Exit the Gungeon to Roll Its Way to PC and Consoles This Year

Enter the Gungeon? No, my friend. This time we Exit the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon is the most prolific twinstick roguelite on the market, as evidenced by last year's announcement of arcade lightgun spin-off House of the Gundead. Well that ain't all, buddy soon you'll also be able to Exit the Gungeon.

The folks over at Dodge Roll Games announced via Twitter that not only will House of the Gundead be making its way to arcades early this year, but also a sequel to the original game where, seemingly, you're making your way out of the Gungeon rather than delving into each of the six Chambers.

No further details are known about Exit the Gungeon at this time, but I'm curious how the dynamics will change with the Gungeoneers fighting their way out. Hopefully, we'll see more of Exit the Gungeon from Dodge Roll over the next couple of months, considering their statement that both games would be coming to PC and consoles "early this year".

Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more news on the upcoming Exit the Gungeon, and peek around your local arcades when the time comes for House of the Gungeon's cabinets.

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Published Jan. 8th 2020

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