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If you're like most Terra Nil players, you've been wondering how to make a lake in the game's Temperate biome. You'll need to do so if you want to discover the Goose and log all of the animals in this area. However, there's absolutely no guidance for creating a lake and no matter how much water you scan, it's likely you've come back with incomplete results time and time again. 

How to Create a Lake in Terra Nil

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To create a lake in Terra Nil and discover the Goose, you'll need to make a 4x4x4x4 section of river water — four units wide on the top and bottom, and 4 units long on the right and left. There can be a piece or two of land within the box you've created.

This area can include a section of river that abuts a wetland area or has a piece or two of wetland encroaching it. However, it does not include any wetland areas themselves.

You can make a lake on either of the maps available for the Temperate biome: River Valley and Abandoned Quarry. Doing so on either presents its own challenges.

  • For River Valley, you can use the Excavator along the river.
  • For Abandoned Quarry, you can use the Excavator or the XYZ, putting a Water Pump inside the depression left by the XYZ. 

Regardless of the location you choose, reset the map until you have a section of river that is at least 4 tiles wide and 4 tiles long on one side each in one area. Select "Retry Region" to do so. 

Make note of the location where you want to create the lake, and leave room for Excavators when laying out your other buildings, creating rock formations for Windmills, and placing ecosystems. Use the Excavators to make the two remaining sides of the selected area 4x4. 

Build the scanner, and scan the area. The Geese should populate the area. If you get a yellow indicator where you performed the sonar scan: 

  • Check that the scanned area is 4x4x4x4.
  • Use another Excavator to remove more land.

And that's how to make a lake in Terra Nil and discover the Goose, adding it to your list of planetary fauna and coming a little bit closer to 100% restoration. Though not as hard to find as Geese, the Narwhal can be tricky. We've got all of Terra Nil's animal locations here if you're looking for more. 

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Terra Nil: How to Find and Discover Narwhals Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:29:08 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Narwhals can be hard to find in Terra Nil. Like some other animals in the game, they require specific parameters be met before they'll appear in the Polar biome. If you're having trouble discovering them with the scanner, here's what to do. 

What do Narwhals Require in Terra Nil? Answered

Narhwals require three conditions be met before they start swimming in the Polar biome's frigid waters. You can find Narwhal in both the Volcanic Glacier (normal mode) map and the Polluted Fjord (hard mode) map. 

  • They must be in range of 20 ocean tiles and 4 ice sheet tiles.
  • The temperature must be at least -10 Celsius. 

It's likely that Narwhals will be the last fauna group you scan in the Polar biome because they require the temperatures be so low. Before that, it's not viable to have ice sheets taking up your ocean tiles, which can prevent you from discovering Polar Bears. 

Nicely, lowering the temperature so much also helps with finding another fauna type in the Polar Biome. Penguins will also spawn once larger ice sheets start to form, sliding around looking for food near Narwhal. 

That's how to find and discover Narwhal in Terra Nil. If you're wondering how to unlock all of the animals in the game, we have a list of all fauna requirements right over here. And if you're wondering how to form a lake, one of Terra Nil's most ambiguous and frustrating challenges, we've got over the steps for lake creation right here.  

Terra Nil: How to Unlock All Animals Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:29:18 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Unlocking Terra Nil animals is an essential part of reclaiming the wastes. As you cleanse the toxins poisoning the land and water, reintroducing fauna is a required part of rehabilitating your map. So how do you discover animals?

Each Terra Nil biome has a different collection of unlockable animals, and each of those fauna species has specific unlock requirements. The game doesn't outright tell you what these requirements are, but there are hints in your Handbook under the animals tab. 

Some fauna types, like the Bear, require forests before they can be discovered. Others, like Narwhal require something different. 

To discover animals, you must reach the third stage of biome rehabilitation, after you've had the chance to regrow all of a map's various ecosystems and build certain structures. Once you do, you'll get access to the scanner, which you can build anywhere and use to scan the map and its ecosystems for animals. 

Click the arrow under the animal footprint that appears in the top left corner of the screen, then click each animal portrait. Then click the orange circle just below the portraits to the right, and highlight an area of the map to scan for them in that area. 

Below, we've outlined the animals in each biome, including their discovery requirements. It's possible that you won't be able to discover all fauna types on a single map because of the requirements and tile sizes of ecosystems.

Related: How to Make a Lake in Terra Nil

How to Find All Animals in Terra Nil

To effectively scan for the animals below, you'll typically need to scan multiple tiles across several biomes at the same time. For example, you can simply scan 20 greenery tiles for Deer, but you'll need to scan 20 river tiles and 10 forest tiles with the same scan to discover Beavers. 

Further, some animals require specific weather conditions or you create lakes to find them. Most criteria are self-explanatory, but we've left notes on those that are a bit more confusing. 

