Casino Genre RSS Feed | Casino on GameSkinny en Launch Media Network Telltale Games Lays Off Staff, Cancels The Walking Dead Final Season Sat, 22 Sep 2018 01:19:59 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Myriad publications from US Gamer to The Verge are reporting that Telltale Games, developers of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Batman: The Telltale Series, is shutting down. 

Per Polygon, "the studio has cut its staff down to 25 people as it readies a full-scale closure." Layoffs began early Friday.

The developer released a statement on Twitter saying that "a majority of the company's employees" have been "dismissed". 

On August 14, Telltale released the first episode of the final season of its critically acclaimed Walking Dead series. Episode 2 of the season is still slated to release on September 25. 

Although the company has not released an official statement as of this writing, it appears per sources that have spoken with other publications that the final season has been cancelled following the second episode. 

Former Telltale narrative designer Emily Grace Buck said in a tweet that 250 employees had been laid off without severance and that some would be unable to collect unemployment due to their roles with the company. 

At the time of announcing its closure, Telltale was working on The Wolf Among Us 2, as well as an unnamed adaptation of Stranger Things and Minecraft: Story Mode, both in association with Netflix. Anonymous sources have told several outlets that The Wolf Among Us 2 has also been cancelled, with Buck confirming the cancellation via a tweet.

Netflix told The Verge that Stranger Things "had been halted", while Minecraft: Story Mode would move forward. However, the media provider did not elaborate any further. 

Telltale Games was founded in 2004 in San Rafael, California. Kevin Bruner, Dan Connors, and Troy Molander, all of whom previously worked at LucasArts and on the Sam & Max franchise, began the company following their departure from Lucasarts. 

Bruner released a statement regarding the layoffs, which you can read here

Aside from The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft, and Batman, the developer and publisher worked on IPs ranging from Jurassic Park to Game of Thrones, and Borderlands.

Dead By Daylight Bloodpoint Farming Guide Sat, 22 Sep 2018 12:15:05 -0400 Ty Arthur

There's a lot more strategy and progression than you might think while cleaving your way through horny co-eds as a masked killer in Dead By Daylight.

Bloodpoints are the game's currency for progressing along the Bloodweb so you can unlock new abilities, items, offerings, and so on. If you want to try out different builds and play in new ways, you need to earn Bloodpoints fast.

Below we cover everything you need to know to earn the most Bloodpoints per match as either the survivor or the killer.

Survivors and killers earn Bloodpoints in very different ways, but no matter which you play, make sure to complete the daily rituals for a huge boost in points.

Note that some players don't like being in a match with farmers, as you have different end goals. The fastest way to go about this is to work together with a group of friends rather than going into a random lobby.

Survivor Bloodpoint Farming Strategy

As a survivor, you gain Bloodpoints from the following:

  • Remaining alive throughout the match
  • Repairing generators
  • Landing good and great skill checks
  • Tracking an objective with the map
  • Searching chests
  • Unlocking the exit gate
  • Interacting with the killer (struggling, escaping a bear trap, etc.)
  • Hiding near the killer
  • Helping other survivors (pulling them off hooks, healing them, etc.)

When starting the match, let someone else draw the killer away, then immediately head out to cleanse a totem, open a chest, or repair a generator to start accruing points.

From there, your goal is to be as helpful to other players as possible while hindering the killer. Always help survivors off hooks (but hide nearby first and make sure the killer isn't standing there waiting to attack you as well).

Keep going back and forth between repairing generators, cleansing totems, and helping survivors. To make this strategy work, you are going to need a few perks in particular.

Start with David King as your primary survivor so you can use the We're Gonna Live Forever perk, which provides a 25% stackable bonus to Bloodpoint gains whenever you rescue a survivor or take a hit while protecting another player.

If you use this perk four times in a match, you'll be doubling your Bloodpoint gains. Getting David to level 30 lets you teach the perk to any other survivor and keep the Bloodpoint gains no matter which character you prefer.

To maximize Bloodpoint gain you're going to interact with the killer frequently, which means you'll need to heal often. Claudette Morel's Self-Care perk lets you heal yourself without a med-kit, and can be taught to other survivors at level 40.

Two other perks in particular are helpful for farming Bloodpoints by getting to locations faster and avoiding the killer.

First up is Sprint Burst (obviously for increasing your speed), followed by Borrowed Time for dealing with a killer who hangs out by the hook to snag altruistic players trying to help their buddies.

Killer Bloodpoint Farming Strategy

For the killer, getting Bloodpoints quickly is all about harassing survivors in every possible way. As a killer, you gain Bloodpoints from:

  • Chasing and catching survivors
  • Destroying objects like pallets and wounding survivors
  • Interrupting survivors mid-animation (note that killer interrupt animations were shortened with the Shattered Bloodline DLC)
  • Placing survivors on hooks
  • Deviousness, AKA using your killer's power effectively (Bloodpoints granted for the Wraith using Stalker and Surprise Attack were increased by 100% with the Shattered Bloodline DLC)
  • Staying in a match after survivors disconnect early

As the killer, to maximize your points you don't want to kill all the survivors immediately. Instead, let them stay alive to be hooked repeatedly, and make sure to damage the generators and pallets.

If you get a group of survivors who are willing to play along, you can net a ton of points just by chasing and hooking and then purposefully letting them go free.

Using the Bloody Party Streamers offering gives all players in the match a 100% bonus to Bloodpoints, so that's a very nice thing for the killer to do for everyone to have fun.

In terms of perks, the Cannibal's unique ability Barbecue & Chili gives you a big Bloodpoint bonus the first time you hook a survivor.

This perk is teachable when the Cannibal hits level 35, so you want to do that quickly if you intend on farming with a different killer.

The generic perk Distressing is also critical to effective Bloodpoint farming, as it gives a 100% bonus to all Bloodpoint gains from the deviousness category!

If you've mastered how to use one particular killer's power, this perk should be a no-brainer.



