Top 5 Characters to Play if You're New to Overwatch

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If you're a fan of shooters, chances are you can't wait to play Overwatch, Blizzard's new class-based multiplayer shooter.  For newcomers to the genre, however, Overwatch can seem somewhat intimidating with such a wide variety of different playstyles to choose from.  Here's a look at five characters from Overwatch that can help new players stand a chance against the pros.


Reaper is a close-combat powerhouse with duel Hellfire Shotguns that can easily fell most foes, while his Wraith Form grants him temporary invincibility.  He's also highly mobile, as his Shadow Step lets him mark a location and instantly teleport to it.  His ultimate ability, Death Blossom, makes him a whirl of shadow and buckshot that takes down anything nearby.  Reaper is a good fit for any player who favors getting up close and personal with their enemies.


While Bastion's Configuration: Recon isn't the strongest, his immobile Configuration: Sentry turns him into a powerful turret complete with a forward-facing shield and gatling gun, which is great for defending payloads or defending capture points.  With a lot of health and the ability to Self-Repair, Bastion can certainly take a lot of punishment, and for his ultimate, Configuration: Tank, he gains a nice set of treads and a powerful explosive cannon for a short period of time.  If you like to play defensively and are fine with sacrificing mobility for raw firepower, Bastion is the one for you.


In terms of support, Mercy is Overwatch's basic, no bells-and-whistles healer.  While she has a Caduceus Blaster as a weapon, it's weak damage output and low rate of fire means that it's best reserved for emergencies. Her Caduceus Staff is much more useful, either healing allies or boosting their damage.  Guardian Angel and Angelic Descent boost her mobility, allowing her to fly to allies and slow her fall, and her ultimate, Resurrect, can bring back any nearby teammates from the dead.  Not only is Mercy easy to learn, having her on your team can mean the difference between winning or losing.


Roadhog, one of Overwatch's main tank characters, has a versatile Scrap Gun, which fires in either wide, short-range blasts or explosive balls of shrapnel.  His Chain Hook lets him pull enemies towards him, good for slowing more mobile characters like Pharah and Tracer, and if he takes too much damage, he can easily heal himself with Take a Breather.  His ultimate, Whole Hog,  has him rapid fire his Scrap Gun, with increased knock-back that is equally useful for attacking and defending.

Soldier: 76 

Soldier: 76 is probably the most straightforward assault character in the game and also one of the most versatile.  His Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets deal a lot of damage from long to mid-range, and his Sprint is good for dodging enemy attacks.  Soldier: 76 can also deploy a Biotic Field, which will heal anyone within range, and his ultimate,  Tactical Visor, lets him lock onto enemies from a distance and fire away.  Soldier: 76 is the perfect character for anyone new to the game who wants to learn the basic mechanics and functions as a sort of "jack of all trades" character who's handy in all situations.

Have a favorite Overwatch character suitable for new players? Let us know in the comments below. 

Published May. 4th 2016


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