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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a game currently being created by indie developer Lizardcube. And according to the countdown timer on their website, this new game will be revealed soon. Currently the only thing on the website, the timer says we have about 40 hours until the official announcement.

The developer has revealed precious little about the game, but we do know a few things. The game is being developed in Paris by Lizardcube, and they have put together some nice talent. Omar Cornut, who worked on WiLD and PixelJunk Shooter, is programming the game. Ben Fiquet is providing the artistic bits. Never heard of him? Don't feel bad -- I hadn't either, but I've seen his work now. It's beautiful and just a touch quirky -- the perfect touch for this kind of game.  

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is based on an older title -- Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap. It was an award winning game, originally developed for the Sega Master System back in 1989. Despite its age it was, and remains, one of the best 8 bit platforming games ever created. We can only hope the remake lives up to the original. Keep an eye out for more details once the game is revealed. For more information check out the game's website here, and the developer website here.

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There is very little downside to being one of ten companies (out of 1500 applications) accepted into the TechStars Chicago program.  However, as great as that news is for GameWisp, the process has unfortunately left our readers bereft of guidance in the overwhelming gaming video universe for some time.  Just when you thought all hope was lost, we are back to help you navigate the vast seas of gaming video.  Welcome to a brand new edition of What To Watch This Weekend!

This weekend's featured channel is only about five months old (if the earliest YouTube video in the channel videos tab is to be believed), but displays an enormous amount of talent.  That Cybert Channel, like so many other small channels just starting out, is low on YouTube subscribers in relation to the strength of his content.   But with a fun sense of humor and content outside what is typically offered by the traditional Let's Play channel, we think he is going to be just fine. 

So without further ado, here are the three video reasons why you should be watching That Cybert Channel this weekend. 

The Top 5 (or 10) Lists

Today's header video is an example of a content type that I personally hope to see more of from Cybert.  Cybert has only posted three gaming-related top [insert number here] lists, but each one is thoroughly enjoyable.  In these videos, Cybert combines his fun sense of humor with some clearly strong gaming knowledge to create lists that are both entertaining and highly informative. 

This video is Cybert's top 5 games that he would like to see in high-definition remakes.  His list is necessarily made up of old school titles, including a few that I hadn't heard of before this video.  He keeps his reasoning relatively concise, providing enough background information and game footage to justify his position, all while keeping the video light and humorous.

In addition to this video, Cybert's "Getting Friend Zoned (5 Top Teases)" is an excellent gaming themed tribute to the anti-Valentine's Day sentiment, and the opening to his "A New Dawn (Top Ten Franchise Beginnings)" may be my favorite piece of content on his channel.  

Overall, this format seems to suit Cybert's personality and I, for one, look forward to seeing more of these lists in the future.

The Impossible Quiz  

Traditional Let's Plays and other gameplay videos tend to be straight run-throughs with very little cutting.  Good channels will edit out long mining session in Minecraft or multiple tries to pass a particular obstacle in a platformer.  But Cybert's playthrough of The Impossible Quiz is one of the best examples of using editing to take what could have been incredibly repetitive and create an engaging experience. 

For anyone who has played The Impossible Quiz, you know that it is basically a series of questions intended to frustrate you into yelling, hitting the desk several times, and eventually turning it off in disgust.  All of these emotions make for excellent gaming video, especially for Cybert, whose usual happy sense of humor is quickly turned to yelling, pounding, hilarious frustration.  

It is in the consistent failure and restart that Cybert's talent for editing shines through.  Rather than always editing such that the video jumps right back to the question missed previously, he varies his starting point, sometimes continuing from the beginning, sometimes a few questions early.  This gives a continuity to the experience without being boring or overly repetitive.  I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions and enjoying each minute even as I watched him tackle the same questions over and over again. 

Dan and Friends: Multiplayer Madness!  

If you have read previous installments of this series, you have probably guessed that I tend to be critical of multiplayer videos. Often they involve too many personalities talking over each other until the audio is an incomprehensible jumble of screaming and swearing.  Dan and Friends does have a tendency to devolve in this manner, but I've included this series here for a very specific reason: variety. 

Rather than sticking to a particular game, Dan and Friends plays multiple games, from the first person shooter action of Halo 4 to the slimeball capture-the-flag featured in this video of TagPro.  The cast of friends also varies from video to video.  This, along with the rough-around-the-edges feel, gives the whole series a sense of impromptu fun, which works well as a counterpoint to Cybert's more edited and polished work.  

Despite my lack of affinity for multiplayer videos, I found myself enjoying this series, and watching several episodes.  If you are one who enjoys multiplayer or are just looking for something fun, this is a series worth checking out. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed my time with That Cybert Channel.  For a young channel, Cybert displays a significant amount of aptitude for the medium.  I am really excited to see what happens with this channel in the future.  That Cybert Channel is definitely worth your time this weekend.  

We are so glad to finally be able to bring you more WTWTW.  If you are a gaming video creator, make sure you post your videos to GameWisp for a shot at being spotlighted in next week's edition!