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PlayStation's big March sale just ended yesterday, but that doesn't mean Sony isn't keeping the deals coming. The PlayStation 4 spring sale is live now through April 28. 

Including games and DLC, there are 600 items on sale, such as Death Stranding, A Plague Tale: Innocence, NBA 2K20, Dark Souls 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, The Outer Worlds, Days Gone, Vampyr, MGS5, and Doom (2016)

DLC packs and season passes for games like Marvel's Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Grand Theft Auto 5 are also available. 

Both games and DLC are currently upwards of 50% off, with quite a handful of offerings coming in below $15. Here's a larger list of what you can expect to find over on the PlayStation Store. 

Game Sale Price Regular Price
A Plague Tale: Innocence $19.99 $49.99
Anthem Standard Ed. $17.99 $59.99
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ultimate Ed. $29.99 $119.99
Borderlands 3 $29.99 $59.99
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 $19.79 $59.99
Code Vein $35.99 $59.99
Control Digital Deluxe Ed. $47.99 $79.99
Dark Souls 3 $14.99 $59.99
Days Gone $19.99 $39.99
Death Stranding $29.99 $59.99
Doom (2016) $7.99 $19.99
Fallout 4 GOTY Ed. $23.99 $59.99
FIFA 20 $23.99 $59.99
Greedfall $24.99 $59.99
Journey to the Savage Planet $17.99 $29.99
Jump Force Deluxe Ed. $31.49 $89.99
Kingdom Hearts All-in-One $29.99 $99.99
Kingdom Hearts 3 $17.99 $59.99
Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive $5.99 $19.99
Mortal Kombat 11 $23.99 $59.99
NBA 2K20 $19.79 $59.99
Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Ed. $39.99 $99.99
Soul Calibur 6 $14.99  $59.99
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order $35.99 $59.99
The Crew 2 $14.99 $49.99
Vampyr $14.99 $59.99

Additionally, there's a smattering of movies and TV shows available as well, including X-Men Dark Phoenix, Doctor Sleep, Resident Evil, Joker, Jojo Rabbit, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The sale was announced over on the PlayStation Blog. Nathan Clark, Associate Digital Promotions Manager for PlayStation, said that the sale will be refreshed with new deals on April 15. In a move reminiscent of Valve's long-dormant flash sales, Clark did not specify what games, films, or television shows would be added to the list. 

Guess we'll just have to check back and see. 

For more on PlayStation's spring sale, as well as other gaming sales like Humble Bundle's "Conquer Covid-19" bundle, stay tuned to GameSkinny. 

Vampyr Nintendo Switch Review: Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into Mon, 28 Oct 2019 11:20:17 -0400 Mark Delaney

Last fall, Dontnod stepped out of its own Life is Strange shadow to deliver Vampyr, a blood-sucking RPG set during the early 20th century.

I always thought more of it than the otherwise middling reception it received, and on Switch today, I think even more highly of it  and not just because it's portable now. Vampyr has its frustrations, no doubt, but it's also got a lot going for it, particularly in regards to its atmosphere and writing.

If you're looking for an RPG that plays unlike many others without abandoning what makes the genre special, Vampyr is worth a bite.

Vampyr Nintendo Switch Review: Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Vampyr tells the story of Jonathan Reid, a brilliant physician just home from World War I who falls victim to vampirism and a little bit of amnesia as a result. Finding out who turned Reid from lifesaver to bloodsucker is his motivation. Still, amid the Spanish Flu, civil unrest, and a vampire plague, Reid's nightshifts on the streets of London are busy with many other jobs, too.

Chief among his other concerns is the city's sick population. People are dying all over, and as a renowned doctor, he's called upon to aid the local hospital. Reid's inner struggle to hide his true nature from the hospital staff is a fascinating set up in its own right, but it's made even better by the way the game pits morality and gameplay difficulty at odds with each other. 

The more Reid preys on people to drink their blood, the stronger he will be. Talking to characters and even performing quests for them enriches their blood, and you can choose when to pounce on them and turn them from quest giver to blood donator. But that also leaves its mark on the city. The story brilliantly follows your lead when you've decided to munch a main character for lunch.

Most characters can be removed this way, and never feasting on their flesh is an option, too, though it makes the game harder. This morality system feels like the kind of promise many RPGs make but few fulfill, leaving Vampyr in exclusive company. 

It also helps that the writing is so great. Every character feels worth talking to, and as you progress through side quests, you'll find out more about other characters, some of whom you may not have met yet, opening up new dialog options all the time. These cross-sections of side quests feel Witcher-esque, which is just about the highest praise I can give a role-playing game.

Even better than the game's morality system or its intersecting quests is its atmosphere. Like blood on the neck of a recent snack, London is positively dripping with atmosphere. The open-world has too many dead ends, which regularly frustrate, but I found myself forgiving them more easily than I'm used to. Vampyr's brooding, gothic world comes alive not so much due to its inhabitants — there are justifiably few of those in such harsh times. Rather, it's the set design and the music that so memorably puts players in Reid's shoes.

Olivier Deriviere's score is among the very best of his storied career, and every alleyway feels as dingy and dangerous as they're meant to. Reid's voice actor does well to set the stage, too, even as he suffers from the protagonist's dilemma of monologuing too much. Dontnod did a stunning job bringing their sickly version of London to life, and Vampyr is an excellent RPG for that reason more than any other.

It's not all sightseeing, though, as the game will regularly throw vampire hunters, rival monsters, and other combatants your way. The stamina-based combat works pretty well, and it allows for deep and rewarding customization of your abilities. It just never rises above good, though at least it's reliable. Some bosses, in particular, are very challenging, so the game needed to be dependable in its combat, and thankfully, it always is. 

I recall playing Vampyr on Xbox at launch when the game would regularly force-pause itself to load in more of the open world. Surprisingly, on Switch, I saw much less of that. Maybe by now, all versions of the game have been cleaned up. As for the technical woes I did see in this new version, they were limited to little things.

A few frame rate hitches and some enemies misbehaving when I'd turn a corner sometimes stuck out. T-posing bad guys who would engage as normal once I got close enough are immersion-breaking when they happen, but they were also rare enough that they didn't detract from the otherwise moody, memorable game.

Vampyr Nintendo Switch Review — The Bottom Line

  • Dripping with tense, dark atmosphere with perfect set dressing and music
  • Uniquely ties morality and difficulty together
  • Reid is an interesting protagonist and voiced very well
  • Navigating is often annoying given the open world's many dead ends
  • A few bugs still present a year from the original launch

Vampyr was not the focus of the internet hype machine when it launched last year, and that's a shame because it's great. Thanks to its tough choices in a branching narrative, RPG fans have no reason to expect they won't at least like Dontnod's side-step away from teen sci-fi drama.

If you are one for an enthralling period piece with the right mix of horror and mystery, Vampyr is totally worth sinking your teeth into.