What's your most effective Dead By Daylight Bloodpoint farming strategy? Let us know your preferred technique below, and be sure to check out our other guides here: 

Season 6 of Fortnite Delayed, 400% Bonus XP This Weekend Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:52:01 -0400 Bryant Pereira

While the map Fortnite's map has continuously changed throughout development, a mysterious cube appearing in Loot Lake had players pondering if Season 6 was about to begin.

Although an in-game timer alluded to the beginning of the new season earlier this week, Epic Games announced on Twitter earlier today that the new season will release on September 27.

Because of the delay, Fortnite fans are getting some remedial love with extra experience all weekend. From now until September 24, all matches will award 400% extra experience.

Some additional expected updates for Season 6 are spacial audio updates. Responding to player feedback, Epic is patching some discrepancies between footsteps, audio tells for in-air movement options, and address cases where sounds don't play at all. 

Red Dead Online Takes RDR Multiplayer To The Next Level Fri, 21 Sep 2018 13:53:58 -0400 QuintLyn

The expansive portion of Red Dead Redemption 2's online component -- Red Dead Online -- was announced by Rockstar earlier this week and will be available to players sometime in November.

According to the game's development team, they will be pulling from Red Dead Redemption's current multiplayer and combining it with everything they've learned working on Grand Theft Auto Online.

Players will be able to explore the expansive world alone or with friends, and the developers promise constant updates, just like in GTA Online

Following the announcement of Red Dead Online, some of the Rockstar devs did a Q&A session with IGN. During the interview, they discussed what players can expect from RDO.

Of note is that while Red Dead Online uses RDR2 as a jumping off point, the two will not be released together and are seen as separate products that will continue to develop individually.

Rockstar has stated that Red Dead Online will be available free to anyone who owns Red Dead Redemption 2.

The interview also discusses the game's open world format, with the devs noting its potential as an open world multiplayer component that expands beyond cities.

For those wondering how the game will differ from GTA Online -- other than the obvious -- the developers said a major difference is the pace of the game. Unlike GTA where everything is fast, things run at a more moderate pace in RDO.

Players will have time to really settle in and get comfortable with their characters. From the explanation, it seems like there might actually be a higher opportunity for true roleplay in Red Dead Online

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Redemption Online

Ring of Elysium Landing Guide Fri, 21 Sep 2018 12:15:07 -0400 Zack Palm

Choosing your first location in Ring of Elysium isn't the easiest. The massive map dares you to choose a starting spot you're going to feel comfortable with and ultimately know in a standard battle royale. Yet, this game proves to show you something different. You're going to need to pick something other than your standard choice to survive in this impressive arena.

There's plenty of choices for you to pick from. Each one gives you a fairly good idea of what you need to do to start out there, and where you need to go, but when you first start out you may not know what to do first. Here's a list of some great landing choices for you to pick from!

Start Off Small

What Should You Do First?

How mobile do you want to be during this first section? Do you want to pick the least immediately mobile class, the rock-climbing gear, and then choose from choices you know can traverse mountains, or pick an obvious choice and see what happens with a snowboard or a glider?

Any option is viable!

A choice can thrive based on the type of snow gear you take with you. For example, if you start off on the face of a mountain, away from a small town and you have a snowboard, you can slide straight into the village and see who's left. But, make the same choice with rock-climbing gear and you may find yourself a small, moving target on a massive white slope as you're forced to walk down the mountain. 

Remember this when you're making your choice, or when any location is recommended in this guide. 

The Hottest Locations

Without a doubt, almost every game you're going to see these locations filled up. For whatever reason players have decided these are the most ideal starting locations, and if you want in on the action you have to get there fast!

Sigel Castle

The entire city takes up only six of the tiny grid squares, but these spots always get filled up within the first couple seconds of matchmaking. Starting here almost certainly means you're going to start firing your weapon as soon as you're in, but if you're trigger happy, have at it!

Dione Police Station

If you're forced to get stranded in a snowy town about to get overrun by a massive storm, the police station is a great place to get stuck at -- especially if you're going to have to compete against the other occupants. There's usually a few vehicles nearby you can use to go further north, too.

Wagner City

Because it's one of the larger cities on the map, there are a good two dozen or so buildings you can check out for some great gear. For those who love urban warfare, this is the place to go. The one problem I have with this place is it's easy to get caught out by someone who wants to camp inside a building and wait for you to enter.

Fort Tyrfing

Much like the police station, Fort Tyrfing can provide you with a great spot to find some gear and get used to the map. Though, because it's located on the corner of the map, if you can't find a vehicle quick enough the storm may take your life -- don't worry, someone will probably get you before that happens.

Sidera Lodoicea Ski Resort

This is likely my favorite spot to start out, especially when I have a snowboard. If I get lucky and notice no one else spawns close to me, I can raid a handful of well-equipped houses and make off a like a bandit. However, if I see plenty of people around me, I normally take my snowboard and go straight down the ski resort to Ring Mountain City, where I loot a few outlying houses and then move on. Having a snowboard in this area is really great!

Reasonable Choices

These locations are a little out of the way from your typical highlights, but they're great to loot some gear and then move on towards the next safe zone. You'll probably have to do some running so I hope you brought your podcasts!

Tiny Village

Located at the very top of the map, right in the middle, you can see this little village location you can spawn at. It's a good location if you want to start out somewhere away from other people, get a few houses in, and then go in whatever direction you need to go to survive. If you see anyone spawning close by, get to the nearest house! They might not get as lucky as you, giving you your first kill.

Valley Town

Located to the left of Sigel Castle, Valley Town is a small little area of homes really good two people or a squad willing to share resources. Because it's small, not as many people plan to go towards it. Plus, it's on the other side of a mountain from Sigel Castle, meaning whoever survived that hot spot won't immediately have their sights on you. Additionally, this location is near the center of the map giving you a degree of freedom to choose where you want to go next without feeling too pressured.

Herschel Academy

There's plenty of big buildings here for you to loot. It's kind of like the school from PUBG: people are going to end up here, but if you can survive you're going to get some excellent starting gear. Due to it being at the bottom of a small mountain and near a lake, you're limited on choices of where to go next. Keep that in mind.

