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Quickly becoming the hottest Steam download and taking the world by (virtual) storm, VRChat is currently the happening place to be, whether you want to hang out with Ned Flanders in a bar or be chased by 10,000 Ugandan Knuckles all asking the same inane question.

For those just getting started in the extremely wild and extremely varied ride that is VRChat, simply logging in and connecting to a virtual world is becoming something of an ordeal. If wouldn't be fun if you didn't have to work for it though, right?

It would appear the comparatively small team of VRChat developers wasn't quite expecting the explosion of popularity that occurred in recent weeks, leading to a whole lot of connection errors.

If you've been getting the VRChat Mongoerror No Connection Available message, we've got some potential troubleshooting to try out so you can get back to bowling with a team of gender-bending stormtroopers.

If you see this, you're probably wondering is vr chat down? 
This one is no fun to see every single time you try to connect.

Fixing VRChat Monogoerror No Connection 

First and foremost, make sure you are running the official, licensed version of VRChat and didn't download the installation client from a third-party source.

As changes come to this virtual gathering space that not everyone agrees with, some folks have started offering modified versions of the client that get around bans or let you do things you aren't supposed to do. The devs are working overtime to scrub the game of griefers and people who just want to shout racist messages all the time, and obviously there's been some push back on that front.

The problem is that these unofficial clients often have malware bundled into the installer, and they also don't tend to work as well as if you'd downloaded the client from Steam or straight from the VRChat website.

If you got the game from any other location, delete it right away, run a spyware/virus scan, and do a new install from the official sources. The developers even recently had to issue a serious alert about this growing problem in the community:

 Stick to the official version, kids!

If you went straight to the source and got the VRChat client the right way, that narrows the Mongoerror No Connection issue down to exactly one problem, and unfortunately there's no quick fix for this one.

In most cases, this VRChat error message is just an issue of the server for your area going down either unintentionally due to overload or intentionally for maintenance.

That means the only real fix is time -- you've got to wait it out until the server is patched up and goes back online. It's not a fun fix, especially when your friends in other areas of the world can log in just fine, but that's the reality of the virtual situation. Give it a few hours and try again.

This picture is basically vr chat in a nutshell ...now you can get back to seeing things like this again that will make you need to scrub your eyes with bleach!

If we discover another workaround, we'll update this article with additional fixes for the No Connection Available bug. Have you found anything else that works reliably yet? Let us know your bug fix solution in the comments section!

When you do finally hook up to a working server, there's a lot you need to know ahead of time before diving into the digital Wild West that is VRChat. For those just getting started, be sure to check out our other guides on navigation, character selection, etiquette, and even building your own custom 3D avatar in Unity:

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If you haven't yet heard of the utterly wild ride that is VRChat, get ready to see that name a whole lot more often, as this frontier of the web comes into the spotlight.

Combining a virtual reality chat function with simple mechanics and a style that gamers crave, VRChat is the new place to be, and it's always getting bigger and more interesting as players create worlds or upload new avatars.

For those wondering, yes, you can play VRChat without actually have any VR equipment. You can log in straight from Steam on your desktop and don't need to have an Oculus, Vive, etc. Ready to dive in? We've got you covered with everything you need to know before downloading this Early Access experiment in gamer social networking.

Steam or VRChat Login?

When you get done downloading and installing, your first choice is whether to link your Steam account to VRChat directly or use the actual VRChat client to create your own login. There's more than just expedience at stake here when deciding whether to juggle another login and password.

If you plan on trying out the complex process of making your own custom 3D avatars, then you need to make a VRChat account. If you just plan on using the models available in the game, then go ahead and just link your Steam account to make logging in easier.

If you later decide you want a VRChat account instead so you can create custom content, you can switch between them by choosing System in the game menu and then Log Out. From there, just choose to sign in with VRChat credentials instead of Steam.

 Logging in through VRChat instead of Steam

VRChat Basics

After signing in and picking your starting avatar, movement is controlled with the left touchpad/controller in VR, or the standard WASD keys in non-VR mode.

From there, nearly everything is handled by pressing Escape (or left trigger/left menu button with a VR setup) to bring up the menu overlay, which appears over whatever landscape or object you are viewing. 

This menu controls nearly anything you want to do, including traveling to a new world, swapping out your avatar, adding someone as a friend, and so on. Just swivel your view to pick which option in the menu you want, or mouse over an option in non-VR mode. When trying to bring up a menu for another player, just look at them first before hitting Escape.

