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The most recent issue of CoroCoro Comic has revealed new details for Level - 5's upcoming Nintendo Switch JRPG, Yo-Kai Watch 4, the first main series title in the franchise to include multiple playable characters.

These characters include former protagonist Keita (known as Nate Adams in the West), new protagonists Katsume and Shin, and other unrevealed characters from the Yo-Kai Watch: Shadowside anime. Whether this means players will have to manage several different Yo-Kai teams has not yet been revealed.

In addition to being playable, human characters will join the battle to fight alongside their Yo-Kai friends. No other details are known at this time.

However, new story points have been revealed. While the protagonists are from three separate worlds, they will work together to unlock a separate fourth world by using a special key known as the Yo-Kai Ark.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 will be the first title in the franchise to launch on Nintendo Switch. The previous titles, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura, and Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki launched for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 16, 2016 and December 15, 2016 respectively. Yo-Kai Watch 3 has not yet been confirmed for Western release, but the action RPG spin-off, Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad will launch for the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on September 7.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is slated to launch for Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime in winter 2018. 

Will Yo-Kai Watch 3 Release in the West? https://www.gameskinny.com/evbdq/will-yo-kai-watch-3-release-in-the-west https://www.gameskinny.com/evbdq/will-yo-kai-watch-3-release-in-the-west Wed, 14 Mar 2018 14:34:19 -0400 Erroll Maas

 In July 2013, Yo-Kai Watch took Japan by storm. This Nintendo 3DS-exclusive RPG centering around Japanese mythological creatures was even seen as a competent competitor to Pokemon, which at the time was experiencing a slight decrease in popularity. The popularity of Yo-Kai Watch  in Japan led to several sequel games, spin-off games, an anime series, several movies, and plenty of toys. Eventually, Yo-Kai Watch even saw a release in North America -- as well as Europe and Australia -- although this wasn't until 2015. Despite the fact that Yo-Kai Watch didn't have nearly as much popularity in the West as it did in Japan, it still had just enough to stay relevant, receiving an English dub of the anime series and first movie, as well as English localizations of Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls, and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters. While Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters was the most recent game in the series to receive a Western release (on September 29, 2017), the most recent iteration in Japan, Yo-Kai Watch 3: SushiYo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura, and the updated version, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, have not yet been confirmed for a Western release. With its popularity dwindling in Japan and many current and former Nintendo 3DS owners moving over to the Nintendo Switch, will Yo-Kai Watch 3 still see a release outside of Japan? Let's see if we can find out with the available information. 

Nintendo 3DS Still Has Support for Now

While the Nintendo Switch has gained plenty of traction in its first year on the market, the Nintendo 3DS is still going strong with both continuing sales and an already large user base. In the March 2018 Nintendo Direct, several Nintendo 3DS titles were announced, most of which will release in 2018, but some -- such as Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jrs. Journey -- won't actually launch until 2019. Yo-Kai Watch 3 might not be announced for the West yet, but the game could still release this year due to the previous pattern of Yo-Kai Watch releases. The international release of the first Yo-Kai Watch was announced at E3 2015 and arrived in North America on November 6, 2015, and in Europe on April 29, 2016. Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls were announced for Western release during E3 2016, and they arrived in North America on September 30, 2016, and in Europe on April 20, 2017. Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, an updated third version of Yo-Kai Watch 2, was announced on July 31, 2017, and released in North America and Europe on September 29, 2017.  From this pattern, it's easy to come to the conclusion that if Yo-Kai Watch 3 is heading westward, then it will be announced this coming summer and will release sometime in fall. However, there are some factors which could cause a longer wait.

Sometimes Localization Can Take Awhile

There were two years between the Japanese and North American releases of the first Yo-Kai Watch game (three years between release in Japan and Europe). While this isn't a long wait compared to some other Japanese games, Yo-Kai Watch had to be changed a bit for Western audiences due to its heavy influence from modern Japanese culture. In the game, it's not as bad as the infamous 4Kids English anime dubs from the early 2000s, but there are some similarities.

Because of all the editing that comes with the localization process and how many other games the main localization team may be working on at the time, there's a possibility it may take a little longer for Yo-Kai Watch 3 to release, although it could still be within 2018. While Sushi and Tempura would most likely see a 2018 release,  Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki probably wouldn't be released until 2019 due to Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters releasing in the West a year after Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls.

Ultimately, It's Up To Nintendo and Level-5 to Decide

Even though Yo-Kai Watch has never had as much popularity in the West as it once did in Japan, all three versions of Yo-Kai Watch 2 managed to be localized in the last two years. If Nintendo wants to keep showing that they will still support the Nintendo 3DS through 2019 despite more fans moving on to the Nintendo Switch, then announcing and releasing Yo-Kai Watch 3 would provide a way to continue that trend. Western fans will be glad that they will be able to play the Nintendo 3DS series in its entirety, and they will hopefully look forward to the possible Nintendo Switch release of Yo-Kai Watch: Shadowside as well as other upcoming Level-5 titles.

Watch Out for Yo-Kai

As previously stated, due to previous patterns, it's possible that Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Yo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura will be announced this summer for a fall release. It could be during E3 2018, it could be some time later, or it could not receive a Western release at all -- although that's not likely. At the moment, Western fans of the franchise will just have to hope for the best and expect their mischievous yokai friends to make another appearance soon.

8 Monster Collecting Games You Can Play Instead of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon https://www.gameskinny.com/tt295/8-monster-collecting-games-you-can-play-instead-of-pokemon-ultra-sun-moon https://www.gameskinny.com/tt295/8-monster-collecting-games-you-can-play-instead-of-pokemon-ultra-sun-moon Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:07:28 -0400 Erroll Maas


Stars Not Yet Aligned


While these games may not have the popularity or staying power of a franchise like Pokémon, they are still decent alternate options for players looking to play other monster collecting games. There are plenty of other monster collecting RPGs you can play as well -- such as Dinosaur King, Monster Rancher, Moco Moco Friends, and Spectrobes, just to name a few. Those featured on this list are just some of the more recent and notable ones.


Although a mainline Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch may still be a few years away, hopefully we'll have these games, their upcoming sequels, and maybe even others yet to be released to help satisfy our need for capturing hundreds of monsters until then.


Monster Hunter Stories

Nintendo 3DS

The most recent game on this list to be released in Western territories, Monster Hunter Stories is a turned based RPG spin-off of Capcom's popular hunting action series.


In Monster Hunter Stories, you take on the role of a Rider from a hidden village. Instead of hunting monsters, the riders of this particular village befriend monsters by stealing eggs from nests then hatching and taming them. 


In battle, both the rider and your companion monster are able to attack the enemy -- and the rider character has access to different skills depending on the weapon and equipment used. Additionally, companion monsters can be ridden in the overworld.


Companion monsters can also be customized by using a feature called the Gene Bond  -- a system somewhat similar to breeding in other monster collecting games -- in which you transfer Bond Genes from one monster into another monster’s slots in order to obtain different stats and abilities.


Monster Hunter Stories  should be able to provide plenty of enjoyment for those not interested in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and additionally, in true Monster Hunter fashion, has plenty of post game content. 


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Nintendo 3DS/ PS4

While this game doesn't focus solely on monster collecting, it's still an important aspect of the game.


In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, instead of running around various Disney worlds with characters Donald and Goofy, you explore select worlds with new creatures called Dream Eaters. Friendly dream eaters are called spirits, while the enemy dream eaters you fight are called nightmares.


Spirits are created by combining Dream Fragments together with an item or spell, either by trial and error or using recipes found throughout the game. The player characters can also link with Spirits to perform unique attacks.  You can even pet and play with your Dream Eaters which will help them gain new abilities, similar to Pokémon-Amie, although surprisingly this game did it first.


Although not a monster collecting RPG at its heart, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance can still be played as an alternative to Pokémon if you focus more on the spirit creating aspect, and you get the additional benefit of getting to visit several amusing Disney-based worlds on the way.


Fossil Fighters: Champions 

Nintendo DS

Fossil Fighters: Champions is a sequel to the original Fossil Fighters -- also for Nintendo DS -- and greatly improves upon the gameplay introduced by its predecessor. i


To obtain monsters in this game -- called Vivosaurs --  you have to dig up their fossils and clean them off using the touch screen. This system of obtaining monsters is quite unique and can be rather exciting for awhile. Having to clean every single new fossil you find can become tedious and frustrating early on, but certain items obtained later can help speed up the process.


The combat system isn't too deep, and each vivosaur has a predetermined moveset of only 4 or 5 attacks they learn from leveling up. But if you don't mind that, then Fossil Fighters: Champions can still be a fun experience.


With strong charm and atmosphere, great and memorable characters, and awesome looking creatures, Fossil Fighters: Champions is a nice way for you to get your monster collecting fix -- especially if you happen to be a fan of Fossil Pokémon and wish there were more.


Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

Nintendo DS

Perhaps the most challenging game on this list, the sequel to Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, and the fifth game in the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-off series, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 vastly improves the gameplay of its predecessor.


