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Another Kickstarter project has come to fruition; WARMACHINE: Tactics is now available for purchase on Steam!

WARMACHINE: Tactics is a squad-level, turn-based tactics game set in a world of magic and machinery. Choose a team of Warcasters, Warjacks, and Warriors to battle your foes. Warcasters have the ability to use magic and martial arts, and they can control Warjacks. Warjacks are gigantic, steam-powered automatons that heed their master's every thought, smashing and bashing on the Warcaster's command. Warriors support the team, filling positions such as infantrymen and gunners. All have their uses and all are necessary for a successful team. Warcasters react differently to varied combinations of Warriors and Warjacks, so you need to rotate your team around to see what suits you best.

Players can utilize singleplayer or multiplayer mode. The game focuses on squad-to-squad combat between factions. Gamers can choose one of four factions:


  • Cygnar, with cutting-edge technology
  • Cryx, with its undead "Nightmare Emprire"
  • the Protectorate of Menoth, with its fanatical devotion to the gods
  • Khador, with its conquest-driven imperialism


WARMACHINE: Tactics is based on the award-winning steampunk tabletop game by Privateer Press. The tabletop game won Best Fantasy Miniatures Rules of 2003, Best Fantasy Miniatures Series of 2003, Game of the Year at Origins in 2005, and Gamers Choice for Best Miniatures in 2005. Privateer Press teamed up with WhiteMoon Dreams, an independent digital entertainment company. They then launched a Kickstarter compaign to fund the project, raising $1,578,950.

Gameplay will stay fresh and fun, as new updates are released regularly in campaign and themed bundles. Updates will include new maps, units, and factions, so your gaming experience will be new every time.

WARMACHINE: Tactics is available online for $39.99 on Steam. Are you going to play?

Warmachine: Tactics E3 Teaser Trailer https://www.gameskinny.com/5rzab/warmachine-tactics-e3-teaser-trailer https://www.gameskinny.com/5rzab/warmachine-tactics-e3-teaser-trailer Wed, 11 Jun 2014 11:03:17 -0400 Landon Sommer

Earlier this week Privateer Press, creators of the tabletop game Warmachine, gave us a few updates on their upcoming video game, Warmachine: Tactics. Led by Whitemoon Dreams, this game is starting to come to life.

It now has more than just a demo that demonstrates a few turns. It's getting close to reaching the exclusive Beta testing offered to Kickstarters. We should see the game available in August.

Everything about Tactics seems to imply that the game will remind you of the turn-based play from X-com: Enemy Unknown. In every way, that will be a good thing. The complication for Whitemoon will be adding the incredible complexity that Warcasters in the Warmachine universe will require.

Warcasters, if you aren't already in the know, are magic users that have developed the rare ability to interact with the "computer brain" or cortex of a Warjack. A Warjack is a huge robot, originally intended for moving large objects and doing heavy labor, converted into robots designed for war. This allows the Warcaster to see through their eyes and control their actions in addiction to their own. The downside? It requires the Warcaster to split their attention between all the Warjacks they take into battle. Too many Warjacks could be a Warcasters strength or weakness.

In the tabletop game, each warcaster has a unique set of spells, abilities, and a feat. In the above picture, Sorcha is likely using her feat that freezes everyone nearby into place. These abilities are only useable once per game on the tabletop, but are incredibly powerful. Expect nothing less in the video game.

Cinematic trailer shows Sturgis impaling a not magically-gifted soldier.

Warcasters can also use their focus to add to their already impressive combat ability. In X-com, you probably had a well-balanced team, when they weren't all injured. In Tactics expect most of your firepower to come from the Warcaster and Warjacks. Your troops will serve their purpose as well, but that purpose will likely be running interference. The definition of interference here is dying so you can get your heavy hitters into position.

While Warcasters are the most dangerous warriors in your arsenal, they are also the crux of your battlegroup. If you lose him, you will lose the battle for sure as their magical connection to the Warjacks will fail and their troops will lose morale.

