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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a live-action CGI movie staring Ryan Reynolds as the sleuthing Pokemon, is hitting theaters May 10. In honor of the movie that has many Pokemon fans pretty excited, The Pokemon Company has created a new line of movie-themed products for its long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Included in the new product line are three different packs, or "Case Files," ranging in price from (approximately) $9.99 USD to $24.99 USD. Each contains promo cards, booster packs, and other goodies for Pokemon Trading Card Game fans to enjoy.

There's also a special Detective Pikachu Collector Chest containing seven Detective Pikachu booster packs, two regular Pokemon TCG booster packs, and other special items that will also retail for around $24.99 USD. All of these are set to release on April 5 in the US and Mach 29 elsewhere.

All told, there will be 26 new Pokemon TCG cards based on Detective Pikachu, each featuring the movie's CGI version of popular Pokemon. At the American International Toy Fair in New York, The Pokemon Company revealed three of these cards: one depicting Jigglypuff, another showing off Mr. Mime, and the final one giving a peek at Psyduck.

Fans interested in checking out the cards in person can do so by visiting The Pokemon Company International booth (#3049) at the American International Toy Fair — if you happen to be in the neighborhood, of course. For the rest of us, The Pokemon Company has provided the pictures of the three cards shown above.

With the reveal of these three cards, fans have now seen six cards from Detective Pikachu — the first were cards for Detective Pikachu, Charizard, and Greninja. As for this new batch, Jigglypuff is pretty cute, Psyduck is up there, and Mr. Mime is just terrifying — but in a funny way. 

What Last Week's Direct Told Us About Fire Emblem: Three Houses Mon, 18 Feb 2019 10:38:29 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Last week's Nintendo Direct treated us to a new Fire Emblem: Three Houses preview trailer. It revealed a whole host of details about the game, from its main setting to hinting at one of its primary conflicts.

One of the biggest reveals was the setting: Yes, Three Houses is another school story. But it's not necessarily a bad thing, because at least it gets a proper story and some potentially fantastic new mechanics. On whole, FE: Three Houses looks to be shaping up to be one of the best Fire Emblem games to date.

The Dreaded School Setting

“Why does Fire Emblem have a high school setting!?” I hear you exclaim as you launch into a flurry of angry keystrokes, lamenting the topic. But before you hit “Post,” there are some important points to keep in mind.

There aren’t that many mainstream games with a school setting, but it really took off in the mid-2000s. Back in 2006, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3’s propelled the high school setting and sub-genre to new heights, mostly because of the new Social Link system adding that vital personal relationship element to the school setting.

However, it also showed how developers could reach audiences through utilizing experiences everyone’s dealt with in one form or another to help make players more involved in the game and its stories.

It inspired copycats, naturally. Like most copycats, the quality of these games varies greatly from their source material at times. Disgaea isn’t story-based anyway, so its setting has less importance, though Disgaea 3 was a lot weaker on whole than the entries it fell between because it relied on satirizing the setting instead of actually using it for a purpose

The setting for Valkyria Chronicles 2 was completely arbitrary and made little sense in the game world. That doesn’t mean the game itself was bad, but trying so hard to fall into a certain category like VC2 does always ruins the immersion. It’s a hurdle players have to accept instead of a tool to improve the experience.

When done correctly, the school setting adds a unique atmosphere to a game and lets it focus on themes it couldn’t properly do otherwise. Final Fantasy Type-0 is one example.

The military academy setting was a drastic departure from the series’ norm and was the linchpin for the game’s darker tone and themes. But it also allowed for more and intense bonds between characters, which drove the action — even in the slower moments.

And despite popular opinion, it works for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel as well (fight me). The Erebonia arc is another example of a major change in a series that previously stuck to the tried and true. Granted, the bond system is a shameless copy of Persona, and one wonders whether the school setting was planned from the beginning, as Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo claimed, or if it was just the popular thing to do.

Either way, Cold Steel also uses the school setting to emphasize the theme of bringing people from disparate backgrounds together and forging a new identity through the bonds they develop. Given how Three Houses revolves around the concept of the three houses living and working together, it makes complete sense for FE to take the school plunge as well.

Yes, it’s cliché, and the bond forging thing is something we see in Japanese media more often even than the school setting. Yet society still hasn’t learned that lesson, so perhaps it’s necessary to keep seeing it.

It's also a good way to carry on from the choices feature in Fates, since you have even more choices of potential party members, and it seems your professorial actions are going to affect how that all plays out.

Character Development

There’s another reason the setting works well for the upcoming game: Its effect on the characters.

Fire Emblem’s characters are why we have Wargroove instead of Advance Wars: Switch; Intelligent Systems knows people love the characters and their interactions, so it has tried various ways to place those elements at the forefront of recent FE games.

But those efforts took the form of a virtual eugenics experiment, prioritizing support conversations’ romantic aspects over everything else and opening support pairings so anyone could chat with anyone—a big change from earlier games.

Making the main character a professor and many of the party members students provides a different and ultimately more immersive way to increase players’ interactions with these characters.

Rather than putting baby-making at the center of almost every interaction, the goal is improving bonds and, more importantly, that student’s battle prowess. It’s a handy way to tie in the Social Link/bonding mechanic without seeming too derivative.

Take the above screenshot, for example. Players apparently have three tutor points (or something) to spend in a given lesson. Like Persona and Cold Steel, that means you must choose which characters to spend time with and help improve.

The element of choice can be frustrating for those who want to do everything at once, but it makes the game and the character interactions your own in a unique way, even beyond choosing which house and students to take on in the beginning.

Chances are, there will be even more ways to improve relationships between characters as well. The trailer shows students interacting with each other — probably based on the usual fighting together for X turns mechanic — along with training exercises that seem to have some affect on the student’s little happiness meter.

To top it off, it seems as if these bonds will have an even more important affect in battle, with potentially more than one character taking part in a superpowered attack.

Of course, the relationship system can’t be talked about without bringing up the other elephant in the room. If there’s romance with the students, you’re the teacher. Hopefully, the students are all young adults, unless Nintendo wants a huge and completely unnecessary controversy.

All FE games require a bit of suspended belief when it came to character support and recruitment. Randomly happening upon a peasant girl in the woods and making lewd remarks to her (Odin, I’m looking at you) or having deep conversations about love and the future in the middle of a huge battle (Lyn and her romantic interests, for example) are forced situations, it must be said.

And, as Fire Emblem: Fates showed with almost every Hoshido support conversation, there are only so many ways you can stretch these things out to three or four parts in a camp setting without seeming completely artificial.

It’s looking like the support element in Three Houses will take place in the academy. Apart from being a heck of a lot more natural setting for both shallow and deep conversations, it provides a ready-made method for making the flow of each conversation smoother.

Because everyone comes from different backgrounds, it also, hopefully, means conversations will be a lot more interesting than they’ve been in recent entries, since they’ll actually have something to talk about besides who flies on a Pegasus better or who serves Takumi the best.

The TL;DR here is that the setting lets Intelligent Systems focus more on the characters in a natural way, and making the main character their professor gives players far more ways to interact with all the characters in ways potentially more meaningful than just mating them together.

A Real Plot

The characters might be what FE is known for now, but once upon a time, those characters acted out complex plots that held the players’ attention as much as the characters themselves. All signs point to Three Houses reviving that tradition and realizing paper-thin, meandering plots don’t make for happy consumers.

Fire Emblem: Awakening played its best cards early on. You learn about the main characters and the central political struggle, then tragedy strikes, but time moves on. Unlike Blazing Blade, the personal loss doesn’t drive the second half’s action.

Instead, we get a dude wearing horns on his head with ambiguous motivations that don’t get explained until the end (and even then, not well) plus some underground cult with ties to the original FE villain. It’s three completely separate plot threads, with no guiding motivation after chapter nine.

And then there’s Fates. It’s hard to say whether there was meant to be a plot after the opening chapters, since nothing really happens after that point until the endgame. No plot twists, no signs of how devious the main villain is, incredibly boring environments, and absolutely no reason to continue on.

The basic background we learn about Fodlan tells enough of what’s likely to happen and creates immediate tension. Three probably aggressive nations that don’t like each other live together in uneasy harmony thanks to the Church of Seiros. If JRPGs like Xenogears and Shin Megami Tensei IV have taught us anything, it’s never trust the church. This screenshot tells us that too.

It’s got the makings of another intense Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn plot, with various political problems on top of the underlying whatever-it-is the Church is doing. Because the Church is a trusted and necessary institution in the game, whether it’s a trope we’ve seen before, it’ll still have a big impact once the villainy is unveiled.

Though it’s entirely likely the plot will take a different route in that regard as well. (Good) FE games don’t let you know the real story until later in the game, so seeing Church Soldiers as enemies in a pre-release screenshot is probably just a tease.

Then there’s the girl the MC sees in visions. Green hair and pointy ears means she’s probably a Manakete. Unlike Nowi and Tiki, though, she appears to occupy a central place in the story. That, and the nod to PoR with the mercenary group, is a much more subtle and sophisticated way of giving a nod to earlier games without getting in your face and shouting “Hey, remember this?” just for nostalgia’s sake.

It’s hard not to see Three Houses as mimicking the Trails of Cold Steel arc, especially III, for various reasons, but the academy and Church issue is probably the most obvious way it does. The officers learn about their nations at the monastery academy and take on tasks that fall within the scope of their field studies…er, lessons, that is.

Eventually, the Church (government) is seen as the villain for one reason or another, so the party has to turn against its founding institution and try to restore order. Along the way, the MC, who happens to be a professor, finds out they’ve got some tie to the continent’s otherworldly side, and it’s vital for saving the day.

Derivative it may appear. However, it’s a completely new start for Fire Emblem, one arguably better conceptualized and executed than previous attempts at reviving and changing the series. Intelligent Systems decided to take a new path, focus on what works with the characters, expand it exponentially, or so it seems, and include a proper narrative for the characters to act out as well.

Whether it hits the heights of FE's glory days or the pulse-pounding, disturbing climactic finale in Shadows of Valentia remains to be seen. But the ingredients are there.


Characters and story are great, but what really makes Fire Emblem shine is, of course, gameplay. The Direct trailer showed a little bit of action, but one of the most intriguing aspects shown off was one little menu with a short voice over description: the skills and weapons menu.

In previous games, characters would learn skills based on their class, and their weapons and mode of movement was tied to class as well. However, it's looking like Three Houses might be shaking all that up.

The narrator mentions learning how to use weapons and improving proficiency. That could be the usual FE gaining weapon experience system, especially since Edelgard is always shown using an axe. But the trailer shows the main character setting weapons goals for a character named Linhardt, choosing from the entire list of available weapons, including what looks like magic as well.

Then there are the other skills--heavy armor, horsemanship, and so on. Perhaps Linhardt is a special example, being apparently a noble. Or perhaps Three Houses is going to use the school setting as a way to introduce complete (or, at least, greater) customization of your party.

If it isn't letting you build your unity from the ground up, then it could be an expanded use of the Second Seal system, letting you create a kind of subclass instead.

Either way, it seems like Three Houses will be introducing a host of new strategy options set to make this the most engrossing entry yet.


Not every game has to be completely innovative in its elements. If Three Houses plays its cards right, then these borrowed elements with a distinct FE twist could easily make it one of the best Fire Emblem games yet.

Let us know if you're looking forward to it in the comments, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fire Emblem: Three Houses news and discussions!

Resident Evil 2: Ghost Survivors Guide: All Mr. Raccoon Statues Fri, 15 Feb 2019 15:39:26 -0500 Thomas Wilde

The Resident Evil 2 remake had 15 Mr. Raccoon statues for you to seek out and destroy for the Complete Vermin Extermination achievement/trophy. 

Now, there are 10 more Mr. Raccoon statues hidden in the game's free DLC, Ghost Survivors. Finding and destroying them all unlocks a new achievement/trophy, Got ‘Em, as well as letting you use a new in-game mask for future attempts.

