The Importance of Females In Video Games

While most males I have gamed and tested with focus on completing objectives and obtaining rewards, the females have been more about details, exploration, quests, and story line.

I recently read an article on a game company that had to ask their marketing firm to start getting the opinions of females as well. Supposedly the firm thought video games were a male thing. Though the industry is still predominantly male, that seems to be changing as our new generation is being born and raised into a technologically advanced era.

Personally, I went to college for Computer Science back when internet technology was just starting to break the surface of the dot com industry. I was, in fact, the only female in my Computer Science class. Aside from that, I was actually the only one who was currently working for a company that was just getting their feet wet in the industry and sending me off to report and speak at Internet World and Comdex. A lot of my credits were earned through my travels, reporting, and speaking, as I was already doing what my other classmates were going to college to do.

Now, mind you, I am not a game developer. I don’t know how to develop a game, nor will I claim to know, but I know the basics. I know because I have studied, interviewed, been educated, and tested in the industry for over 20 years. Being the minority in the industry is nothing new, and to some extent I understand how the marketing firm would have assumed that an first person shooter (FPS) was male focused. That said, I also know that we have come a hell of a distance in 20 years and there are more women at video game conventions and digital seminars today than ever before.

So let's have a look at what females as gamers in general or developers in the video game industry really contribute to the entire philosophical nature of MMORPG creativity.

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Published Feb. 23rd 2014
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    This really needs to be said, because it's very important for this discussion:

    The world of MMORPGs is very, very different than the world of mainstream gaming and even hardcore console gaming. We shouldn't lose sight of that.

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