What I think about Fallout 4 ... So far

What I think about Fallout 4 ... So far

After the reveal of Fallout 4 at E3 2015, I am excited for this game. I have already pre ordered my copy and I am playing the waiting game now. There is a lot that is being packed into Fallout 4 and there is much more to do in this game. Customization is one of the pillars of the franchise that has been expanded. This is what made me screech a little bit. You can salvage parts to build things such as customized weapons, armor, and even your every own settlement. One can say that Bethesda took a few pages out of The Sims playbook to make their own Sims variation within the world of Fallout 4.

There was also a collector’s edition of this game announced as well. The Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition comes with its very own Pip Boy gadget that you can put on your wrist and it works with an app on your smart phone, but good luck trying to find a pre-order of it. Fallout 4 is due to release on November 10th 2015.

Published Jun. 29th 2015

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