[Note: A copy of Vampyr on Nintendo Switch was provided by Dontnod for the purposes of this review.]

DONTNOD's Vampyr Set to Become TV Show Fri, 17 Aug 2018 10:51:08 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Known for producing deep narrative adventures centered around characterization and plot development, DONTNOD is no stranger to creating plots that rival some of the film world's best stories. It makes sense, then, that one of the company's properties would be optioned for a small-screen adaptation. According to a press release, that's exactly what Fox 21 hopes to accomplish. 

In a partnership between DONTNOD and Fox 21, DONTNOD's Vampyr is set to make its way from the digital realm to the celluloid space sometime in the near future. As of this writing, there is no firm release date, plot, or casting for the show; all we know is that it's happening.

DONTNOD hopes the partnership will both excite existing fans of the game but also be a means by which the game will gain new fans. In the press release regarding the television show, DONTNOD's CEO Oskar Guilbert said he was also excited to see how Fox 21 adapts the game's narrative for a television audience.

We believe it is a fantastic premise for a television show. This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with Vampyr’s rich, deep story. We cannot wait to see how the talented team at Fox 21 will bring out the darkly atmospheric universe of our game into television.”

In June, we said Vampyr was "an Intoxicating vampire RPG," giving the game high marks for its gameplay and storyline. You can read our full review here.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information about the Vampyr television series as it develops.  

Vampyr: Known Bugs, Glitches, and their Fixes Sat, 09 Jun 2018 21:34:11 -0400 Zack Palm

Been sinking your teeth into Vampyr and found the game biting you back?

A number of players have reported they've run into a series of bugs and glitches during their time in Vampyr, as they explore the dirty streets of early 20th century London. Many of these issues turn out to be game breaking, and something the developers, Dontnod, need to create patches for -- hopefully you can find a solution here!

Here's a list of known bugs, glitches, and their respective fixes, if any solution was found.

Stuck On Green Screen?

A number of players have run into a green screen upon loading in to the game. You might think restarting your game, or restarting your desktop, will fix the issue but this green screen continues to pop up. You'll find the problem doesn't stem from the game, but your desktop's graphic card.

This problem famously occurred following the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Many reported their displays appeared corrupted and the images on their screen began to flash green. NIVIDA learned about this issue and have offered a work around.

Here's the process of how you get around the horrid green screen:

  1. Open up your NIVIDIA control panel
  2. Go to the option that says "Change Resolution"
  3. Select your display
  4. Alternate your settings so you display uses NIVIDIA color settings
  5. In the "Output Color Depth" option, change it to 8bpc
  6. Save your settings

This should clear things up and the next time you launch Vampyr, you should not run into this issue. If you still have this happen, you may need to try updating your graphics card to see if this provides a better solution.

Infinite Experience Points Glitch

For anyone looking to check out some of the higher level Vampire abilities Doctor Reid can use, you can receive infinite experience without having to do too much.

One warning: don't do this if you want to keep your save file pure.

You can preform this glitch from your Active Skills menu. Here you should see all of the skills available for you to choose from. Click on any of the abilities in your menu, as if you were going to upgrade it. As you go to upgrade it, hold down the "O" and "P" buttons on your keyboard. You should see, in the upper right hand corner, your experience points shooting up at a fairly fast rate. 

You can do this for however long you like. When you have all of the experience points you want, you can freely purchase any of the Vampire abilities you want, and go to town on your enemies in combat!

This will definitely ruin your save file. Preforming this glitch doesn't ruin your information or anything, but it means you're fairly broken for the rest of the game.

If you're looking to keep the game as traditional as possible, you're better off trying it out once you've beaten the game. 

Expect a patch to take care of this glitch at some point in the future.

Blackmail in Whitechapel Quest Bug

This remains a fairly rare bug, but certainly worth mentioning as it does have crippling effect on the progress of your game.

The bug occurs during the Blackmail in Whitechapel quest, when you're at the part where you go to the Whitechapel district to gather more information about the nurse, Dorothy Crane, from Darius Petrescu. You speak to Petrescu about Dorothy, and then go through a cutscene, you do not receive any further instructions about how to proceed in the quest.

You can't reload the game to fix this bug. If you do reload it, the quest says you need to go and speak to Petrescu, even though you've already done that. You're essentially stuck.

Unfortunately, there's no solution about how to get around this. As of right now, the developers know about this and are working on a solution. The best thing to do right now is wait for a patch to come in to fix this issue -- because the developers know about it, expect one to show up soon.

Blinding Light Glitch During Fergal Boss Battle (Chapter 3)

You'll find this an extremely frustrating bug as you may mistake this for a game mechanic attempting to make this fight harder. That's not the case.

During the boss battle with Fergal in the sewers, in chapter 3, there's a light that can obstruct your perspective. No matter how you move or the angle you approach Fergal, the light follows you and makes it nearly impossible to see what's going on -- as a result, you may die during this phase multiple times.

When you die and continue to attempt to conquer this fight, you're showing up with less health and blood than you originally came in with. If you're running into this issue stop fighting. You'll only continue to frustrate yourself.

Unfortunately, there's no solution for this bug, yet. The developers are hard at work attempting to find a way to remove this light and make it easier to see Fergal during your fight.

In a forum, a number of players mentioned if you dodge Fergal enough times during the engagement the blinding light will disappear for a short while. Additionally, if you move your camera at the right angle, you can make it disappear. Sadly, it always returns after a period of time and remains a consistent problem. 

Occult Oculus Quest

During this quest, you're tasked with acquiring four different Braille pages to hand to Mason Swanborough. He acknowledges you giving him all of the pages, except for the last one.

When you go to hand him the fourth page, Mason makes a comment about you needing to find a laboratory -- though, the quest does not update and you're left wondering what to do next.

As of right now, the developers have not commented that they know of this bug or if a solution is being worked on. Should you run into this issue, make a blog post on the Vampyr forums. A community member on the page will likely see it and bring it up to the developers as quickly as possible.

Red River Investigation

Another game breaking bug you might find yourself running into. This one happens when you go to investigate the corpse during the Red River quest.

As you're investigating the corpse, you'll go through the prompts on the screen and the process you're already accustomed. However, you'll find yourself unable to get out of this screen. You're instead stuck attempting to investigate the body you've already combed over.

Many other players who have run into this issue have gone through a number of attempts to bypass it. Some have attempted to simply hard reset their consoles or desktops. Others have even attempted to uninstall the game, and reinstall it -- still, nothing. They cannot get past this part, and they're stuck attempting to learn more about the corpse!

As of right now, the developers do not have a solution ready for you. This remains a rare problem, so if you're experiencing this, make a post on the Vampyr forums to notify community members and developers of this issue.

Again, a solution for this problem will likely crop up in a series of patch notes in the future.


Experiencing a unique issue with Vampyr? Let us know in the comments, and we'll add your problem to the overall list! If there's a solution out there, we'll post it alongside your issue to assist you in continuing your game progress.