The Dragon Quest Monsters series has always had a strong focus on breeding, even before Pokémon had the option. Breeding powerful monsters takes a lot of trial and error to get what you want, due to having very few rules. Because of the detailed breeding system, catching every new monster you encounter is obligatory if you want to create a monster with the best stats and skills. Monsters may also have hidden bonuses that won't be obvious to new players at first.


Another factor that motivates catching many monsters is the difficulty of the game. Sometimes you won't be able to progress to the next part of the game until you have a monster strong enough or have reached a high enough rank. The game expects you to stay on top of everything, so if you aren't properly prepared for an especially challenging battle, you may have a difficult time getting past it.


Featuring a more challenging difficulty than most other monster collecting RPGs and an extensive post-game, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 is great for any monster collecting RPG or Dragon Quest fan looking for a new challenge.


Hopefully the Nintendo 3DS sequel, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, will be announced for Western release soon. 


World of Final Fantasy

PS4 & PS Vita

This is Final Fantasy returning to it’s classic turn-based formula, while at the same time also trying to take a stab at the monster collecting genre. To prevent clutter during battle, a new mechanic called stacking was created for the player characters to fight alongside their monsters (known as mirages). There are also summons called Champions -- chibi forms of famous Final Fantasy characters which are summoned temporarily, including Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and even Sora from Kingdom Hearts.


The story of the game isn’t quite as interesting as other Final Fantasy games, but a revelation near the end of the game about the main characters might surprise you. At times, the game can be pretty boring, and as much as using the fast forward function helps in battles, sometimes it doesn't feel quite fast enough. Part of the last dungeon can be pretty frustrating too, due to lack of a proper map.


Despite its few pitfalls, World of Final Fantasy is not only a great alternative to Pokémon, but a great start for anyone looking to play a modern Final Fantasy game with more traditional gameplay.


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

PS4 & PS Vita

 After a drought of localized Digimon games, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth was finally released in the West in February 2016. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth had almost everything an avid Digimon fan wanted in a new Digimon game -- similar battling to the beloved Nintendo DS titles, a decent amount of Digimon, and a world which felt like the near-perfect combination of the popular anime films Summer Wars and Digimon: The Movie


There are a few glaring flaws, but how much they're noticed depends on the player's prior knowledge of the franchise.  Some digivolution lines are intact, while others are all over the place and connect Digimon species who would otherwise be unrelated to each other. In addition to this, Digimon you haven’t seen or obtained will show up as "who’s that Pokémon" style silhouettes, so you'll have to find out what they are yourself or look up a guide.


It's not the worst since you can just dedigivolve them and level them up again if you you're unsatisfied -- an easy task when having experience boosting Digimon and items later on in the game, but a tedious activity in the earlier parts. The most irritating part of the messed up digivolution lines is that some Digimon which are not obtainable in the game (despite the rest of their line being obtainable) will still be seen on collectible medals. So it's a bit odd these missing Digimon were still put in the game that way. 


Hopefully, the upcoming sequel, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory, adds plenty more digital monsters, and fixes these and other minor flaws from the original. But otherwise, Cyber Sleuth is another great alternative to Pokémon.


Yo-Kai Watch

Nintendo 3DS

The first game in this series, plus its corresponding anime series and movie, finally came to the U.S. in 2015 after originally being released in Japan 4 years prior. The second game(s) released in the U.S. in September 2016 -- taking a hint from Pokémon with two versions, Bony Spirits & Fleshy Souls. The third, updated version, Psychic Specters, is coming this fall. 


In the first game, the main character is given the titular Yo-Kai Watch, which causes them to be able to see Yo-Kai -- spirits that cause all kinds of odd everyday occurrences good, bad, or just plain weird. A significant difference between this game and other monster collectors is that the player does not technically capture Yo-Kai, but instead befriends them by feeding them their favorite foods -- and is given their medal so that they can be summoned from the Yo-Kai Watch at any time.


Yo-Kai Watch has been losing steam recently after the third iteration didn't sell as well as the previous ones -- possibly due to Pokémon's comeback, the lack of creativity with some of the newer creatures, and the absence of true backwards compatibility between the games and the toys. The series also isn't nearly as popular in the West as it was in Japan, but it has found a pretty decent fan following in Europe -- with plenty of kids (and some adults) all over the world still enjoying it.


Although the gameplay is a little outdated being mostly touchscreen-based, the Yo-Kai Watch series is still a fun, and more inherently Japanese,  alternative to Pocket Monsters.


Ni No Kuni

PS3 & PS4 (via PS Now)

Created by Level-5 and Bandai Namco, with art and animated cutscenes by Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies etc.), Ni No Kuni is a great game to help satisfy your monster collecting RPG itch.  


In Ni No Kuni, you play as a boy named Oliver, who has just lost his mother and only parent, and is racked with guilt. His tears bring the fairy plush toy, Mr. Drippy, back to life and they venture into the world of Ni No Kuni to find Oliver's mother and defeat the Dark Djinn, Shadar, and the titular villain of the game, the White Witch.


In addition to having different spells and abilities themselves, each of the three rotating members of your party is allowed to use one monster -- called familiars -- at a time, in which the human and their respective monster share a health bar. Similar to other games, you can capture more monsters to expand your collection. These monsters all have evolution trees as well, although sometimes changes are more subtle, such as adding accessories or just palette swapping.


The sequel, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, will be coming soon -- and although the gameplay will be a bit different, playing or replaying the first game would be a good refresher before the sequel's release.


Many were disappointed by the announcement of the new Nintendo 3DS exclusive sequels to Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon -- called Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon respectively -- despite not being given much information.


After changing up the long standing tradition of an updated third version with the the release of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 in the fifth generation, and entirely skipping an updated version of of the sixth generation games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, players weren't sure what to expect for the future of the seventh generation.  Many were expecting either the long rumored Pokémon Stars for the Nintendo Switch, or at least some kind of Switch port of Sun and Moon with cross play compatibility, similar to the recently announced Monster Hunter XX (double cross).


Many players, however, forget that there are plenty of other great monster collecting games out there. They might not be as popular as Pokémon, but they are still great games which can stand out on their own. Here are 8 monster collecting games to try if the announcement of these new Pokémon games made you bitter like the taste of a Switch cartridge.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Guide: How to Get the Fruitnyan, Robot Yo-Kai, and More https://www.gameskinny.com/l23qu/yo-kai-watch-2-guide-how-to-get-the-fruitnyan-robot-yo-kai-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/l23qu/yo-kai-watch-2-guide-how-to-get-the-fruitnyan-robot-yo-kai-and-more Mon, 03 Oct 2016 09:21:54 -0400 Synzer

Yo-Kai Watch 2 recently launched in America and there are a bunch of new Yo-Kai to get. In Japan, there were special QR codes and passwords used to unlock many rare Yo-Kai.

We are in luck because the QR codes for the Japanese version also works for the American version of the games. I'll list what you can get from the QR codes, a link getting the QR codes yourself, and other tips.

This guide will go over using the Japanese QR codes in Yo-Kai Watch 2 including:

  • QR Codes - Where to get them and what they give.
  • Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-Kai - Where to find them once you have scanned their QR codes.

QR Codes

The QR codes will give you access to:

  • The 6 Fruitnyan
  • Darknyan
  • Jetnyan - He's on the roof of Springdale school
  • The 6 robot Yo-kai
  • Scrolls to change Jibanyan's ultimate attack
  • Special Crank-a-kai coins

You can see the QR codes here. There are a few on the site that may not work for the American version, but the above ones work 100%

Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-Kai 

When you scan the codes for the Fruitnyan and Robot Yo-kai, it gives you an item and places them in specific location in the game.

You must go to the Yo-Kai, talk to them, then battle them for an attempt to befriend them. You will not get them 100%, and you can try once a day.

  • Luckily, you can save the game before fighting them.
  • If they don't join you, just keep resetting and fighting again until they do.
  • They are very strong early in the game.
  • They come at level 50, but you can beat them at a lower level if you have some S rank Yo-Kai.

yokai watch 2 fruitnyan

You can find the Fruitnyan at the Harrisville school. If you don't know where that is, continue the story until you have to take the train to see Grandma.

They all like Chocobars, so give them that during battle to increases your chances of getting them!

Robot Yo-Kai

Each of the robot Yo-Kai are at the end of one of the train platforms. When you reach the correct platform, run to the far left to find them.

  • Robot Walkappa - Green Street Platform
    • Likes Sushi
  • Robot Komasan - Hibarly Hills
    • Likes Milk
  • Robot Draggie - Ridgemont
    • Likes Chinese Food
  • Robot Manjimutt - Bayside
    • Likes Curry
  • Robot Hungramps - Temple Park
    • Likes Rice Balls
  • Robot Noko - Dingle Falls
    • Likes Hamburgers

That's it for my guide on using the Japanese QR codes in Yo-Kai Watch 2. Let me know if you have any questions, or know of any other QR codes for this game!

Top 12 Greatest Cats of Video Games https://www.gameskinny.com/3sbpr/top-12-greatest-cats-of-video-games https://www.gameskinny.com/3sbpr/top-12-greatest-cats-of-video-games Sun, 05 Jun 2016 08:06:34 -0400 Anthony Pelone


And so ends this list. Yes, that is a cat cuddled up with a copy of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. That's Fukurashi, the cat of Masahiro Sakurai (Kirby, Super Smash Bros.) and whose hilarious adventures are cataloged in these two Twitter albums. In case you're hopping mad your favorite gaming kitty didn't show up, I'd highly recommend checking them out to soothe your soul.