Snowflake Town

Much like Herschel Academy, this lake town forces you to go north or south after you've finished looting and survived anyone else who dropped with you. It's a good place to go if you and a friend want to grab some gear and talk for most of the not. You won't see as many other competitors during the start of the much, but you'll have a memorable night talking to each other as you trek across the map, which is the most important part.

Cedar Forest / Moose Woods Sawmill

I rarely see anyone drop here during my games, which makes it a great location to go if you want to get some solid gear. I normally recommend for newcomers to start out in Cedar Forest because, based on where they hear gunshots, they change their plans without too much effort. They can go down to the Lumberjack's House, Skadi City, or Moose Woods Sawmill to grab what they need and continue through the match. It varies on each game, and you're going to have to run to the next safe location if you want to survive, but it's going to be a great time. Bring your running shoes!


Those are some of our favorite locations to go to when we're playing Ring of Elysium. Know a location you and a buddy love to start out in no one else goes to? Share it with us!

We're going to have more guides for Ring of Elysium going up in the future, so stay tuned to Gameskinny to hear more!

Dead By Daylight Shattered Bloodline Guide: Surviving As Adam Francis Fri, 21 Sep 2018 13:19:54 -0400 Ty Arthur

New Dead By Daylight DLC means its time to try out both another killer and a brand new survivor!

This time we've got the tough as nails Adam Francis, who is all about self-sufficiency and making the best of a bad situation.

You'll be forgiven if his fondness for tweed, a job as a teacher, and sudden relocation to Japan make you think a black Robert Langdon somehow got stuck in The Grudge.

Below we cover everything you need to know to survive a match as Adam. Wondering how to get a total party wipe as new killer The Spirit instead? Check out our Spirit guide here.

Adam Francis Survivor Guide

Adam is a high risk and reward type survivor. To properly utilize his perks, you want to be in danger and often remain close to the killer or be on the move to heal injured players or pull them off hooks.

That means staying cool under pressure (avoid sprinting) and staying hidden near the killer. You've got a leg up in this area over the other survivors.

Even his normal outfit is fairly dark, but picking up the grey business trench coat outfit is amazing for stealth as you can easily blend to into many environments.

Unless the killer is playing with their brightness settings through their video card utility, you can often avoid detection just by staying close to objects of a similar coloration.

Beyond his ability to blend in, Adam has three unique new perks to consider leveling up, and all have their pros and cons.

Diversion has the potential to be awesome, but it really only works if the killer doesn't have any active perks for seeing auras or otherwise wallhacking.

You need to keep the killer in your sight but not panic and run or draw their attention in any way (so look out for crows that may flutter away and reveal your position).

This perk also has a super long cooldown, and if the killer is an advanced player who knows to ignore diversionary sounds, it won't make much of a difference anyway.

Deliverance is a bit of a game-changing perk because it has the potential to scare killers away from trying to hook you. 

When players get used to Adam's abilities, they will know its likely you will get an automatically successful escape attempt. 

The big downside is that you have to unhook another player first, and it's easy to get stuck in a loop where the killer hangs around a hook to keep re-attaching wriggling survivors.

Autodidact is an odd perk that's hard to master but becomes very powerful. If you get to five tokens, 80% of the healing progress bar is filled up in a single attempt. That can make Adam the go-to healer in a match.

Since you are meant to be in close proximity to the killer, picking the general perk Spine Chill can be very helpful for Adam. This also doubles as an effective way to counter the Spirit killer introduced in the Shattered Bloodline DLC, since it will give you a warning when she is viewing you while invisible.

There is one big problem with Adam right now that may nix him as your choice for a while. At Coldwind Farm, in particular, Adam sometimes will spawn in the same room as the killer.

This is obviously going to be patched out, but for now be aware its a possibility. A nice player will let you run out to safety to give you a fair shot. A not so nice player, on the other hand, will get himself a free kill immediately.

Have you tried out Adam Francis yet, and what do you think of his survivor perks? Sound off with your survival strategy below, and check out the rest of our Dead By Daylight guides here.

Pocket Luna Guide: Maximize Your Gold, Gems, Exp., and More Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:41:15 -0400 Littoface

Pocket Luna by X.D. Global is an adorable mobile MMO with fluffy sheep mounts and full-body mascot catsuits. But don't be fooled by its cutesy appearance: there's a lot to do here. The game will keep you busy for a while running through quests, fighting in the arena, fishing, leveling your minions, patrolling the city, and so many more events and tasks.

Getting started is fairly easy: just follow the tutorial prompts. But once you reach around level 10, you're released into the game and mostly left to learn everything on your own.

Confused? Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in this game? Let our guide lead you to Pocket Luna mastery!

Combat and Gameplay Tips

Combat in Pocket Luna is pretty straightforward — most of the time, auto-battle will handle the grunt work. In town, you can auto-walk to any quest points, special events, and other points of interest, so getting around is a cinch no matter where you are.

Still, there are a few things you should know as you proceed beyond the basics that the tutorial skims over or simply doesn't mention:


There are three classes in the game: Warrior, Magician, and Assassin. Although you start the job you choose at the beginning (which you unlock at level four), you gain access to the other two jobs later.

More interestingly, you get the option to mix and match skills between two classes, allowing you to create a character unique to you and your play style.


All three classes have three main skills each for three elements. You quickly discover that you have to choose an element (and its skill-set) before entering combat.

It's not immediately clear, but leveling one skill also levels it for every other element (so leveling the Assassin's fire "Penetrate Pierce," for instance, also levels his water "Deadly Spike" and wind "Heart Pierce.")

There are no skill points, and instead, skills are leveled using money as your character levels up. Until they all reach level 15, there's no need to be picky — level them all every chance you get.

As a nice bonus, the skill levels also carry over when you unlock the ability to switch between classes, so there's no need to level them up again.


Auto-battle will cast spells and move for you, so there's no need to do anything. However, you can still control your character while auto-battle is active, so you can select an enemy or cast a skill if you want to switch focus, which is useful in PvP.

Auto-battle will not dodge for you, and it will not Awaken your character, so when entering challenging battles, you'll need to keep a close eye on things.

