Portal 2: My Favorite Moments

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2. Exile Vilify

In Chapter 2 of the game, you find a radio in the Rat Man den found in an alcove in Test Chamber 03. This radio plays an original song written exclusively for Portal 2 by The National, called "Exile Vilify."

The lyrics of the song were composed by The National, and were reviewed by Valve to ensure that they fit with the tone of the Rat Man dens. While that may be true, since Rattmann put his life on the line in order to ensure Chell's survival, I feel it would also be true for Chell as well. In the midst of vilifications and possibilities of death at the hands of GLaDOS, and later Wheatley, Chell always found a way to stay alive. Does it feel like a trial? I'm sure it would have felt a lot like a trial. That and the song's pretty catchy as well.

Here's the video that won 1.00000000001th place in Portal 2's music video contest, a visual retelling of Valve's Portal 2: Lab Rat comic made by MikeMov89Portal2:

Published Apr. 9th 2016

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