Did your favorite feline miss the cut? Let us know in the comments below!


12. Crono's Cat (Chrono Trigger)

Imagine a sunbaked morning, with your head buried beneath the warm covers as your fur baby is curled up within your arms. Granted, Crono's Cat chooses to rest beside a nearby waste bucket, but he still represents the ideal cat: a loving companion who'll never leave your side. Just look at how he follows Crono around the house!


Crono's Cat is hardly seen throughout the game, yet its role is potentially the biggest of the game's cast. It influences Chrono Trigger's default ending, and winning a certain game at the Millennial Fair will win you more cat food...which attracts more cats. If the mischief of various cats throughout the game are any indication, looks like those sunbaked mornings are about to get a lot more lively for Crono.


11. Meowth (Pokémon)

Meowth, that's right! Several cat-inspired Pokémon have debuted throughout the years, but none are nearly as iconic as Meowth. Just look at his resume: he's the Team Rocket poster child, is one of the few talking Pokémon, had his own GameCube tech demo (Meowth's Party, where he rocked out with a groovin' guitar), is a PokéBall summon in Smash Bros., the list goes on. Granted, half of those come from the anime, but it's helped propelled him into stardom, regardless.

Meowth's signature attack, Pay Day, comes quite in handy for Pokémon Trainers in need for cash. In what are probably the funds its gathered from its nightly prowls, Meowth showers the opponent with coins, some of which go to the player's wallet. Whoever said cats can't make money?


10. Toro and Kuro (Sony)

These two cats aren't from a specific game, but they operate as Sony mascots for their gaming platforms. Toro Inoue, the white one, tries his best to act like a human, while Kuro, the black one, is his bully of a rival rival with something of a perverted streak. Their follies aside, taking just one look at their faces will give you the warm fuzzies

These mascots mainly function as such in Japan, but we've seen them several times in the Western sphere. Pictured above is their playable appearance in Street Fighter x Tekken; not a game loved by many, but their theme song is just too cute. 


9. Nago the Cat (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

Yes, that is a cat! His one and only Kirby appearance lies in Kirby's Dream Land 3 for the SNES, where he's one of many animal buddies that aid the puffball's quest. Some get a bit creative with how they accompany Kirby; in Nago's case, he rolls him along like a ball.


Animal buddies can channel Kirby's Copy Abilities to concoct devastating attacks, and Nago is no exception. So, what can he do? Well, in the case of Spark, he paws Kirby with enough static electricity that it is dangerous to the touch. Then there's Clean, where Kirby turns into a cloth and Nago slides on him to plow into enemies. And, my personal favorite: Stone, where he picks up Stone Kirby and repeatedly slams him into the ground with earthquake-level force. It's great. 


8. Judd (Splatoon)

Everyone can't get enough of the kids and squids of Splatoon, but us cat lovers know who the real star is: the referee, Judd. The corpulent kitty oversees the Inklings' Turf Wars, raising and dropping flags in stupefied awe to whoever, respectively, won or lost. But when he's not busy judging, you'll find him in Inkopolis Plaza doing what every cat does best: napping.


In this world of aquatic-human hybrids, it's refreshing to see a full-blooded mammal within Splatoon's colorful cast. But why is that the case? The answer may lie in the Sunken Sea Scrolls, which imply a past that'd make any cat owner's heart break...


7. Katz (Tales of Symphonia)


This one might be cheating, although we never learn what exactly Katz are. In any case, they're a pot-bellied cat-like race who occupy nearly every town in the world of Tales of Symphonia, offering treasure hunting services and mini-game fun. There's even a hidden Katz Village in the far corners of Sylvarant, serving as a cozy little hamlet full of goods.

Racism is quite the heavy theme in Tales of Symphonia, as citizens of both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla fall prey to anti-Half-Elf propaganda. Thankfully, it would appear Symphonia's world is populated with cat lovers, as they embrace the mysterious nature of Katz with open arms. Just look at how touched they are when they help rebuild Luin! 


6. Cat Goomba (Super Mario 3D World)

I'm sorry, I know Cat Toad is the cutest of Super Mario 3D World's catfolk, but in my heart I know Cat Goomba is the greatest of them all. They're not just cute; their newfound jumping prowess is so fearsome that even Luigi is too panicked to fight back! 


...But that's just Luigi; actually, if he musters up the courage to fight back, he'll discover they're still defeated in one stomp. But they still try hard with their new feline persona, and that melts my heart enough to make me want one of my own. Seriously, why haven't they made a Cat Goomba plushie yet? 


5. Jibanyan (Yo-Kai Watch)


Paws of Fury! Jibanyan, the mascot of Level 5's Yo-Kai Watch series, is one of the first ghostly Yo-Kai you'll come across. A fire-breathing, two-tailed kitty, Jibanyan was once a cat named Rudy in a past life, until he was fatally run over by a truck. But a kitty's grudge runs deep; even now, he tries to challenge the truck that killed him, but fails every time. Why exactly does he go to such lengths? I'd tell you, but I'm getting chocked up just thinking about it...


Yo-Kai Watch has been gradually gaining momentum since it launched in Western territories last year, but apparent reports of its slowing down in Japan have dispelled any notions of Jibanyan taking down Pikachu. Whatever the case, I just can't get enough of his dancing animation while charging his Soultimate. It's so purrfectly adorable. 


4. Tangy (Animal Crossing)

Is there any cat in all of Animal Crossing more fascinating than Tangy? As much as I remain amused by Rover's stalking train hopping, all it takes is one look at Tangy's head to start asking questions. What's with all pores? The leaf sprouting between her ears? Was she actually born as a half-cat, half-orange hybrid, or was it plastic surgery gone horribly, horribly wrong?


I realize I'm asking this in a series where villagers can be robot frogs and mummy dogs, but those have logical answers: Ribbot was just built that way, and Lucky might've had a terrible accident. We get no such answer from Tangy, but in any case, she might want to watch out: villagers with the "lazy" personality are known to get pretty hungry, reeOWR.


3. King Tom (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)


That's Your Meowjesty, to you! Reigning over the province of Ding Dong Dell, this third-person-speaking cat was a great wizard in his heyday, but you wouldn't know it when we first meet him. Indeed, he's one of the many Other World residents who's fallen under Shadar's Brokenhearted spell, and so we first encounter him lounging about lazily in his throne room. Typical for a housecat, but not so much for a king. It's not until Oliver and Drippy cure his broken heart that he repays his debt by handing Oliver his old wand, setting his first real step as a full-fledged wizard.


By the way, they say every Other World denizen has a soulmate in the Real World, like two sides of the same coin. Could Oliver know King Tom's counterpart back in Motorville? Possible, but as seen above, Ding Dong Dell has something of a rat problem, so it's best not to linger on that...or is it?


2. The Cat Who Swims on the Ground (EarthBound Beginnings)


Ninten meets a number of enigmatic figures in the mystical Magicant, be it evil tree stumps, a legendary bard, a forgotten man...and yes, swimming cats. You can spot a couple swimming in the enchanted realm's waters, but it's The Cat Who Swims on the Ground that captivates us. Just how did it master the art of swimming through Magicant's cloudy landscape, and is it as blissful as it looks?


Even more impressive is how it can swim with only one paw above the ground, and so it engages Ninten in a guessing game: what does it have in the paw below? Rumors say it'll only give a prize to a girl, though. 


1. Palicoes (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)

The Felynes of Monster Hunter have never been afraid to hunt down meownsters, but their role as Palicoes in last year's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate touched our hearts. Palicoes accompany the player right from the beginning, and can be customized with a wide variety of weapons and costumes. There's nothing quite as cathartic as being accompanied by a talking, fighting cat while on the prowl.

Oh, did I mention the existence of Sunset Isle, a Palico paradise where Felynes can engage in mini-games? Best of all: they can equip armor borrowed from famous video game characters via DLC. I mean, let's face it: who doesn't love dressing up their cats?


Last year, we had not one, but two Top 10 dog lists here at GameSkinny. To balance things out, here's a list featuring gaming's very best of what's really the greatest animal out there: cats, the stars of YouTube videos and meme images all across the internet.


And you can forget posers like Big the Cat or Bubsy the Bobcat; we're going to discuss the true feline stars of gaming. Who ranks among the greatest of gaming cats? The cutest? The fuzziest? The weirdest? Join us to see which cantankerous kitties made the cut.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Releases in US this September! https://www.gameskinny.com/oxe6q/yo-kai-watch-2-releases-in-us-this-september https://www.gameskinny.com/oxe6q/yo-kai-watch-2-releases-in-us-this-september Mon, 16 May 2016 08:15:01 -0400 Donald Strohman

Yo-Kai Watch 2 will be officially released to US markets on September 30th, 2016.