If you haven't already, check out our review of the game. For more information and Vampyr guides, keep it here with GameSkinny. 

Vampyr Guide - A Simple Token of Filial Love Sat, 09 Jun 2018 13:10:06 -0400 Autumn Fish

A Simple Token of Filial Love is one of many side Investigations found in Vampyr. You get it after talking to Seymour Fishburn around the southern edge of the Docks. He asks you to find a necklace that he lost -- one that he intended as a gift for his mother, Stella Fishburn.

In this guide, we'll cover everything from where to find the necklace, whether to give it to Seymour or Stella, and which dialogue options will offer up the most hints. Let's dive in!

A Simple Token of Filial Love Walkthrough

In order to find the necklace, start from where you met Seymour at the southern edge of the Docks, facing the pier. Head down the stairs and turn right. On the right you'll discover a narrow corridor with barrels blocking the path. Smash them with your weapon and continue inside.

To your left you'll find a locked chest and to your right you'll find a pile of bodies. Investigate the bodies and you'll come across a Bloody Necklace alongside a note intended for Seymour's mother.

At this point you can choose whether you want to bring it back to Seymour or deliver it to Stella yourself. However, if you want to earn the most hints from A Simple Token of Filial Love in Vampyr, you'll have to return the necklace to Seymour.

Upon giving the necklace to Seymour, you'll learn your first hint about him. Respond with "I want to try to understand" and you'll unlock the ability to ask him some more personal questions.

Go through the new personal questions to unlock another hint about Seymour and one about his mother, Stella. This unlocks a new personal question you can ask about his mother. Ask him about it and respond with "I understand her dilemma" in order to unlock a final hint about Stella.

Vampyr Hospital

And that's everything you need to do in order to complete and earn the most hints out of the A Simple Token of Filial Love Investigation.

Are you stuck on any more Investigations in Vampyr? Be sure to leave all your questions and comments down below!

Vampyr Goes For The Jugular But Only Sinks Its Teeth Half Deep Mon, 18 Jun 2018 17:31:23 -0400 Steven Oz

London is entrenched in a macabre, ancient, and ghastly history. It is built upon countless battlefields, mass graves, and what seems like unending history. Maze-like alleyways and brooding buildings dot the city and hold the shadows of killers, royalty, and hidden societies.

It is a city creeping with character and therefore, it is no better location for DONTNOD’s latest action RPG, Vampyr.

While not as alluring as the dramatic locations found in a handful of other games, Vampyr’s nightmare-inducing locale is a persona unto itself with blood-soaked rooms and empty streets.


Vampyr is an action-adventure RPG set in 1918 London. The Spanish flu has spread around the world and struck at the heart of the city.

The star of Vampyr is Dr. Jonathan Reid, who is a brilliant doctor in his own right. His research into blood transfusions has led him around the world and to many dark places.

Following the Great War, he returns to England; and after a mysterious encounter, he is afflicted with the vampiric condition. His lust for blood contradicts his character, and he is convinced science can explain everything happening to him.

Thrust into a shadowy world of creatures like himself, he fights to survive.

Like DONTNOD’s past games Remember Me and Life Is Strange, Vampyr leans heavily on story and character, for better or worse. 

Dr. Jonathan Reid is the perfect foil for this land, but he seems a little bland as a protagonist. None of the game's dialogue options (anywhere in the game), seem to add any real definition to the character.

At times, Reid comes off as an arrogant cur, with only one option to choose from, but at other times, he is kind and considerate with multiple options. While the overall story affects the behavior of the NPCs you talk to, always seems to be a incongruous undercurrent to Vampyr's dialogue choices. Whatever dialog option you pick, be it kind or arrogant, it never changes the good doctor, making him feel rather stale at times. 

Another, slightly bothersome, issue is that he seems a little too perfect to be a vampire. A world expert in blood transfusions? Really? It's a coincidence that's a bit on the nose for me. 


Vampyr's central concept is one of dichotomy: Reid is both a healer and a killer. Taking the Hippocratic oath, he is a protector of life whose own true identity is a dark comedy, a life masquerading in the shadows.

Eventually, this dichotomy ensnares Vampyr's gameplay; social webs begin to form with those you have met -- those who may or may not be potential victims, those you must pardon and save, and those you must judge and execute. 
In Vampyr, it’s not “Do I kill?” but “Who do I kill?”. Each citizen offers a tempting source of power…but there will be consequences within the story.

Each NPC in London is a living, breathing thing. None are isolated but attached to a least one other citizen. This not only means that Reid must be careful in who he dispatches, but it also means that there are multitudinous opportunities for Reid to learn about each and every one of them by asking questions of others (or possessing the proper skills to extract information).  

And it doesn't just move the narrative forward. These conversations will allow NPCs Blood EXP to increase, giving Reid the option to suck them dry -- and by proxy, leveling up and gaining new abilities.

Deciding who lives and dies the Vampyr isn't an easy choice -- and not only from a narrative or "moral" perspective. Who you kill in Vampyr can affect the rest of the game. 

For example, killing a nurse might seem easy because she's blackmailing another character. But if you learn she's providing medical services in another part of the city -- and the blackmail helps her achieve her goal -- then it might be hard to kill her. And if you do decide to kill her, vendor prices might increase because of her absence. 

On top of that, the game difficulty is tied to how you play and approach these NPCs. The more lives you take, the easier the game becomes. While there are four ending to Vampyr, it's easy to botch one by killing the wrong person. And that's where Vampyr shines the brightest -- in situations that remind you the stakes are real, and that you have to live with consequences of your actions. 

When it actually comes to combat, things get relatively simple. You have either a weapon in each hand, such as a machete and a stake, or a two-handed weapon like a mace. You can also pick up guns and blast your enemies if that suits your fancy. 

As a vampire, you have powers, too. The most basic vampiric attack is powerful, allowing you to take loads of damage, as well as dodge around rooms and streets at supernatural speeds. Meanwhile, kill a few vampire hunters, and you’ll unlock your feral claws. These will let you charge up a big attack that thrashes enemies onto the floor so you can pounce on them and drink their blood. 

The problem is that that's about it for combat. You'll rinse and repeat over and over. And even though different enemy types are thrown at you throughout the game, such as vampire hunters, werewolves, and Skal (feral vampires), most fights will go something like this: dodge, hit, stab, charge health, claw, bite, dodge, hit, stab, charge health, claw, bite. Even boss the fights typically use this pattern, which gets repetitive after a while.

And even though I was thankful to come out of several vicious battles alive, it wasn't necessarily because of the game's inherent difficulty or the complexity of combat. Certain weapons stun, and this allows Reid to perform his important bit attack. However, the stun doesn't always work -- and it's even more difficult to figure out exactly how you're supposed to pull it off. 

Even the tutorial doesn't explain it well enough.