Temperate Biome

  • Deer:
    • In range of at least 20 greenery tiles.
  • Frog:
    • In range of at least 10 Wetland tiles.
    • In range of at least 5 Fynbos tiles.
  • Bear:
    • In range of at least 20 forest tiles.
    • On a hill of at least 20 tiles.
    • In range of a beehive.
  • Goose:
    • Make a lake with a 4x4 tile radius.
  • Beaver:
    • In range of at least 20 river tiles.
    • In range of at least 10 forest tiles.
  • Timber Wolf:
    • In range of at least 15 forest tiles.
    • In range of a group of Deer (must scan for and discover Deer near a forest first).

Tropical Biome 

  • Reef Shark:
    • In range of 4 mangrove tiles.
    • In range of 16 Coral reef tiles.
    • Temperature must be at 20 Celsius or higher.
  • Whale:
    • In range of 20 ocean tiles.
    • In range of 10 deep ocean tiles (usually at a corner of the map).
    • No land in range. 
  • Parrot:
    • In range of 20 tropical forest tiles.
    • No buildings in range (scan after recycling buildings in forest).
  • Manta ray:
    • In range of 8 ocean tiles.
    • In range of 6 Coral reef tiles.
    • In range of 3 river tiles. 
  • Tortoise:
    • In range of 10 Beach tiles.
    • On a small island. (can be built using Sandbank).
  • Flamingo:
    • In range of 10 Beach tiles.
    • In range of 10 wetland tiles (not mangrove tiles).

Polar Biome

  • Snowy Owl:
    • In range of 10 forest tiles.
    • In range of 10 tundra tiles.
  • Narwhal:
    • In range of 20 ocean tiles.
    • In range of 4 ice sheet tiles.
    • Temperature must be at least -10 Celsius so glaciers will form.
  • Penguin:
    • In range of 16 ice sheet tiles.
    • In range of 10 ocean tiles. 
  • Arctic Fox:
    • In range of 10 snow tiles.
    • In range of 5 tundra tiles. 
  • Elk:
    • In range of 6 lichen tiles (not moss on rocks).
    • In range of 20 snow tiles. 
  • Polar Bear:
    • In range of 6 ocean tiles.
    • In range of 16 snow tiles.
    • Near Elk.
      • Rocks need to meet the ocean or be very close. Have lichen on rocks, scan for Elk to populate Elk, and place a Flash Freezer to create snow around the rocks. Use a Rock Hopper if need be to place a second flash freezer. 

Continental Biome

  • Turtle:
    • In range of 20 lagoon tiles.
  • Peacock:
    • In range of 24 greenery tiles.
  • Panda:
    • In range of 20 bamboo tiles.
    • In range of 6 greenery tiles.
  • Boar:
    • In range of 8 greenery tiles.
    • In range of 12 deciduous forest tiles.
  • Sea Otter:
    • In range of 12 ocean tiles.
    • In range of 12 kelp forest tiles.
  • Eagle:
    • In range of 6 derelict skyscraper tiles.
    • In range of group of boar (must scan to find boar first).

That's how to unlock all Terra Nil animals, bringing all species to each of the maps you reclaim from the wastes. 

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How to Complete Week 3 Fortnite Quests in Season 2 of Chapter 4 Sat, 01 Apr 2023 14:47:44 -0400 Maddison Ahlbrand

Fortnite's Spring Breakout brings new weekly challenges to the battle royale, and you may be wondering how to complete the quests in Week 3 of Season 2, Chapter 4. Completing the challenges will give you XP for your Battle Pass, and give you more to do in-game, too. Here's find all you need to know to complete the challenges in Week 3. 

Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 4 Week 3 Quests Guide

Screenshot by GameSkinny

  • Accept a bounty at different dueling circle Bounty Board locations (12,000 XP)
    • Go into your quest menu, and select this challenge from the list to reveal the challenge locations on your map in-game. They appear as star symbols. You'll need to accept two bounties total.
      • North of Mega City
      • Northeast of Mega City, above Knotty Nets
      • Southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing
      • Southwest of Steamy Springs

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  • Hit a speed of 86 on a Rogue bike (12,000 XP)
    • You can complete this Fortnite quest with any Rogue bike found on the island, but the bikes are most easily found in Mega City. You'll have the best luck picking up speed on the bike if you stick to the roadways; Offroading isn't this vehicle's strong suit, and you'll quickly notice it struggle when you veer to the dirt. Once you're on the road, hit your respective boost button found on the left side of the screen.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

  • Recover a Combat Cache (12,000 XP)
    • Combat Caches can be regularly found throughout a match and are marked on the mini-map when you're nearby. This challenge is particularly great because Combat Caches can provide you with some amazing loot if you reach them quickly. However, the recovery process takes an entire minute, so make you have a safe place to wait.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