The original Yo-Kai Watch was considered a commercial and critical success and became one of the Nintendo 3DS' best selling titles--spawning a massive toy line and a companion anime series. So, it was only a matter of time before a sequel was announced. Yet, said game has technically been out for almost two years now, but the only way to have gotten a copy is if you purchased it from a Japanese seller. That will all be changed this fall, though, as the long awaited sequel is finally reaching Western audiences on September 30th.

Developed by entertainment company Level 5, well-regarded for their Professor Layton and Ni No Kuni series of games, the original Yo-Kai Watch was seen as a sort of spiritual successor to the Pokemon series. However, instead of going out and training animals to do battle against your enemies, this game had players capturing ghosts to fight other, more ill-spirited (hehe puns) ghosts. 

Yo Kai Watch 2 will continue to center around protagonist Keita Amano (or Fumika "Fumi-chan" Kodama if the player chooses so). This time, their memories have been erased and the trusty "Yo Kai Watch", which enables them to capture and summon ghostly companions, has been stolen. However, with the help of Yo Kai Whisper (from the original game,) Keita will be able to resume his adventures and continue efforts to thwart the evil Yo-Kai spirits once more.

If this comes as exciting news to you, be sure to let us know just how excited you are for the new game! On a final note, Yo-Kai Watch 3 has already been announced for release in the Japanese market this year, so be sure to pay close attention as to when that gets released to western markets as well.

Yo-Kai Watch review: Eastern mythology localized https://www.gameskinny.com/cmegw/yo-kai-watch-review-eastern-mythology-localized https://www.gameskinny.com/cmegw/yo-kai-watch-review-eastern-mythology-localized Sun, 29 Nov 2015 16:13:05 -0500 Matt_Paprocki

Nintendo's ambition with Yo-Kai Watch is to re-interpret a culturally distant concept and spin it around for a localized audience. Houses are laid out a distinctive Japanese manner. The lead character – a self-named boy or girl – takes off shoes instantly upon entering a home. Yo-Kai Watch teaches manners of a foreign land.

Chances are an American child at the right age for Nintendo's paranormal watch simulator won't find any of this peculiar anyway. Despite the central allure being Yokai – mischievous, funny, even dangerous ghosts, centuries old in Japan's fantasy lore - Yo-Kai Watch is universal. Its themes and messages prod at childhood's best and worst.

Those insights cross international borders unscathed. Arguing parents. Divorce. Lying. Yo-Kai Watch is notable and comforting, breaking down confusing circumstances, using the wacky ghosts as the reason for family turmoil or to help escape difficult circumstances. A satisfying, well charged theme song has the needed properties to get started.

To an extent, Yo-Kai Watch does speak down to a specific level of pre-pubescent immaturity. That's okay. Lessons are universal. If a Yokai named Snotsolong (with its bouncing nasal debris acting as a weapon) is able to help a child cope, so be it. There are other low grade teachings too. Don't cross a road when the lights are red or you will be scolded by ghost compatriot Whisper. Again, Yo-Kai Watch can overcome the Asian origins by being practical.

It's Friday, Friday... tomorrow is Saturday

As a first grade RPG, Yo-Kai Watch chops up into episodes. Paired with the splashy theme song, Nintendo's latest embodies the dying form of Saturday morning cartoons.

Much of Yo-Kai Watch plays itself – battles can be finished hands-off. Base attacks are done automatically, a smart reduction in complexity to better serve the target demographic.

And, to draw them into a profitable toy ecosystem too, of course.

Should it take off, Yo-Kai Watch will be a generation's Pokemon.

Yo-Kai Watch is first and foremost a property. Should it take off, Yo-Kai Watch will be a generation's Pokemon. Differences are few and changes are subtle. Catch 'em all remains an adequate tagline. Pokemon-era adults with kids will now understand the befuddlement of Atari-age adults who didn't grasp the '90s pocket monster craze.

Video games may not incite mass shootings, but they can certainly compel a six-year old to crawl under a car in search of new ghosts to capture. That's a chunk of the exploration here, sifting through garbage piles or the muck contained under a vending machine, hoping for a Snotsolong to appear (or others, obviously). If the watch lights up, it's a viable hunting spot.

By designing battles to require limited input, Yo-Kai is giving kids a reason to be outside. They can search real world trees or bushes for ghosts while simultaneously brawling virtually. Yo-Kai Watch is certainly appealing to a demo locked into mobile binges of Snapchat. Begin a battle on device one, send a message on device two, all without interruption.

Imaginations can wander and ADD can sink in its grip except during higher scale battles.

There are special moves and items to utilize in these decorated battles. Those commands are sunk into the touch screen. There is a mild need to pay attention, even if it is minuscule. Imaginations can wander and ADD can sink in its grip except during higher scale battles. This allows the genre's thick grinding methodology to be tolerable. Do the other things your wandering mind is telling you to; the fight will continue on.

Chintzy fighting or not, the coping mechanisms provided and the lively roster of creatures are more than enough to justify a localization. The color and energy offered are tremendous. Any toy property in 2015 willing to incite a flurry of imagination and outdoor activity – even one which may put kids under parked cars – is worth something.

Yo-Kai Watch developers could bring future franchises to the Wii U & NX https://www.gameskinny.com/30e30/yo-kai-watch-developers-could-bring-future-franchises-to-the-wii-u-nx https://www.gameskinny.com/30e30/yo-kai-watch-developers-could-bring-future-franchises-to-the-wii-u-nx Sun, 29 Nov 2015 04:23:41 -0500 tobes325

There have been many rumors in relation to the Nintendo NX and where this will leave the Wii U. Developer Level-5 has gone on record to give a positive outlook showing an interest in developing for both platforms.

Yo-Kai Watch is the latest title to release in North America from Level-5. It has had extraordinary success in Japan and the company is keen to replicate that in Europe come Spring 2016. CEO Akihiro Hino, spoke to IGN recently and stated that if Level-5 had a title that is a natural fit on the Wii U  "[he] would definitely want to proactively consider it."

"It wouldn’t be impossible"

This is great news for fans of Level-5's games. The company is responsible for 3DS titles such as the Professor Layton series and Fantasy Life. The possibility of a home console game, whether it be an existing franchise or something new, is very exciting given their previous work.

Hino went on to say, "If kids are willing to buy both of them, I couldn’t be happier," when asked about the comparisons between Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon. It seems the two can live together in peace.

When questioned about the future of Level-5 games on next gen platforms Hino said if the console can, "bring Level-5 games to as many kids as possible, it wouldn't be impossible."

Are you excited to hear about the possibility of Level-5 games making their way to home consoles? Let me know in the comments below!

Yo-Kai Watch Guide: List of Yo-Kai from the Crank-a-kai https://www.gameskinny.com/955cc/yo-kai-watch-guide-list-of-yo-kai-from-the-crank-a-kai https://www.gameskinny.com/955cc/yo-kai-watch-guide-list-of-yo-kai-from-the-crank-a-kai Thu, 12 Nov 2015 08:25:28 -0500 Synzer

Yo-Kai Watch has many bonus features you can do outside of battle. One of these is using the Crank-a-kai to get Yo-Kai or items. There are many different coins and you can only do it 3 times a day. You can also use plat coins, which you get from walking around with your 3DS.

I'll go over the basics of Crank-a-kai, Yo-Kai you can possibly get with each coin, and what rank they are. Check out my Attitude guide for help finding the best for your newly acquired Yo-Kai.

This guide will go over the Crank-a-kai feature including:

  • Crank-a-kai Basics - Where it is and how to use it.
  • Yo-Kai List - All the Yo-Kai you can get from the Crank-a-kai and what coins you get them from.

Crank-a-kai Basics

The Crank-a-kai is located in Mount Wildwood behind the shrine, where you met Whisper at the beginning of the game. You can get different colored coins from completing quests or using the Yo-Kai cam feature.

These colors determine what Yo-Kai you can get. You can also get items from these coins and some coins are more likely to give items than Yo-Kai.

You can only use this 3 times a day and it resets at 6:00 a.m. every day. This is based on your 3DS' internal clock. You can change the clock to use as many coins as you want.

Yo-Kai Watch Crank-a-kai location

Yo-Kai List

I'll separate the Yo-Kai into the color of their coins. The coin colors indicate what Tribe your Yo-Kai will be from. For example, Red coins give Brave Yo-Kai

The order of what you'll get from each coin is set when you start the game. So if you save before using a coin, or wait a day, you'll get the same thing every time. If there is a Yo-Kai you want from a coin, just keep using them until you get it.

  • Mysterious - Technique increase.
  • Tough - Defense increase.
  • Charming - Speed increase.
  • Heartful - Healing moves.
  • Brave - Attack increase.
  • Shady - Change status effects and absorb HP.
  • Eerie - Inspirit chance increase.
  • Slippery - Harder to inspirit.

The ranks determine the overall strength of the Yo-Kai. Higher ranks have better overall stats, with S being the highest.

