, and Metal Gear Solid. Some of these games are generation spanning, some are just on the new generation, but all of them drove the sales of the consoles.

So, are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 lower powered than any other? Well, not currently, but as you can see they have sold less than even the very underpowered DS, this is because the DS offers a whole host of amazing games, and not just for you, the gamer, but also for your Grandma, your 3-year-old child, or your best friend who only plays Facebook social games. The DS has a line up as vast as the PlayStation family, and a fan base as dedicated as League of Legends, or World of Warcraft. It has the games, and offers a lot more than what you initially invest in it.

Hopes for Next Generation

My hopes for the next generation are not small. If the new consoles want to do well, this is one way they can do this (but not the only). What they need are a few amazing launch games, only 3 or 4 at most, along with some smaller indie games following up shortly after. This does look like what the PlayStation 4 is doing, to some extent, but not the Xbox One.

The Xbox One needs to be less motivated by launch games, and think, what is it that our console will offer a year, or 18 months down the line? Will the games offered go stale, making sales drop, or will they keep on bringing out great new games, or sequels to already great games, and just make them better?

This means that a console, or any platform, needs to be able to not only offer great games at launch, but also be able to prove it can offer great content further down the line, otherwise the sales will only go down.

So, how do you do this? Well, I will be honest with you, I have no idea. That job is down to the marketing, the research and development and game developer teams out there. But also the publishers, they need to take more risks, and have lower budget games, a friend of mine wrote an interesting article on sequels, and game budgets here.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to buy a next generation console now? What was your fondest memory of any console (I bet it involves a game, not the apps offered on the console)? Let me know what you think, or what you don't think, in the comments below.

Uncharted Film Closer Then We Thought? https://www.gameskinny.com/7bcji/uncharted-film-closer-then-we-thought https://www.gameskinny.com/7bcji/uncharted-film-closer-then-we-thought Fri, 28 Jun 2013 09:08:59 -0400 Reilly C.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were talking to IGN about their recently released movie, This Is The End and Rogen mentioned that he has been approached COUNTLESS times by Naughty Dog to make a movie based off their very successful game series, Uncharted.

The issue that Seth says is preventing them from doing this is this:

How do we not make it Indiana Jones?

I see the similarities and honestly that was a concern of Core Design back when they were building the original Tomb Raider.  The game originally starred a male protagonist that looked a lot like Indy and they could not seem to shake the feeling that it was walking the line and might get disregarded as a rip off.  This meant they changed the character to be female and thus, Lara was born.

I think that is the issue with the way that Seth and Evan are looking at the story.  I think they are looking too closely at the similarities to not see what made Uncharted different from Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones.

I personally loved the game for a few reasons:
  • the quirky characters that all felt like a close knit group of friends consistently ripping on each other lovingly but really having a genuine bond.  
  • The vast amount of locations and how they used them to create exciting and fun set pieces pieces to explore.
  • Lastly, the over the top action that persisted through the whole game.

Most of all, the tone set it.  Looking at the list above, I can see how those all were in Indiana Jones movies but something about how each scene and character acted felt different.  If they can nail that tone by getting together with some of Naughty Dog's writing staff, this would be one heck of a banger!

Hopefully this will be more then just rumors and speculation though and even if it isn't Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that get to make it, I hope someone does because we all need a new Indy movie after that last one...