GuildWars 2: New Content Tuesday - Tower Of Nightmares

GuildWars 2's Tower of Nightmares content launched today.

That's right! Guild Wars 2 released new content today. Tower of Nightmares is live, and it's a total scream.

Time to investigate!

Seems trouble's been brewing in  Kessex Hills. The Krait have been up to no good as always, but this time they took some precaution. A veil has been erected at Viathan Lake, and nobody knows what goes on behind the curtain. It's up to us to assist Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade in investigating this mystery.

Are you ready to take a peek behind the veil?

New Rewards:

There are two new rewards for this patch. The first is a healing skill that's useable on all professions. It heals the user and nearby allies of their poison, confusion, torment, and toxin. There is no word on whether it will also grant HP or not.

Here's the new Krait Obelisk Shard.

The second reward comes from getting the Tower of Nightmares meta achievement. This item is called the Krait Obelisk Shard. The shard will go in your home instance as a point of power for acquiring a skill point. It can also charge Quartz Crystals.

Gem Store:

Look at all the pretty colors. These combinations and more are available with the new Toxic Dye Kits.

There are a few new items in the Gem Store as well.

  • Phalanx, Viper, and Trickster armor skins.
  • Dreamthistle weapon skins.
  • Permanent Toxic Offshoot finisher.
  • Toxic Pauldrons and Guantlets.
  • Toxic Dye Kits.

It's very impressive to see a free-to-play MMO receive content updates so frequently. Here's to hoping ArenaNet can keep to their two-week schedule.

Published Nov. 12th 2013

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