Orange: Tough
  • Noway - E Rank
  • Ledballoon - D Rank
  • Mad Mountain - C Rank
  • Badude - B Rank
  • Darumacho - B Rank
  • Bruff - A Rank
  • Walldin - A Rank
  • Goldenyan - S Rank
Yellow: Mysterious
  • Snotsolong - E Rank
  • Signibble - D Rank
  • Q'wit - C Rank
  • Espy- B Rank
  • Alloo - B Rank
  • Signiton - A Rank
  • Casanono - A Rank
  • Frostail - S Rank
Pink: Charming
  • Pupsicle - E Rank
  • Komajiro - D Rank
  • Shmoopie - C Rank
  • Cadable - C Rank
  • Skelebella - B Rank
  • Singcada- B Rank
  • Supyo - A Rank
  • Damona - S Rank
Purple: Eerie
  • Manjimutt - E Rank
  • Peckpocket - D Rank
  • Nagatha - C Rank
  • Grumples B Rank
  • Multimutt - B Rank
  • Cuttincheez - A Rank
  • Sir Berus - A Rank
  • Eterna - S Rank
Green: Heartful
  • Hungramps - E Rank
  • Lodo - D Rank
  • Happierre - C Rank
  • Hungorge - B Rank
  • Ol' Fortune - B Rank
  • Dubbles - A Rank
  • Reversette - A Rank
  • Auntie Heart - S Rank
Red Coin: Brave

Yo-Kai Watch red coin

  • Pandle - E Rank
  • Mochismo - D Rank
  • Chansin - C Rank
  • Benkei - B Rank
  • Slacka-slash - B Rank
  • Siro - A Rank
  • Kapunki - A Rank
  • Cruncha - S Rank
Blue: Shady
  • Negatibuzz - E Rank
  • Mynimo - D Rank
  • Tengloom - C Rank
  • Contrarioni- B Rank
  • Agon - B Rank
  • Nul - A Rank
  • Scritchy - A Rank
  • Count Cavity - S Rank
Light Blue: Slippery
  • Fishpicable - D Rank
  • Heheheel - D Rank
  • Chummer - C Rank
  • Rageon - B Rank
  • Cynake - B Rank
  • Slitheref - A Rank
  • Tunatic - A Rank
  • Shadow Venoct - S Rank
Special: All the previous S Rank Yo-Kai, plus a few special B rank
  • Rhinoggin - B Rank
  • Sushiyama - B Rank
  • Frostina - B Rank
  • Cruncha - S Rank
  • Goldenyan - S Rank
  • Frostail - S Rank
  • Damona - S Rank
  • Eterna - S Rank
  • Auntie Heart - S Rank
  • Count Cavity - S Rank
  • Shadow Venoct - S Rank
Excitement: Some Yo-Kai only come from this coin
  • Jibanyan - D Rank
  • Daiz - C Rank
  • Skelebella - B Rank
  • Confuze - B Rank
  • Nul - A Rank
  • Negasus - A Rank
  • Neighfarious - A Rank
Play Coins: 10 Play coins = 1 turn
  • Sir Berus - A Rank
  • Tunatic - A Rank
  • Pookivil - A Rank
  • Robonyan - A Rank

That's it for the Crank-a-Kai Yo-Kai list. Don't forget to check the Beginner guide for more help, and let me know if you have any questions!

Quick Yo-Kai Watch Attitude Guide: Everything you need to know https://www.gameskinny.com/hlvay/quick-yo-kai-watch-attitude-guide-everything-you-need-to-know https://www.gameskinny.com/hlvay/quick-yo-kai-watch-attitude-guide-everything-you-need-to-know Wed, 11 Nov 2015 06:39:56 -0500 Synzer

Yo-Kai Watch has a lot of little features. One of these is the Attitude of Yo-Kai. If you have played Pokemon, they are similar to Natures. They work differently and you can change them without getting a new Yo-Kai.

I'm going to explain how Attitudes work in Yo-Kai Watch and describe each one. I'll also tell you how you can change Attitude. Please visit my beginner guide for more tips on the game.

This guide will go over everything about Yo-Kai Attitudes including:

  • Attitude Basics - What Attitudes are, and how to read them.
  • Attitude List - A list of each Attitude, what they do, and what books to change to that attitude.

Attitude Basics

A Yo-Kai's Attitude determines 3 things: How likely they are to loaf in battle, stat increase, and what action they are most likely to do on their turn.

You can view Attitude by viewing the Yo-Kai's medal and looking next to "ATTD." The first word describes how likely they are to loaf in battle, and the second word determines their stat increase and what action they are likely to do.

There are books you can get to make Yo-Kai less likely to loaf in battle. There are also books to change the second part of their attitude.

Attitude List

Each battle action has 2 attitudes associated with it. I'll separate the Attitudes into those categories. Each Attitude has a description of what they are likely to do in battle, what stat or stats get increased, and what book you need to change to that Attitude.

First, I'll go over the first part of the Attitude, how often they will loaf in battle.

  • Loafer - Very likely to loaf.
  • Carefree - Likely to loaf.
  • Stiff - Not likely to loaf.
  • Serious - Very unlikely to loaf.

Obviously, you will usually not want Carefree or Loafer. There are some exceptions with certain Yo-Kai that have skills that activate when they loaf. For the most part, you'll always want Stiff or Serious.

Yo-Kai Watch Attitude book

There is a book you can use to make your Yo-Kai loaf less. This book is called, "A Serious Life" and it will raise your Yo-Kai's first part of Attitude to the next level. For example: If your Yo-Kai is Carefree, it will go up to Stiff.

You can only do this once per Yo-Kai, so you can never go up more than one level. If you have a Yo-Kai that is a Loafer and you want it to be higher than Carefree, you'll just have to get another Yo-Kai.

Not every Yo-Kai can have every attitude, so keep that in mind. You should be able to use the Attitude that compliments their strengths, so it isn't a big deal.

Here is a list of what each stat means:

  • STR - This affects the power of their Attack.
  • SPR - This affects the power of their Technique.
  • DEF - This affects how much damage they take and defend against.
  • SPD - This affects how fast they are in battle.
  • Grouchy - Makes them more likely to Attack during battle.
    • Stat Increase - STR and HP
    • Book Needed - Think Karate
  • Rough - Makes them very likely to Attack during battle.
    • Stat Increase - High STR
    • Book Needed - Use Karate
  • Careful - Makes them more likely to Defend during battle.
    • Stat Increase - DEF and SPR
    • Book Needed - Get Guarding
  • Calm - Makes them very likely to Defend during battle.
    • Stat Increase - High DEF
    • Book Needed - Guard Gloriously

Yo-Kai Watch Logical Attitude

  • Logical - Makes them more likely to use their Technique during battle.
    • Stat Increase - SPR and SPD
    • Book Needed - Skill Compendium
  • Brainy - Makes them very likely to use their Technique during battle.
    • Stat Increase - High SPR
    • Book Needed - Skill Encyclopedia
Inspirit Enemy
  • Twisted - Makes them more likely to Inspirit the enemy during battle.
    • Stat Increase - STR and SPD
    • Book Needed - The Pest's Quest
  • Cruel - Makes them very likely to Inspirit the enemy during battle.
    • Stat Increase - High SPD
    • Book Needed - The Perfect Pest
Inspirit Ally
  • Helpful - Makes them more likely to Inspirit an ally during battle.
    • Stat Increase - HP and SPD
    • Book Needed - Support Life #7
  • Devoted - Makes them very likely to Inspirit an ally during battle.
    • Stat Increase - STR and DEF
    • Book Needed - Support Special
  • Gentle - Makes them more likely to Heal during battle.
    • Stat Increase - HP and SPR
    • Book Needed - Lil Angel Heals
  • Tender - Makes them very likely to Heal during battle.
    • Stat Increase - High HP
    • Book Needed - Bye, Lil Angel

This wraps up the Yo-Kai Watch Attitude Guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

Yo-Kai Watch Review https://www.gameskinny.com/ycqdf/yo-kai-watch-review https://www.gameskinny.com/ycqdf/yo-kai-watch-review Wed, 11 Nov 2015 03:38:36 -0500 Kimberly Cooper

When I first heard about Yo-Kai Watch, I'll admit that I was skeptical. A game with funky monsters that you have to befriend and use to fight other monsters? Sounds like a Pokemon rip-off. But I couldn't have been further from the truth. When you actually pick up Yo-Kai Watch and really play it, you'll know that this is far from a carbon copy or poor knock-off of Pokemon. It's a series all on its own and should be treated as such. 

Let Me Whisper In Your Ear

You take on the role of either young Nate or Katie, with the option to change their names. The game starts off with you and your friends trying to figure out who has caught the biggest bug and your character will say that he/she is capable of catching an even bigger bug. And as kids do (apparently), you'll go charging off into the woods to catch some whopper of a bug to beat your friends.

At some point you'll come across a 'gacha' machine that'll start singing to you. And I mean singing really creepily, but it's very entertaining strangely enough. For whatever reason, you'll deposit a coin into the machine, which produces a ball that contains Whisper, your ghostly companion. You'll encounter a cutscene, the first of many throughout the game, complete with voice acting that is a nice touch. 

You'll get introduced to Whisper, who is a sarcastic yet witty character that will stalk you for what seems like the rest of your young life, with the intentions of helping you befriend Yo-Kai. Not catch, befriend. Yo-Kai have their own personal lives to attend to -- they're capable of speech, getting married, wreaking havoc, and being quite flatulent (I'm looking at you Cheeksqueak). 

