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Gamers rejoice!

Until I Have You is set to release April 4.

From Woodworm Studios, the group that brought us Primordia and its engaging story line, comes Until I Have You, a successful cross between the Metal Slug and Fear series.

The game follows the story of the Artist, a talented assassin, who is on a mission to rescue his wife from the hands of his employers. Donning a specially crafted exoskeleton suit, the Artist will travel through unforgiving cities, and combat various monsters and enemies. Players will witness firsthand, the absolute brutality of the Artist's skills, and the gripping consequences that result from his life of sin.

"Although this provides him with additional powers, it also can cause hallucinations and affect his judgment. "

If you could save someone, how much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice?

The game will feature:

  • Twelve chapters of immerse story-telling
  • Pixelated retro environments
  • Fast paced action
  • Over 60 unique enemies and 12 boss fights.
  • Fully voiced dialogue
  • and keyboard and controller support.

The thing I loved about Primordia was its unique visuals and story-line. If the development team can incorporate the same quality of story telling that was present in that game, with the fast paced combat they promise in this title, then Until I Have You is certainly one to watch out for.