Upgrading Equipment

As long as there are materials for upgrading or refining any of your equipment, there will be a "!" over the Blacksmith icon. Don't be fooled! It's not worth upgrading anything that's not at least purple grade — better yet, save it for any golden equips you come across.


It's a good idea to level up and enhance all the minions you have. Minion levels and stats also increase your overall BR, which improves your standing in the game and nets you some rewards — so it's definitely worth it!

Daily Pocket Luna Routine

There's always something to do on Pocket Luna, which makes it easy to miss cool stuff and rewards. Here are six things you should remember to do every day, presented in the optimal order:

  1. Gift Center - Make sure to pick up your daily login bonus here. Also get your free energy refill for the day — there's no limit on how much energy you can have (it can go beyond your maximum), so it won't be wasted.

  2. Dimension Summon - Use your free summons when you log in (if you have any). You can do the free treasure summon every 10 minutes until you hit the cap, but free equipment and minion summons can only be done once the timer finished counting down. Check to see if you have a free summon daily!

  3. Buddy - Get lots of buddies for an energy boost. Make it a habit to send and receive energy to buddies every day.

  4. Daily Mission - Reaching the last treasure chest gets you 100 diamonds, so try to get there every day. You can get to the top without having to spend money or gems. A lot of the missions also earn you achievements and other rewards, which will help you overall. (Don't forget to actually get the rewards!)

  5. Escaped Chest Monster, Pirate's Treasure, and Crystal Sources Defender - All three are worth doing at least once daily as they're by far the fastest way to get gold, minion experience liquid, and awaken materials. Check for timed events that also get you lots of materials in a quick run (at the time of writing, one awesome event is the Daily Chicken Feast, for getting handfuls of energy).

  6. Event Calendar - There's an impressive number of daily timed events, and many of them are worth your time. If there's an event going on when you log in, check it out!

After that, you can go on to your main quests, hang out with your guildmates, upgrade your minions and equipment, or simply walk around the city in a silly conga line for the city patrol event.

Although it's more time-consuming, we also recommend that you do a run through of the Tower of Death, climbing higher every time you do. It's worth the experience and gold and opens more places to raid for resources.

How to Make Gold, Gain Experience, and Earn Gems in Pocket Luna

Resources are key in Pocket Luna, and many can be acquired simply by advancing up the main quest. If you're struggling to get enough gold, experience, or gems, check out the activities below! We've highlighted the resources you can get from each activity by bolding them in the text.

  • Stay online - You get rewarded with gold and other resources simply by staying online for certain amounts of time.

  • Check the Chat - Occasionally, the message at the top of the chat window contains a reward. Click on the green text to get gold in increasing increments, and eventually, get a handful of diamonds, too.

  • Escaped Chest Monster - Use this event to gain gold quickly. You can only enter on your own twice a day, but you can also be invited by buddies beyond that. Make friends for more chances to enter! 

  • Tower of Death - We mentioned this one before, but it's a great way to get resources like gold and experience fast and it doesn't use any energy (unless you're raiding).

  • Escaped Chest Monster - Grab as much gold as you can! Join forces with a buddy for more rewards.

  • Reach the Final Chest in Daily Quests - This gets you a nice 100 diamonds.

  • Get 3 Stars on Each Exploration Area - Every level in Exploration has three submissions. Complete each one to get a top three-star rank for it, and do this for all the levels in each area to receive a total of 54 diamonds for each area (only once for each area).

  • Join a Guild - Joining a guild is a good idea in general, but it's also a great way to each some extra experience through the hot-springs, guild quests, and more. 

  • Fight in the Arena - Aside from earning tokens for use on minion pieces, progressing in the arena gets you diamonds and other rewards.

  • Daily and Limited Time Events - This isn't hard to figure out, but it's important so we're mentioning it! In addition to the tips we've mentioned, check the Event Calendar for more ideas. Each event clearly states when it's available and whether you can get gold, experience, or diamonds from it.

Now you'll never be without resources! Simply follow our tips for optimal daily playing and you'll be on your way to the top in no time. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pocket Luna news, guides, and more!

TGS 2018: Watch 30 Mintues Of Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Thu, 20 Sep 2018 16:39:32 -0400 QuintLyn

Just a few short days ago, we all got a peek at the world of Big Hero 6 as it will appear in Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix dropped the latest trailer for the game and wowed us all.

But we should have known more was coming. During their presentation at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix rolled out the big guns, offering players a nearly 30-minute look at the game in action. 

Now, I should preface this by saying that the entire panel is in Japanese and that while I've turned on the translation function in the YouTube video... Well, we all know how reliable that is.

In all honesty, it might be better to just ignore the dialog and watch the gameplay the first time around.

According to the video -- if the translation is correct -- Kingdom Hearts III has 82 worlds. Recent reports have said that the game will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 hours long, so 82 worlds might be a stretch. However, Square has not officially released the length of KH3, so we'll just have to wait and see. 

The video starts out in Olympus and demonstrates some of the combat and movement before hopping on a roller coaster for even more fighting. 

Once done in Olympus, the demo moves on to show off the Toy Story world where Sora and company fight the Heartless and meet Woody, Buzz, and the other toys. This second part of the demo is the longest, taking up about two-thirds of the time.

So far, the game looks great and Disney/Pixar fans should be pretty happy that launch is getting closer than ever. 




TGS 2018: Watch 20 Minutes Of Just Cause 4 Open World Gameplay Thu, 20 Sep 2018 16:50:59 -0400 QuintLyn

As this year's Tokyo Game Show carries on, gamers everywhere can expect trailers and gameplay from highly anticipated games such as Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts III, and more.

Last night, TGS attendees got a 20-minute look at the gameplay from Just Cause 4, the latest installment in the open-world franchise from Avalanche Studios. During the demo, JC4 Game Director Francesco Antolini walked panel attendees through some of the things the game has to offer.

The demo introduces Solis, a South American-inspired world that (according to Antolini) is the biggest world in the Just Cause franchise to date, as well as the most diverse.

From the start, Antolini spends time discussing the expansiveness of Solis, not only in the wide variety of terrain found there, but also some of its more dynamic content -- like sandstorms.