While portals can be used to travel between worlds to find new areas and players, it's much faster to bring up the menu and choose whatever world you want to check out.

Now that you know how to move around and interact with a world, there's some basic etiquette to get down. First off, don't spam "Do you know the way" hundreds of times to anyone you come across. It was only mildly funny to begin with, but now people are starting to get banned, as it got way, way out of control.

Finally, if you get stuck, open up the menu and hit Respawn. This can happen more often than you think -- after all VRChat is still in Early Access, and many of the areas are player-created.

Emoting And Blocking

You should pretty much always use a headset while logged into VRChat, as that's more than half the point of this game. If you aren't keen on audibly talking, though, you can use emojis and emotes through the main menu to get your point across, or grab markers and write words in the air in some locations.

No matter how you interact with other players, it is a foregone conclusion someone will eventually get too rowdy and need to be shut up. When this happens (and it will happen), highlight a player, hit Escape (or left trigger), and then select the option to mute or block.

Mute prevents you from hearing that person's mic (very helpful when someone is blaring loud music or a sad Ugandan Knuckles who think he's being clever is yelling racial slurs at you), while blocking actually prevents you from even seeing that player (and prevents them from seeing you).

If someone is truly being obnoxious, you can select an option to boot them from the room, and everyone else in the room will get a notification asking if they want to approve or deny the booting.

Clearing Out Space

After playing for a few days and making some new anime friends, you may notice something rather curious -- your hard drive is filling to capacity, despite VRChat having an incredibly tiny install file.

That's because local files are filling up a folder whenever you come across people with custom avatars or enter new areas of player-created content. You've got to clear this out from time to time.

Just navigate to the path C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat and entirely delete that folder. If you log in and travel to different worlds often, then yes, the folder will come back, and yes, it will fill up again. But for now, that's what needs to be done.


That's everything you need to know to get started in VRChat! If you're looking for more content on this game, make sure to check out our other VRChat guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

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Adding a virtual reality component to the 3D Second Life chat room style, VRChat is essentially dozens of games rolled into one. Want to build a tree house with your friends? Cool, no problem. Prefer to serve drinks at a digital lounge while someone blasts music through their mic? Totally doable.

But to do all of that, you're going to need a face. And a body. And that comes in the form of an avatar.  While there are some basic starting avatars to pick to represent yourself -- ranging from chibi anime girls to skeleton warriors to hulking robots -- the real draw to VRChat is the ability to create your own custom avatar.

Although the process is complex and requires a little 3D modeling skill, just about anyone can get their own custom avatars built and uploaded to the game in an afternoon following the guide below.

Getting Started Creating Custom VRChat Avatars

We're about to go through a crash course in model creation, and before you can get started building your virtual self, you need to download Unity (yep, that big game development tool everybody uses). Just choose the download assistant link at the top of the list for your specific OS, as that will guide you through downloading the right files you need for Unity.

Besides Unity, you also have to download the SDK from the VRChat website. Note that this requires creating a new VRChat account (instead of using your linked Steam account) if you've been logging into the game through Steam.

Don't do anything with the SDK file yet. Instead, open up Unity and start a new project. Choose 3D from the radio buttons, name the project whatever you want (probably something like "VRChat custom avatar" ...), and then click Create Project.

 Starting a new Unity project

Immediately close the project after creating it, then head to the location where you downloaded the SDK file and double-click it (after installing Unity, the SDK should now show a Unity icon).

Now click the name of your project in the menu. In the pop-up window that appears, click Import. All the SDK data will be imported to your blank, custom avatar project automatically. Unless you have a spectacularly beefy computer, expect this process to take several minutes.

Now you have to log into the SDK with your VRChat account info (not your Unity account). Open the VRChat SDK drop-down menu at the top of the screen and choose Settings, then enter your account name and password for VRChat.

 Signing into VRChat through Unity

Begin Building A Custom Avatar With A Character Model

Beginners will want to start with a specific character model that's already been created rather than building their own -- and there are plenty of model resources across the web you can import to get started on your VRChat model. Here are a few places to get started:

The Unity Asset Store might be your best bet to get started, as the models there are pre-rigged, meaning they will be the format you need to use right off the bat and you don't need to do anything extra to get their limbs moving properly. There are plenty of free models to browse through there as well, from armored knights to brave shirtless commandos (and yeah, plenty of potential waifus).