  • Hire a Scout, Heavy, Supply, and Medic Specialist (2,000 XP)
    • You'll need 900 gold bars to complete this challenge.
    • If you go into your quest menu and select this challenge from the list, it will reveal the NPC locations on your map in-game. They appear as exclamation points. Simply hire all four NPCs to complete the challenge.
      • West of Steamy Springs
      • Northwest of Brutal Bastion
      • North of Breakwater Bay
      • Southeast of Lonely Labs

Screenshot by GameSkinny

  • Claim the Capture Point on the floating Loot Island (12,000 XP)
    • The floating Loot Island appears after a few Storm Cycles have elapsed. Once enough time has passed, you'll be able to spot it on your map and mini-map.
    • Getting to it is just a matter of riding a zipline up the side or gliding over. Once you reach the island, capture the Point by staying within the flag zone until the flag reaches the top of the pole. Once you capture it, you'll get treated to some legendary loot. 

That's it for completing the Week 3 Fortnite challenges in Season 4, Chapter 4. There will be new challenges released every Tuesday at 9 a.m EST/6 a.m. PST, so stay tuned for more guides on Spring Breakout.

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Destiny 2: How to Farm Commendations Fri, 31 Mar 2023 23:39:51 -0400 John Schutt

The controversial Commendation system in Destiny 2 isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. With the mechanic tied to progressing Guardian Ranks, you’ll need as many Commendations as you can farm.

Farming Commendations was once much easier, but Bungie saw to nerfing the old cheese rather quickly. Now getting lots of recommendations quickly takes a bit more effort and is just a tad more interesting to do. Here’s how.

Best Commendation Farms in Destiny 2

The short version is there are no hyper-efficient farms for Commendations currently in Destiny 2. The previous method of continually defeating Riven, the final boss of the Last Wish Raid, no longer functions, as there’s a significant cooldown on giving Commendations in both Raids and Dungeons.

Bungie has also drastically reduced the number of Commendation points needed for higher Guardian Ranks. Farming is less important than it once was. 

The only way to get Commendations is to play with other people, so you’ll need to either have a fireteam of friends or LFG players or stick to matchmade activities. And as always, the best and easiest farm is to stick to the core ritual playlists: Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible.

The competitive modes are technically better, as more players means more potential to give and receive Commendations, but if PvP is out of the question, Vanguard Ops is your main recourse.

You can also head into any Seasonal activity or Dares of Eternity for relatively consistent player activity. Dares is the better of the two, as it’s also a six-person playlist, and you can finish most runs in about ten minutes or so.

If you exhaust yourself of the core playlists in Destiny 2, you can go into higher-difficulty and more specialized activities. You still can get Commendations from doing Raids and Dungeons. You just can't get an effectively infinite amount of them anymore.

The only way to not get Commendations is to do all the soloable content in the game: much of Neomuna, anything in a patrol space, Legend/Master Lost Sectors, and solo story campaigns for Witch Queen and Lightfall.

Sadly, there’s not much more to say about farming Commendations in Destiny 2 right now. If a new cheesy strategy comes along, we’ll update this guide appropriately. For now, the best way to get more Commendation Score is to play the game normally and participate in as many multiplayer activities as possible. If you’re looking for help with other Destiny 2 content, check out our D2 guides hub.

Dredge: How to Get Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Catches Sat, 01 Apr 2023 15:03:05 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Abyssal and Hadal Fish are the hardest to fish gain access to in Dredge. You can't just go out and trawl or fish for them. Instead, you'll need a specific item related to a quest to do soThey're the last of the location types you can unlock and take a few different steps to do so. 

Unlocking Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Catches Explained

To gain access to Abyssal fish, you'll need to complete the first part of the Collect All Samples Pursuit. This quest is given to you by the Research Assistant in the Stellar Basin region of the Old Fortress. The coordinates for the Old Fortress are D5.

The Research Assistant will ask you to catch and bring back: 

  • Aurora Jellyfish x1
  • Firefly Squid x1
  • Glowing Octopus x1

Aberrant versions of fish don't count toward this Pursuit. Instead, the fish need to be of the normal variety. 

Once you've caught the fish you need, bring them back to complete this stage of the Pursuit. The Research Assistant will then send you to the Research Outpost, located right on the line between coordinates F4 and G4.

Here, you'll need to obtain Prototype Parts, which can be found by investigating the Laboratory. 

When you return to the Research Assistant with the Prototype Parts, they'll give you the Sampling Device. This allows you to catch Abyssal fish. With this item, you can now research the Bottomless Lines under Rods using x1 Research Parts. You'll then need to purchase and install Bottomless Lines to actually catch Abyssal and Hadal fish. 

