Top 5 most creative Mario Kart Tracks

Let's go over the most creative tracks the Mario Kart franchise has seen!

Mario Kart has got to be one of the most legendary gaming series of all time. You've got a lovable cast of characters, ridiculously zany gameplay, and items that can absolutely destroy friendships! Ah... gaming nirvana. Mario Kart 8 was the, you guessed it, eighth installment of the franchise, and we decided to take a look at all of the courses throughout the series' history and pick out the top 5 most creative ones to cruise on.

What? A loop isn't creative, you say? I beg to differ! It's the simplicity of this track that made for some incredibly memorable, game-changing races. One second you're all clear, cruising along in first place. In an instant, a blue shell comes your way and completely decimates your chances of winning, but not only that! All of those racers that were nearby? They're in for it too! This course definitely deserves a spot on this list, as the simplicity of the loop causes every single race to be just as unpredictable as the last.

Waluigi is easily my favorite of the overall-wearers in the Mario universe. And while he doesn't always get the spotlight, he definitely shines in this course! Perhaps inspired by the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, this track casts you as a rogue pinball on a course that desperately tries to make mush out of you. And how does it do that, you ask? Well, for starters, you're launched into the pinball game along with the other balls, carefully trying to not get flattened by their immense size. Then, when you think you've done it, you find yourself on the actual pinball board, a potential victim for the balls that you were so carefully avoiding all that time before. But this time, they're being bounced around and flung at you in a traditional pinball sense. Tell me THAT'S not creative!

3. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)

Was there any doubt that one of the Rainbow Road courses would make the list? I went ahead and chose the version from Mario Kart 64 just because, to me, it definitely stands out from all of the rest. Right from the start of the race, skilled drivers may remember that you're able to drive off one of the edges at just the perfect angle to shave off about half of the race. And that's not even the coolest part. No one can forget the majesty of the character fireworks that would light up the sky as you zoomed across all of those beautiful colors. And let's not forget its Mario Kart 8 remake. There's a train that travels alongside you, spewing beautiful golden coins out onto the road. But be careful! Going for those coins might send you zooming off the edge.

2. Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)

There's something super cool about Mario Kart tracks inspired by real life. And Cononut Mall definitely takes the cake. From driving up and down escalators, to zipping through stores as shortcuts, to dodging Miis desperately trying to park their cars outside, it's no surprise that this is one of the most creative courses in existence. And speaking of Miis, any of the ones you created in your Mii Maker have the possibility of showing up as shoppers cheering you on, or on posters and advertisements scattered across some of the walls. This track definitely has the sense of immersion that a lot of courses couldn't dream of matching.

 1. Yoshi Valley (Mario Kart 64)

Now, I might be a little bit biased here, seeing how Yoshi is my favorite video game character of all time. But you can't deny that every time you raced on Yoshi Valley, you were at the edge of your seat. It's the only course in Mario Kart history that doesn't tell you what place you're in for the whole race. And that's because the branching pathways may or may not let you see others throughout the entire race. The thrill! The agony! Yoshi Valley 64 is the epitome of course creativity and it's no wonder that the legendary track was brought back for Mario Kart 8 (even though they got rid of the whole you-don't-know-your-position thing).

Do you agree with this list? Are there other courses that you think should have made the list instead? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Oct. 30th 2015

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