Recent 2.2 GB Witcher 3 ARTBOOK and MAPS update is optional

Large Witcher 3 update adds nothing to gameplay and can be safely deleted.

CD Projekt Red recently released a large 2.2 GB update for The Witcher 3 for the PC. It contains non-essentials for many players such as wallpapers and language options for menus. This is a large amount of storage space for an update that many if not most users will never use.

Fortunately, deleting the patch is no problem and does not affect the game in any negative way. Other than the irritation of downloading a large patch only to delete it a moment later (as expressed by Reddit user madne3ss795 who posted his findings on safely deleting the patch), there are no consequences to be endured. The files in question are the ARTBOOK, MAPS, and MANUAL folders.

While 2.2 GB may not seem like a huge amount, many PC gamers prefer to use SSD drives for the speed benefits. This storage option is extremely expensive compared to regular hard drives and a gamer can very quickly fill up a large and very pricey SSD. For many, 2.2 GB ends up being a bigger piece of the storage pie chart than you might think. The knowledge that you can safely delete those 2.2 gigs and still enjoy The Witcher 3 to the fullest may come in handy for space-saving gamers.


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Published Jul. 10th 2015

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