Call of Duty: Mobile New Order Adds New Map, Modes, Skills, and More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 resets things for 2021, adding a bunch of new content alongside a new battle pass.

Though Call of Duty: Mobile technically just finished up Season 13, the mobile first-person multiplayer shooter is hitting the reset button and starting 2021 with Season 1, dubbed New Order. The new season goes live today, January 26, at 7 p.m. EST, and it brings with it a ton of updates in the form of a new battle pass, rewards, weapons, maps, modes, and more. 

The New Order battle pass is essentially what players have become accustomed to and, as usual, has 50 tiers of rewards to chase after, some free, some requiring a little extra dosh. According to a post on the Call of Duty Blog, the FR. 556 is part of the free tier, alongside "the Operator Skill — Gravity Vortex ... the Flashbang Grenade — Light Show ... and the Concussion Grenade — Light Show." 

Premium Tier players will get access to a supply cache full of new skins, blueprints, and more, and that's not to mention the addition of the SKS Marksman Rifle coming in February. 

A new map and two new modes will also be dropping into the game during Season 1. Reclaim is a winter holiday-themed hazard zone featuring a "shopping complex" and plenty of hazmat areas giving off heavy The Last of Us and The Walking Dead vibes

Gunfight gets an upgrade in Season 1 as well; instead of 2v2 matches, the mode now has a 3v3 variant. Attack of the Undead doubles its 10-player limit, and Blitz makes its way to battle royale. 

You can read more about the update over on the Call of Duty Blog, and stay tuned for more on Call of Duty Mobile.


Published Jan. 26th 2021

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