Yeah, it rewards you with silly hats. It’s that sort of thing.

As in the main game, once you destroy a Mr. Raccoon statue in Ghost Survivors, it’s gone for good. Its destruction is auto-saved to your profile on the spot and the statue will stay gone on your future runs through the scenario.

You can find and destroy all 10 Mr. Raccoon statues in Training Mode, and use any weapon you have on hand to take them out. Below, we cover the locations of each of the statues in each of the DLC's four scenarios. 

No Time to Mourn (4 Statues)

Statue 1

Check the shelves near the exit from Kendo’s gun shop, close to where Leon found the shotgun mod in the main game.

Statue 2

On your way back through the maintenance area, look down into the machinery room where you fought the first G-Type in the main game.

There’s a Mr. Raccoon on top of the ductwork. It’s easiest to shoot from the top of the escape ladder.

Statue 3

This scenario features a choice of routes you can take once you reach the Workers’ Break Room in the sewers.

If you turn right to go along the harder of the two paths, once you get past the three G-Mutants in the water and the Ivy at the end of the hall, you can find this statue waiting inside one of the pipes.


Statue 4

If you turn left instead, then make your way to the base of the slide in the Lower Waterway, this statue can be found above you. 

This does mean that you can’t collect all 10 Mr. Raccoon statues without running “No Time to Mourn” twice.

Runaway (3 Statues)

Statue 5

Check the bench at the back of the basketball court. You can shoot it through the fence from the street to avoid alerting the Lickers nearby.

Statue 6

Look inside the parked ambulance outside the RPD Parking Garage.

Statue 7

When you reach the Cellblock and the jailhouse doors all open at once, look to the right. The door to the side passage is also now open, where you can find this statue waiting for you in one of the wrecked cells.

Forgotten Soldier (2 Statues)

Statue 8

When you take the lift up from the Pump Room, keep an eye on the closest wall. This statue stands atop a support beam about three-quarters of the way up. Fortunately, you can shoot it from the top of the lift.

Statue 9

This one’s mean. When you trigger the security doors in the lab’s front office, the previously-barred door to the Security Room opens, and Mr. X comes after you.

You’ll more or less have to stun him to get around him and into the Security Room, where Mr. Raccoon is hiding on top of the monitor desk.

No Way Out (1 Statue)

Completing all three other scenarios on any difficulty unlocks “No Way Out,” where you play as Dan Cortini, the previously-unnamed sheriff from the very start of the game. This is a survival mode where you must withstand an attack by waves of zombies in close quarters.

Statue 10

When zombies enter the room from the freezer door, you have a slim window of opportunity to see and destroy a Mr. Raccoon in the storage area behind them. This is easiest to do with the Mac-11 SMG or the chemical flamethrower, both of which can show up as loot from dead backpack zombies.


Once again, you have made the world safe for people who hate anthropomorphized raccoons. Please enjoy your new hat, Record, and Achievement/Trophy. To find more tips and guides on the RE2 remake, head over to our Resident Evil 2 guides page

How to Get More Circuit Boards in Far Cry New Dawn Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:15:59 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Circuit boards are some of the rarest crafting components in Far Cry New Dawn. They aren't impossible to find; rather, they just aren't as plentiful as other components such as duct tape, copper, and gears. 

In fact, circuit boards are rarer than titanium and carbon fiber, some of the more laborious components to collect. 

Nevertheless, there are two dependable ways to get more circuit boards faster: hunting "monstrous" animals and completing Expeditions. This guide will quickly go over those two methods so that you can craft more powerful elite weapons and vehicles as quickly as possible. 

Hunt Monstrous Animals For More Circuit Boards

Although animal skins and pelts aren't directly used to craft most weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn, and the halcyon days of Far Cry 3's deep crafting system are long gone, pelts and skins are still important because they are a tradable commodity.

As is the case with titanium and carbon fiber, circuit boards are one of the items you can trade for using pelts and skins. In this case, you'll need to hunt two specific "monstrous" animals: the monstrous cougar and the monstrous bison. 

  • Monstrous cougar: 10 circuit boards each
  • Monstrous bison: 10 circuit boards each

The biggest issue here is that both of these animals are difficult to hunt for different reasons.

If you've played any recent version of Far Cry, you know that cougars are cunning, quick, and elusive. Hunting them in New Dawn's mountains isn't a walk in the park. Monstrous cougars are even more powerful than their Level 3 counterparts. 

Monstrous bison, on the other hand, are almost nothing but sheer power. They will quickly charge to protect their weak underbellies. Quickly dodging their charges and keeping them on the high ground are keys to a quick kill.

However, be wary: Level 3 bison almost always come to their aid. It's easy to get quickly overrun by two or three angry, high-level bison. 

Complete Expeditions For More Circuit Boards

Expeditions provide some of New Dawn's most compelling content. They also provide some of the more interesting and fun ways to get crafting components. Aside from substantial bits of titanium, Expeditions are also good ways to get circuit boards. 

Like outposts, Expeditions gradually become more difficult the more you complete. Starting out, you only have access to the base-rank Expeditions. However, keep playing and completed Expeditions will automatically rank up, eventually reaching Rank 3. 

Here's what you get from each successful Expedition completion: 

  • Rank 1 Expeditions: 15 circuit boards
  • Rank 2 Expeditions: 20 circuit boards
  • Rank 3 Expeditions: 25 circuit boards

Keep in mind that while there are seven separate Expeditions, each with three ranks, anything past a Rank 1 Expedition almost makes co-op mandatory. That's because Rank 2 and Rank 3 Expeditions drastically increases the difficulty found in Rank 1. 

Get Circuit Boards by Exploring the World

Just like titanium and carbon fiber, circuit boards can also be found simply by exploring the world. By following our treasure hunt guide, you'll stumble across a few circuit boards in and around prepper stashes. 

It's also possible to find circuit boards in heavily-defended complexes and around some outposts. However, it appears that circuit boards don't spawn in these locations as much as other crafting materials. Consequently, hunting and completing Expeditions are two of the fastest ways to acquire the crafting item. 


That's all you need to know about carbon fiber in Far Cry New Dawn. For more tips and walkthroughs, visit our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides hub

How to Get Carbon Fiber in Far Cry New Dawn Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:04:41 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Much like titanium, carbon fiber is an essential crafting material for elite-level weapons and vehicles in Far Cry: New Dawn. While it's harder to find than titanium, it's not as hard to find as circuit boards, New Dawn's other premium, high-level crafting material. 

Carbon fiber is important because as you progress through New Dawn, enemies and, in particular, outposts become much more difficult. Taking down elite highwaymen essentially requires elite weaponry and armor piercing ammo. 

This guide will show you exactly how to get and where to find carbon fiber. Luckily, there are only a few places to look, greatly focusing your efforts. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Hunting Monstrous Animals

Hunting animals becomes more lucrative as you get further into New Dawn. That's because as you upgrade the workbench and garage, you gain access to new, more powerful weapons. 

Additionally, as you explore the map, you will come across more ferocious animals, whose skins you can trade in for high-level crafting supplies. The most vicious of these are New Dawn's "monstrous" animals. Two of these, the monstrous bear and the monstrous boar, give you carbon fiber.

  • Monstrous bear: 10 carbon fiber each
  • Monstrous boar: 10 carbon fiber each

Of the two, the monstrous bear is probably the easier one to hunt and kill. Because the monstrous boar is relatively small and is typically found in areas with dense brush, it can be difficult to kill. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Completing Outposts

After you complete an outpost for the first time, New Dawn allows you to scavenge it, which gives you a little bit of ethanol and hands the outpost back over to the highwaymen. 

Each outpost can be scavenged twice. Each time an outpost is scavenged, its defenses get stronger and new, more powerful enemies will appear to guard it. 

However, scavenging outposts also means that your rewards will be better the next time you take it. You won't get carbon fiber when you liberate a Level 1 outpost, but you will get carbon fiber for liberating Level 2 and Level 3 outposts. 

Here's what you get: 

  • Level 2 outpost: 15 carbon fiber
  • Level 3 outpost: 20 carbon fiber

After you liberate a Level 3 outpost, you can no longer scavenge that outpost, making this method of getting carbon fiber finite. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Exploring the World

Carbon fiber can also be found by exploring New Dawn's open world. There are tons of houses, buildings, and complexes to explore across post-apocalyptic Hope County.

When looking for carbon fiber in the world, focus your attention on larger facilities and compounds, gas stations, and brick and mortar houses. Carbon fiber isn't often found in wood shacks, although there are one or two exceptions. 

However, while some random places in the world have carbon fiber, let's point you in a more actionable direction: treasure hunts. By following our treasure hunts guide, you will stumble across a good deal of carbon fiber while looting prepper stashes. 


That's all you need to know about carbon fiber in Far Cry New Dawn. For more tips and walkthroughs, visit our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides hub

Metro Exodus Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide Fri, 15 Feb 2019 12:11:37 -0500 Sergey_3847

Metro Exodus, the third installment in the famed Metro series, is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game follows the traditional linear plot development that continues the story of Artyom, one of the survivals of the nuclear war.

However, there is also a new element added to the game: a semi-open world with sandbox levels that requires players to gather resources and craft items that are essential for survival. This makes Metro Exodus the most survival-oriented game in the series.

There is a lot to learn here, and you may be a bit puzzled with what to do at first, especially if you're a new player. Just follow our beginner's guide below for all the information you need to be able to started on the right foot.

Gather as Many Resources as You Can

Metro Exodus introduces a new crafting mechanic that allows players to combine materials they find in the open world into useful items, such as gas mask filters, medkits, weapons, etc.

This means that you have to spend a hefty time of your gameplay on gathering resources that will come in handy when you need to craft one of these life-saving items. So keep your eyes open wherever and literally loot everything you see.

When you are in the open, don't be afraid to stray away from the mission objective and just explore every building you can find. Of course, you might get into a fight with mutants, but you also get to find a lot of loot this way.

Basically, you will find only two types of crafting materials in the game:

  • Chemicals
  • Metals

Chemicals are used to craft medkits that will heal your wounds with the help of patches, molotov cocktails, liquid for cleaning weapons, and so on. Chemicals are usually represented by green glowing mushrooms that grow on the ground.

Metals can be used for crafting ammo and weapons, and you will find them almost anywhere in the form of tools and scraps lying around.

Weapons are Your Best Friends

Even though survival plays a huge role in the game, it is still a first-person shooter. You need to try to find the best weapons and attachments that will help you get through the largest hoards of mutants.

In the beginning of the game Kalash will do the job just fine, but later on you will be able to pick up a shotgun from a dead enemy. It's a much more powerful weapon in close range, which is the usual range for attacking monsters in Metro Exodus.

On top of that it's good to have a companion piece, such as a pistol or a revolver, which will come in handy in case you're out of ammo on your primary weapon.

Maintain Your Gear and Weapons

Your backpack is not the only crafting equipment you can use. You can find workbenches inside abandoned bunkers that can perform a few other important tasks, such as crafting more advanced items and cleaning weapons.

If you have a weapon that you feel good about, then be sure to maintain it properly and clean it using chemicals that you've found along the way. If you don't clean your weapon regularly, it will start loosing accuracy and at times it'll get jammed.

As for your gear, your gas mask is not invincible and it can break. Be sure to craft patches that can be used for covering holes in your gear and thus keep you alive.

Develop Day/Night Strategies

Another new feature of Metro Exodus is the influence of the day and night cycle. What does it mean? You can do different things more effectively during the day and others during the nighttime.

For example, the daytime is perfect for free roaming and gathering resources. You can see better and thus find more loot. The most dangerous mutants are nocturnal creatures, so they'll be sleeping while you roam around.

The night is a much better time for completing main missions, especially if they require a stealthy approach. In this way you can get past the most dangerous places without ever getting noticed. This strategy will not only save you time, but also help you get a better reputation in the end.