From there he goes on to discuss the methods players will use to traverse the map, ranging from glidesuits to fighter jets.

The gameplay demo also offers a look at the arsenal players will have access to -- as well as some of the activities available.

Now, it should be noted that this is beta demo gameplay. So some of what was shown during the TGS demo may change before the game launches in December.

TGS 2018: Return To Grymoire In The World Of Final Fantasy Maxima Trailer Thu, 20 Sep 2018 15:00:12 -0400 QuintLyn

The Tokyo Game Show is underway, and one thing remains true. It wouldn't be TGS without a showing from Square Enix. The company has a few things they're showing off this year -- including a Kingdom Hearts III gameplay trailer that we'll be posting shortly.  But first, let's return to the land of Grymoire. 

That's right, Square Enix offered World of Final Fantasy fans a look at an updated version of the game -- World of Final Fantasy Maxima. Like the original, Maxima takes place in Grymoire -- a world filled with super cute versions of beloved Final Fantasy characters -- and focuses on the story of Lann and Reynn, siblings who suffer from amnesia.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima tells the same story while adding new characters, monsters and a new avatar change system to the mix. This gives players access to more champions and mirages. 

If this is your first World of Final Fantasy encounter, you can get the lowdown on the original game in this review we did when it first came out. Otherwise, take a peek at Maxima in the video above.

Dead By Daylight Shattered Bloodline Guide: Properly Playing the Spirit Thu, 20 Sep 2018 17:39:25 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ready to master another new killer in Dead By Daylight? As with every new addition to this asymmetric horror king, opinions on the Spirit's viability are all over the map.

Some consider Rin Yamaoka more useless than Freddy, while others believe her to be the most OP killer around. The truth is somewhere a bit more in the middle.

The Spirit is essentially an upgraded version of the much-maligned Wraith, but she takes a bit more skill to master. The real key to getting kills with her is to think more like a survivor than a killer.

Using The Spirit's Power

The pale Spirit stands with white eyes next to her character description

Rin Yamaoka's power lets her go invisible and move at increased speed, but at the cost of not directly seeing survivors.

When activating Yamaoka's Haunting, the Spirit leaves a stationary husk that still triggers normal effects on survivors, like increased heart rate, etc. You can use this to your advantage to fake out players and survivors who know how the Spirit works.

One tactic is to just stop running mid-chase and stay still. Players who are familiar with the Spirit will assume you went ethereal and are chasing them while invisible. They will likely run back toward you (thinking you are the husk). This can lead to an easy kill.

However, players will eventually catch onto this tactic; when players catch on to Haunting, pull the double cross and actually go ethereal. This is particularly useful when you're around a generator.

While ethereal, you can't see survivors. However, you can still see signs of their passing, like scratch marks. This isn't as much of a disability than you might think. All have to do is take into account where you would run when being chased by the killer.

Players tend to perform specific actions, like wall-hugging, or go to specific locations, like windows and vaults, when they're being chased.

You're faster in Haunting mode. Take advantage of that by going to where the survivor will be rather than where they were. 

Another solid strategy is staying near your husk. When players get near the husk, the ethereal Spirit audio cue is masked. Use yourself as a cloaking tool to confuse survivors and easily dispatch them. 

Using Spirit Skill Combos With Other Killers

A perks card showing the Spirit Fury perk

The Spirit isn't just powerful alone. Pair her with other killers, and you'll get some good skill combinations. 

The teachable skills from other killers impact how The Spirit plays. In particular, skills that reveal the auras of survivors can make your Haunting more effective, like Territorial Imperative or A Nurse's Calling.

If you prefer generator grabs, take Tinkerer. Combine this skill with Haunting to terrorize survivors trying to fix generators.

Combining the Spirit Fury perk with Enduring can give you nearly an instant hit when a survivor thinks you will be stunned by a broken pallet.

Rancor has got to be one the best perks, however, as it briefly shows you the location of all survivors when a generator is repaired. Even better, it means that the object of your obsession will be permanently vulnerable to you after the last generator is repaired.

For new players having trouble wiping out teams, that essentially means you get an insta-kill on one survivor near the end of the match.

A skill card showing the Rancor teachable perk in Shattered Bloodline

Weaknesses of The Spirit

The Spirit is slow. Survivors who know how to work the environment can be difficult to chase while you aren't Haunting.

The Haunting ability also has a critical weakness. When ethereal, you can't phase through objects.

That means a survivor vaulting through a window while you are Haunting effectively counter your power entirely. The only way to negate this is if they keep sprinting after the vault and reveal themselves through scratch marks.

Finally, watch out for survivors with the flashlight equipped! There's currently a bug causing the blind effect to accrue far more rapidly than it should. Expect it to be patched out in the near future, but for now the flashlight can be your main Achilles' heel.


What do you think of the Spirit as the new Dead By Daylight killer, and do you plan to invest time learning her abilities? Sound off in the comments below, and check out the rest of our Dead By Daylight guides here.

TGS 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows Dante in Action Thu, 20 Sep 2018 12:42:54 -0400 QuintLyn

While Devil May Cry 5's release date is still almost six months away, that doesn't mean Capcom isn't more than happy to show us a bit to start the hype train early.

And what better time to do that than at Tokyo Game Show 2018, which just kicked off. To get things rolling, the developer dropped an all-new DMC5 gameplay trailer right off the bat.

Dante and company find themselves in a Red Grave City overrun by demons. But these creatures have taken over more than the city -- they're literally everywhere. The trailer highlights some of the game's story elements and characters, but it doesn't take long for it to get right into the action.

Players will recognize Dante's sword Rebellion, and his guns Ebony and Ivory -- although they might be most impressed with an oddly designed motorcycle that splits at the handlebars to become dual-blade weapons.

If you're interested in watching the Devil May Cry 5 gameplay trailer, it's available on the Capcom YouTube channel. Watch all the way to the end. It's worth it. 

Once you're done watching that, be sure to check out this second trailer highlighting one of the game's weapons. I'd tell you what it is, but you'll find out when you watch the end of the gameplay trailer.