Vampyr is a game about decisions. It leans toward its story and narrative by giving players a lot of exposition early on. Notwithstanding some combat issues and systems gouged by a lack of difficulty, Vampyr is a slow burn.

While the game has some issues with combat and uses simplistic tropes for its main character, it is an excellent DONTNOD story. I was compelled to move forward and find out what grim happenstance was unfurled in this land. Yes, it is not a perfect game, but it serves as an engrossing drama for players to enjoy. 

This was a community review for DONTNOD's Vampyr. To see the Official GameSkinny review, click here

Vampyr Review - Sink Your Teeth Into an Intoxicating Vampire RPG Mon, 04 Jun 2018 18:15:01 -0400 Autumn Fish

Have you ever wanted to experience life as a vampire? Have you ever longed to fit into a human society that's impacted by your very presence as a vampire? Have you ever desired to get blood drunk and wreak havoc on your enemies with supernatural abilities?

Then let me tell you about a special single-player action RPG called Vampyr. It's a brand-new game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the creators of Life Is Strange.

This new game aims to provide players with an authentic vampire experience set alongside a gripping story centered around the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic in London. Is this a vampire game that's worth more than a blip on your radar? Let's find out!

Vampyr Review

You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned vampire. Upon returning to London from the warfront, he finds the Spanish Flu pandemic has ravaged the nation, alongside a mysterious uptick in the vampire population. As a doctor, it is his duty to help find a cure to save the city from the flu. As a vampire, he can use his supernatural abilities to get down to the bottom of whatever's plaguing London, if only he can suppress the thirst for blood.

There are two major aspects to this game. In many ways, it's a deep social RPG in that you have the ability to make a powerful impact on the citizens around you -- in more ways than one. However, it's also an action RPG that can prove quite challenging in its own right, depending on how you play your cards.

How Vampyr Functions as a Social RPG

The people of London feel alive, and the game is happy to treat them as if they are. If they get sick, they could die. If they die, the people connected to them may suffer in sometimes unpredictable ways. This isn't a game where you can expect to get away with being careless.

Vampyr Doctor Surgery

As a doctor, you thankfully have the power to craft and administer medicine to those who need it. And as a vampire, you even have the power to save citizens who find themselves in more imminent danger. Making sure the health of London's social circles is up to par is essential for keeping them from falling apart. After all, you're looking to save the city, aren't you?

If you're not, that's fine too. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Just remember that all of your choices have consequences.

Each populated district in London has its own social circle. Each social circle has a pillar at the top who everybody knows or is connected to somehow. Then everybody else in the social circle is divided into clusters of people who are close to each other.

Everybody has their secrets, too. They even have secrets with other people. The more you learn about the citizens of London, the more you begin to realize how interconnected these social circles really are. You get a feel for how important these people are. You even get a taste of how much their blood is worth.

The story likes to set up intricate and delicate scenarios where you're left making difficult decisions. These choices often impact important people, which in turn affects those who were close to those people. The way they're impacted depends entirely on how you manage the situation. You have the power to save London, but you also have the power to destroy it.

Vampyr Bite

If you decide to just give up on London and your own humanity, you could just give into the thirst and start draining the citizens of their blood one by one. You'd even find yourself to be stronger for it. The more important someone is, the more you know about them, and the healthier they are, the more experience they're worth. However, that also means the amount of experience you earn for killing them is also essentially equivalent to the consequences you will incur, so bear this in mind before you pick your next victim.

The social RPG elements are undoubtedly deep, but how does the action hold up in comparison?

How Vampyr Works as an Action RPG

The action here draws slight parallels to The Witcher 3 in execution. You have a main-hand melee weapon as well as a secondary weapon, which can be a simple off-hand melee weapon or a gun. You can attack with your equipped weapons, dodge, sprint, and use an array of supernatural abilities to take down your opponent.

You have a Stamina Meter that depletes every time you dodge, sprint, or attack with melee weapons. If you run out of stamina, you're left unable to perform these actions, which can easily lead to death if you're not careful.

You also have a Blood Meter that fuels your supernatural abilities. This meter won't replenish over time and must instead be filled by either biting rats, biting enemies in combat, or using the perks of certain supernatural abilities.

Vampyr Supernatural Ability Blood

The enemies you face in this game aren't pushovers, either. You're going to need to become at least competent with the game's mechanics in order to succeed, even if you're at a decent level. It's not terribly hard, but you can't expect to just blunder into the fray with guns blazing and expect to succeed.

That being said, you might find that you're consistently far below the level of the enemies that the game's throwing at you. That's actually intentional. It's the game's way of giving you an incentive to feed on the citizens of London. It represents how much weaker you are when you don't feed while simultaneously offering you the opportunity to see just how powerful you would be if you gave in and engorged yourself. Of course, feeding comes with consequences, so remember to drink responsibly.

When you gain experience, you won't automatically benefit from it and level up. Instead, you must rest at a bed and spend experience on supernatural abilities in order to level up properly. You can even spend a bit of experience to reset your skill build and respec everything.

So all in all, the social and action aspects of this game mesh together brilliantly. This alone makes for a wonderful vampire RPG. Mix it all with a mystery and story that you want to get invested in, and you have a downright attractive vampire game.

Vampyr Talking to a Citizen

Verdict: An Intoxicating Vampire RPG

Vampyr gripped me from the outset. Its gameplay and overarching theme mesh so well together that it just feels right to play. I felt like a gritty, badass, newborn vampire struggling to find its way in the world and control the madness spreading across London. I just felt so cool playing it, and that's a feeling I don't get from many games anymore.

It's one of those games where I always wanted to see what was around the next corner. I would scrub every inch of text and dialogue because I found it wholeheartedly interesting. The mystery surrounding being a vampire and the story of the pandemic in London had me absolutely hooked.

If you're at all interested in this title, I highly recommend checking it out. Whether you're just a fan of vampires or you're looking for a good single-player RPG to sink your teeth into, this is a game you don't want to overlook.

Vampyr is available June 5 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Note: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

Editor's Note: To read the community review for DONTNOD's Vampyr, shamble here

Vampyr Vinyl Soundtrack, Limited Edition, and Preorder DLC Revealed Fri, 13 Apr 2018 14:09:39 -0400 Erroll Maas

DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have revealed a vinyl soundtrack, as well as a limited edition for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr. They also released information regarding the game's pre-order release and the bonus content they'll contain when the game launches on June 5. 

The vinyl soundtrack features a selection of music from Vampyr composed by Olivier Deriviere. As of this writing, the limited-edition vinyl is only available through pre-orders of the game in Europe. Whether this will change is currently unknown, but we'll update this article with the Western release when the information becomes available.