Always Opt for Stealthy Approach

Often it is hard to find enough ammo or other items to be able to successfully complete any required mission. That is why stealth mode is so beneficial in Metro Exodus. These benefits are:

  • You get to significantly reduce the amount of wasted ammo, especially if you are good at headshots
  • You have a much bigger chance of completing any mission in one go, which saves time
  • Your reputation won't suffer due to excess bloodshed since you're stealthing

This is also the reason why going out at night for a mission is much better. But don't forget to extinguish any source of light on your way that may compromise you. You should also try to always crouch, which significantly reduces the levels of noise your produce and increases your aiming accuracy.

Talk to NPCs and Follow Their Cues

Try to find time for NPCs while you're pushing through your many other responsibilities in Metro Exodus. And don't forget to talk to guys at Aurora, as they also have their own stories to tell.

NPCs can also ask favors, which they will repay in hints towards rare items and secrets. Staying social can get you some very useful attachments or pieces of gear that might help you greatly to finish the game.

Never miss any opportunity to talk to people, even if you could care less about the story.


These essential beginner tips should help you get through the most of the game's content, and be sure to come back soon for more Metro Exodus guides here at GameSkinny!

Population Zero Science and Technology System Outlined Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:07:50 -0500 William R. Parks

Since the beginning of the year, Enplex Games has continually shared new details on what players can expect from the company's upcoming survival MMO, Population Zero. The latest of these details concern the game's science and technology system, which will act as an opportunity for character progression.

Sciences provide an avenue for specializing a character in Population Zero, and there are currently four disciplines for players to focus on: chemistry, mechanics, metallurgy, and survival. Advancing in these areas will require exploration of the game's animals, plants, minerals, and more, and the chosen disciplines will inform what technologies are available.

These technologies materialize as schematics that will allow players to craft certain items. For example, someone that specializes in the chemistry and metallurgy sciences will have access to the "Steel Processing" technology, granting them the ability to "study steel weapon production" as they build their base.

As some will expect, technologies require resources to enact, but it seems that there is more going on here than a simple crafting system. That is, the developers have noted that the technology tree draws influence from the Civilization series, and "players can get an increase of one of their related technologies" when "exploring a technology."

Furthermore, it has been indicated that players will be limited in the number of technologies that they can master. One way that Population Zero does this is through its faction system — players may find themselves aligned with a particular faction that prohibits the study of a certain science, thus preventing them from obtaining the related technologies.

The reason behind such a limitation is that Enplex wants to encourage players to interact with one another in order to access the technologies that they may be missing. Specifically, it has been confirmed that players can share schematics with those that are not able to obtain them through their own scientific research.

While fans that are following the production of Population Zero may still be catching up on everything that the developer's have shared thus far, including details on how the title's unique art style is realized, Enplex is showing no signs of slowing down. It appears that the next word from the company will be on the game's quest system — information that will certainly be welcomed by a number of players.

More details on Population Zero's science and technology system can be found on the game's website.

Apex Legends Sets New Single-Day Twitch Viewership Record Thu, 14 Feb 2019 22:59:19 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends launched less than two weeks ago, and it has already reached a staggering number of total and concurrent players. Now, the free-to-play battle royale game can boast a new record, as it recently surpassed the single-day Twitch viewership record that was previously set by Epic Games' Fortnite.

On February 12, during the Apex Rivals competition, Apex Legends garnered 8.2 million cumulative viewing hours on Twitch. In this contest, 48 of Twitch's top streamers competed against each other, and fans were clearly interested to see the results firsthand.

Once upon a time — July 12, 2018, to be exact — Fortnite set the single-day viewership record, clocking in at approximately 7 million cumulative viewing hours on Twitch. This was achieved at the time of Season 5's launch, shortly after the title debuted on the Switch and when Fortnite mania seemed to be at its peak.

While Apex Rivals certainly bolstered viewership for Apex Legends, allowing it to quickly surpass Fortnite's feat, data suggests that the record might have been broken soon even without the streamed competition. That is, reports indicate that 6.9 million viewing hours were spent watching Apex Legends on February 10, and this number increased to approximately 7.1 million viewing hours the next day.

That level of viewership is right near Fortnite's record, and it occurred on days when only normal gameplay was being streamed. Time will tell what other records Apex Legends may break amidst the game's ever-increasing popularity.

More details on Apex Legends viewership can be found on Gamasutra.


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We also have recommended landing spots, recommended PC settings, and the seven best loot locations in Apex Legends.

Sealed Super Mario Bros. Sells for Record-Breaking Price Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:22:07 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

People collect video games for various reasons. Some do it for the nostalgia, some simply love collecting, and some collect to eventually sell — ideally for a good price.

One copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES recently sold at Heritage Auctions in Dallas for a tidy sum. Although, that isn't anything to be too surprised about.

Heritage Auctions has been selling collectibles for years and recently started selling collectible video games, most of which bring in anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

But this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $100,150 on February 6.

It's worth noting that this was a joint purchase, including Heritage Auctions founder Jim Halperin; Zac Gieg of Just Press Play Video Games; and Rich Lecce, an up-and-coming game collector and renowned coin collector. However, the sum is still staggering. 

Apart from the record-breaking sale, there are a number of factors that made this copy of the game very special. Kenneth Thrower, chief grader and co-founder of collectible video game grading company Wata, said, "Beyond the artistic and historical significance of this game is its supreme state of preservation."

During the days of the NES, Nintendo didn't have a set method of packaging its products. In fact, the company went through several different box styles, sealing methods, and seal of quality prints over the system's lifespan.

The first method is known as the sticker seal. Instead of shrink wrapping boxes, Nintendo used a small black seal with the word "Nintendo" on it to seal boxes shut. This method was only utilized in test batches of the NES distributed in New York in 1985 and Los Angeles in 1986, making it quite rare indeed.

Image via Wata

It's so rare, the copy of Super Mario Bros. that sold is the only known copy with the seal intact and the box in high-quality condition; Wata actually rated it "Near Mint" condition, with a 9.4 Sticker Seal rating.

That's impressive for a non-shrink wrapped game, according to Thrower. He said, "Not only are all of NES sticker sealed games extremely rare but by their nature of not being sealed in shrink wrap, they usually exhibit significant wear after more than 30 years."

There are other details making this copy so special as well. Being one of the Sticker Seal copies, it also has a hangtab — a cardboard hanger stores could use to display the games, only used on the Sticker Seal games.

It also features the round Seal of Quality, not quite as rare as the other two aspects, but still something indicative of Nintendo's early days.

It's rarity and fine quality aren't lost on the buyers, either. Gieg said:

This is the first appearance of Superman of video games. We all knew how hard it is to find an open copy of this version in nice condition, but to find one still sealed is truly something I thought I would never see, even after selling vintage video games for over 20 years.

Lecce, the third buyer, predicts interest in quality collectible video games like this will only continue increasing, what with video games and their characters permeating culture like never before, such as with the upcoming opening of Universal's Nintendo theme park and various game-themed films.

Stylized Mech Action Game Astral Chain Announced For Switch Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:06:02 -0500 QuintLyn

Yesterday, during the Nintendo Direct stream, a new title from Bayonetta and Nier Automata developer Platinum Games was revealed. Titled Astral Chain, the game is set in a near-future city known as the Ark, where giant creatures, somewhat reminiscent of the angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion, appear to have run amok.

It's a classic story: Citizens of a multi-cultural futuristic city are going on about their lives when a dimensional rift opens up letting giant scary creatures in to wreak havoc.

To combat this, the police force creates a special police unit known as Neuron. And that's where the players come in to take on the role of an officer who is literally connected to a living weapon known as Legion by an astral chain. This weapon can transform into various mech types, two of which we've seen in the debut video, one more humanoid and another more dog-like.

The astral chain keeps them tied together so that they may execute moves that involve one of them tossing the other at the enemy, or working together to wrap their opponent in a chain. Interestingly, the combat seems inspired by an old PlayStation 2 game called Whiplash. Although, in that, you play as a weasel chained to a rabbit, and you can use the chain for more than fighting.

The game's unique combat allows players to direct Legion to attack specific creatures during battle. This means that the duo can attack a single entity together or they can fight two different opponents.

For the more strategically minded, there's also the option to send Legion in to do all the heavy lifting while the player character stands back and doles out support items.

For those wondering: Yes, you can choose your player character. At the beginning of the game, you can pick between a male or a female. Whichever character you don't pick appears in the game as a member of Neuron and as your younger sibling.

The game also includes a two-player option for those wanting to bring along a friend.

Astral Chain is slated to launch on Nintendo Switch on August 30.

Hollow Knight Sequel Announced For PC And Switch Thu, 14 Feb 2019 15:22:51 -0500 QuintLyn

Today, developer Team Cherry officially revealed its next gameHollow Knight: Silksong, the sequel to 2017's Hollow Knight. The followup to the popular Metroidvania platformer takes the princess-protector of Hallownest to new lands where she'll discover new powers and battle all-new creatures.

The game takes place in a "kingdom haunted by silk and song". Hornet finds herself there against her will after being captured. But she can't wallow in self-pity, as even in this new land there are others to help.

Throughout Hollow Knight: Silksong, players will explore unique lands ranging from coral forests to gilded cities, all on their journey to the citadel at the top of the world. They'll also fight over 150 new enemies, including rare beasts, assassins, and monsters. And they'll craft weapons, traps, and more in order to defeat them.

When players complete the game, that won't be the end of it, though. Once they complete the main goal, players will have access to a new mode that offers them even more challenges.

Hollow Knight: Silksong started out as DLC for the original Hollow Knight game, but as the developers worked on it, it became obvious it was becoming too big to be just that. So, Team Cherry took their time and developed it into a full game.

That game will soon launch on PC  including Mac and Linux  and Nintendo Switch. The game may be made available for other platforms in the future, but the developers remind everyone they're just a three-person team, so it may take a while.

In the official game announcement, Team Cherry had great news for everyone that backed the original game. All 2,158 original backers will be getting a copy of Hollow Knight: Silksong for free.

Backers who donated more than $7 ($10 AUD) will get a choice as to whether they get their free copy on PC or Nintendo Switch.

Best Prosperity Facility Upgrades in Far Cry New Dawn Fri, 15 Feb 2019 12:00:41 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Although Far Cry New Dawn looks a lot like Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has added a few wrinkles to make the latest foray into Hope County just different enough

Outside of Expeditions, upgrading your home base of Prosperity and its many Facilities is one of the most obvious new mechanics in New Dawn. In fact, many of the game's progression systems are specifically built around upgrading Prosperity. 

While there may be better Facilities than others, there are a few upgrade paths that are more efficient than others, especially when considering different play styles. In the guide below, we'll look at the two essential Facility upgrades all players should prioritize, as well as a few optimal upgrade paths for specific playstyles. 

As with any best/worst list, it's worth acknowledging that this isn't a definitive guide for every playstyle. Instead, it's more of a set of guidelines to help you plan your upgrade path more efficiently. 

Increasing Prosperity's Base Level

Prosperity's base level and Facility levels are closely entwined.

In order to level some Facilities, Prosperity must first reach Level 2. However, for Prosperity to reach Level 2, a number of Facilities must first be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2. The same is true for Prosperity Level 3.

You'll gain the ability to upgrade Prosperity's base level from one to two during the game's second mission, aptly titled "Upgrading Prosperity". You'll then be able to it from two to three after completing the mission "The Siege".  

Essential Prosperity Upgrades

As mentioned above, there are two essential Prosperity upgrades all players should focus on early in Far Cry New Dawn: the workbench and Expeditions. 

Leveling the Workbench

Far Cry New Dawn Workbench

In Far Cry New Dawn, there are two ways to get weapons: picking them up off of dead highwaymen and crafting them. While the weapons you pick up from highwaymen can most certainly cause damage, they're nowhere near as powerful as some of the guns you get by crafting. 

