Top 5 Awesome Old Guys

3. Big Boss

Metal Gear Series

Yes. Yes he is.

The sad part is I can't fully explain how awesome he is without spoiling the entire series. For those of you who haven't enjoyed the Metal Gear series, here's an idea: this was a guy who, throughout the entire saga, from Metal Gear Solid 1 in 1998 to Metal Gear Solid 4 in 2008, was always mentioned with a measure of fear and respect from everyone who knew him, but was never actually seen. But then, at the very end of 4, after a whole ten years, he finally shows up in person. It's only for about 20 minutes, and in those 20 minutes he makes one hell of an impression.

Without spoilers though, he's the original Legendary Soldier, and he makes Solid Snake look very foolish very quickly. And the eye patch gives him some points too.

Published Jul. 10th 2015

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