While the trailer doesn't really release that much information about the game, you can piece together plenty more info by watching the Backer updates from Whitemoon Dreams on YouTube.

Privateer Press Lock and Load Presentation Recap https://www.gameskinny.com/m7bp4/privateer-press-lock-and-load-presentation-recap https://www.gameskinny.com/m7bp4/privateer-press-lock-and-load-presentation-recap Sat, 07 Jun 2014 08:33:35 -0400 Landon Sommer

Chances are if you're a fan of Warmachine or Hordes, you stayed up, or woke up early to watch the Lock and Load keynote presentation on Twitch.tv . Here's the recap if you missed it or if your are wanting another dose of the info.

Level 7

The Level 7 universe gets another game in the version of Invasion. Matt Wilson descibes Invasion as the third act in the Level 7 storyline. He calls it a climax, not a close. The big enemy, the Hydra, are coming to Earth to eliminate the Ghin, a refugee alien race hidden on the planet.

Invasion is a semi cooperative global resource game, as described by Will Schick. Each player is a world leader working in a coalition with the other nations and the former bad guy, Dr. Chronos. He promised that the Level 7 story wouldn't end there, either.

Aeryn Rudel announced a Level 7 narrative, Judas Protocol. This book will be a prequel story coming from Skull Island Expeditions and written by Nathan Myer. It will follow the Disco Team from Level 7: Omega Protocol. It's a story about the team hunting down a rogue Ghin with stolen technology. Another short story will be released to parallel the story from the upcoming Invasion board game. 


Matt Wilson, has announced that they will be partnering with Smogcon and Cerberus in the UK. This coming February, Will Schick will be headed to Smogcon to, hopefully, bring the Lock and Load feel to SmogCon for those in the UK that want a convention focused on Privateer Press games without having to travel to Seatlle for Lock and Load.

Warmachine: Reckoning

Ed Bourelle promised that Reckoning will be a big book, likely bigger than most of the Warmachine releases to date with character units, jacks, and new Warcasters. Will tells us that Reckoning will bring the Vengeance and Exigence stories to a climax that they have been building to for a while. Will Schick threw in a quick hint, "Dragons will rise!"

Warmachine: Tactics

The Kickstarted video game for Warmachine is still expected to be on track. The release is slated for August. A playable demo is currently available to play at Lock and Load. Matt Wilson says the Kickstarter pledges will have a shot at jumping into the closed beta test that will launch in the next few weeks. An open Beta test will be several more weeks after that.

The Iron Kingdoms RPG Monsternomicon Returns

Will Schick waited for the last thing to announce an IKRPG announcement. A New Monsternomicon, one of the more famous books from the first edition of the Iron Kingdoms RPG using the D20 system. The new book introduces "templates" that you can add to monsters in your campaigns including: 'blighted', 'spellslinger', and 'Adapted to it's environment'. A dragonspawn "building" table will give GMs a way to create pretty much any dragon they want to fit their story.

The book also has characteristics of the known dragons in the Iron Kingdoms universe so you can build a dragon similar or just like them. It has a release date of September 2014. Expect to see it at Gencon.

WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter Launches, Off to a Great Start https://www.gameskinny.com/f09zj/warmachine-tactics-kickstarter-launches-off-to-a-great-start https://www.gameskinny.com/f09zj/warmachine-tactics-kickstarter-launches-off-to-a-great-start Wed, 10 Jul 2013 18:18:25 -0400 Wokendreamer

When Privateer Press announced they would be launching a Kickstarter campaign to create a turn-based game based on their tabletop miniatures wargame, Warmachine, I was excited.  Now the Kickstarter for WARMACHINE: Tactics has actually launched, and I am ecstatic.  The game itself will be produced if they raise $550,000, and as of the writing of this sentence, they have raised over $242,000 in the less than the six hours this Kickstarter has been live.