The Battle System

The battle system is extremely unique. It consists of six Yo-Kai, with only three being allowed to fight at any given time. You can switch out your Yo-Kai to form multiple combinations by using your stylus to spin the wheel around. Yo-Kai fight on their own, with you occasionally helping them use their Soultimate moves, or giving them items to heal, power up, etc. 

Just because they fight on their own doesn't mean you can just sit back and relax. I've found my little Yo-Kai friends getting their rear ends kicked plenty of times when I first started up the game. No, you actually have to think about the placement of your Yo-Kai. They are categorized by their 'tribes', and Yo-Kai of the same tribe get specific boosts. For example, a group of three charming Yo-Kai get a speed boost when they are in battle at the same time. This can help turn the tide in some matches. Some Yo-Kai have skills that can aid in battle as well -- such as Telltale, who can heal Yo-Kai next to her when their health runs low.

Your Yo-Kai can inspirit enemy Yo-Kai, and they can get inspirited themselves -- which can be reversed by switching them out and 'purifying' them through a minigame that may include tapping the screen, tracing, or spinning the watch with your stylus. Using Soultimate moves will require similar minigames to make you feel like you play a bigger role in battles.

When it comes down to befriending enemy Yo-Kai, some may offer to be your friend after a battle, or you may have to throw food at them. I'm dead serious. They have food preferences -- some even like cheeseburgers. Personally, I think that's the best thing I've ever heard. I imagine it going something like this:

Player: *throws cheeseburger at Yo-Kai* "DO YOU LIKE IT?!"

Yo-Kai: "This tastes amazing, let's be friends!" 

Strengthening Your Yo-Kai

In Yo-Kai Watch, your Yo-Kai are able to gain experience and level up by doing quests and fighting other Yo-Kai. Select Yo-Kai can even evolve and gain a new form after getting to a certain level. Others can fuse with other Yo-Kai and become even stronger while also acquiring a new form.

A perfect example of fusion would be the combination of Roughraff and Jibanyan, which creates Baddinyan, a cat that's extremely badass in terms of design. You can also fuse items together to make new items, and then you can fuse items with certain Yo-Kai to make new Yo-Kai. 

The Yo-Kai Watch

It's the namesake of the game, so of course I would say something about the Yo-Kai watch. The mechanics of the watch within the game is incredibly simplistic to use. A radar can be found in the upper right corner of the top screen that will point to the red zone when you are extremely close to a Yo-Kai. Then you should look through the lens of your watch and try to find the hidden Yo-Kai.

Yo-Kai are ranked on a letter scale from E to S, with S being the highest. Your watch will automatically tell you the rank of the nearby Yo-Kai, which is quite handy. Your watch is also ranked the same as the Yo-Kai and can be upgraded to the next rank by performing a quest for Mr. Goodsight (oh I see what you did there Level-5).

Otherwise, the game prevents you from accessing areas that house stronger Yo-Kai with a watch lock that'll show you what rank your watch will need to be at to enter. I wouldn't fret too much about this, because a lot of the game is already open to you at the beginning. And when I say a lot, I mean a crap load of space to run around in, filled with NPC's who have their own little quirky comments about what's going on around them. 

Playing With Friends and Streetpass

There is a post office within the game that'll enable you to battle against other players over local wireless connections. Upon winning, you may receive special items,

With Streetpass (after visiting Wayfarer Manor) you may begin to see other Yo-Kai within your game located at the Wayfarer Manor. Some of these Yo-Kai will bring you gifts in the form of items, others will fight you, and some, upon winning a battle against them, may want to become your friend.

The Verdict

Let me start by saying that I for one am a die-hard Pokemon fan. I have loved the series since the first game came out and truly felt left out when a game didn't come out this year. I thought Yo-Kai Watch would be a great replacement for Pokemon and you know what? It wasn't. Why? Because it's not Pokemon. The only thing these two franchises have in common is that they have monsters running amok, that's it. Those two games shouldn't even be put in the same sentence; I only compared them in this review for the people that seem to be in deep denial about this. Yo-Kai Watch has all the capabilities of becoming a competitor to the Pokemon franchise here in America.

Yo-Kai Watch is a beautiful game that needs to be given as much credit in the West as it has been given in Japan. The graphics are appealing and are quick to catch a person's eye. The screenshots do not do this game justice in terms of graphics. The music often has a 'spooky' yet fun theme to it that makes it quite likable. 

The battle system is unique and different, a breath of fresh air to those who are used to turn-based roleplaying games. You'll always be kept on your toes in these battles instead of sticking to the same routine over and over again. It's thought to be only for young children, but it is compelling enough that even someone in their early twenties can be drawn in by it. The Yo-Kai have fantastic designs -- some are downright strange and some are even terrifying. But did you really want adorable cute creatures to beat the crap out of? I didn't think so.

There are plenty of side quests to keep you interested, and there is a day/night cycle in the game with different events occuring at specific times. Some of the advertising for Yo-Kai Watch can be a bit offputting, but don't let that ruin the experience for you.

The demo provided on the eShop doesn't do this game any justice either, as I've played the demo and the full game and they are to be taken as two seperate entities. Don't let the awkwardness of Cheeksqueak make you turn away from this game, give it a try.

Yo-Kai Watch Beginner Tips and Tricks https://www.gameskinny.com/7jilu/yo-kai-watch-beginner-tips-and-tricks https://www.gameskinny.com/7jilu/yo-kai-watch-beginner-tips-and-tricks Fri, 06 Nov 2015 12:37:10 -0500 Synzer

The first Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game is finally available in America. Fans of the show will instantly recognize some of the Yo-Kai, as well as some of the story events. The game is much more complex than it seemed from the demo and many things are not explained clearly.

I'm here to help you understand the basics of the game and explain some of the complex systems it has. Even though this game is similar to Pokemon, there are many differences. It is best to forget what you know about Pokemon while playing this game.

This guide will go over everything you need to get started in Yo-Kai Watch including:

  • Game Mechanics - Details on playing the game and how battles works.
  • Yo-Kai Info - Detailed info on Yo-Kai stats.
  • Shops and Buildings - The different shops and buildings in the game and what you can do at them.
  • Items and Equipment - Items that can change your Yo-Kai's stats.

Game Mechanics

Yo-Kai Watch, like most RPGs, lets you run around the world outside of battles. You can run around to look for more Yo-Kai, complete quests, go to shops and buildings, and more.

How to find Yo-Kai

After playing the intro, you get a Yo-Kai Watch. This allows you to see Yo-Kai and track them down.

  • When the watch meter in the top left of your screen starts moving, that means that there is a Yo-Kai near you. Search the area until it is red.
    • When the meter is red, look for the magnifying glass icon, then press A. Moves the lens around until you find the Yo-Kai.
  • Yo-Kai can choose to befriend you after a battle. This means that you get their medal and can use them as your own.
    • You can increase the chance of them joining you by giving the enemy items.

Yo-kai watch battle formation

Most of the time when you find Yo-Kai, a battle starts. Battles are different than most games, the Yo-Kai act on their own. 

  • You can have up to 6 Yo-Kai in a battle, 3 fight at a time.
    • Rotate the wheel to switch between which are active. The 3 at the top are in the front row and attack. The 3 at the bottom are in the back row and wait.
  • When a Yo-Kai's meter is maxed, you can use the Soultimate move. Follow the bottom screen's instructions to complete the move.
  • You can also heal your team with items, or leave items for enemy Yo-Kai.
  • If one of your Yo-Kai gets inspirited during a battle, you can purify them by moving them to the back row and choosing "Purify."
    • Follow the bottom screen's directions, just like using a soultimate move.
  • You can also choose to target a specific Yo-Kai by choosing "Target" and placing a pin on them.
  • During battle, you can press "X" to speed up the fight and animations.

Yo-Kai Info

All Yo-Kai have stats, attitudes, a skill, attack, technique, soultimate move, inspirit, and a tribe.

  • HP - This is how much health they have.
  • STR - This determines how much damage their attack does.
  • SPR - This determines the effectiveness of their technique
  • DEF - This determines how much damage they will take from attacks, techniques, and soultimate moves.
  • SPD - This determines how fast they are in battle.

Yo-kai watch stats


Attitudes determine their stats and likelihood of loafing around in battle. Two words are shown, such as "Stiff and Twisted". The first word determines how likely they will loaf around in battle and the second determines the stats.


Each Yo-Kai has a skill that gives them a passive effect. There are many things these skills can do, such as increasing the damage from certain attacks or making them less likely to be targeted in battle.

Battle Actions
  • Attack - This shows the power of the attack they use in combat.
  • Technique - This shows the power of the technique they use in combat, as well as the element, if there is one.
    • There are 6 elements: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Ice, Wind.
  • Soultimate Move - This shows the power and what the move does.
  • Inspirit - This shows the effect of their inspirit, which is a status effect.

There are 8 tribes and each Yo-Kai belongs to one of them. They each give a specific bonus and if you use 2 or 3 next to each other in battle, it increases the effect.