That's how you unlock the ability to catch Abyssal and Hadal fish in Dredge. For more Pursuit guides, item locations, or fishing guides, check out our guides page

Featured image via Team17. 

Dredge: How to Get the Signet Ring Sat, 01 Apr 2023 15:14:22 -0400 Ashley Erickson

The Dredge Signet Ring is a reward for completing a specific Pursuit that can be picked up in Devil's Spine. After finding a castaway, you'll have a prize that may not sell for much but is steeped in mystery, much like the waters of this Lovecraftian fishing game. If you're wondering how to get the Signet ring or curious about its effects, you're not alone. 

Dredge Signet Ring Explained

The Dredge Signet Ring is a reward for completing the Castaway Pursuit. If you don't already have this Pursuit logged, you'll need to head toward Devil's Spine to get it.

Near Devil's Spine, you'll find various rocks positioned to spell out SOS. Investigate the area, and you'll discover a stranded captain castaway. Take him to Little Marrow, and he'll give you the Signet Ring as a reward. 

Screenshot by GameSkinny

What is the Signet Ring Used for In Dredge? Answered

So what's the Signet Ring used for in Dredge? There's really only speculation on the actual use of the Signet Ring. It can be sold to any merchant or trader for $90, though the description indicates it may provide an increase to luck.

The item's description has led some to keep it in storage until another use comes up or more information is discovered. Others have noted that they traveled with it and didn't notice an increase in luck — or any changes at all. 

While the Signet Ring could be an item that comes into play in the future, the team at Black Salt Games has stated they don't have definite DLC plans moving forward from release. It could just be that the fancy ring was all the castaway had left on him to repay you for the ride. It's still a mystery. 

Whether you decide to keep the Signet Ring or sell it, it doesn't seem to impact the game endings in any way. For more on Dredge items, how to fish, or other guides, our guides page has your haul

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Should You Buy Blackstone Key DLC for Dredge? Answered Sat, 01 Apr 2023 15:25:22 -0400 Ashley Erickson

The Dredge Blackstone Key DLC is part of the fishing game's Deluxe Edition and available as part of a stand-alone $4.99 purchase. The small expansion comes with several different bonuses, including a Workshop on Blackstone Isle, which contains two exclusive items. But should you buy the DLC? 

What's in the Dredge Blackstone Key DLC? 

Blackstone Isle Workshop Items

The Blackstone Key DLC gives you access to the Blackstone Isle Workshop. If you have the DLC, you'll be able to enter the workshop the first time you visit the island. Inside you'll discover two items: The Arterial Engine and the Sign of Ruin.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Arterial Engine is basically a giant heart with engine blades that beats in rhythm with your character's heart. It takes an hour to install and is in an operational state. It only goes 7.4 knots, however, which is slower than every other engine in the game. 

The Sign of Ruin is the real star of the Blackstone Key DLC. This carved stone item installs in a Rods square in your cargo. The Sign of Ruin description says, "It's sure to draw the attention of those attuned to it."

When equipped, it increases your rate for catching Aberrant fish. It's also hypothesized that it may increase attacks on your ship by deep sea creatures during the night, but this hasn't been confirmed. 

Should You Buy the Blackstone Key DLC? Answered

The Blackstone Key DLC for Dredge only impacts the game by boosting how often you might catch Aberrant Fish — and by proxy, possibly gain more money to get rich fast(er). Otherwise, it doesn't give you access to any new stories or prompt any new dialogue.

The Blackstone Key DLC can make the game a more enjoyable experience by giving you access to more resources to explore all available options fully, but it isn't necessary. 

And that answers the question of whether or not you should buy the Dredge Blackstone Key DLC. For more help with the Lovecraftian fishing game, drop anchor at our guides hub.

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How to Catch Aberrant Fish in Dredge Fri, 31 Mar 2023 18:56:46 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Aberrant Fish is just one of many species of fish in Dredge, the Lovecraftian adventure game. Sometimes, these critters are a little different than usual, with this specific variety having mutated in some way. However, they're worth catching because they can be sold at a high price. Here's where to find and catch Aberrant Fish. 

Where to Find Aberrant Fish in Dredge

Aberrant Fish can be found at the same fishing spots as regular fish. The key to catching them is to look for a greenish mist and multicolored sparkles above fishing spots.

Aberrant Fish could be the first fish you bring up or the last, but as long as the shimmer is there, the fish can be caught. 

Each type of fish has multiple Aberrant versions in the Encyclopedia. You can tell a fish is Aberrant in your cargo or storage by its dark purple background. Depending on the Aberrant that ends up in your cargo, it may spread disease to your other fish, so keep that in mind. 