And, if you haven't gotten enough DMC goodness after that, you can also check out our analysis of the E3 2018 announcement trailer, complete with a look back at where the series left off.

TGS 2018: PS Vita Production Set To End By 2019 Fri, 21 Sep 2018 09:44:26 -0400 Zack Palm

Although TGS 2018 has started with a bang and a handful of great trailers from games like Devil May Cry 5, the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Just Cause 4, not all of the news has been happy. 

If you're a PS Vita owner, the much-maligned handheld just got dealt another blow. According to Sony, the company plans to end production on the Vita in early 2019. 

Via Engadget, the announcement came from Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President Hiroyuki Oda.

Oda confirmed the end of the Vita's production was imminent. He did not detail any additional plans for future handhelds to replace the Vita.

However, he did note the exact date when the Vita will stop production: March 31, 2019.

With no future handhelds planned, there's no word if Sony may step away from the handheld market to focus on future core PlayStation products, such as the PS5.

Although the PlayStation Vita has still been receiving releases, the handheld never took off as Sony had planned, selling only 10-15 million units since its release in 2011. 

For more information about 2018's Tokyo Game Show, keep it here at Gameskinny.


TGS 2018: Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer Shows Off Ada Wong Thu, 20 Sep 2018 16:44:46 -0400 Zack Palm

A new trailer for the Resident Evil 2 remake was released at this year's Tokyo Game Show, showcasing about two and a half minutes of the intense story and some of the nastier zombies players will likely encounter.

The trailer also shows off Ada Wong, a spy for one of Umbrella Corporation's market competitors.

The first part of this trailer dives into Claire Redfield's side of the story and what she's going to deal with as she begins to learn about the zombie outbreak infecting Raccoon City. Both her and rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy will embark on different journeys, though they will inevitably reconnect by the end of the game. 

While Ada Wong was a major highlight in the trailer, other characters were also revealed, such as Annette Birkin and Chief Officer Brian Irons. These characters will co-star alongside Claire and Leon as they meet the zombie threat head-on.

The remake for Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. 

Check back soon with Gameskinny as we learn more.

First Impressions of Ring of Elysium Fri, 21 Sep 2018 13:52:24 -0400 Zack Palm

Everyone is getting into the battle royale craze, and the latest rendition comes from Tencent Games with Ring of Elysium, a battle royale game that certainly took many of its gameplay aspects from PUBG, while still creating a unique experience.

Despite feeling like PUBG, Ring of Elysium feels far more polished and offers a few twists that make it stand out from the others you can pick up. Also, it's free!

What's The Story?

Unlike several battle royale games, there's a reason the players are all stuck where they are. The goal of Ring of Elysium is to make it to the safe zone, survive the other players, and get a spot on the rescue helicopter that's coming in because the town just outside Mt. Dione is getting hit by a mega snow storm called Ymir. The name comes from Norse mythology and it belongs to the father of all giants.

By giving players a goal, they have a reason to stay on the move and remain as mobile as possible as this snow storm steadily engulfs the map. There's no telling where the safe zone is going to be, and when you're in the last section of the map you have to wait to see where the helicopter is going to land. No matter if you're still the last person to make it to the end, you need to grab a seat on that copter. No more hiding in a small hut or camping! 

I'm already a huge fan of this change. A rescue helicopter concept was similarly used in Fear The Wolves.

Starting Out

The game starts you with a new twist just before you enter a game. In the beginning, all of the players the game get to choose where they'd like to start, rather than having to load into a massive plane and fly over a specific route. 

When you choose a part on the map to land, this little section gets highlighted. No one else in the match lobby can choose your exact location, however, they can certainly choose to spawn near you. Due to you spawning somewhere in this tiny region of the map, it's not likely you're going to die immediately, but it does make the early game far more interesting than landing near someone and dying right away. You're likely to find a weapon or two quickly enough to fend off anyone you encounter.

Another interesting aspect is everyone starts out with a weapon set and comes with their own unique method to traverse the snowy map.

Weapon Sets

On the side of the map where you choose your starting location, you can clearly see three different choices you can highlight. These are your starting weapons and unique travel option. Each one comes with their own benefits and disadvantages.

For example, the rock-climbing gear, the least mobile of the three, grants the player to start out with a shotgun, whereas the others give players a starting pistol. The other two, the snowboard gear and hang glider, give players a decent advantage near the later part of the game if they have to make their way across the map. While the rock-climbing gear may seem like a complete disadvantage, the gear also grants players the opportunity to travel down wires that cover the entire map. This checks and balances attempt is great because if you choose the least mobile option you still have the opportunity to get away from the barrier.

These simple starting sets also don't give players direct advantages in combat. There's no class system where these classes provide a defensive passive or a more aggressive starting game. All of the combat is entirely left up to the player's skill, and it's refreshing to see a game not attempt to introduce an in-depth class system with these three starting choices.

The Elements

One of the fearsome factors in Ring of Elysium is the impending Ymir storm the town is steadily taken over by. This storm proves a worthy adversary, but like the barrier in almost all battle royale games, it's easy enough to outrun. You'll see a small temperature gauge located at the top left of your HUD. This changes based on your location. If you're in an area that's going to get taken by Ymir, you'll see it start to show a negative amount. When you're in the normal area, the temperature should read 5 Celsius. 

As of right now, this temperature gauge doesn't do much other than add the extra sense of realism to what's happening to your character. You'll only notice something if Ymir hits you, then you'll start to lose health and see the temperature gauge get to a crazy amount of cold. There might be more mechanics added to this in the future, like finding warmer clothing on the map based on your location.

Another thing you'll have to watch out for is the avalanches. These fearsome natural disasters plague this map, and can easily destroy a small building area, with all of the players in it, too. While they may not happen often, they add a sense of imminent danger everyone can run into.

Gunplay and Travel

Shooting in Ring of Elysium feels satisfying. There's a wide array of gun choices available to everyone, from the standard assault rifle, agile submachine gun, and the accurate sniper rifle. This is where it leans more towards PUBG in that the sniping in this game takes finesse. You have to line up your shot far more and take the time to carefully consider how far away your target is to know where your bullet will land. When picking up attachments, they automatically attach to the guns in your inventory from top to bottom.

