Top 5 Awesome Old Guys

4. Captain Blue

Viewtiful Joe series

Contrary to what he appears, this man is neither senile nor a joke character. He's basically what would happen if Zordon decided to get out of his tube, squeeze into Blue Ranger's suit, and take off in the Megazord to fight evil for a while. Then he decides to teach the first kid he meets to put on tights and fight evil too.

What makes him so hilarious and so awesome is that he is completely dead serious about the whole thing: he carries himself like this great superhero while dressed like Commissioner Ultraman up there. There is no trace of hamminess in him, he straight-up teaches you how to do kung fu in slow motion and stuff. It's righteous.

Also he has one of my favorite farewell catchphrases: "May hero-ness be with you".

Published Jul. 10th 2015

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