What's more, crafted weapons are graded by three different Ranks, with Rank 3 being the highest, most powerful tier.

  • Rank 1 weapons can easily get your through New Dawn's first act.
  • Rank 2 weapons can easily get you through Act 2 and Act 3.
  • Rank 3 and Elite guns and weapons are vital for completing high-level Outposts and Expeditions. 

All in all, you'll need 1,350 Ethanol to fully upgrade the workbench: 

  • Level 1: 150 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 500 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 700 Ethanol
Leveling Expeditions

Although Expeditions are some of New Dawn's best content, and they're great ways to get more titanium for weapon and vehicle upgrades, unlocking new Expedition ranks is important for another reason: fast travel. 

  • Level 1 allows you to fast travel to liberated Outposts.
  • Level 2 allows you to fast travel to discovered locations.
  • Level 3 allows you to fast travel to supply drop locations and unlocks airdrop, which is fantastic for dropping in from the sky and using your wingsuit to get to undiscovered locations quickly. 

Spending the time to upgrade Expeditions to Level 3 is more beneficial than building a helicopter and slowly traveling to different map locations. 

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade Expeditions: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol

Other Prosperity Upgrades

This is where things can get a little muddy in terms of Facility upgrades.

For the most part, these will be predicated on your specific playstyle and highly subject to conjecture. Below, we'll loosely rank them (if that's possible), providing pros and cons for each and the types of playstyles they best benefit. 

Note: Some facilities have base level benefits, meaning they provide you with something prior to upgrading. For example, the Explosives lab automatically gives you access to molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, and throwing knives. Other facilities, such as the Infirmary, must be upgraded to Level 1 before they begin providing benefits. 

Explosives Lab

Outside of weapons, explosives might be the most important items for players that like to go in guns blazing. However, if that's not your playstyle, it's worth paying at least some attention to the Explosives Lab. 

While you can pick explosives up from highwaymen and stashes, relying on those erratic pickups later in the game is highly inefficient. Once you start going up against Rank 3 baddies and Elite enforcers, even Rank 3 weapons will only deal average damage. 

Having explosives in your inventory, and being able to readily buy/craft their more powerful variants, becomes increasingly important as you get deeper into New Dawn. What's more, an upgraded Explosives lab also gives you access to more powerful ammo, such as piercing and fire ammo.

Here's what you can make at each new Explosives Lab rank: 

  • Base Level: Molotovs, smoke grenades, throwing knives
  • Level 1: Dynamite, piercing ammo
  • Level 2: Remote explosive, fire ammo
  • Level 3: Proximity explosive, pipe bomb, explosive ammo

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Explosives Lab: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol

Don't overlook the Infirmary, especially if you play more Rambo than 007. It's not immediately obvious, and it's very easy to overlook, but the Infirmary is where you upgrade your overall health bar. Of course, this means you can take more damage before having to retreat or use a medkit.

As you get deeper into New Dawn's third act, scavenge more Outposts, and play more Expeditions, this is simply something you can't ignore. Even if you're a stealth player, Expeditions force you into combat at the very end of each gameplay loop, rendering stealth almost entirely moot. 

Here's what each new Infirmary rank gives you:

  • Level 1: 150% health
  • Level 2: 200% health
  • Level 3: 250% health

All in all, you'll need 1,350 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Infirmary: 

  • Level 1: 150 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 500 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 700 Ethanol
Healing Garden

The Healing Garden can be misleading. That's because when you pick up plants and healing herbs in New Dawn's open-world, they are used to revive fallen Guns for Hire. The confusion comes in when you look at the Healing Garden and see the same plants and herbs. If you don't use Guns for Hire much, then it's likely you might skip right over the Healing Garden. 

However, do so at your own peril. While not as necessary as the Infirmary, the Healing Garden pulls in at a close second. That's because this is where you can upgrade the effectiveness of your medkits. This is where both aggressive and stealthy players both can benefit. 

Aggressive players will, of course, need more efficient healthpacks and a larger healthbar for firefights. However, stealthy players could potentially benefit more from the Healing Garden because it gives them the benefit of increased health as well as the ability to spend precious upgrading resources on things like The Explosives Lab and Expeditions. 

Here's what each new Health Garden level gives you:

  • Level 1: Medkits regen health for a solid 5 seconds
  • Level 2: Medkits regen health for a solid 10 seconds
  • Level 3: Medkits regen health for a solid 20 seconds

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Healing Garden: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol
Training Camp

Word to the wise: Only upgrade the Training Camp if you consistently use Guns for Hire. Stealthy players should most likely steer clear of this upgrade. 

However, aggressive players will most likely want to invest in this Facility sooner as Guns for Hire can certainly turn the tide of battle in Outpost takeovers and Expeditions. 

Here's what each new Training Camp level gives you:

  • Base Level: Rank 1 Guns for Hire
  • Level 1: Rank 2 Guns for Hire
  • Level 2: Rank 3 Guns for Hire
  • Level 3: Elite Guns for Hire

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Training Camp: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol


Unless you're after specific animals, loot, or collectibles, there's very little reason to upgrade Cartography at all. Even if you are searching for specific things, such as prepper stashes and monstrous animals, we've got guides for both here and here respectively, meaning you won't need to needless spend ethanol on this Facility. 

However, if you'd rather experience Far Cry New Dawn blind and not use the locations guides above, here's what each new Cartography level gives you:

  • Level 1: Unlocks maps for gears, springs, fish, and birds
  • Level 2: Unlocks maps for treasure hunts, photographs, and music players
  • Level 3: Unlocks maps for predators and monstrous animals

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade Cartography: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol

For all intents and purposes, you could completely skip the Garage and not know the difference. You don't need the helicopter since it's slow and you have fast travel via upgraded Expeditions. You don't need cars either; not just because of fast travel but because vehicles are strewn all of the world. 

The only reasons you would conceivably want to spend Ethanol upgrading this Facility is because A.) You'd rather fly, drive, or pilot a boat; B.) You'd rather look cool; or C.) You want to shoot things with a vehicle-mounted .50 caliber heavy machine gun. 

If any of that applies to you, here's what each new Garage level gives you:

  • Base Level: Rank 1 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 1: Rank 2 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 2: Rank 3 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 3: Elite vehicles, helicopters, and boats

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Garage: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol


Ultimately, it's up to you how and when you upgrade each Facility in Prosperity. Some are better earlier in the game, while some aren't subjectively upgrading at all. Depending on your playstyle, it's probably you might re-order this list. 

Regardless, you now know what each Facility provides at what level, as well as how much Ethanol you need to invest in each. Visit our Far Cry New Dawn guides hub for more tips and walkthroughs. 

7 Best Loot Locations in Apex Legends Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:53:03 -0500 Sergey_3847




Lastly, Airbase can be just as exciting as Bunker in terms of loot, but in this regard you should focus on Ships docked at the base. Usually, you will find the best loot there.


It's a pretty isolated location, which means that there are no easy escape routes from here, so if you decide to loot this place, come with an escape plan beforehand in case you get into trouble.




Feel free to add your own ideas about the best loot locations in the game, and be sure to check other Apex Legends guides here at GameSkinny:




Compact locations aren't always good places to land at, since these types of locations always serve as the hot spots for early shootouts. Bunker is exactly this type of a place, and it is located in the middle of the map. But it also has some of the finest loot in Apex Legends, so consider checking it out.


If you are not sure how to approach the building, then take into account that it has two entrances: an eastern gate and a western gate. Usually, players move from Airbase from west, which means that eastern entrance will be empty.


You can use this opportunity and collect some legendary weapons and gear early in the game.




Artillery is very similar in design to Repulsor, which also has its own tunnel under the ground. But there's fewer buildings and it's far hotter than Repulsor. That is why Artillery is rated slightly lower, but it still has some amazing loot to offer, so just keep looking as soon as you land here.


If the idea of landing in the middle of the hottest zone on the map seems too extreme for you, then you can opt to land in the southern area outside the Artillery, where you will find a decent number of supply crates.




This area has a lot of buildings, and that is why many players tend to land and gather high-tier loot. Although, landing in a hot spot wouldn't be too smart, there is one huge advantage in Repulsor that sets it apart from other locations - it has an underground tunnel.


Just as above the ground, you can collect top-tier items under the floor, and in case you need to quickly live the area, you can use this underground system, which is connected to the Hydro Dam located just a bit to the north of Repulsor.




Here is probably one of the most peaceful areas in the game, which has never been a go-to spot for many players. Well, too bad for them, as Relay has some incredible gear lying around.


It is located on the very edge of the map and that is why it's almost always empty, just like Swamps and Water Treatment. Use this to your advantage and loot the heck out of this place.


Water Treatment


The most southern shore of Kings Canyon hosts a massive Water Treatment facility that is actually very similar to Swamps in terms of playstyle. Ziplining works here just as well, and if you like to loot in relatively empty locations, then this one is just perfect.


Many players don't land here in anticipation of finding good items, but actually Water Treatment always produces high tier loot and it's aplenty here.


Besides your typical loot that you will find on the ground, there is at least a dozen supply crates around the area. So this location should definitely be on your list.




The general rule of Apex Legends is that looting starts from the edges of the map, and as soon as players are ready to use their weapons, the combat shifts slowly but steadily to the central locations.


That is why Swamps is one of the best loot spots in the game, as it has some of the highest tier loot in the game. It is located in the most eastern part of the map, and it is a relatively unpopular location that makes it safe to land at.


This would be a perfect location for Pathfinder, as his Zipline ability will allow him to quickly move around the buildings collecting all the loot before everyone else.


Currently, there is only one map available in Apex Legends - the Kings Canyon. It has plenty of locations with different purposes, such as slums, plants, military facilities, etc.


Every location can be used in many exciting ways when it comes to combat tactics. But not all of them offer equally great opportunities in terms of loot, and all Apex Legends players know how important it is to get the best possible gear and weapons at the very beginning of the match-up.


That is why we present you with seven best locations in Apex Legends that have the top-tier loot ready to be claimed.

Far Cry New Dawn Review: Finding Beauty In The Apocalypse Thu, 14 Feb 2019 08:17:35 -0500 David Jagneaux

Describing Far Cry New Dawn as just more of the same wouldn't be inaccurate, but it doesn't give the full picture. While technically this new entry in the long-running series does take place in the same Hope County as Far Cry 5 and feature a handful of returning characters, it's much more than just an expansion.

This is a full-fledged sequel that totally transforms the region, expands on what you can do, and introduces a fresh new perspective that doesn't take itself anywhere near as seriously as its predecessor.

Basically, Far Cry New Dawn is a combination of the best parts from Far Cry 5 with just enough bright, new, colorful ideas to shake things up a bit.

Welcome Back To Hope County

When Far Cry New Dawn was first announced at the Game Awards late last year, a lot of people were understandably confused. Since it featured the same Hope County from the last game, as well as recurring environments, assets, and even characters, the big question in everyone's mind was whether this was an expansion or a new game. The answer is sort of both.

Far Cry New Dawn is a standalone direct sequel to Far Cry 5 and Ubisoft is only charging $39.99 since it's not a totally new game. But what you get for that price is something that has almost as much content as a full Far Cry release.

Far Cry New Dawn is a combination of the best parts from Far Cry 5 with just enough bright, new, colorful ideas to shake things up a bit

In New Dawn, you take on the role of either a man or woman that's the head of a security detail for some shipment that gets attacked. You're in the process of leading a caravan of survivors to Prosperity, the home of the Good Guys in the post-nuclear wasteland. The caravan gets intercepted by The Twins and their army, everyone is killed except for you and a young woman named Carmina, and you're tasked with helping her get back home and regroup.

What follows are three Acts, approximately two dozen main missions in total, and a pretty by-the-numbers story about the struggle for survival and fighting off attackers.