Vampyr limited edition bundle

In Germany and Australia, players can pre-order a special limited edition version of Vampyr that includes a boxed copy of the game and an exclusive limited-edition sleeve, a set of three exclusive lithographs, a double-sided poster of the in-game map and artwork, and a code for the Hunter's Heirloom DLC. It is unknown if this limited edition will be made available in other territories at a later date.

Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC graphic showing sword, pistol, and man in a sherlock holmes outfit

Any players who preorder the standard edition of Vampyr will receive a code for the Hunters Heirlooms DLC. This DLC pack includes the Dragonbane sword, the Barker pistol, and the Physician Suit.

Additionally, pre-ordering Vampyr through the PlayStation Store will give players an exclusive theme.

Vampyr will launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on June 5. Retail and digital preorders are now available.

DONTNOD Releases First Episode of Vampyr Webseries Thu, 18 Jan 2018 15:03:12 -0500 Erroll Maas

DONTNOD, the developer behind Remember Me and Life is Strange, has released the first episode of their four-part web series, DONTNOD Presents Vampyr, on their YouTube channel.

The first episode of the series is titled "Making Monsters" and covers the details of why the team chose to have vampires in their game, naming self-awareness, intelligence, and moral choice as key factors behind the decision. The video also covers main character Johnathan Reid, and how becoming a vampire and encountering different types of vampires starts to change his perspective on reality.

As Johnathan, players will explore the world of vampires and will ultimately be left to decide whether they want to kill other characters and face the consequences of whichever actions they choose.

Additionally, players will travel through a darker version of early 20th-century London, discover the benefits and drawbacks of Johnathan's condition, and develop their own combat style, using a combination of crafted weapons and vampire abilities.

Vampyr is considered by the developers to be an "AA" game, having a lower budget than triple-A games, but allowing more creative freedom. Vampyr will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2018. The game was originally slated for a November 2017 release but was delayed due to technical issues

DONTNOD Announces Vampyr Release Date Thu, 08 Feb 2018 15:00:39 -0500 Erroll Maas

Paris-based developer DONTNOD Entertainment has announced that its upcoming action-RPG adventure game Vampyr will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 5, 2018. Previously, Vampyr was slated for a November 2017 release but was delayed to Spring 2018.

Additionally, DONTNOD has released the final video in their DONTNOD Presents Vampyr  web series, titled "Stories from the Dark," in which some of the developers describe why storytelling through video games is more compelling than through other forms of media.

"Stories from the Dark," as well as the three other videos in DONTNOD's web series, are available to watch on YouTube.

In Vampyr, players will prowl through early 20th century London as Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-vampire whose beliefs come into question as he learns more about what lurks in the shadows at night.

Vampyr will launch on June 5, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The 11 Most Anticipated RPGs in 2018 Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:47:06 -0500 Sergey_3847




Developer: Phoenix Labs
Platforms: PC
Release date: Q1/Q2 2018


Dauntless is an action-RPG inspired by the Dark Souls series, Monster Hunter, and World of Warcraft, with classic Diablo-like gameplay in a fantasy setting.


You will have the chance to take on the role of a hunter whose prey are none other than giant monsters that actually look very similar to dinosaurs. In Dauntless, you can go on an adventure alone, or assemble a group to hunt for monsters together.




That's it for the most anticipated RPGs of 2018. Hopefully you have found a project or two that have you interested. Stick with GameSkinny for more upcoming game news and information, including our take on the most anticipated MMOs of 2018.


Which upcoming RPG do you want to play the most? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.




Developer: Spiders
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: TBA 2018


If you like to explore remote, isolated islands populated by indigenous people and supernatural beings who fend off uninvited guests, then GreedFall is your type of game. Alongside other settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters, you will experience a living and ever-changing world.


Your actions, from the simplest decisions to the global ones, will effect changes in the political situation of the island, which in turn will change the course of events and your relations with the various factions that coexist within the game.




Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: Q1/Q2 2018


Vampyr is an action-packed RPG with complex but very intuitive combat mechanics. You will be involved in an investigation during which you have to collect a lot of clues and interview a large number of NPCs on the streets of London.


Using the vampire's skills along with improvised weapons, you will have to fight not only physical enemies but also your own fears. Anyone you meet in the game can be either a victim of the crime or the criminal. 


Vampyr is a true gothic horror story about vampires in the real world, where death and crime on the streets reflect inevitable social and political changes after WWI.


Shenmue III


Developer: Neilo, Ys Net
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release date: Q3/Q4 2018


During this year's Gamescom, fans of the Shenmue series were finally able to see the first teaser trailer for Shenmue 3. Originally, the project was set to premiere at E3 2017, but the event was canceled.


Shenmue 3 will offer players a chance to experience several genres at once. It combines action-adventure and RPG elements with an open-world setting. Also at your service will be arcade machines, mini-games, and many interesting NPCs with their own personal stories for you to discover.


For those of you who may have never heard of the Shenmue series, an interesting tidbit is that the first game from 2000 introduced QTE (Quick Time Events) mechanics, which are frequently used in many games up to this very day.




Developer: Lab Zero Games
Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Release date: TBA 2018


Lab Zero Games is an indie developer that became known for its work on 2D fighting game Skullgirls. Its latest project, Indivisible, is an action-RPG funded entirely with the help of IndieGoGo's crowdfunding campaign last year.


The main character of the game is a girl named Ajna. She goes on a distant and very difficult journey to learn all about the mysterious powers she possesses. On her way, she will not only meet deadly foes but also loyal allies.


The developers of Indivisible were mainly inspired by classic games such as Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid. Also interesting to note is that the music for the game was written by the composer of Secret of Mana, Hiroki Kikuta.


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom


Developer: Bandai Namco (Level-5)
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release date: January 19, 2018


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is the the continuation of the much-loved Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch from 2013. In the sequel you will meet the main character of the game -- Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum -- as well as his friends and allies, who find themselves tasked with saving their kingdom from the dark forces.


Just like the first game, Revenant Kingdom is set in an open-world environment full of lush and colorful locations. If you enjoyed playing the first game, you will definitely have a blast playing this one, too.


Monster Hunter: World


Developer: Capcom
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: January 26, 2018


Unlike the previous games in this popular series,  Monster Hunter: World is set in an open-world environment.


The game will support a cooperative mode with up to four players who can jointly overcome even the biggest and strongest enemies. It is already known that players from Japan and Western countries will be able to play freely with one other.


The playable demo will be available on consoles in December 2017, so keep your eyes open for further announcements.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a medieval action-RPG developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment, which has been responsible for the Mount & Blade series from its very inception.


The game takes place 200 years before Mount & Blade: Warband, during the period of the fall of the Empire and the formation of independent kingdoms.


The armor, weapons and architecture in Bannerlord will correspond to the period between the seventh and thirteenth centuries.


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


The narrative of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire will continue the plot of the original game, which was released in 2015. Players will be able to use the save files from the original game and continue the story where they last finished it. This means that the events of the first game will directly affect the course of Deadfire.