If you are using the Asset Store, find a model you want and choose Download, and then click Open In Unity to automatically add it to your project. The same download screen on your browser will appear in the center Game window in Unity. From there, click Download again, and then choose Import in the pop-up menu to put all the model's data in your project.

If you are using a model from some other source besides the Unity Store, instead open the Assets menu at the top and then choose Import New Asset. From there, select the location of the model data on your hard drive.

The name of the custom model will appear in the Assets window at the bottom of the screen next to the VRCSDK folder. Double-click the model folder, then double-click the Testscene button that has the Unity icon to open up the model in a scene (if there's no Testscene button, just select the name of the model instead to pull it up).

Underneath the Testscene heading in the Hierarchy window on the left side of the screen, click the name of your model. Next, on the far right side of the screen, switch from the Services tab to the Inspector tab.

A whole bunch of info will appear here that won't make sense at first, but don't worry, we're not using most of that. Now click the Add Component button at the bottom of the options and type "VR" into the search box to bring up a list of components. Click the check box labeled VRC_Avatar Descriptor, which gives you all the info you need to ensure the model fits VRChat's specifications.

 Adding the VRC_Avatar Descriptor component

Make Sure Your Custom Avatar Works Before Publishing

From here, you can technically publish your avatar to VRChat immediately, but you will probably need to make changes. Open the VRChatSDK drop-down menu again and select Show Build Control Panel to get some info to help guide your model. For instance, the yellow triangle prompts may tell you the model has too many polygons, or that the angles between certain bones aren't optimized for the VRChat experience.

This is where you can run into a lot of unexpcted problems, and a full Unity modeling tutorial is simply beyond the scope of this article. For the most part, you can find the options easily for changes, but in some cases you may need to dive into Unity's documentation.

If your model is too big, for instance, head over to the Inspector tab again, and change the numbers in the Scale settings to modify the figure (such as putting 0.5 on the X or Y axis to reduce the height or girth of the model by half). 

After making any necessary changes, click the Auto Detect button halfway down the Inspector tab to make sure everything is set up how VRChat needs it, then click Build & Publish in the Build Control Panel window. Again, this process is going to take a long time on lower-end machines.

Complete and Upload Your Custom VRChat Avatar

Once the build process is done, the center Game panel of Unity will bring up the New Avatar screen, where you can name your avatar, write a description, and mark any check boxes for violent content.

Note that you have to check a box indicating you own the rights to any character you upload. While that won't be a problem if you are using the Unity store, licensing rights can be an issue if you are downloading famous Nintendo characters like Sonic from another source. Obviously people are ignoring this rule, since you'll see tons of licensed characters in the game, but be aware it may lead to legal problems for VRChat in the future and a potential crackdown on what gets uploaded.

Click Upload to send your snazzy new Avatar to the VRChat world! Now close Unity and open up VRChat. Log in with the same credentials you used to create the avatar, and it will be ready and waiting to use in the game!

 Using a custom 3D knight model from the Unity Store

Obviously, 3D model creation is a complex process where you can hit plenty of snags, especially when trying to get a pre-made character to work with VRChat's specifications. For advanced techniques and a list of useful third-party tools to make this process smoother, check out the VRChat Wikia here.

Let us know when you manage to get your custom VRChat avatar built and uploaded so we can check it out in the game! 

If you're looking for more content on this game, make sure to check out our other VRChat guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

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While Second Life is probably the most well known, a host of 3D worlds appeared in the early Wild West days of the Internet (back when dial-up modems made those obnoxious sounds) to give people a "physical" place to hang out and chat online.

Now that we're hitting the VR revolution, there's a whole new way to meet people (and behave oddly in front of them), as VRChat is now taking Steam by storm. Best of all? It's totally free, so a large community is rapidly building in the numerous VRChat worlds.

For those who haven't laid down the cash yet for an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you aren't being left out in the cold. You don't have to actually have a VR capable machine to play VRChat.

Playing VRChat on Steam without VR Equipment

Just load the VRChat program on Steam like you would any other game (it will show up under the VR tab at the bottom of your list of games instead of the normal Games tab). When the program opens, choose "Launch In Desktop (Non-VR) Mode" and hit Play.

Although you don't need any pricey VR tools, you should play the game with a headset so you can chat back, otherwise you'll be that one mute hero from every JRPG ever, and that's bound to upset some people who are trying to chat you up.

           It's that easy!

Get Ready For Anything

Whether you play on your desktop or in VR mode, get ready for a radically different experience than your usual online game.