If you played Far Cry 5, there are plenty of references and returning characters that connect the two stories, which is nice, but on its own, New Dawn didn't impress me much from a narrative perspective. I also felt a bit uncomfortable with the fact that The Twins were some of the only minority characters in the entire game and they're cast as the deranged, psychotic villains hell-bent on murdering your entire village of people for no real reason.

The main story can be completed in about 10-15 hours, depending on how distracted you get by the slew of other activities. If you want to go all-out and do every challenge, outpost, expedition, side mission, and more on all the difficulty levels, then you could easily double your time investment, or more. Throw in a buddy for some co-op mayhem and things can get out of hand extremely quickly.

And that's a big part of what makes Far Cry so much fun still. The framework from past games (especially Far Cry 5) is all intact for New Dawn, but by giving Hope County an irradiated coat of new paint, then blossoming a beautifully colorful new landscape over the top, it all feels pretty fresh.

The new cast of companions are all great additions (especially Timber, the best video game dog of all-time, obviously) and I always found myself eager to hunt them down and unlock them to come along on missions. Since they all have their own specialty, it's beneficial to have a large roster to pick from so you can bring the right one for the given situation. 

The End Of The World As We Know It

In Far Cry New Dawn, you'll mostly be doing lots of the traditional Far Cry things. That means liberating outposts, completing side missions, uncovering hidden stashes, upgrading your base, and slowly unlocking new weapons, vehicles, perks, and more. This is still very much a Far Cry game clearly built atop the structure of Far Cry 5.

If you liked Far Cry 5, you'll probably like Far Cry New Dawn.

And honestly? It totally works. If you liked Far Cry 5, you'll probably like Far Cry New Dawn. If you thought Far Cry 5 was a bit melodramatic and serious for its own good (I kind of felt that way), then you'll probably really like the pink splashes of personality in New Dawn.

Typically speaking, I'm just not the type of person that's much of a completionist in these sorts of games, but I found it incredibly hard to resist the urge to do everything that popped up on my map in New Dawn.

The excellent thing here is that everything has a reward attached that makes it worth your while — even if it's just crafting materials.

For example, clearing Outposts often unlocks differently themed attire to put on your badass hero, which can lead to some ridiculously satisfying outfits (shown below).

Same Dog, New Tricks

Going beyond the surface level differences though, New Dawn lives up to its name in some ways by actually doing some new things for the series, primarily through the introduction of Expeditions. These are quick missions you that transport you to a totally new area outside of the game map.

Expeditions ended up being so fun I wished there had been more of them to do.

For example, there are Expeditions that take place at a run down amusement park, an aircraft carrier, and even on Alcatraz island. The locations are all super creative and each time you finish one, you unlock a harder difficulty version with new enemies and obstacles. With seven to pick from, there is some good variety, but the Expeditions ended up being so fun I wished there had been more of them to do.

The Expeditions play out a bit like heist operations in that you need to get in, secure a package, get out, and meet the chopper at the extraction point. Obviously, stealth is very viable for these missions, but running in guns blazing is a ton of fun as well. 

Co-op works just as well as you'd expect with elegant drop-in, drop-out features. I'm guessing there is voice chat, but when we tried it, we just used Discord on PC. When you're in co-op you can't use any of your other companions, unfortunately, so I had to leave Timber behind. He's really just such a good boy.

PC Performance

Far Cry New Dawn ran wonderfully. I never had a single crash, UPlay was a breeze, and I was even able to redeem some of my accrued UPlay credits for in-game skins on vehicles and weapons without any problems.

Usually none of that is really worth mentioning, but Ubisoft deserves some credit here for delivering a rock-solid game that's packed with things to do.

The only bug I ever ran into (Timber, the dog companion mentioned earlier, got stuck under a flight of stairs during the mission to rescue him) was quickly resolved by just reloading my save and trying again.

For this review I played on a PC with a GTX980Ti, 32GB RAM, and an Intel Core i7-6700K CPU. Not bleeding-edge, but more than capable, and I never had issues playing at the highest settings with a steady framerate that hovered right around 60fps on a 1440p monitor. A GameSkinny colleague that I tried co-op with, Jonathan Moore, was running his game in 4K on high settings with a framerate right around 52fps without issues. He's got a slightly more powerful setup, but not by much. 


  • Beautiful environments
  • Expeditions are fun and varied
  • New companions are great additions
  • Tons of things to do solo or in co-op


  • Forgettable story
  • Ultimately this is still Hope County again

If you were expecting Far Cry New Dawn to reinvent what it means to explore an open world sandbox, then you're looking at the wrong game franchise. As far as iterative sequels go that simply expand on their predecessor to offer something nuanced and new in just the right ways, it doesn't get much better than Far Cry New Dawn.

Ubisoft's bright, bombastic, and beautiful brand of the apocalypse is one that I couldn't help but want to keep exploring beyond the lackluster main story even if I do get a minor sense of déjà vu when looking at the map.

[Note: A copy of Far Cry New Dawn on PC was provided digitally via UPlay by Ubisoft for the purpose of this review.]

Completing All the Records in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Part Two Fri, 15 Feb 2019 14:18:57 -0500 Thomas Wilde

Like Resident Evil: Revelations 2 before it, the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake has its own built-in set of quasi-achievements, which it calls Records. There are 87 of them in total, many of which are locked or unexplained when you first start the game.

When you complete a Record, the game doesn’t fully track it until the next time you open the Records screen, available from the pause menu in-game, or under Bonuses in the main menu.

Most of the Records in the game, when achieved, unlock entries in the Gallery, such as concept art (see below) or character models. A handful also unlock bonus weapons, character costumes, and extra gameplay modes.

You don't officially complete a Record until you open the Records screen or finish a scenario, at which point the game pops up a notification and gives you any rewards that might be attached to the Record. This does work retroactively; for example, if you complete a Record that awards a bonus weapon, you can reload old saves and the new weapon will suddenly be available in the nearest item box.

Finishing the 86 other Records in the game unlocks the last one, Raccoon City Native, which is also the Platinum Trophy on the PlayStation 4 version.

Records that are also trophies or achievements are marked with an asterisk(*).

Read Part 1 of this Records guide for story mode, gameplay, and rank Records. 

Combat Records

Notably, all combat-focused Records can be accomplished as easily in the Survivor bonus modes as in the main game. Some are even a little easier; for example, Flan can get Human Power Plant very easily, despite not being human.

Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gun*

Kill any enemy with a knife. This is probably easiest to do by stabbing a downed zombie, but there are a couple of enemies who are surprisingly easy to take down with a good stabbing frenzy, most notably Lickers.

Eat This!*

Counterattack when grabbed with a grenade or knife.

Handy with a Handgun

Kill 10 enemies with a handgun.

Matter of Splatter

Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun.

You Die… Over There!

Kill 5 enemies with the grenade launcher.

Trigger Happy

Kill 10 enemies with a submachine gun.

This is easiest to do with weaker enemies like dogs or the little G-Spawns that the sewer mutants will throw at you. The SMG, under ordinary circumstances, is a lot better at dismemberment than raw damage.

Human Power Plant

Kill 5 enemies with the Spark Shot. This is found in the Sewer Storage Room in Claire’s campaign, and it comes standard in Flan's loadout when you play Tofu Survivor.

Bring Marshmallows!

Kill 5 enemies with the Chemical Flamethrower. This is found in the Sewer Storage Room in Leon’s campaign.

Got a Problem, Punk?

Kill 5 enemies with a Magnum.

Master Tactician

Kill 10 enemies with grenades and/or knives.

Two Birds, One Stone

Kill two enemies at once with a single bullet or shotgun blast. The “bullet” in question will likely be Leon’s Magnum, as it can penetrate through multiple targets.

This is probably easiest to do in The 4th Survivor bonus mode, especially in zombie-choked areas like the secret area behind the Workers’ Break Room.

A Shocking End

Hit an enemy with the Spark Shot and keep aiming at it until the needles overload. It takes a few seconds, but it’s also a really good way to deal with the big G-mutants in the sewers.

Bon Appetit

After landing a successful counterattack on a dog, zombie, or Licker with a frag or flash grenade, it ends up lodged in the enemy’s mouth. If you simply wait, it’ll go off on its own for minimal effect. However, you can manually detonate it by shooting it, which causes a bigger explosion and accomplishes this Record.

Zombie Roundup*

Kill at least three zombies with a single frag grenade. I’ve found this is easiest to do on the stairs leading down to the waterway from the Treatment Control Room, as you can pitch a frag grenade down the steps and, with a little luck, kill the two zombies waiting there, plus the “sleeping” zombie nearby.

Another good option is right after the final boss fight in Leon's scenario. When the lift reaches the bottom of the complex, four zombies will burst through a door at you, all of which have very low health. If you have even one frag grenade on you, this Record's a cinch.

But A Torso

Shoot off a single zombie’s arms and legs. You can still get this Record by brutalizing a zombie that’s already dead, so it can be accomplished easily on any difficulty.

A Doff of the Cap

Shoot a hat off of five zombies’ heads. This can include policeman’s caps, which means you’ll probably get this by accident before you’ve left the RPD. If not, the sewer zombies who are still wearing hard hats will get you the rest of the way there.

Like Skeet Shooting*

Shoot a dog or Licker out of the air as it leaps at you.

This is one of those achievements that’s easy to do by accident, but trying to do it on purpose will just frustrate you, like parrying arrows with your knife in RE5. I got it in 4th Survivor by trying to kill the dog pack in the Flow Control Room with Hunk’s MP5.

Keep Their Heads Ringin’*

Drop a flash grenade on an unaware Licker. Do not get anywhere near it afterward, as it lashes out in random directions for a few seconds while it’s deaf.

Hats Off!*

Knock off Mr. X’s fedora with a successful headshot. You can do this with any weapon, but be aware that it usually gets him angry.

Take a Breather

If you manage to land several consecutive headshots on Mr. X or blow him up with a frag grenade, he drops to one knee and is stunned for about 40 seconds. This usually isn’t worth the ammo, but you can take advantage of it for this Record and an opportunity to get some distance.

Hate to Burst Your Bulb

Ivy zombies have a number of lighter-colored green bulbs on their bodies. Shooting those bulbs makes them explode, stunning the Ivy for a second. If you pop them all, the Ivy drops to the floor.

This requires precise aiming, ideally with a handgun with a laser sight like the one Claire finds in the RPD’s parking garage, and it is easiest to do on Assisted difficulty.

It’s low-key one of the trickier records in the game, however, as it requires you to only hit the bulbs.

Right in the Eyeball

During your first fight against the G-Type, in the maintenance room, use a knife to hit the giant eyeball on his arm.

If he manages to grab you and you break free by counterattacking with a knife, it counts for this record.


Inflict enough damage on the G-Type during your second fight with it, at the end of the sewers section, that a single hit from the crane is enough to end the encounter.

This is tricky, particularly on Standard or higher difficulty. What can help is that any damage you inflict on the G during the run-up to the crane platform does still count toward its total health pool, so you can shoot its arm in the power room, drop a grenade in its face when it tears the door open, and put a round or two in it while you're running from it.

Put that Down!

During your fight with the G-Type in the bioreactor room, he occasionally breaks off to pick up and throw fuel canisters at you. Doing so exposes an eyeball between his shoulder blades.

If you target and destroy it while he’s holding the canister, he’ll drop it and become stunned, which also completes this record.

You Belong on the Ground

In Claire’s final fight against the G-Type, when he runs off to cling to the wall of the elevator shaft, shoot him down with the minigun before he can leap at you.

Maxed Out

In Leon’s fight against the Super Tyrant, it has a move where it pauses and spreads its arms, which is the tell that it’s setting up for its instant-kill charge attack. Keep it from charging by shooting it in the heart on its chest with a couple of rounds from any weapon.