The developers also promise the possibility to travel not only on land but also on the sea, where players will encounter new cultures and environments. Lastly, NPCs in Deadfire will behave in a more dynamic way, which will result in a series of much more interesting side quests.


Kingdom Hearts III


Developer: Square Enix
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Release date: TBA 2018


As usual, Team Disney and Team Final Fantasy, including new characters from Toy Story, comprise the theme of the 12th installment of this beloved RPG franchise that first emerged way back in 2002. There have been many ups and downs on the way for the Kingdom Hearts series, but after years of development complications, Kingdom Hearts III will finally come out in 2018.


The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, allowing all the characters from Disney movies to look as cinematic as possible, which is also the main reason why the game was delayed for so long.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Developer: Warhorse Studios
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: February 13, 2018


The development of one of the most anticipated non-fantasy RPGs of 2018 is an adventure of its own. It started back in 2012, after the former developers of the Mafia franchise licensed the CryEngine for their new unknown project.


After two uncertain years, the Kickstarter campaign was able to help Warhorse Studios finance the rest of the development. In 2016, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance team showed the results of four years of development, which was an almost finished version of the game.


Finally, in just a few months, you will get the chance to experience one of the most realistic single-player RPGs in history, complete with period-accurate armor, combat, and a 15th-century setting.


2017 was a fantastic year for the RPG genre. Games like Divinity: Original Sin 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and many others show that the genre still stands firm in the face of many big-budget AAA titles that dominate the gaming market these days.


2018 will also introduce a huge variety of sub-genres, settings, characters, and combat mechanics in a number of completely original RPG projects and sequels to long-running franchises.


Many upcoming games still don't have exact release dates, but teaser trailers are already available, so you will have the chance to see what these most anticipated RPG games of 2018 have to offer.

14 Upcoming cRPGS You Need To Look Out For Tue, 06 Jun 2017 09:44:23 -0400 Ty Arthur


A whopping 14 cRPGS will offer a whole lot of hours of gaming in the not too distant future -- which one of our picks are you most looking forward to losing yourself in?


Of course, there are certainly more roleplaying games than just these entries currently in the works. Let us know which titles we missed that we should be looking out for in the next year or two!



Release Date: July 25

Pyre is coming from the makers of Bastion and Transistor, so we already have a very good idea of the art style and base gameplay -- although this time around there's a team RPG element added in.


Its looking like the oddity and thematic elements of those previous games will be taken even further here, so expect something truly unique. A firm release date of July 25th has been revealed, so there's not much longer to wait and see what sort of odd wonderland Supergiant delivers this time.


Underworld Ascendant

Expected Release: Sometime in 2018

The Ultima Underworld games are some truly classic RPG dungeon crawler. And while series like Legend Of Grimrock have aimed to modernize that style, we are long overdue for a true follow-up.


Ascendant has been in development for quite some time, and frequently feels like it's dead. But thankfully a new developer update just arrived earlier this month.


The draw to this particular underground crawler above any other is in its focus on "unexpected customization". The game is designed around the player discovering many different ways to tackle any problem, even using methods the developer doesn't intend.



Expected Release: Q4 2017

We may be getting Werewolf instead of Vampire next in the World Of Darkness, but Dontnod -- yep, the folks behind the groundbreaking Life Is Strange -- will soon be offering up some gothic, blood-sucking entertainment.


Although there's lots of action RPG elements on display, what's intriguing about Vampyr is the focus on investigating your targets in the mist-shrouded streets of London before draining them dry.


It also appears that the physician main character doesn't particularly enjoy being a blood sucker, and that it's actually possible to finish the game without killing anyone at all.



Expected Release: Q4 2017 / Q1 2018

Described as Bastion meets Legend Of Grimrock, this is another instance where crowdfunding resulted in classic game fans getting what they want when big name publishers won't offer it -- in this case, an old school dungeon crawler.


Rather than being set in the typical cramped dungeons, though, Arakion has a wide open above-ground world to explore, with unexpected elements like town building and non-traditional leveling.

Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones
Expected Release: Q4 2017 / Q1 2018

Stygian is nothing less than pure '90s RPG awesomeness distilled into Lovecraftian horror form. If you grew up on Infinity Engine games and turn-based fantasy strategy, you want in on this one.


An indie offering that was crowdfunded, Stygian takes the map exploration style and dialog system from Baldur's Gate, adds in the turn-based, grid combat of Heroes Of Might and Magic, and then pulls its story from the Cthulhu mythos. 


It's New England in the 1920s -- a favorite haunt of the mythos -- only this time around Cthulhu and the rest of the Old Ones have risen, and humanity is on its way out the door. 


Between the style and themes, I'm expecting this to be GOTY for me. If Cultic Games screws this up, I foresee the developers being sacrificed to Hastur by a horde of crazed gamers.


Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr

Expected Release: Q4 2017

I'm the first one to point out that Warhammer 40,000 already has way, way too many games, and that Games Workshop needs to stop handing this license out like candy to anyone who happens to walk by.


That being said, we're getting something a bit different than usual with Warhammer 40,000: Inquisition Martyr, which is taking an action RPG route that brings to mind Diablo, Grim Dawn, or Space Siege -- but with the addition of cover points and a sandbox world.


That style hasn't been done much in the Warhammer universe, and it could be a fresh new take. But personally I'm still holding out hope we get a dialog-driven true RPG in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium one of these days soon.


Cyberpunk 2077

Expected Release: Sometime before the Earth plunges into the sun?

As a Shadowrun devotee, the glitzy lights of a dystopian cyberpunk future have had me eagerly waiting for this CD Projekt Red entry since it was first announced. 


I won't ever forget the date: it was January 10th, 2013 when an astonishingly detailed trailer arrived for Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of that trailer, a small line of text revealed the game would be coming "when it's ready."


"Good," I thought to myself, "make sure its polished and perfect." Now here we are more than four years later. And while the hype is still alive, it's increasingly exceeded by annoyance. Five months back, we rightfully asked Where The Hell Is Cyberpunk 2077 Already?!?


The answer is still: who the hell knows? Maybe we'll see something concrete around E3 this year? Probably not, though.


Considering the quality of The Witcher 3, it's a foregone conclusion something amazing is coming. But this studio seriously needs to get on revamping its advertising strategies here, as it feels like that 2013 trailer should have just dropped this year instead.


Divinity: Original Sin 2

Release Date: September 14

Arriving even before Pillars Of Eternity, the previous Divinity Original Sin offered an old school approach to the cRPG style with charming graphics, loads of character options, and oddly enough, a whole lot humor. And Divinity Original Sin 2 is looking to continue (most of) that legacy.


We've previously looked at how big changes are coming to the franchise, with the laughs notably being dampened down this time around. But other than that, everything is shaping up to be bigger, better, and grimmer in this turn-based sequel -- now confirmed for a mid-September 2017 release date.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Expected Release: Late 2017

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a cRPG to be on the lookout for if you count yourself among the Mount & Blade crowd. The sandbox style is on full display here, but with a huge focus on realism and historical accuracy. That's right -- its an RPG with no dragons or fairies!


