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In the latest round of rumors for E3 2016, EuroGamer reports Bethesda will be hosting a wealth of game announcements at their conference this Sunday, June 12th. According to the site, the games include a remaster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a revival of Prey 2, and the development of Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2. 

The Skyrim rumor is corroborated by two sources: Shinobi602, an industry insider who hinted at the game's existence in a podcast, and a NeoGAF poster by the name of Enter the Dragon Punch, who claimed the game will include all DLC, mod support and improved graphics. While the user lacks a history of insider reports, he had recently claimed the existence of a Sunset Overdrive PC port.

While Prey 2 was reportedly cancelled in 2014, new rumors cite it being revived by the new Austin, Texas, branch of developer Arakane. Meanwhile, the existence of Wolfenstein 2 hinges on a sole comment from a voice actress who worked on the first game. EuroGamer did not list any "notable" sources regarding The Evil Within 2.

If all these rumors are true, they'll be joining the first gameplay footage of Dishonored 2. In any case, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled this Sunday.

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