Close-range fighting is about what you expect. The assault rifles reign supreme in this game and the shotguns prove extremely useful if you're in a building. After a few games, you'll find your ideal choice and you're going to lean on that every time you play. Because you can carry up to three main weapons, you can have a wider range of weapons at your disposal rather than having to choose between so many. I normally found myself with a shotgun, an assault rifle or submachine in the second slot, and a long range in my final slot.

When I had my weapons all picked out, making my way across the map was just as much fun. At first, I stuck to the rock-climbing gear to feel what it was like to have limited mobility. To suffice to say it was fine. I didn't feel I was too big of a disadvantage, and I had plenty of choices available. Though, I loved snowboarding down the side of a mountain. There was something about the mechanics of watching my character sway side to side as they sped down a slope that was exhilarating.

Because I always had the snowboard on me the gear never felt like a massive weight I had to deal with. The inventory management in the game is minimal, as I rarely looked at it while I handled my weapons.


Unlike some of the latest battle Royale games, Ring of Elysium comes with a lot of great polish. You won't find yourself fighting to keep up the servers or attempting to chug through the environment dealing with a character that's running standstill. The game looks and feels great.

Because it's a free product, you're allowed to feel a little weary on this, but do not fear if you have a mid-range gaming computer. Tencent Games went the extra mile to make sure the graphics look great and it doesn't take a toll on my memory or have player's computers crashing. It's an excellent change of pace!

Final Thoughts

Having played so many battle royale games before this one, I never felt lost. The controls were intuitive, the shooting was similar, and the set up was entirely what I expected it to be. The ending goal provides players with something else to focus on, because no matter how many kills in the game you get if you don't make it to the helicopter at the end, you can't win. With only four seats, there are four potential winners who can come out on top at the end -- or two duos or one entire squad.

With the game having just been released, it'll be interesting to see what Tencent Games does with this new hit they've created. There's plenty of time for things to change, but again, the game's free and out on Steam now!

You can purchase the founder's pack, but that's only $2.99. Given how much some developers have attempted to turn anything with a scent of battle royale in it into a cash cow, this lower price and free to play approach is a refreshing change.

If you're already downloading Ring of Elysium, check out our Landing Guide now to prepare for your first round.

SoulCalibur 6 Character Roster Grows With Raphael Sore Wed, 19 Sep 2018 15:18:05 -0400 QuintLyn

Raphael Sorel, the French Aristocrat with a talent for fencing, returns in SoulCalibur 6 and is once again ready to demonstrate exactly why he is the master of the rapier.

A (sometimes) vampiric villain in SoulCalibur lore, Raphael now embodies a noble warrior spirit.  Being a fencer, he boasts speed and agility that will allow him to land deadly blows on his opponents while avoiding theirs. Raphael made his very first franchise appearance in SoulCalibur 2.

SoulCalibur 6 continues Raphael's story after the many turns it has taken so far. Luckily, we don't have too much longer to wait to find out what happens next -- as the game launches on consoles and PC on October 29.

Last week, series favorite Cervantes was unveiled by Bandai Namco, while others such as Astaroth and Seong Mi-na have been steadily announced since E3. The game's roster currently sits at 20 fighters. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on the upcoming fighting game as it develops. 


Hyperkin Releases Clover Green Version Of Xbox One Duke Controller Wed, 19 Sep 2018 13:36:49 -0400 QuintLyn

Following the successful release of the Duke retro controller back in January, Hyperkin is releasing a new clover green variant with semi-transluscent plastic.

The Duke controller is a pretty fancy twist on the original Xbox controller that  keeps with that "old-school", Xbox nostalgia. The controller features bumpers that mirror the old Black and White buttons, a 9 ft. detachable USB cable (yes, you'll still need to plug it in to use it.), a 3.5 mm headset jack, and option and view buttons. 

There's also a completely unique feature that should take gamers back to the days of booting up their old Xbox. The original Xbox startup screen animation will play inside the Xbox button on the controller, as seen in the video below.

The clover Duke controller will run you $69.99 at GameStop, although prices on other sites like Amazon seem to vary. 

Hyperkin's Duke is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows PC, so you can also use it to push through your Steam backlog in style -- and comfort. 

The Duke is often heralded in gaming circles as one of the best console controllers of all time. It was the predecessor to the wildly popular Xbox 360 controller and, of course, the current Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controllers.  

Green Hell Developers Release Game Dev. Roadmap Wed, 19 Sep 2018 13:47:04 -0400 Zack Palm

If you've been enjoying Green Hell during its Early Access release, you'll be glad to know there's more on the way.

Creepy Jar, the developers behind the project, have announced a Green Hell roadmap, giving players a small peak at what to expect from the game in the next few months.

One of the big things Creepy Jar plans to bring to its community is a widely-requested feature: co-operative mode.

Though the mode is listed near the end of the development process, it's certainly happening -- and fans of the game can look forward to jumping in with a friend sooner rather than later.

Here's a larger break down on the roadmap:

Autumn 2018

Green Hell Animals Update
  • New animals
  • New building types
  • New plants
  • New challenge scenario: Hunter
Green Hell Water Update
  • New map area
  • New water animals
  • Swimming and diving
  • Fishing
  • Fish Traps
  • New water plants
  • New challenge scenario: Angler

Winter 2018/2019

Green Hell Combat Update
  • New human enemy
  • Armor system
  • Human traps
  • AI behaviors
  • AI damage system
  • New challenge scenario
Green Hell Mud Building Update
  • Mud constructions
  • Forging
  • New items and crafts
  • New challenge scenario
Green Hell Story Mode Update
  • Full story mode
  • New map areas
  • New human enemy
  • New challenge scenario

Spring 2019

Green Hell Co-Op Mode Update
  • Green Hell’s most requested feature, cooperative mode!

If you haven't checked out Green Hell yet, you can still grab it now in early access. You can read our Early Access impressions here

You can buy Green Hell on Steam for $19.99. It's unclear if by the end of this roadmap the developers will feel comfortable enough to fully launch the game, or if they will still have updates to push out.