Although I prefer a fantasy or sci-fi slant to my games, I'm looking forward to becoming a despised reaver and conqueror in medieval Europe, putting my peasants to the sword and cutting a bloody swath of terror across the land!


Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Expected Release: Late 2018

After Paradox bought up White Wolf, it was only a matter of time before a World Of Darkness game was announced. And the first major outing (aside from two text-based mobile entries that just landed), will be none other than Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


A staple of the World Of Darkness tabletop RPG line that was mostly ascendant in the '90s and early 2000s, I'm proud to say I have several editions of this setting nestled comfortably in my roleplaying bookcase (my personal favorite is the second edition with claw marks torn into the cover so you can see inside to the first page).


The game changed drastically between editions, but in The Apocalypse there was a huge environmental slant, with werewolves acting as protectors of Gaia -- to the point that some of the tribes were active eco-terrorists. It will be interesting to see how that will play out in the cRPG version, and if we'll have some gamergate-style outrage from a certain segment of the gaming community.


Considering how Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines became a cult classic, expect big things from this entry in that same universe. Fingers crossed it means more classic WoD is coming to the computer screen. I've always wanted to see an open world Wraith: The Oblivion that let players go on haunting sprees.


Project Resurgence

Expected Release: Q4 2017 / Q1 2018

We've been following Project Resurgence for more than a year now since it first popped up in our monthly crowd funding reports, and it isn't known yet if the game will remain named "Resurgence" or if its just a placeholder.


Much like Pillars Of Eternity, the goal here is to bring classic Infinity Engine games based around a party to a more modern setting -- and this time around there's more than a little Arcanum influence with the steampunk-meets-magic elements.


Like that classic game, the player decides whether to take combat in turn-based mode with action points, or a more frenzied real-time version. Stay tuned for release info and trailers to arrive sometime around the end of the year.


Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire

Expected Release: Q1 2018

It could be argued that Pillars Of Eternity was the first game to really ignite the classic cRPG revival, with a cash-strapped Obsidian Entertainment turning to crowd funding to save both the studio and the whole roleplaying genre.


For all its nostalgic wonder -- giving Baldur's Gate fans everything they wanted in a game -- there was room for improvement, particularly on the stronghold front.


That issue and more are set to be refined and expanded with part two, moving to a new area of Obsidian's original fantasy world. The main storyline of the first game featured a strong element of atheism versus faith, and that theme is very likely to continue in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire -- especially given that the tagline reads: "Hunt a god. Save your soul."


Wasteland 3

Expected Release: Q4 2019

Another InXile offering, Wasteland 3 isn't actually slated to drop until 2019. But we're eagerly anticipating the finished product at the end of that years-long wait. In this direct follow-up to Wasteland 2, expect more turn-based post-apocalyptic mayhem -- this time in the frozen Colorado tundra rather than the irradiated deserts of Arizona.


Moving away from the blasted gray of Fallout and the endless sandy brown orange of Wasteland 2, this time around InXile is really bringing the "winter" in nuclear winter!


The Bard's Tale IV

Expected Release: October 2017

InXile has been faithfully bringing us new iterations of long-dead classic role-playing titles for several years now. And next up is a reboot of The Bard's Tale, which originally came out in 1985 -- a year before I was even born!


If the name seems familiar, that's because the same developer actually made the top-down action version of The Bard's Tale for consoles a decade back. You may recall that game's claim to fame being Cary Elwes of The Princess Bride cracking jokes and trying to bed wenches the whole time.


This new edition, simply titled The Bard's Tale IV, will ditch that comedic action style and instead provide a more classic, iconic version of game for those who remember loading up floppy disks on the Commodore 64.


The first person combat and party management elements are returning -- and from what's been revealed to Kickstarter backers so far, it looks like a design overhaul will keep the nostalgia while providing a UI that's more friendly to modern gamers.


The Final Fantasy XV hysteria is finally dying down, and Persona 5 has been out long enough for everyone to put in their hundred or hours or so -- which leaves us in a bit of a no man's land on the RPG front at the moment.


Some big ones have dropped for the PC lately, with Torment: Tides Of Numenera finally arriving nearly two decades after its predecessor -- and it's been a pleasure to see InXile continue to support that sequel with new, free content post-release.


I Am Setsuna also just landed on the Switch, which will hopefully breathe new life into that studio, as Chrono Trigger style entries will always be welcome for a generation of gamers who feel that variety of RPG didn't get enough love.


Looking forward to the end of the year and into 2018, there are 14 RPGs we can't wait to play. Here we'll be focusing on cRPGs that mostly provide a classic gaming experience, with a few twists thrown in on the action RPG or strategy sides for good measure. 

New Vampyr Story Trailer Released Thu, 05 Apr 2018 14:01:26 -0400 Erroll Maas

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer DONTNOD Entertainment have released a brand-new story trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr

This new trailer reveals some elements of the game's narrative and features a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper."

In Vampyr, players will become Jonathan Reid, a doctor returning from the front lines of the Great War who has recently turned into a vampire. Jonathan's prime objective is to find out who caused his transformation and why, all while exploring a dark and secretive world and trying to find a cure for the deadly disease harming London's citizens.

While investigating, Jonathan will have to do what he can to resist his newly acquired thirst for blood, and his choices will have a significant impact on the outcome of his story.

Vampyr will launch on June 5, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and it is available for pre-order. Stick with GameSkinny for more news and information on Vampyr as it develops.


Fill Your Blood Gauge with Vampyr's Combat Sun, 02 Oct 2016 14:57:40 -0400 Glitchieetv

New combat screenshots of Vampyr have been released by Dontnod Entertainment. Showing off the bloody game play, the screenshots hightlight the main character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, making use of his new vampire powers; as well as more traditional weapons. Vampyr will be released in 2017 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. 

Taking place in 1918's London during the Spanish Flu, Vampyr revolves around Dr. Reid as he hunts for the truth about his affliction. Now a vampire, he will have to face off against mutated humans, vampire hunters, and even his friends on his journey. During combat, Dr. Reid's Blood Gauge fills up allowing him to unleash vampire abilities such as destructive spells.

With a non-linear skill tree,the game allows players to customize Dr. Reid to their play style, whether it is head on assaults or more defensive play. Each skill can be upgraded one of two ways, further allowing a player to fine tune combat skills. Combat can also be affected by choices made out of combat, such as feeding on humans. Paying attention to who to feed from and when to flee will be important in leveling up the character.

Vampyr brings a fresh flavor to vampire games. Will you be investigating Dr. Reid's new affliction when the game releases?



