A4T Gains Rights to PS4 Accessories

A4T is one of the first to get the rights to licensed PS4 accessories

Peripheral company A4T has revealed that it has secured the rights to manufacture and distribute PS4 accessories. 

Continuing a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that started in 2008, A4T will be launching a line of:

  • Storage cases
  • Headsets
  • Charging docks 
  • Licensed DualShock 4 controllers
  • Licensed Playstation Eye cameras

“We’re very excited to be there at launch, reinforcing our already substantial offering of PS3 and Vita products,” said A4T co-founder Bill Stirling.

It is unclear if these products being launched under the 4Gamers brand will make it to retailers outside of Europe. The line will be launched in Q4 of this year, allegedly by November 29th, the PS4's European launch date,  two weeks after the console launches in North America on November 15th.  

For European gamers at least, it means a boon of third-party accessories at launch. With no pricing information as yet announced,  potentially at a lower price than Sony's own equipment. Hooray for possible savings!

Let us know what you think of third-party accessories in the comments!
Published Oct. 2nd 2013

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