With Time to Spare*

As Claire, defeat the final G mutation with four minutes or more left on the self-destruct countdown.

The trick is that the G only really takes damage when you hit his eyes, so simply hosing lead into him with the minigun doesn’t do much. Focus your attacks on the cluster of eyes in his center, and don’t shoot at all unless you have a clear line of fire on them.

If he’s been reduced to crawling along the floor at you, you’ve officially won the fight; he’ll expire on his own after about 30 seconds. This is mostly about maximizing your damage while you have the opportunity, rather than randomly blazing away at him.

In the Blink of an Eye*

As Leon, defeat the Super Tyrant with five minutes or more left on the self-destruct countdown.

The Super Tyrant is actually a timed encounter. If you’re still alive after three minutes and thirty seconds, Ada automatically throws you the rocket launcher, one shot from which ends the fight. Any damage you inflict on the Tyrant in the meantime takes time off that clock, but in surprisingly small increments.

At best, you’re probably always going to be stuck fighting the Super Tyrant for at least 90 seconds.

With that in mind, getting this record is mostly about how fast you navigate the section leading up to it. Leon doesn’t have to wait for Sherry, so he has a slight speed advantage here, but knowing the map and avoiding what fights you can make a big difference.

The Super Tyrant can also be stunned with flash and frag grenades, and you can manipulate it to only use its easy-to-dodge leap attack by constantly staying as far away as possible.

Alternatively, if you manage to get an S+ rank on Hardcore difficulty as Leon and unlock the infinite rocket launcher, one shot from it will automatically destroy the Super Tyrant as soon as the fight starts.

Collectibles Records

Vermin Extermination*

Destroy a Mr. Raccoon statue.

Endangered Species

Destroy 10 Mr. Raccoons.

Complete Vermin Extermination*

Destroy all 15 Mr. Raccoons.

We’ve actually got a well-written and thoughtful guide specifically for Mr. Raccoon statues. I think you should use that.

Treasure Hunter*

Develop the “Hiding Places” film in the Workroom in the sewers, as discussed in yet another handy guide on this site, and use it to find two hidden item stashes in the RPD.

Hip to Add Squares*

Find a Hip Pouch.

A Waist of Space*

Find all the Hip Pouches in the game and max out your inventory.

This Record is only possible on Assisted or Standard difficulties, as the easier-to-find Hip Pouches are replaced by ink ribbons in Hardcore mode.

Hip Pouches can always be found in locker 203 in the RPD’s Secure Storage Room; inside the safe under the captain’s desk in the RPD’s West Office; and inside one of the pods in the Nap Room in the lab, once you restore power with the signal modulator.

On Assisted and Standard difficulties, on either a first or second run, you can find a Hip Pouch in a locker in the maintenance area safe room after your first fight with the G-Type and on a bench in the Workroom in the sewer.

On a first run, there’s also a Hip Pouch on a table in the West Storage Room on the RPD’s third floor, by the C4 charge. However, on a second run, that Pouch gets moved to the RPD’s front desk.

Gun Fanatic

Collect all 6 weapons in Leon’s game.

Gun Enthusiast

Collect all 7 weapons in Claire’s game.

Both characters can find several weapons in the same places throughout their scenarios, and gain access to them in the same ways. In either case, your starting weapon automatically counts towards the totals here.

  • The shotgun or grenade launcher is in the Secure Storage Room on the RPD’s first floor, which is unlocked via the weapons locker keycard found in the Art Room on the second.

  • The SMG or Magnum is in the STARS Office’s Armory, which is locked by the nearby PC. To find the USB security dongle that opens it, you need the Red Jewel and the Ornate Box (in the Interrogation Room on a first run, and the Men’s Locker Room on the second). Once you have it open, examine the STARS Badge to find the switch on the back, and plug it into the PC in the Armory. (Whew!)

  • The Spark Shot or flamethrower is in the Supplies Storage Room in the sewers, and it requires both the king and queen plugs to access. It’s not hard to find, but the real trick is remembering to have enough spare inventory space that you can bring both plugs and your new gun with you when you leave.

In Claire’s game, you’ll find the minigun in the same office where you start up the train platform.

In Leon’s, you’ll be thrown the rocket launcher if you survive long enough during the final battle with the Tyrant.

In both characters’ second runs, they can find a new, exclusive weapon by visiting the storeroom under the RPD’s entrance. Claire receives a single-action .45 revolver, while Leon gets a .45 pistol. In other words, to complete this Record, you need to at least begin both characters’ second run.

Finally, Claire can get a semiautomatic handgun with a laser sight — her old Browning Hi-Power from the 1998 RE2, in fact — in the RPD's parking garage. Go to the firing range and get the broken car key out of the yellow lunchbox near the entrance.

Examine it to find the lock switch for the car, and press that button while you're standing in the parking garage.

Packed Pockets

Collect all 8 custom parts in Leon’s game.

Packed Backpack

Collect all 7 custom parts in Claire’s game.

Both Leon and Claire can find six of their weapon mods in the same locations:

  • Inside Leon’s desk in the RPD’s West Office.
  • In the safe in the Waiting Room on the RPD’s 2nd
  • In the safe in the Flow Control Room in the sewers.
  • Inside the STARS storage box at the bottom of the stairs underneath the goddess statue.
  • In the bottom left drawer of Wesker’s desk in the STARS Office, but only after you’ve developed the “Hiding Places” roll of film from the Workers’ Break Room in the sewers.
  • In the left-hand locker in the lab’s Nap Room.

Claire can find a custom part for the grenade launcher in the Elevator Control Room in the RPD’s basement, next to Chief Irons’s private lift.

Leon can find a custom part for the shotgun on the shelves near the entrance of Robert Kendo’s gunshop, and a custom part for the Matilda handgun by opening the trunk of the wrecked police car in the parking garage. (Claire finds a semiautomatic handgun there instead.)

Dark Times, Dark Room

Find and develop all 5 rolls of film.

Lore Explorer*

Read all 58 files in the game, as per our guide on the subject.

Master of Unlocking*

Open all of the safes and combination locks in the game.

There are three old-fashioned safes strewn throughout RE2, as well as five code locks, each of which takes a three-letter “password.” The safes’ combinations can all be found in various files, while the solutions to the code locks are a little trickier. The combinations do not change between scenarios or runs.

Below, you can find each necessary safe or locker's location, where you go to find the solution, and underneath, if necessary, the actual solution.

Safe #1, RPD West Office: Read the Internal Memo file behind Wesker’s desk in the STARS Office.
Solution: L9, R15, L7

Safe #2, RPD Waiting Room, second Floor: Read the Confiscation Report file in the RPD’s Observation Room.
Solution: L6, R2, L11

Safe #3, Treatment Pool Room: Read the Delivery Receipt file on the table at the end of the Cable Car Platform. (Or check the left side of the safe.)
Solution: L2, R12, L8

Code Lock #1 & #2, RPD West Office: Read the Rookie’s First Assignment file on Leon’s closed desk, then check the six nearby desks for their owners’ name plates.
Solutions: NED, MRG

Code Lock #3, RPD West Wing, third floor: Develop the roll of film found behind the check-in desk at the Firing Range in the RPD’s basement.
Solution: DCM

Code Lock #4, RPD Men’s Locker Room, second floor: Written on a whiteboard in the side office north of the Records Room on the first floor.
Solution: CAP

Code Lock #5, Sewers Control Room: Check the Jazz Festival Flyer in the Workers’ Break Room for clues.
Solution: SZF

Puzzle Records

A Vault-Like Mind*

Open a Portable Safe. You can find your first one early in a first run in the men’s locker room on the second floor of the RPD. One is always in the Linen Room near the STARS Office, accessible only once you have the diamond key from the Morgue, but on a second run, the other Safe is moved to the Interrogation Room on the first floor.

The solutions to Portable Safes are randomized every time, but each button corresponds to a light on the safe. All you have to do is hit the buttons in the right order to light them all up in sequence, which takes a bit of trial and error.

Young Escapee*

In Claire’s game, when you play as Sherry, escape from the Bedroom within 60 seconds. You’ll want to do this on Assisted or Standard because you can revert to the autosave right at the start of this section if you blow it.

The question here is how quickly you can solve the block puzzle and get the Scissors. Fortunately, once you know the shortcut, it's not as hard as it sounds.

Turn around immediately, grab the doll, examine it in your inventory, and turn it around to find the Block inside. Take it to the puzzle in the corner of the room, where it automatically gets installed in the fourth slot. Now, take the first block and move it two spots over, to the third position.

From here, just spin the blocks until the symbols match, grab the Scissors, and use them on the cardboard that's blocking the wall.

Circuit Breaker

In Leon’s first run, rewire the panel on Ben’s cell door and open it within 13 moves.

The easiest way to show the solutions here, and on the three subsequent similar Records, is simply to display an image of how the puzzle looks when it's been successfully completed. Keep this nearby when you play the game, on scratch paper or your phone, and use it to guide your moves. For each of the power panel puzzles, getting the Record requires that you make no wrong moves at all.

When you install the two Power Parts in this panel, it initially looks like this.

You want it to look like this.

Hardly Any Resistance

In Leon’s second run, rewire the panel on Ben’s cell door and open it within 8 moves.

As above, you start off like this:

And you want to get it like this:

Voltage Virtuoso

In Claire’s first run, rewire the door panel in the Private Observation Room within seven moves.

This is the hardest of the four power panel Records, because it's the most difficult to eyeball. The trick is basically to not overthink it.

It starts off looking like this.

To solve it, you'll get it to look like this.

Assuming it's a grid, with A through D on the top going right, and 1 through 4 on the left going down: hit C3, A1, B4, and D3, before spinning the blue T-shaped block at C3 until the puzzle completes.

A Jewel Amongst Joules

In Claire’s second run, rewire the door panel in the Private Observation Room within 11 moves.

You start like this:

...and you want to end up like this.


On either character’s 1st Run, fill the herbicide cartridge in the Drug Testing Lab in eight moves.

This is basically the old puzzle about how to precisely fill up a five-gallon jug by using two three-gallon jugs. It’s easier than it looks, but easy to mess up, especially if you want this Record.

Push the buttons in this order: center, left, right, center, left, right, center, left.

Genius Chemist

On either character’s second run, fill the herbicide cartridge in the Drug Testing Lab in 9 moves.

Push the buttons in this order: right, middle, left, middle, right, middle, right, left, right, middle, left.


This wraps up all of the Records in the 2019 Resident Evil 2, as well as all of the achievements in the base game. You'll need to get two more from the free Ghost Survivors DLC to call it 100% complete, but in the meantime, at least you've gotten your money's worth out of the game.

To find more tips and guides, head over to our Resident Evil 2 guides page

Completing All the Records in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Part One Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:46:15 -0500 Thomas Wilde

Like Resident Evil: Revelations 2 before it, the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake has its own built-in set of quasi-achievements, which it calls Records. There are 87 of them in total, many of which are locked or unexplained when you first start the game.

When you complete a Record, the game doesn’t fully track it until the next time you open the Records screen, available from the pause menu in-game, or under Bonuses in the main menu.

Most of the Records in the game, when achieved, unlock entries in the Gallery, such as concept art or character models; a handful also unlock bonus weapons, character costumes, and extra gameplay modes.

Finishing the 86 other Records in the game unlocks the last one, Raccoon City Native, which is also the Platinum Trophy on the PlayStation 4 version.

Records that are also trophies or achievements are marked with an asterisk(*) in this guide.

Naturally, due to the nature of the beast, this whole thing is a big list of major spoilers. The following is a list of the Records that pertain to the game's story, various in-game accomplishments or objectives, and your ending rank when you complete a scenario.

In part two, we'll discuss Records that are obtained through combat, by finding various collectible items, and by solving various puzzles throughout the game.

Story Mode Records

Welcome to the City of the Dead*

Reach the RPD at the start of the game.

