The Five Best Retro WWE Games

4. WWE All Stars

Ever wanted to put a WWE Legend against a current WWE Superstar? WWE All-Stars offered you the chance to do just that.

The All-Stars roster featured 15 Legends and 15 Superstars, as well as several downloadable characters, battling it out for supremacy. Players could go for championships held by D-Generation X, Undertaker and Randy Orton in Path of the champions mode. They could also experience some of the ultimate dream matches in fantasy warfare mode.

What made this game special was not only the presence of Superstars of both today and yesteryear, but also the great game modes and the unconventional gameplay style. In many ways, the game exemplified WWE’s status as a larger-than-life form of entertainment.

Instead of looking realistic, as the current WWE 2K series, character movements were deliberately exaggerated. This went doubly for signatures and finishers, which had dramatically cartoonish, yet completely awesome animations.

Many people think of John Cena as WWE’s Superman. Well, in WWE All Stars, 25+ years of Supermen collided. It was a dream for fans who love the company’s theatrical nature.

Image Source: Destructoid

Published Jun. 26th 2016

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