Life is strange as the undead- Vampyr pre-alpha gameplay Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:41:48 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Focus Home Interactive recently released a new gameplay trailer for Vampyr .The new video -- showcased at Gamescom -- shows more of the player's interactive options and battle abilities. 

Vampyr is an action RPG currently in development by Dontnod; creators of the well received Life is Strange. Their newest title focuses on the narrative of Dr Jonathan Reid struggling with his curse as a vampire and attempting to hold on to his human values. The story takes place in London which has become home to a number of life threatening illnesses and growing paranoia.

In the video, we see the protagonist select various dialogue choices and explore the city. Given Jonathan's career background, we also witness his thoughts and analysis on various deaths via the diseases within the city. The trailer also features some combat as vampire hunters attempt to attack Jon. In combat, he's able to use sword, firearms, supernatural strength, and dark magic.

RPG and horror adventure fans can look forward to Vampyr releasing in 2017.

Vampyr's E3 Trailer Revealed! Tue, 14 Jun 2016 04:38:16 -0400 CalendarV

Focus Home Interactive recently revealed a new trailer for their upcoming game Vampyr following a presentation at the E3 PC Gaming Show.

The game is being made by Dontnod Entertainment, who is famous for developing GOTY-nominated game Life is Strange.

Vampyr is an action RPG that's set in 20th century London. The protagonist is an army surgeon named Jonathan Reid, a veteran of World War I . He feels some hunger for blood, which obviously won't be tolerated in society. The player has to choose whom to kill and whom not to kill, until Jonathan Reid is able to find a cure for his "hunger".

Unfortunately, the E3 trailer mainly focuses on the nightmare of Vampyr's hero, and does not show much of the actual gameplay. However, the description of the video gives more detailed information about this game.

Taking lives in London is not easy. Killing too many in a district may cause its infrastructure to collapse and turn into disarray. Every single life will also have a butterfly effect on the other NPCs surrounding them; a merchant’s wife could be killed and he could decide to close shop and leave town. Every life you take away will have consequences for the city and the people around them: Cursed be the choice!

Vampyr will be out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

Save or Survive: How Vampyr's Moral Choices are Different Tue, 31 May 2016 09:54:29 -0400 ChrisDeCoster

Being able to make choices is one of the features that is completely exclusive to gaming as a medium. However, not all games make use of this. While linear stories that take inspiration from film and literature are still popular and a lot of fun, it's always interesting to see a story change due to the player's actions.  That's one of the reasons I loved Dontnod Entertainment's previous game, Life is Strange, and it's the main reason I'm looking forward to their next title, an action RPG called Vampyr.

In Vampyr, the player is faced with a choice unlike any other: who to kill? While many other games, such as Dishonored, Bioshock, and almost every BioWare game, offer you moments where you can choose to save lives or end them, in this game you don't have this luxury.  Your character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, is forced to choose between two distinct calls: his oath as a doctor to do no harm, and his newly acquired vampiric needs.

Vampyr is set in an early twentieth century London which is falling apart at the seams.  In the midst of the Spanish Flu pandemic, and with monsters stalking the streets, Reid's duty to his patients is interrupted by his transformation into a vampire.  While determined to do right by his patients and stop London from falling to sickness, Reid -- and the player -- must come to terms with the fact his survival means sating his hunger for human blood.

Making Sacrifices to Survive

If you want to finish Vampyr, you'll have to kill people, especially if you want to grow stronger.  Reid's best abilities -- which will make him faster, stronger, and more persuasive -- are locked away until he drinks enough blood.  This creates an interesting conundrum for the player where they must balance their commitment to saving the city and its people with the need for power.

But the consequences of killing are more than just power and a different ending-- as they are in many games.  Everyone person who you kill has a name, personality, and acquaintances that will react to their departure.  Your decisions will send ripples through the game's story, tailoring your experience to fit those decisions.  Not only that, but as you devour London's inhabitants, it grows closer and closer to falling to disease and the monsters that lurk its streets.  Vampyr asks the player a simple question: "In your quest to fight monsters, will you become one?"

Why This is Different

While once considered revolutionary, moral choice systems in games are considered by many to be, in some cases, trite.  What was once a selling point for games like Fable and Infamous is now considered (at best) just a reason to play a game a second time.  The problem with many of these games is that, for the most part, it's not really a question.  

Take the second Infamous game, for example. In this game, your choices are ranked as either good or evil, and the final choice you make determines whether you're rewarded with the good or evil ending.  The problem is that there's no reason to vary your choices.  Once you've committed to either becoming the city's savior or its destroyer, you're locked into either gaining experience through good deeds or losing it through evil ones.  You're never tempted to the dark side, either, as you're never given any reason to believe that the "evil" side is actually in the right, excluding the last choice in the game.

Not only that, but it's not like the choices are particularly difficult for a rational person to make.  Few games portray the player's choice of good or evil as a struggle.  Even Bioshock, where you were actually rewarded in game for evil choices, didn't do much to make it a struggle, as it wasn't difficult enough to make evil choices feel necessary for the player's survival. 

Necessary Evil

In Vampyr, you're going to have to make those choices.  Your duty to the city and need for blood are always going to influence your choices, as the two are both ever-present and impossible to reconcile.  Because of this, Vampyr won't be just one game you play differently for a good and a bad ending, but a huge mess or decisions, some you may come to regret.  

Vampyr releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Life is Strange developers divulge more info on Vampyr Thu, 03 Dec 2015 18:09:57 -0500 tobes325

Life is Strange has been a runaway hit this year and has generated a great amount of publicity. The developers behind the game have now revealed more details about their next project, Vampyr.

PlayStation Blog has been speaking to Phillip Moreau, Director of Life is Strange to get additional info. Set in London right after the first World War, Vampyr puts you in the shoes of an actual vampire; go figure. You get turned right at the start of the game and from the new concept art below you can see it has a very eerie, gothic, and dark feel to it.

The reason for the surgical masks is because the game is also set around the same time as the outbreak of the Spanish Flu.

"We wanted to tell a truly gothic story about vampires – a far cry from the glittery vampires you see on TV and in movies nowadays."

Moreau has described the game as "an action RPG with tight, visceral combat mechanics, exploration, and investigation" where "you’ll have to collect many clues, and talk to many people as you prowl the streets of London." 

The combat of the game seems to be under close supervision and Dontnod doesn't want to reveal too much yet, but they have said "there’s more to the combat."  

Something that definitely piqued my interest is the way they are treating your decisions as a vampire. Whilst exploring the streets of London, you can pick any target you like but "each kill will have consequences on the fragile streets of London". Moreau also went on to say that "they’ll have an effect on the story, often immediately, and in the long-run."

Essentially, this gives you the choice of being a good vampire or a totally badass vampire. You will be playing as a doctor called Jonathan Reid who comes from the belief that the supernatural does not exist; so being turned into a vampire really doesn't sit well with him.

What do you think about these new details for the game? Has the new concept art got you excited? Let me know in the comments below!