There are far fewer 12-year-olds yelling racial slurs or graphically explaining what they did to your mother last night than in any given match of Call Of Duty or your average MMO (that's not to say there are ZERO 12-year-olds doing that in VRChat, just far less).

Things are guaranteed to get very weird, though. You might come across people singing songs in a bar, or Japanese businessmen trying to look up the skirts of female characters. There are groups banding together to go bowling and giant anime women (who are almost certainly not women in real life) doing weird sex stuff in the street.

Herds of people gather together to create their own cities and societies, then disband on a whim. Skeleton warriors will follow you around, shouting into the void about topics they are wildly passionate about but no one else in the room could possibly be interested in.

 This gathering of characters is about a 5% on the VRChat oddity scale.

My own first experience was a truly wild ride in just the first half hour, traveling to a world, Beaver House, and discovering a group of anime characters gathered around a robot who was -- no joke -- giving a sermon about the coming uprising of the robot god. A bus showed up a few minutes later being driven by a leprechaun, which quickly filled up with a host of Mario characters all needing a ride around the lake. I couldn't figure out how to properly sit on the bus seat, so it took off without me, after which point a giant tree walked up and wanted to talk.

It's an odd, wacky, kind of awesome place. It's also terrifying. Ready to give it a shot? Jump on through Steam here, or download the client straight through the VRChat website.


There's a lot to learn once you actually get into the game, especially if you want to upload your own content. Stay tuned for our full guides on all things VRChat arriving soon! In the meantime, let us know -- what's been your favorite VRChat memory or the craziest thing you've seen happen in a world so far?

If you're looking for more content on this game, make sure to check out our other VRChat guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

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VRChat has been taking the internet by storm lately, prompting many Steam users to turn their heads. And seeing as you can hop in this free-to-play social simulation without even owning a proper VR headset, it's no wonder why so many people are logging in. However, it does have a rather annoying and weirdly reoccurring issue -- an infinite loading loop that's really more than an irritating bug.

Upon logging into the game, some players encounter the weird infinite loading bug -- a loop that glitches everything out. It's a loop that loads the area, then somehow unloads it when loading the players, then unloads the players when it goes to try and fix its error, and on and on ad nauseam.

If you're one of the unlucky players experiencing the infinite loading bug -- first of all, my condolences -- but there may still be hope yet. A workaround that utilizes Steam's launch options was discovered recently, and although it's a pretty involved process, it's one that can keep VRChat's loading sequence from spiraling out of control.  

How to Fix the Infinite Loop Loading Bug in VRChat

The fix to the incessantly-loading loop essentially works by telling Steam what World you want to log in to when you boot up the game. In order to do that, though, you first need to obtain an ID that Steam can use to identify the World you want to load. To find this, you'll need to visit VRChat's Official Website.

Start by logging in and navigating to the Worlds page. From here, scroll through the list of Worlds until you find the one you want to join. Any World should work with this loop fix.

Once you've found a World you want to join, right-click and select 'Copy Link Location'. The World's ID is found in this link, but just pasting the whole thing into Steam's launch options won't work, so you'll have to trim it a bit first.

How to Fix Infinite Loading Bug in VRChat

Paste the link into Notepad or any other random text box you have lying around for some quick editing. You'll want to erase bits at the beginning and end of the link, specifically 'https://www.vrchat.net/launch?worldId=' and '&ref=vrchat.com'. The portion that you're left with is the World ID, and it should look something like 'wrld_eb7a5096-9c93-41db-a9d7-7b349a5d4815'.

Now that you have the World ID needed for Steam, it's time to set the launch options. To do so, right-click on VRChat in your Steam Library and click on 'Properties'. On the General tab in the new window, click 'Set Launch Options...' to open up a text box where you can tell Steam how to launch your game.

Start by entering the syntax 'vrchat://launch?id='. This is essentially what tells Steam that you want to load into a specific World. Then simply identify the World by pasting in the ID that you mined earlier from the Official Website, placing it right after the '='. Press 'OK' and voila! You're done. No more loading loop.

From there, just launch VRChat normally. If you still encounter the infinite loading bug after setting your launch options and double-checking that you entered it correctly, then simply try another World. It seems that Worlds with a higher population tend to get struck by this bug the most, so until it blows over, just be sure to avoid them.


With the infinite loading bug out of the way, the VRChat memes can finally recommence -- and your computer won't spiral out of control. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for all the latest game fixes, news, and guides.

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