Path to the Goddess*

Find all three medallions and open the secret passage under the goddess statue.

Never-Ending Rain*

Find the parking permit in either scenario and use it to escape the police station.

Hack Complete*

Finish Ada’s stage in Leon’s campaign.

Hide and Seek*

Finish Sherry’s stage in Claire’s campaign.

A Great Need for a Shower*

Take the cable car ride out of the sewers.


Finish a first run as either character.

A Hero Emerges*

Complete Leon’s scenario on either run.

A Heroine Emerges*

Complete Claire’s scenario on either run.

Broken Umbrella*

Complete one character’s first run, then the other’s second run, to fight the real last boss and see the true ending.

Gameplay Records

The Basics of Survival*

Make a mixed herb, or create ammunition by mixing gunpowder.


Install a weapon mod.

The easiest one to find is locked inside Leon’s desk in the RPD’s west office, so you can get this Record within about 20 minutes of starting a new game.

That’ll Hold ‘Em*

Use a set of wooden boards on any open window in the RPD.

First Break-In*

Open one of the combination safes.

You can find them behind the captain’s desk in the RPD’s West Office, behind the secretary’s desk in the Waiting Room on the RPD’s second floor, and in the Flow Control Room in the sewers. All three safes’ combinations can be found in various files.

Or, in one case, written on the side. Look, if they were that good at security around here, there wouldn't be a zombie outbreak happening right now.

One Slick Super-Spy*

During Leon’s campaign, when you play as Ada, clear her section without firing a shot from her handgun. You can find and use a flash grenade without failing the requirements, however.

This is relatively easy after some practice, particularly once you learn the map. There are a couple of zombies in the first big area that never activate if you don’t get close, and a few more that can be led into roundabout areas and dodged.

When Mr. X shows up, you can actually finish the whole sequence before he gets anywhere near you as long as you already know where the contact points for the Visualizer are.

Story Master

Clear both characters’ first and second Runs.

Hardcore Rookie*

Complete Leon’s story on Hardcore difficulty.

Hardcore College Student*

Complete Claire’s story on Hardcore difficulty.


Clear either scenario on any difficulty in four hours or less.

You’ll be surprised how easy this is to get once you’ve cleared the game. Even just knowing what to do can knock a lot of time off your initial run, and there are shortcuts and skips you can take to make things even easier. The sewers, in particular, fly by once you’ve learned the intricacies of the map.


Clear either scenario on any difficulty without ever using a recovery item.

Notably, red-blue herb mixes and blue herbs do not count as “recovery items” for the purposes of this record. You’d also do better to try it on Assisted difficulty, as random leap attacks from dogs can throw the whole run away on Standard, let alone Hardcore.


Clear either scenario on any difficulty without ever opening an item box.

This is a test of your ability to plan ahead. You can discard plot items once they’ve served their purpose, which does require you to make an unnecessary detour in the sewers to open one last door with the T-shaped handle. (Go down the narrow stairs on the far side of the bridge outside the workroom and cut across to the shutter.)

Don’t be afraid to leave resources in place if you don’t actually need them at the time, especially gunpowder, and plan on backtracking to the RPD from the sewers to clean out anything you missed.

A Small Carbon Footprint*

Complete a run through either scenario on any difficulty in 14,000 steps or less. You can track how many steps your character has taken by checking the Record in your pause menu during play.

This is harder than it sounds. It requires you to know the map, to have a plan, to never make a wrong move, and perhaps most crucially, to never have to make a big detour around the RPD because of Mr. X.

It also limits you to only going for objectives. You can't take any detours just for resources, such as backtracking for the last Hip Pouch. Every step you can save, you have to save.

Grim Reaper*

Unlock the 4th Survivor bonus mode by getting the Broken Umbrella Record, then clear it.

As per tradition, 4th Survivor asks you to make a dangerous run back through the newly-overrun RPD as the Umbrella operative codenamed Hunk, with a set loadout of weapons, ammo, and healing items, and no pickups to be had along the way.

The best that can be said about it is that it isn’t as impossible as it initially looks. With practice, you’ll discover what you can dodge, when you should fight, and what to save for the last stretch.

That Jiggly Deliciousness

Clear 4th Survivor to unlock Tofu Survivor, and clear it as Tofu.

Again, as per tradition, Tofu has to take on the same challenge as Hunk did. Tofu, however, only has a handful of herbs and 16 combat knives. In some ways, it’s actually a little easier to clear Tofu's game than Hunk's, as Tofu is faster, has a slightly smaller hitbox, and you can get through some tricky rooms by deliberately getting grabbed.

For example, the Treatment Pool Room, where you have to deal with two zombies and a whole pack of undead dogs, is tricky for Hunk. Tofu can run up, bait a grab from a zombie, and counterattack, exploiting the whole sequence to get a long series of invincibility frames.

The Perfect Chewiness

Clear the Tofu Survivor bonus mode as Konjac.

You unlock Konjac and Uiro-Mochi when you clear Tofu Survivor. Konjac is armed with a flamethrower, a grenade launcher, and plenty of flame rounds. He has more than enough ammo to kill almost everything that gets in your way, but he’s so dependent on fire that it’s easy for him to get in over his head, especially against zombies.

An Acquired Taste

Clear the Tofu Survivor bonus mode as Uiro-Mochi.

All Uiro-Mochi has is a nearly full inventory of frag grenades, with no healing items. You can actually clear out rooms very effectively with him, and grabs aren't much of a concern, but you can't afford to make any real mistakes.

An Exquisite Sweetness

Clear the Tofu Survivor bonus mode as Flan.

Beating the bonus mode as either Konjac or Uiro-Mochi unlocks Flan and Annin Tofu. Flan is probably the easiest of the “Tofus” to beat the mode with, as she comes equipped with a minigun, a four-shot rocket launcher, and a Spark Shot with 200 needles in reserve. Her biggest weakness is that it’s easy to burn all your minigun ammo by mistake, which leaves you holding the bag in a few later rooms.

Can’t Get Enough

Complete the Tofu Survivor bonus mode as Annin Tofu.

Annin Tofu is armed with both Claire's .45 revolver and Leon's .45 handgun, with a ton of ammunition, and nothing else. He's strictly a gunslinger.

Ranking Records

You are ranked at the end of a scenario based solely upon the time it took you to clear the game. For Standard difficulty on a first run, you have to reach the end in 3 hours and 30 minutes to receive an S rank; for Hardcore, you only have 2 hours and 30 minutes. On a second Run, you need to come in under 3 hours and 2 hours, respectively.

On Hardcore mode, you can achieve an S+ rank for a scenario if you’ve saved no more than 3 times over the course of the run. You are not allowed to use any unlockable infinite weapons except the combat knife you obtain from the Complete Vermin Eradication Record; if you do so, your rank cannot get any higher than S.

While S+ rank isn’t necessary for any Records, it does unlock either an infinite rocket launcher (Leon’s game) or an infinite minigun (Claire’s game), and it's one of the challenges on

A-rank Player

Complete either scenario with an “A” rank or better on Standard or Hardcore difficulty.

S-rank Player

Complete either scenario with an “S” rank or better on Standard or Hardcore difficulty.

Leon “A.” Kennedy

Complete Leon’s story on Standard or Hardcore difficulty with an “A” rank.

Leon “S.” Kennedy*

Complete Leon’s story on Standard or Hardcore difficulty with an “A” rank.

Courageous Crimson Hero

Complete Claire’s story on Standard or Hardcore difficulty with an A rank.

Sizzling Scarlet Hero*

Complete Claire’s story on Standard or Hardcore difficulty with an S rank.

Hardcore S-rank Player

Complete both characters’ scenario on Hardcore with an S rank.

Rookie No More

Complete Leon’s story on Hardcore difficulty with an S rank.

The Redfield Way

Complete Claire’s story on Hardcore difficulty with an S rank.


In our second part of this guide, we'll cover Records that are obtained through combat, by finding various collectible items, and by solving various puzzles throughout the game.

All Safe Locations in Far Cry New Dawn Thu, 14 Feb 2019 06:15:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Safes present one of the better ways to get titanium in Far Cry New Dawn. However, tracking them all down yourself can be a huge time sink. 

Instead, this New Dawn guide will show you the location of (hopefully) every safe in the game. The following will be broken down into safes you can find while exploring in the open world, those you can find during story missions and side missions, and those you can find after liberating outposts. 

For the 10 safes hidden in each of New Dawn's prepper stashes, head over to our complete treasure hunt guide

If we've overlooked a safe and it's not on this list, let us know in the comments, and we'll make sure it gets added. 

Open-World Safe Locations

Laurel's Shanty

Go to the area indicated in the screenshot above. On the left side of the house, look for what appears like a rusty above-ground pool surrounded by barrels. Across from that, there is a platform jutting out from the house; climb that and break open the boards blocking the attic entrance. 

Climb in and open the safe for 15 titanium. 

Davenport Plains

When you arrive, look for the windmill. Near it, there are two sets of tractor tires set against a rusty, fallen silo. Climb the silo and use the zipline to enter the barn. 

When you land, turn around and break the boards to the left of the barn doors. Destroy the boxes inside to find the safe nestled in the back corner. Inside the safe you'll find 19 titanium. 

Doverspike's Hill

Climb up the hill and go into the house. Make your way to the hallway, turn right, and pick the lock on the red, rusty door. When you enter, turn left. The safe is in the corner behind the door. Inside is 18 titanium. 

Deadgas Crossing

Deadgas Crossing can be found roughly 586 meters east of the Broken Forge outpost. To get there, take a vehicle from Broken Forge and turn left on the road just outside the outpost.

Continue along, and Deadgas Crossing will be at the next primary intersection; it will be the gas station on your left. 

Go inside the gas station and look for the safe on the right-hand wall. There is 20 titanium inside. 

Bookworm Ridge

When you get to the location above, look for the basketball court. Next to it is a small building with a red tin roof and a beehive. Go behind the building. 

The safe, as well as 17 titanium, is hidden among the boxes and pallets stacked against the wall. 

Redler's Hollow

Here, go into the large silver building. Inside, there is another smaller room filled with lockers. The safe is against the wall, and inside you'll find 19 titanium. 


When you get here, go to the back of the area, toward the large house with solar panels on its roof. In front of the house is a teal cargo container. 

Jump inside the container and open the safe for 20 titanium. 

Kellet's Howl

When you arrive at this location, look for the two pink silos. To the left, there will be a three rusted barrels sitting on three separate platforms. Look under the tallest one and find the safe, along with 20 titanium. 

Rye & Daughter Aviation

You'll end Jerome's Guns for Hire mission at the Rye & Daughter Aviation flight school east of Prosperity. To find the safe, go into the hanger and locate the cage with the bloody mattress. 

To the left of the mattress, you'll find the safe. There is 20 titanium inside. 

Near the Target Practice Treasure Hunt

Go to the location indicated in the screenshot above. Face toward the section of the house buried in sand. Go past the house in that direction, and into the woods behind it. Continue down the path and look for the small shack guarded by a highwayman. 

Just outside the shack is a safe with 15 titanium. 

Traitor's Bluff

Find the small shack behind the house. Inside, there is a door that leads to an underground bunker. Go inside. The safe is along the right-hand wall in the second compartment. Inside you'll find 20 titanium. 

Garden View Desert

Next to the fallen, rusted silo is a small shack. Break the boards covering the entryway to find the safe and 19 titanium inside. 

The Old Project

Travel across the bridge from Garden View Desert to find The Old Project. Once there, go to the left side of the house (the side facing the nearby river) and break the boards barring the window. 

Jump inside and turn right. The safe is in a small room; it contains 19 titanium. 

The Old Compound

Whether you travel here by water or by land, look for the half-submerged church; however, don't go to it. Instead look along the shore just across from its front doors. The safe is halfway in the water, next to a rusty platform. Open it to get 15 titanium. 