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The first time you catch an Aberrant Fish, it will most likely be a Squid. You'll get a Pursuit to bring the fish to the Fishmonger. He'll end up taking a Handkerchief from inside it but pay you more for it, as well.

If you purchased the Blackstone Key DLC, the Sign of Ruin increases your chance of encountering Aberrant fish. This is a quick way to make money if you can bring in multiple Aberrant fish per haul. 

If your Psyche is low, you can sometimes get attacked by an Aberrant fish. While getting scared and having a bad Psyche is not recommended, it can be something to try every now and again if you're looking for this specific type of catch. 

That's how to catch an Aberrant fish in Dredge. For other guides and tips articles, check out our Dredge library.

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Who is the Merchant's Voice Actor in Resident Evil 4 Remake? Answered Fri, 31 Mar 2023 23:47:39 -0400 Melissa Sarnowski

The Merchant has always been an important character in Resident Evil 4, and you may wonder who the voice actor is for Capcom's 2023 remake. The character is missing some iconic lines from the original game here, but that's not all you might notice. In the original 2005 version of the game, the Merchant was voiced by Paul Mercier, who also voiced Leon S. Kennedy. However, in the RE4 remake, Leon and the Merchant don't share a voice actor.

Who Voices the Merchant in RE4 Remake? 

Michael Adamthwaite fills the role of voice actor for the Merchant in the Resident Evil 4 remake. This isn't Adamthwaite's first time doing voice work, and you may have heard him in New Tales from the Borderlands as Tediore Grunt or as Luca in War for the Planet of the Apes.

Capcom made changes to many characters in RE4 remake, and the Merchant wasn’t exempt from receiving updates. One of the smaller details is that the Merchant can no longer be killed, which reinforces his status as a character important to the story.

The Merchant Adamthwaite voices might be different from the original character, but the changes made to the character in combination with a new voice actor portraying him fit the new, darker feeling of Resident Evil 4 remake.

Now you know who voices the iconic Resident Evil character. Since the Merchant is useful when it comes to items and upgrades, check out our RE4 remake guides on the best weapon upgrades and where to find the Gold Chicken Egg to help you on your quest to save the president’s daughter, Ashley.

Featured image via Capcom.

Dredge: How to Get Research Parts Sat, 01 Apr 2023 14:56:19 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Dredge Research Parts are an important component in the Lovecraftian fishing game. With them, you're able to upgrade your fishing gear and vessel by researching new improvements. If you're wondering where to find them or how to use them, this guide has the information you're looking for. 

What are Research Parts? Explained

Research Parts take up one square in your cargo and can be acquired in a variety of ways. They're needed to unlock new fishing gear and Engines for your ship, and they appear as a cluster of gears and other odds and ends.

When you dock, you have the option to use them to unlock new Rods, Trawl Nets, Engines, or Crab Pots for various costs. More advanced items need more parts, as well as the previous versions of those items, to be unlocked.

At the beginning of Dredge, put your Research Parts into new Rods so you can fish from more locations — and catch more fish

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Where to Get Research Parts

There are three ways to get Research Parts in Dredge. 

  • Pursuits: Pursuits, the game's side quests, often reward Research Parts upon completion. These reward you the most parts for the smallest investment.
  • Dredging: Research Parts can sometimes be collected when dredging. 
  • Buy Them: Buying Research Parts is the fastest way to obtain them. The Traveling Merchant sells Research Parts for $300 each. If you have the extra money and need to research something right away, buying them will do the trick.

Those are the three ways to obtain Research Parts in Dredge, as well as how to use them and what they're for. We have more Dredge guides here, including how to get the alternate ending and how to get rich quick.

Featured image via Team17.

FFXIV Live Letter Summary Details Patch 6.4, Island Sanctuary, and Much More Fri, 31 Mar 2023 15:56:51 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Today's Live Letter has given more than just a glimpse into FFXIV 6.4, we've also gotten a release timeframe for what's to be the game's next major patch. Naoki Yoshida announced during the Live Letter that patch 6.4 will be coming in late May. Here is a Live Letter summary to note some of the notable additions to look forward to.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Details

  • Pandaemonium: Anabaseios is the new raid coming in the patch and act as the final raid in the series. The Savage version will be coming a week later.
  • New main scenario quests. 
  • The Aetherfont is the new dungeon being included in the patch. 
  • The Voidcast Dais is a new trial at both normal and Extreme difficulties. There will also be a new unreal trial, Containment Bay Z1T9.
  • Island Sanctuary will be getting some updates to improve quality-of-life, as well as the ability to place furniture outdoors. Farmers will also have new crops and animals to choose from. 
  • New side quests centered around Tataru’s Grand Endeavour.

For the full patch notes, head to the Live Letter on the FFXIV website.

Patch 6.45

Patch 6.45 already had some items announced, alongside the Patch 6.4 details.