  • Brave - Attack increase.
  • Mysterious - Technique increase.
  • Tough - Defense increase.
  • Charming - Speed increase.
  • Heartful - Healing moves.
  • Shady - Change status effects and absorb HP.
  • Eerie - Inspirit chance increase.
  • Slippery - Harder to inspirit.
Evolution and Fusion

Some Yo-Kai can evolve to increase their stats and get new abilities. You can also fuse certain Yo-Kai to get brand new ones.

Shops and Buildings

You can buy and sell from several shops in the game. You can get items to heal, help befriend Yo-Kai, and more.

  • Timers and More - This shops lets you upgrade your Watch Rank.
    • The watch Rank allows you to access more areas in the game, as well as higher ranked Yo-Kai.
  • Piggleston Bank - You can scan promotional QR codes at the bank to get a coin. 
    • You can use these coins in the Crank-a-kai.
    • The Crank-a-Kai is in the forest north of town you went to at the beginning of the game, the place you met Whisper and got the Yo-Kai Watch.
    • You can use the coins to get items or Yo-Kai, but only 3 times a day
  • Lambert Post Office - You can battle people locally, receive items from internet download or passwords, and receive gifts from using Yo-Kai Cam.
    • You can choose Yo-Kai Cam from the title screen. Take a picture of someone to show a Yo-Kai inhabiting them.
    • You get items from doing this and the Yo-Kai is added to your Medallium.

Items and Equipment

There are items you can use to change a Yo-Kai's attitude. There are certain attitudes some Yo-Kai can't have, so keep that in mind.

Yo-Kai Watch equipment

You can also equip each Yo-Kai with one item. These items increase one stat and lowers others. You can use these to strengthen a Yo-Kai's weakness, or go all out an make their strengths even better.

That wraps up my Beginner Tips and Tricks for Yo-Kai Watch. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Yo-Kai Watch full episodes making their way to YouTube https://www.gameskinny.com/y11ds/yo-kai-watch-full-episodes-making-their-way-to-youtube https://www.gameskinny.com/y11ds/yo-kai-watch-full-episodes-making-their-way-to-youtube Mon, 09 Nov 2015 08:08:52 -0500 tobes325

Yo-Kai Watch is an upcoming Pokemon-esque RPG making its way over to the Nintendo 3DS on November 6th in North America. If you're unfamiliar with the series then listen up - My Nintendo News has reported that full episodes of the series will be broadcast on YouTube 'very soon'.

This means you can now get yourself nice and familiar with the concept of this strange little RPG. There has been no set release date for when they're coming to YouTube but the words 'very soon' sound promising. At the moment there is various clips from the show on their channel but not full episodes.

There's less than one day until the game reaches North American shores with no release date for Europe yet, just the far off future of 2016. Yo-Kai Watch has been out in Japan since 2013 and has been a huge hit, developers Level 5 are hoping to have the same effect across the globe. 

Will you be picking up a copy of Yo-Kai Watch? Have you watched any of the Anime series? Let me know in the comments below!

Nintendo's been pretty quiet lately, but things are happening behind the scenes https://www.gameskinny.com/crfmt/nintendos-been-pretty-quiet-lately-but-things-are-happening-behind-the-scenes https://www.gameskinny.com/crfmt/nintendos-been-pretty-quiet-lately-but-things-are-happening-behind-the-scenes Mon, 02 Nov 2015 17:29:38 -0500 David Fisher

Back when President Iwata was still among us, Nintendo Direct was the number one source of all Nintendo news. However, ever since his passing, we have yet to get any news from Nintendo whatsoever. Sure, we've had a few rumours surrounding the new Nintendo NX console, but otherwise it's been pretty quiet around the Internet when it comes to tangible information surrounding the gaming giant. So what's going on in the world of Nintendo?

I did some snooping, and the news is a little brighter than I thought.

Nintendo Direct is coming back!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tatsumi Mimishima has confirmed that Nintendo Direct will be returning sooner than later. The article (found here) states that we can expect to see a Nintendo Direct sometime before the end of 2015. The hopes here, of course, are that the newest Nintendo Direct will have some sort of good news for Nintendo's holiday season. With Star Fox Zero and The Legend of Zelda: Wii U no longer among the company's holiday lineup, we can only pray that we get something other than Xenoblade Chronicles that will be worth picking up.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch was a huge success in Japan, outselling Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire by over 750,000 copies - and that's without considering the sequels. While it is currently unclear how well the game will sell in the international market - seeing as the game is much more Japan-centric than Pokemon - it has already left a wake in the pool thanks to a rather silly advertising campaign.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm not entirely sure if this will be marketable to anyone but the youngest of 3DS players in North America...

In other news, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has actually been releasing a number of short clips on YouTube that show gameplay modes and other bits of information. In the clips we have learned a number of things about the game, including:

  • Playable characters, and hidden characters that have yet to be revealed
  • Amiibo characters, training, and customization
  • Multiplayer methods
  • Single Player game modes

Although Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has not gone into too much detail about gameplay features, the new ads do shed some light onto what we can expect from the game as a whole. However, I must admit that I am a little underwhelmed right now. Unlike the Gamecube title Mario Power Tennis, Ultra Smash doesn't really seem to change much in terms of gameplay - other than giving players an unfair advantage at random.

I guess we'll just have two wait until November 20th to judge.

Twilight Princess HD and other unannounced titles

According to Nintendo Life, the CEO of Nintendo - Tatsumi Kimishima - has also gone on record as stating that there are still several titles lined up for the Wii U and 3DS this holiday season that have not yet been announced. During a special strategy briefing in Tokyo, Kimishima has told investors that these new games will be arriving on both consoles before the end of 2015.

Fans have been going crazy over this news, especially after the alleged data-mined image of Twilight Princess splash art on the Wii U eShop showed up. Speculation has all but unanimously come to the conclusion that one of these "unannounced titles" will be the rumoured Twilight Princess HD remake they have been expecting.

The excitement around a possible Twilight Princess remake has only been growing after this image (also in the header) was released in the company's Corporate Management Policy Briefing seen here. The reason? Link's pose is identical to that which is found in multiple pieces of Twilight Princess splash art.

Seen here on the right, Link is holding his sword inversely while holding the pommel up against his shield. This could simply be a coincidence, but perhaps there's reason to believe that this might actually confirm a Twilight Princess remake, especially since the image is not a carbon copy. It should be noted that while Link is in a similar pose, the Link making the pose looks dissimilar to the original Twilight Princess one. While his hair color is similar, his tunic is lighter colored, and his hand positioning is a little higher up than in the original art from the Gamecube/Wii title. Interestingly, the Link model found in the briefing is not found in any other Legend of Zelda or Nintendo media.

This is all speculation, however, and so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

That's it for now...

Sadly, Nintendo hasn't been talking to the media at all. Without any information coming straight from the company almost all news surrounding Nintendo's future has been filled with rumors, business reports, or pure speculation. All we can do as fans is come together and hope that 2016 brings a new golden age for Nintendo.

Yo-Kai Watch 2DS bundle coming to North America https://www.gameskinny.com/ke3pe/yo-kai-watch-2ds-bundle-coming-to-north-america https://www.gameskinny.com/ke3pe/yo-kai-watch-2ds-bundle-coming-to-north-america Mon, 19 Oct 2015 13:09:57 -0400 Zanne Nilsson

Nintendo has announced a new 2DS bundle as part of the general North American release of Level 5's hit RPG Yo-Kai Watch November 6. For $99.99 you can get a brand new 2DS with a pre-installed copy of Yo-Kai Watch.

The cross-media series (manga and anime exist in addition to the games) has been a massive hit with Japanese children so far; the second game was the top-selling video game in Japan in 2014, selling almost 3 million copies.

Yo-Kai Watch has often been compared to Pokemon in both its success and premise: the player travels around Sakura New Town encountering, befriending, and battling different Yo-Kai with the help of Yo-Kai the player has previously befriended/defeated. The player is able to see and identify Yo-Kai using the Yo-Kai Watch, a device given to them by Whisper, the first Yo-Kai they encounter.

Nintendo is clearly hoping that Yo-Kai Watch will soon become the next big thing in North America. Sales of the game may be boosted by young fans of the anime, which has already begun airing on U.S. television.

But only time will tell whether gamers will latch onto Yo-Kai Watch or not. We'll just have to wait until November 6 and see.

Nintendo's first-party release calendar 2015-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/lfe4n/nintendos-first-party-release-calendar-2015-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/lfe4n/nintendos-first-party-release-calendar-2015-2016 Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:51:34 -0400 David Fisher

While Nintendo might not have the best reputation when it comes to third-party titles, their first-party lineup rarely fails to impress players. However, with many big titles being pushed further back each passing day, I've decided to compile this list of upcoming games that can tide you over until the next big Legend of Zelda or Star Fox hit!

Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Release Dates:

  • JP: April 29, 2015
  • NA/EU: December 4, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the latest title in Monolith Soft's Xeno series of video games. In it, players will be able to command their very own "Skells" ("Dolls" in the Japanese version). The game looks and feels much like its predecessor Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and 3DS, but aims to take full advantage of the Wii U's hardware. Science-Fiction and Mecha fans will certainly want to keep their eye out for what looks to be a promising smash hit.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

Release Dates:

  • JP: November 21, 2015
  • EU: November 20, 2015
  • NA: November 13, 2015

One of the few games coming to North America before PAL releases, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a virtual board game that bears similarities to the Mario Party series of games. The game requires amiibo cards and toys to play, and looks like a somewhat decent game. I mean, surely it can't be worse than Mario Party 10, right?

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Release Dates:

  • International: ~November 20th, 2015

One of Nintendo's least talked about titles, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash aims to add... something to the regular tennis formula. Previous Mario Tennis titles have seen Mario and co. getting special rackets, power-ups, and more. However, we have heard and seen nothing about Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash other than a 50-second teaser trailer where players pick up Mega Mushrooms. All we know is that this game will probably offer more of the same that we expect from Mario Sports games, and that's never a bad thing.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Release Dates:

  • JP: December 26, 2015
  • NA/EU: TBA 2016

Originally announced as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire EmblemGenei Ibun Roku #FE is a turn-based RPG that takes elements of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem series, combining them into a colorful game centralized around music, swords, and demons. From what footage has been released so far, Genei Ibun Roku #FE looks like an over-the-top fun RPG that fans of either series will undoubtedly be excited to get their hands on.

The Legend of Zelda: Wii U

Release Date:

  • International: TBA 2016

If Nintendo had stuck to their original plans, we would be seeing a Wii U Legend of Zelda title flying off store shelves in the next few months. However, the game has since been pushed back to 2016. The game promises to include a massive overworld, non-linear gameplay, and more horse-riding action than previous Legend of Zelda titles. Let's just hope that those rumors about Twilight Princess HD are true so that it can tide us over until Zelda U is ready.

Pokken Tournament

Release Date: 

  • International: Spring 2016

Ever want to see Pokemon fight in a real-time environment, just like they do in the anime? Pokken Tournament is the game you've been waiting for. Similar to Namco's Tekken series, Pokken Tournament gives players control of a roster of familiar Pokemon as they relentlessly battle in circular arenas in true arcade fashion. This is looking to be one of the major Wii U titles in the foreseeable future post-2015.

Star Fox Zero

Release Date:

  • International: April 22, 2016

Another game that players were hoping to see in less than a month from now, Star Fox Zero has since been delayed until early next year. The game features classic on-rails and all-range modes that we have seen in games like Star Fox 64, but with all new dual-screen mechanics and transformation abilities. Hopefully - like Zelda U - the delays will improve the game beyond expectations.

Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

Release Dates:

  • JP: October 22, 2015
  • NA/EU: October 23, 2015
  • AUS: October 24, 2015

Tri-Force Heroes seeks to offer a more co-operative experience than the competitive nature of the Legend of Zelda: Four Sword series. In Tri-Force Heroes three heroes bearing a resemblance to Link set out across the kingdom of Hytopia to stop the evil Drablands Witch, who has put a curse of ugliness on the beautiful Princess Styla. The game looks to be much more whimsical than previous Legend of Zelda titles, and only time will tell if this game lives up to the franchise's standards.

Yo-Kai Watch

Release Dates:

  • JP: July 11, 2015
  • NA: November 6, 2015
  • AUS: December 5, 2015
  • EU: TBA 2016

A game that has recently trumped Pokemon in Japan for sales, Yo-Kai Watch aims to be the next big thing in childhood monster-catching. While it will be interesting to see whether or not Yo-Kai Watch has the same international success as Pokemon; if its sales are anything to go off of, Yo-Kai Watch might just be the go-to brand in the near future. Better watch out Pokemon Company!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Release Dates:

  • JP: September 17, 2015
  • NA: November 20, 2015
  • EU/AUS: First-Half 2016

Speaking of Pokemon, the Pokemon Company seems to be carrying on with the success of its Mystery Dungeon spin-off series with Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be the first Mystery Dungeon title to have all 721 Pokemon in full 3D. If dungeon crawling is your thing, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon might just be up your alley.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

Release Dates:

  • JP: December 3, 2015
  • EU: December 4, 2015
  • AUS: December 10, 2015
  • NA: January 22, 2016

Following the trend of almost releasing every 3 years, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. is the 5th installment of both the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series. In this game, Mario and Luigi team up with Paper Mario to put all of the characters in the Paper Mario world back where they belong after Luigi trips over a mysterious book and lets them loose. Both series are known for their hilarious antics and timing focused turn-based RPG elements, and so seeing what Nintendo does with both series in the same game is sure to be interesting.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends

Release Dates:

  • JP: January 21, 2016
  • International: March 25, 2016

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is a 3DS port of the well-received Hyrule Warriors game on the Wii U. The game features everything that was found in the Hyrule Warriors Wii U title - including DLC maps and characters - as well as several new characters, maps, bosses, and battlegrounds. The game can also link up with the Wii U title to unlock all the characters added in the 3DS version, although other features may - or may not - be exclusive to Legends.

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest/Birthright

Release Dates:

  • JP: June 25, 2015
  • International: TBA 2016

The latest installment in Nintendo's Fire Emblem tactical strategy games, Fire Emblem Fates sees the player take control of their very own avatar who is torn between two sides - their adopted home, and their birth home - in a war orchestrated by an unknown force. The game features interesting new classes that seem to be based off feudal Japan or Europe depending on the game you choose.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Release Date:

  • International: TBA 2016

This game has received a lot of controversy since its reveal at E3 2015. However, the game still appears to be in development with a release date in 2016. The developers have since released information that the game will have both a single player element, and have Nintendo's leading lady - Samus Aran - make an appearance. We can only wait and see if this game will live up to the expectations of Metroid Prime fans.

Bravely Second: End Layer

Release Dates:

  • JP: April 23, 2015
  • International: TBA 2016

Bravely Second acts as the sequel to Bravely Default, a game that sought to bring back classic Final Fantasy elements that have not been seen in the series since the days of Final Fantasy games on the Super Nintendo. While not much information has been released about international distribution, it is known that the game will be arriving in other regions... eventually.

Will there be more?

That is the question on the minds of Nintendo fans. With the NX looking like it will be released in 2016, many of us will be wondering if the Wii U or 3DS will receive more first-party support before the next console comes around the corner.

Unfortunately, it looks like this might be the end of the foreseeable release calendar for now. These titles do look promising, though, so let's keep our heads held high and enjoy these first-party titles as they come!

Also, remember to keep this article on hand as I will update it whenever news comes around about new release dates and games in the future!

Nintendo Planning a Yo-Kai Watch Demo? https://www.gameskinny.com/yj6gn/nintendo-planning-a-yo-kai-watch-demo https://www.gameskinny.com/yj6gn/nintendo-planning-a-yo-kai-watch-demo Tue, 13 Oct 2015 11:32:06 -0400 Goldenbolt

The new "Pokémon" looks like it might be hitting the West a lot sooner than we all thought! 

According to an Australian classification site, Fantasy Life developers Level-5 reserved a listing on October 9th scheduling a demo release for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Yo-Kai Watch. If you're itching to see what the new franchise is all about, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for this demo.

The game looks to be a nice and promising mesh of everything we love about Pokémon and a little Mega Man Battle Network. Level-5 definitely impressed me with Fantasy Life on the 3DS last year, so I have nothing but high hopes for the new game (and anime)! The story is sure to be chock-full of memorable characters and hilarious one-liners. So if you're like me and had a fantastic time with Fantasy Life, this is sure to be a hit! Seriously though, I've clocked in almost 80 hours into that game. And that's only on one character.

Yo-Kai Watch was first announced at E3 this summer and received a surprising amount of backlash from the gaming community for having appeared too much like Pokémon. But, I'm apparently a 10-year-old boy (despite being a college student) because I definitely can't get enough Pokémon-style games, regardless of how similar they are.

Nintendo & Level-5 Go All-In on Yo-Kai Watch Globalization https://www.gameskinny.com/cvqmn/nintendo-level-5-go-all-in-on-yo-kai-watch-globalization https://www.gameskinny.com/cvqmn/nintendo-level-5-go-all-in-on-yo-kai-watch-globalization Sat, 11 Apr 2015 17:18:51 -0400 Thomas M Gumbel

Level-5 – of Dark Cloud, Ni No Kuni, and Professor Layton fame – is bringing Pokemon-like Yo-Kai Watch to the West!  Their cross-media hit has been a strictly Japanese affair since the first game’s release back in July of 2013.  I don’t use “hit” lightly; the Yo-Kai Watch franchise has roped around $1 billion in merch – not including the games.

Nintendo’s publishing Yo-Kai Watch for Level-5 in the West, while Hasbro’s handling the toys.  Hasbro and Level-5 have recently announced a joint venture for their new Yo-Kai Watch toy line launching in spring of next year, so it stands to reason that the globalized versions of the Yo-Kai Watch games will release around the same time. 

Assuming the first international Yo-Kai Watch release is well-received, we can expect to see Level-5/Nintendo follow through with the sequels and spin-offs shortly thereafter.  ViZ is localizing the manga, aiming for a September launch.  Again, success depending, the Yo-Kai Watch anime (and maybe even the movie) may follow.