Ultimately one of the main contributors to Kickstarter's success is the flexibility of letting players pay whatever they like, based upon which tiered benefits they want.  The tiers for WARMACHINE: Tactics range from the almost obligatory $1 backing thank you all the way up to the $5,000 option of getting ones own likeness illustrated on canvas in warcaster armor.  The $5,000 tier already has two of five backers, by the way, and the tier beneath it at $3,000 is full.

For the tabletop players, multiple tiers offer access to Kickstarter-exclusive sculpts of as-yet unreleased characters for Warmachine.  While the characters themselves will eventually see a full release, the sculpts used in the Kickstarter will have their molds destroyed before mass production begins, making their posing unique to backers.

It is always exciting to consider combining multiple hobbies or habits.  This is one of the rare occasions of it being done the right way.

Tabletop Game Warmachine Coming to PC Through Kickstarter https://www.gameskinny.com/cdsrd/tabletop-game-warmachine-coming-to-pc-through-kickstarter https://www.gameskinny.com/cdsrd/tabletop-game-warmachine-coming-to-pc-through-kickstarter Thu, 27 Jun 2013 13:26:23 -0400 Wokendreamer

Tabletop wargaming is a hobby with millions of avid fans.  The hobby was brought to the world of video gaming through the various games for the Warhammer universe.  Titles such as Dawn of War, Chaos Gate, and Shadow of the Horned Rat have sought to bring a similar sort of experience as what gamers find on the tabletop to their digital environments.  Now Privateer Press has formally announced their own upcoming attempt to bring a new tabletop universe to the digital realms with Kickstarter called WARMACHINE: Tactics.


Warmachine is a steam punk styled skirmish wargame, and is named after the massive warjacks that serve as the centerpieces in its armies.  It is one of the major tabletop miniatures games in an industry largely dominated by Games Workshop and its various franchises.

Technology in the world Privateer Press has created is often a mingling of steam power and sorcery, with each of the major factions adding their own twists.  Cygnar incorporates its technologically advanced electric power into its weaponry while Khador stacks on as much armor as its warjacks can carry.  Stretch goals proposed for the Kickstarter would also bring in the other factions, with Cryx bringing its necromancy and the Protectorate of Menoth its holy fervor and fire.

What's the difference?

What sets this attempt to take a tabletop game digital seems to be how closely it seeks to mirror the tabletop experience.  Dawn of War and its sequel are both loads of fun, but they are very clearly not the same experience.  The only game I have seen brought in a direct port from its tabletop equivalent is Blood Bowl, and while the game is a load of fun, it has built-in imbalance openly admitted to, and is a different sort of game on its own.

WARMACHINE: Tactics is looking to create a turn-based version of its tabletop game, not simply a digital game based upon it.  A single-player campaign can give players a chance to ease into the game and its (surprisingly simple) systems, while multiple varieties of multiplayer might actually deliver something the table gaming community has been seeking for ages.

A familiar experience

Magic: the Gathering has been done in many games as a direct port from its tabletop version, and every one of those games has people flock to it to experience their hobby from the comfort of home.  It does not give them a similar experience, it gives them the same experience.

These games are, by their very nature, games of infinite variable capacity.  In a game of Warmachine for example, I pick my faction, then my warcaster, then my warcaster's warjacks, then the rest of the army.  Each configuration plays entirely differently, not simply by changing faction but even within individual factions.  If done properly, each warcaster completely changes how their army plays.

Perhaps most obviously, the game is fun.  Warmachine has millions of players all across the planet, but many of them are unable to interact with more than their local area.  Even within those small groups (my own gaming group has about ten people) we keep coming up with new ways to build our forces, new ways to apply them, new ways to enjoy the game every time we sit down to play.

Why wouldn't we want to be able to do that online with all those others players and people all over the world?

Privateer Press is creating a new publishing entity within its infrastructure specifically for digital media called, obviously, Privateer Press Interactive.  They are teaming up with Whitemoon Dreams to create WARMACHINE: Tactics, a company with veterans from the Ratchet and Clank, Fallout, and other games.  The two groups will be starting a Kickstarter funding drive soon to get the game made.

Tabletop fans... our fix is coming.