  • Blue Mage players will be excited to know that the level cap will rise to 80, along with new gear and quests for the limited class.
  • New weapon and tool enhancement quests.
  • New mount Rokkon dungeon.

Along with the patch details, Hatching-tide is back until April 10. A Tonberry glamour, the Frighten emote, and more are available to earn from limited time quests. Stormblood is available for free until May 8 2023 for those that own the the base game. Stormblood follows after Heavensward and leads into Shadowbringers, which then leads into the Endwalker expansion.

Those are all the details we currently have for Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.4. As it will release late May we may get more details as patch day comes closer. Stay up to date on any news by following FFXIV's game page.

Featured image by Square Enix

Dredge: How to Get Refined Metal Fri, 31 Mar 2023 15:43:47 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Refined Metal is an important component for Hull upgrades in DredgeThese enhancements give your vessel more cargo space, which is key to hauling massive loads of fish. However, it's not exactly clear how to get the material. Here's what you need to know. 

Where to Find Refined Metal in Dredge

Refined Metal is required for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Hull upgrades. Unlike Planks or Cloth, this material can't be obtained by clearing out dredge spots. Instead, it's only available from merchants for $500 per unit. It's easiest to get it from the Traveling Merchant. 

Here's how many units you'll need for each Hull upgrade:

  • Tier 2 Hull Upgrade: x1 Refined Metal
  • Tier 3 Hull Upgrade: x2 Refined Metal

Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Find the Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant hangs out at the Dusty Pontoon in the Gale Cliffs region. His vessel is in the southeast corner of the map, across from Ingfell, in the northwest part of that island. You'll have the easiest time finding it when you start at Ingfell and head northwest.  

Expensive at $500 a unit, you'll need to get rich quick to buy Refined Metal. The nice part of the Traveling Merchant is that he'll buy your fish and other items, so you can catch two fish with one net.

Stop at a few spots on your way to the Dusty Pontoon if you're concerned you won't have enough to cover the amount needed for the Refined Metal and upgrades. 

That's how to get Refined Metal in Dredge. While relatively straightforward, it can be costly to obtain all three pieces at once. For more help with the game, check out our Dredge guides page

Featured image by Team17.

Dredge: How to Get the Alternate Ending Fri, 31 Mar 2023 14:38:04 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Dredge is a narrative-driven fishing game laced with increasingly unnerving psychological horror elements as you push through its story. Many consider the default ending to be the "bad ending", but it's not the only one you can get. Here's how to get the alternate ending in Dredge, which is considered the "good" ending.

How to get the Alternate Ending

The alternate ending takes a bit of work to achieve. Both the good and bad endings can trigger within the same game, as it saves before the ending and does not overwrite that save afterward.

Loading up a save and then changing your last actions can result in the alternate ending triggering. There are a couple things you'll need to do before you reach the end of the game, however. 

Visit the Lighthouse Keeper

While it hasn't been confirmed that this is a requirement, visiting the Lighthouse Keeper in Greater Marrow does reveal quite a bit of the story. She has unique conversations when you visit her between chapters. She has to tell you that you can still make things right in order for the good ending to trigger.

Image via Team17

Devil's Spine

Once you start Chapter 5 and the Collector tasks you with heading to Devil's Spine, you should make a pit stop. There is a small island at coordinates P10 where you will meet the Old Mayor, who insists he knows you.

After rambling some nonsense, the Old Mayor will send you back to the Lighthouse Keeper. Once you go back to the Lighthouse Keeper you should head to Blackstone Isle and confront the Collector. 

As long as these two things are complete before the end of Chapter 5, you will be able to trigger the good ending. To get the ending, you want to talk to the Lighthouse Keeper before you collect the last relic instead of the Collector. She will instruct you on how to do a ritual behind Greater Marrow. The good ending will begin when this ritual is performed. 

That is what you need to do to get the alternate ending in Dredge. For more help, from how to fish or where to find a Relic, check out our growing Dredge guide hub

Featured image via Team17

How to Play Welcome Home ARG Fri, 31 Mar 2023 16:41:17 -0400 Ashley Erickson

Welcome Home ARG is the latest alternate reality game making the rounds. Centered on a children's puppet show from the 1970s, Welcome Home ARG appears innocent at first. As you play through the content, however, a darker story unfolds. Here's how to play Welcome Home, as well as the clues we found along the way. 

Welcome Home ARG Explained

The story of Welcome Home starts sweet enough. The Welcome Home website is brightly colored and showcases the show's characters.

This is where the bulk of the gameplay occurs, where you'll discover hidden letters in the images and text of the site. You'll then put the hidden letters together to form an answer. Let's get started! 