Hollyhock Corner

One side of the building in this area has an open entryway. Go inside and turn left. Pick the lock on the door in front of you, and then turn right. The safe, as well as 19 titanium, is in front of you. 

Worm Shore

Along the front of the overgrown house in this area is a boarded up window. Bust the boards and climb inside. The safe is directly in front of you. Inside you'll find 16 titanium. 

Main Story Mission Safe Locations

Breakout (Blacklung Mine Outside)

Before you go inside the mine to continue the mission, go to the main tunnel in the central area. It is behind the overturned minecarts and has the bright yellow sign hanging above it. 

Break the boards and go inside. In the back is the safe and 17 titanium. 

Breakout (Blacklung Mine Inside)

After you climb down into the mine, follow the path into the first pink room. Just before turning left toward the enemies, turn right to find a set of loose boards along the wall. 

Breaking the boards will alert the enemies in the area, but you'll find 15 titanium inside the safe. If you missed it the first time through, you can fast travel back to Blacklung Mine later in the game.  

Specialist Sidemission Safe Locations

Losing Streak (Bean)

There are two safes in Bean's mission. The first can be found in the stash in Dick's Hole. You can't miss it; inside is 17 titanium. 

The second safe can be found after you complete Bean's mission. 

After you give the information to Bean in Bradbury Woods, look to the run-down building to your right. At the right end of the building, there is a caged area with several breakable boards on it. Break the boards and go inside to find a safe with 17 more titanium. 

Adventures in Babysitting (Sharky)

This safe is super easy to find. When you first meet Sharky in the central area, speak with him and then turn around. Go inside the hot pink boxcar and turn right. The safe is along the far wall; it contains 18 titanium. 

Deep Dive (Selene)

There are two safes in this side mission. 

After you raise the water the first time, re-enter the silo. Turn right and kill the pack of dogs in your path. Afterward, continue down the path and turn right at the first fork. There is a safe in the far back corner with 18 titanium. 

The second safe can be found after your raise the water a second time. Climb up the ladder and follow the stairway up. Continue ahead along the path and turn left before entering the first large doorway. Look left to find another safe with 16 titanium. 

Outpost Safe Locations

The Chop Shop

Face the workbench. Turn around and find the safe with 20 titanium along the back wall of the Leased Lag bar. 

Sacred Lumber

Start with the gun workbench to your right. There is a rusted woodchipper, three body bags, and a shack with a barred window to your left. 

Pick the lock on the shack's door and open the safe inside for 20 titanium. 

Broken Forge

After liberating the outpost, go to the forge area to the left of the ethanol tank. Go over to the big racks at the back of the room to find the safe nestled into some crates. Pick the lock to get 15 titanium. 

The Pantry

With your back to the workbench, go underneath the teal trailer with the black graffiti. Continue right. On the other side, turn left and pick the lock at the red door.

Go inside and look immediately to the left by the beds. The safe with 15 titanium is inside. 

The Watering Hole

With your back to the workbench, go toward the teal reservoir in front of you. To the left of the rusty bridge that goes over it, there is an opening that goes down into the reservoir. 

You'll find the safe here, along with 20 titanium. 

The Refinery

Go into the run-down refinery; enter through the opening underneath the "Bright Warden Radon Spa" sign. When you hit the first bush, turn left and go through a second bush. The safe will be nestled in the left-most corner. Crack it open to get 16 titanium. 

Trailer Town

From the center of the area, go to the building with the helipad. You'll find the safe right out on the porch. There is 17 titanium inside. 

Empty Garden

With you back to the garage and the weapons workbench to your right, look to the middle of the area. There are two cages stacked on top of each other. 

The top cage holds the safe and 19 titanium. Simply shoot the door off of the cage and jump up to access it. 

The Island

Looking at the outpost's scavenge table, turn right. Behind the crate in front of you is a small crawlspace. Go inside and look on the left wall just before the exit. 

The safe is on the wall. Inside is 15 titanium. 

Signal Point

Go to the large plywood building in the middle of the area. To the right of the front stairs and down near the bottom, you'll find an opening. Go inside; to the left you'll see a set of loose boards. Break them and open the safe to nab 18 titanium. 


That's it. Every safe in Far Cry New Dawn. As mentioned at the top of this article, if we've overlooked a safe, please let us know in the comments below,and we'll make sure it gets added. 

For more tips and locations guides, be sure to head over to our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides page. Be sure to check out our review of Ubisoft's latest forway into Hope County to see why we think "it doesn't get much better than Far Cry New Dawn."

How to Play Defect in Slay the Spire Thu, 14 Feb 2019 23:57:31 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

After over a year in Early Access, Slay the Spire was officially released in its "Version 1.0" form a few weeks ago. This release has undoubtedly brought new players to the game, and some may be curious about how to effectively use the game's different classes, including the Defect.

This automaton may look like an easy build, but it is the toughest class to master in the game. While, a well-made Defect deck can tackle a huge number of Ascension levels with ease, it's harder to put together a "good stuff" deck with the Defect than the other two classes.

When you do put something together though, and it starts clicking, watch out. But be warned that the class tends to struggle if it can't get its engine going, and its lack of exhausting abilities means that you have to be laser-focused in your deck building.

With this guide, we will look at how to approach this style of deck building in order to be successful with the Defect . However, we will begin with the basics of the class.

Defect Basics

Starting Relic

The Defect's starting relic is called the Cracked Core, and it allows you to start every battle with one lightning orb. This starting relic introduces us to the main mechanic at the Defect's disposal: orbs.

Four Different Types of Orbs:

The Defect starts every battle with three spots for orbs, and this can be increased to a maximum of ten slots. There are four different types of orbs, each with a passive ability and an invoke ability.

Passive abilities trigger at the end of every turn, and invoke abilities are triggered by cards or by channeling another orb when every slot is filled. Triggering an invoke ability use up the orb.

Here's what the different orbs do:

  • Lightning: The most basic orb. Its passive ability deals damage to a random enemy, and its invoke ability deals more damage (usually around double).
  • Frost: Frost orbs provide you with a small amount of armor. Its invoke ability provides you with more.
  • Dark: Every turn, Dark orbs increase the potential amount of damage they can deal through their passive ability. However, they won't actually damage anyone until they are invoked.
  • Plasma: Plasma orbs provide you with extra energy at the start of your turn, and they provide you with two energy when they are invoked.

Focus is a stat that can increase and decrease, similar to Strength and Dexterity, that improves the effectiveness of your orbs. Every point of Focus gives your Lightning one more damage and your Frost one more armor. It also helps your Dark increase faster, but it has no effect on Plasma orbs.

Defect Builds

Big Freeze

The most reliable deck for the Defect follows a pattern established by the successful decks of other classes: utilizing a massive amounts of Block. This is best done through accumulating more orb slots and Focus as well as through cards like Glacier and Chill. Plenty of cards provide Frost orbs, but these are going to be two of your power players.

Other cards to look out for in this build are things like Defragment and Capacitor. These increase your Focus and the number of Orb slots you have respectively.

Once you've built up your defenses, you can kill enemies with whatever else you've collected. If you're gaining 30 or 40 Block automatically each turn, you won't have a ton to worry about.

Keep your eye out for the Calipers relic as well. This causes you to lose only 15 Block at the start of your turn, instead of all of it, and it makes you basically unstoppable.

Zero Cost

Another viable strategy with the Defect comes from the number of effective 0-cost cards that are available to the class. 

All for One is an amazing rare that you can land with this deck, as cards like Claw can get out of hand in a hurry if you're playing them every turn. 

Scrape is also crazy strong when you have lots of cards that cost nothing to play. Reuse extra energy, inflict status effects on your foes, and blast them down to nothing in no time flat. You'll still have energy left over at the end.

All Powers

The Defect has a ton of power cards available to use, and they can snowball in a hurry if you get the right ones. If you have ways of building extra energy and drawing through your deck in a hurry, you can use cards like Storm and Electrodynamics to burn through enemies before they even get a chance to damage you.

This deck tends to lose its effectiveness when Ascensions start to get serious. However, it is a lot of fun to plow through early Ascensions by doing an impression of Zeus.

Multi-Cast Dark Bomb

This one is difficult to set up, but it is absurdly powerful if done right. That's a big "if" though.

You essentially have to get rid of your Cracked Core (the starting relic), find a way to reliably channel a Dark orb early, and work up a ton of mana to use Multi-Cast to plow through everything in your way. When it goes off... watch out.

If you can get rid of the Cracked Core and get your hands on the Symbiotic Virus relic, this is not a bad build to shoot for.

Cards to Look Out For

There aren't a ton of must-have Defect cards, as there are so many different reliable builds, and some cards will be great in one of them and worthless in another. However, there are a few cards that should always trip your alarm bells no matter what build you're running:


Mana acceleration at Common rarity is great, and the drawback is fairly negligible — by the time you get to that Void, you should already be in a dominant position or have blasted your enemies into smithereens. Nearly every deck will benefit from a copy or two of this.

Boot Sequence-Auto Shields 

The biggest danger as the Defect is surviving the times when you can't put together your plan quickly. That's why cheap, heavy Block cards like these are a must-have in nearly any deck.


Do you want to search through your deck and find exactly what you need when you need it? How about doing it twice if its upgraded? Seek is almost always a windmill slam of a pick, but be careful not to use it if you draw it near the end of your deck.

Echo Form 

This is one of the all around best  in the game. Start every turn with a big damage card (Sunder + Echo Form) or with a swingy power to cast it twice.

The only issue with Echo Form is that it will sometimes get you punched in the mouth early on. However, the long term payoff is amazing.

All for One 

There are so many strong 0-cost cards in every Defect build, and All for One allows you to set up some stupid combos with them. If you're playing a 0-cost build, this will be your MVP.


The Defect is quite the change of pace from the other Slay the Spire classes, but it can be incredibly satisfying when it all comes together. Hopefully this guide will help you on your journey to take the tower with the automaton.  

Download First Deltarune Chapter For Free On The Nintendo Switch Thu, 14 Feb 2019 00:59:30 -0500 QuintLyn

Deltarune, the successor to Toby Fox's highly popular title Undertale, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. On February 28, the first chapter of the game will be available to download, for free, with subsequent chapters to follow at an unknown price. 

Nintendo teased Deltarune's release on its platform today, showing a video during the Nintendo Direct event. Fortunately for those that want to play the game without any information, most of the trailer is covered in dogs, so there aren't any spoilers. Actually, I'm not sure any of the scenes in the video are in the game.

This isn't the first time content for Deltarune has been made available for free, as Fox released the first chapter to PC players last year following some mysterious social media activity. It also appears that it will not be the last time, as Fox tweeted on the Undertale account today with indication that the game is getting a PS4 port too:

All three systems will see the rest of the game roll out in chapters, and yes, those will have to be paid for. As with any good drug, the first hit is always free.

Square Enix RPG Oninaki Revealed During Nintendo Direct Thu, 14 Feb 2019 00:50:32 -0500 QuintLyn

During today's Nintendo Direct, a new JRPG from Square Enix's Tokyo RPG Factory was announced. Titled Oninaki, the game tells the story of a Watcher, a member of an organization known as the Veil Watch.

The Watchers maintain order between the realms of the living and the dead by traveling between the planes and battling souls that have gone astray. In Oninaki, the dead are restored to life through reincarnation, but a soul that is mourned for may feel regret. Those that regret go astray and become monsters.

When a player defeats these monsters, and rescues the souls within them, they can then take on the powers of those souls and "manifest" them during battle — the game's version of a class system. Players may switch between these souls and will need to figure out which soul is best to use during any given situation.

Oninaki is the third game to come out of Square's Tokyo RPG Factory since  it launched the subsidiary. The other two titles are I Am Setsuna, which released in 2016, and Lost Sphear, which came out in 2018.

Oninaki is set to release on the Nintendo Switch this summer.