Stayed tuned to Gameskinny as we learn more about the updates in Green Hell's future.

Transfer Characters from Pokemon GO Into Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! Wed, 19 Sep 2018 13:28:00 -0400 QuintLyn

Earlier today, Pokemon Company International and Nintendo dropped new information on features in their upcoming Nintendo Switch games, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!.

Included in the games' features is one that all Pokomon GO fans are going to enjoy. When the games release November 16, GO players will be able to bring the Pokemon they caught in the Kanto region into the Let's Go games.

The uploaded Pokemon will appear in the GO Park complex in Fuchsia City, which is made up of 20 individual GO Parks. Up to 50 Pokemon can be kept in each of the individual parks. Players aren't limited to uploading from their own GO account either. Pokemon can be shared by friends and family.

There is -- kind of -- a catch, however. In order to take the Pokemon with you on your journeys, you'll have to catch them in the parks after they've been added to them.

To make things even more interesting, a special minigame has been added to the park system. When 25 of the same Pokemon species are in the GO Park complex, players will be able to play the game to win Candies that can be used to power up Pokmon and raise specific stats. Different candies affect different stats.

Launch day for both Pokmon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokmon: Let’s Go, Eevee! isn't all that far off. In fact, it's just two months until November 16, when both games are available exclusively on the Switch.

So, if there are some Kanto region Pokemon you'd like to pull in from GO, but don't already have, you might want to get to work. And in the meantime, you can find more information on Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! on the games' site.

Nintendo released a bevy of details surrounding the game, as well as a Pikachu- and Evee-themed Nintendo Switch at their latest Direct

Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterhome DLC Review Thu, 20 Sep 2018 10:31:42 -0400 Sergey_3847

If you already own Frostpunk, you now have access to a new, free scenario: The Fall of Winterhome. This free expansion tells the story of the Winterhome settlement that preceded the events of New London in the game's main campaign. It gives you the chance to restore the ruined city amidst a literal frozen hell.

Unlike Frostpunk's main campaign, every extra scenario has thrown you right into the thick of things with some of the developments already unlocked. The Fall of Winterhome is no exception -- it gives you a lot to work with from the very beginning. 

First, we'll talk about what's new in the DLC, the we'll take a look at what you're faced with when you start and how the expansion fares compared to the base game. 

New Map and Gameplay Mechanics

A bright circular settlement sits in a valley between snow covered mountains

11 bit studios created a brand new map for the Winterhome scenario. It looks a lot like the endgame of the main story. There are a lot of structures ready with streets, a beacon, and several outposts. 

As would be expected from any DLC, there will also be new structures to build as well.

One of them is the Repair Station. This can be built to repair the main generator, and it is also the place where engineers fix any malfunctioning equipment in the city. Since one of Winterhome's new additions forces you generator to lose power and range over time, the Repair Station is the biggest addition in the DLC. 

Another new addition is the Evacuation Center. This new structure can be built for emergency situations, allowing people and food to be moved to the dreadnought. However, it's not as important as the robust Repair Station. 

Of course, there are a few other smaller tweaks to the gameplay, but those are mainly bug fixes from the original game.

Restoring the City of Winterhome

A Fall of Winterhome splash screen shows man, woman, child sitting by fire

When you begin the DLC, the city of Winterhome is in ruins. Many of its buildings are badly damaged, hope levels are low, and discontent is high. You're immediately thrust into a situation where you're responsible for hundred of the sick and dying.

Thankfully, some laws and technologies have been developed prior to your arrival, so you won't be starting from scratch. Food storage is full, and although you have to start the generator, the coal storage is full as well. 

You'll also find your population consists of

  • 300 adults
  • About 200 children
  • 50 engineers

That means there is also no need to attract new settlers, so you can focus all of your attention on removing old buildings and setting up new ones. 

However, don't let that lull you into a sense of complacency. Taking action from the get-go is a must. Why? Because unchecked sickness will quickly kill the settlement, so building new medical posts and infirmaries is a necessity early on. 

Overlooking a snow-covered city with management menus overlaid in gameplay

Your settlement also receives help from the outside; an outpost that doubles as a coal mine will come to your aid, transferring an additional 800 coal once a day to your storage.

Besides the coal mine, you can send scouts to check out one of the Dreadnoughts that brought you to the area, or you can send a squad to learn everything about the nearby Weather Station, which will help you predict and survive the most unbearable weather conditions.

As the city of Winterhome increases its hope and things get warmer, the ice starts melting. As a result, the rotten bodies of  dead workers come to the surface, quickly increasing discontent among the living.

However, this is only the beginning of your troubles. 

With so many things in the progress queue The Fall of Winterhome DLC gets overwhelming quite fast. The developers obviously made the DLC with a clear purpose to make the gameplay more aggressive.

The heating screen of Winterhome's technology screen with upgrades

New events pop up constantly, reminding you that there is no time for rest. You could be focused on building new structures or repairing old ones, but then something happens: an injury, frostbite, or death. 

Unlike the main story, where you could gradually develop and better focus on the needs of the people, in Winterhome, you have to multitask like crazy, without a single moment of relief.

This approach really turns the new DLC into a rollercoaster ride, which many players may not survive.

Final Thoughts on The Fall of Winterhome DLC

This expansion is definitely not recommended for beginners. It's not made to introduce new players to the game, but instead put veteran players into more complex scenarios. You'll have to apply all of your knowledge and experience from the base game to survive this DLC.

The content The Fall of Winterhome is even harder in Survival mode, and for most, it will be impossible to play.

Things move really fast in Winterhome. Couple that with discontent that rises very quickly, and you're in for a harrowing experience. 

Catastrophes can happen at any point in the game, completely devastating your settlement. In fact, you can lose hours upon hours of gameplay.

But that's the type of challenge Frostpunk fans are looking for. And in this regard, The Fall of Winterhome fulfills the demand in full force.

[Note: A copy of Frostpunk was provided by 11 bit studios for the purpose of this review.]