Welcome Home ARG Landing Page

The landing page is pretty straightforward. If you look at the website link, however, you can notice that it ends in "welcome home you." This is a bit odd, but not overtly outstanding. 

In the website updates section, however, there's something that stands out. The "Y" in Your is superscript compared to the rest of the text. When you highlight over this section, there's a double "Y" in that space.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Welcome Home!

If you click the first link presented, which is Welcome Home!, you'll be taken to a page about the history of the show. We can see a subscript letter, the "W" in Wally under the image of Howdy Pillar. If you scroll to the bottom, there's a link to the About page for the Welcome Home Restoration Team. 

About Us

The "O" in About Us is off on this page. That gives us Y, W, and O as letters out of place with their neighboring text. This page also has a whole section with double text In the FAQ section.

When highlighted, the text reads: "When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard it. Open. Open. Open. I want it out. I'm going to get it out." 

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Under that entry, there's an entry for "Do you know how many episodes of Welcome Home there are?" This clue seems straightforward, but there's hidden text here as well.

It reads: "The numbers are so hard to read. Sometimes I can’t see them." The entry "How did you begin your research into Welcome Home?" also has "But it hurts" hidden at the end.


This page has loads of stuff on it. The first thing is that the "you" in you're is clickable. When clicked, it takes you to another page titled "You" that has slow typing. The sentence "Wally is your best friend" is typed. Nothing else comes up on this page. 

You'll notice that Wally's Home is sentient with moving eyes. While that may be surprising, what's hidden just below Wally's Home is the real shock. If you click the end of Wally's pathway, you'll be taken to the "So Below" page, which shows a sketch of Wally inside his home. 

The note at the bottom of the page has a superscript X. The letters are now Y, W, O, and X. 

Those are the main things we found while playing through Welcome Home ARG. The game is still in its prologue stages, so more is coming in the future. Keep checking back for updates!

Featured image via Clown Illustrations.

Will Smalland: Survive the Wilds be on Xbox? Fri, 31 Mar 2023 15:20:51 -0400 Maddison Ahlbrand

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a fresh take on open-world survival games, taking place in a big world from a tiny perspective. The crafting game brings you to the forest floor, where trees will feel like skyscrapers, and ants will feel like Grizzly Bears. If you’re an Xbox gamer, you may be wondering if you can get your hands on this whimsical survival game.

Will Smalland: Survive the Wilds be on Xbox?

Yes, but the game is not on Xbox right now.  The game is currently in early access on Steam, and is only available for PC players. The developers at Merge Games have confirmed a console version of Smalland is planned after the PC version reaches v1.0 and leaves Early Access.

Unfortunately, there is no set date for the v1.0 release date, so you could be waiting quite a while for an Xbox version. However, the devs have revealed a hopeful timeline for v1.0 release on their Steam page stating:

“We want to get everything we envisioned for Smalland: Survive the Wilds into the game. We also want to ensure that Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a game the community enjoys. To achieve both these things we believe this will take between six months and a year depending, on the user feedback.”

It seems the devs are going to make the most of the Early Access period, and want to listen to community feedback. If you are eagerly awaiting the release on Xbox, you could make your excitement known on the game’s Discord server

Stay tuned with us for all there is to know about Smallland: Survive the Wilds development.

Feature image via Merge Games

Mario Kart Tour Welcomes Yoshi's Loyal Pup Poochy Fri, 31 Mar 2023 12:10:32 -0400 Peter Glagowski

Many may have moved on from Mario Kart Tour, the mobile iteration of Nintendo's wildly popular kart racer, but the game is still receiving updates four years after release. The latest update, titled the "Yoshi Tour," introduces the Yoshi's Island track from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's last DLC and a new playable character: Poochy.


Poochy is Yoshi's loyal dog that made his debut all the way back in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the SNES. He has since appeared in every Yoshi game and even received a cute Amiibo. He might not be the most recognizable name to Mario fans, but he's an important part of Yoshi's legacy.

As for Mario Kart Tour, not much has truly changed in the years since its release. Nintendo was wise to start including tracks from this game in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe having introduced Birdo to its roster during the last DLC update, we could eventually see Poochy make the jump to the Switch.

Featured image via Nintendo

Path of Exile: Crucible Carves Out April Release Date Fri, 31 Mar 2023 11:42:07 -0400 Peter Glagowski

Developer Grinding Gear Games has unveiled a new trailer and release date for Path of Exile: Crucible, the 31st expansion of the popular CRPG.

Set for release on April 7, 2023, for PC and Mac with a console release coming on April 12, this expansion will include a host of new features and updates, such as the "Crucible Challenge League," and will give longtime players a laundry list of new content to work through.


The biggest addition to Crucible is the aforementioned Crucible Challenge League.

One new feature of Crucible is the ability to augment weapons with their own skill trees and players will proceed to unlock weapon experience via Crucible encounters. You'll start a challenge by selecting which weapon you wish to improve and then set off against ever-increasing odds. Going deeper into each challenge will yield a stronger weapon, but you'll also run the risk of failing and needing to start over.

In terms of traversal, Crucible introduces new Atlas Gateways for instant travel between two locations. By investing in the Atlas Passive Tree, you'll reduce the number of travel points required for fast travel and be able to focus on the skills that better suit your playstyle. As for the rest, there are too many minute changes to list here. You can find a full changelog over on the official Path of Exile website.

Over the last 10 years, Path of Exile has carved out a niche for itself as a spiritual successor to Activision Blizzard's Diablo series. With its latest expansion, the game will continue to thrive until Path of Exile 2 hits sometime next year.

Featured image via Grinding Gear Games

Is Dredge on Xbox Game Pass or PC? Fri, 31 Mar 2023 13:47:50 -0400 Maddison Ahlbrand

If you’re like us and love making the most of your Xbox Game Pass, you may be wondering if the brand-new Lovecraftian fishing extravaganza, Dredge, has made its way to the subscription service. And if PC is your primary platform, you may be wondering if you can get your hands on it through Steam or other storefronts. 

In Dredge, you'll take on the role of a fishing boat Captain tasked with navigating mysterious open waters. There's a dark twist to fishing here, and you'll undoubtedly come across some haunting creatures, as you would expect from a game with a Lovecraftian name. So, is Dredge on Game Pass and PC? 

Will Dredge be on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

The answer to whether or not Dredge is on Game Pass or not is no: Dredge is not currently on Xbox Game Pass. That isn’t to say the fishing game won’t be on the subscription service in the future, though. We’ll update this article if that changes.

Is Dredge on PC?

Yes, Dredge is on PC via Steam and Good Old Games (GoG), but it is not on PC Game Pass. The game can also be purchased for Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch for $24.99. 

Dredge Minimum and Recommended PC Requirements

If you decide to purchase Dredge for PC, these are the minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 | AMD Phenom II X4 965
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB | Radeon HD 6570 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 720p @ 30 FPS

Black Salt Games recommends the following for best performance: 

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2550K | AMD FX-8370
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTS 450 1GB | Radeon HD 5770 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1080p @ 60 FPS

The current player base has agreed that the indie game runs successfully on Steam Deck, as well.

But that answers the question of whether Dredge is currently available on Xbox Game Pass and PC. To help you through the dark, Lovecraftian adventure, we've got a net full of guides right over here.  

Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari DLC Releasing This Spring Fri, 31 Mar 2023 12:30:24 -0400 Maddison Ahlbrand

Vampire Survivors DLC is on the way. Tides of the Foscari is the second expansion for the highly-acclaimed roguelike, and it will take you to the fantastical and foreboding Great Forest of Western Europe surrounding The Foscari Academy. It will release on April 13, 2023, and cost $1.99.

The Tides of the Foscari DLC will be saturated with the influence of fairy tales and folklore, which, of course, means there’ll be danger lurking, whether it be magical beasts, spellcasters, demi-humans, demons, or other spooky foes.

Unfortunately, players will lose their previous 100% save files when starting the DLC, according to developer and publisher Poncle. RIP. Nonetheless, Poncle has revealed all we have to look forward to with the upcoming release via Xbox Wire, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Foscari Academy takes inspiration from Western Europe, too, and is divided into houses. There will be three houses in total: The Azure Tower, the Crimson Anvil, and the Amber Sickle.

In the Azure Tower, you’ll find hedge witches, novice mages, and sorcerers alike. Arcane magic shines here, and the Tower is where you’ll find the most powerful witches and wizards alumni. 

The Crimson Anvil is as its namesake suggests, and teaches the art of weaponry and warfare. Engineering, architecture, demolition, and blacksmithing are the foci of this house. There’s plenty to learn about swinging a battle axe here. 

Lastly, the Amber Sickle is the house of scholars and agriculture. Here you’ll find pursuits of animal husbandry, archery, and even spycraft. The Amber Sickle is perfect for those seeking a more humble approach. 

While we eagerly await the arrival of Tides of the Foscari DLC, we know upfront that we can look forward to the following:

  • 20 new achievements 
  • 8 new characters
  • 13 new weapons
  • 1 stage: Lake Foscari — An enchanted forest filled with fantastical beasts.
  • 7 music tracks

The base game is required to play the DLC and is available for $4.99 on Steam. It is also included with Xbox game pass. There's currently a bundle for Vampire Survivors' previous DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell, for $5.93 on Steam, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for a similar bargain for the upcoming release. Stay tuned for more on Tides of the Foscari.

Featured image via Poncle.