HyperX Adds Two Colorful, Potent SSDs To Its Lineup

With the introduction of the FURY RGB SSD and the SAVAGE EXO SSD, HyperX offers gamers of all kinds two faster, more reliable solid state options.

Two new gamer-centric SSDs are now available from HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology.

The first drive, the FURY RGB SSD, is an internal drive designed to provide gamers with a smooth experience and faster load times, all while making their cases look even cooler with colorful LED lighting.

The second drive, named the SAVAGE EXO SSD, offers players an external drive option that will run applications quickly and directly. Both drives utilize  3D NAND technology, which offers power efficiency and high read/write speeds. 

HyperX promises that both SSDs will meet the needs of a wide range of gamers.

Overclockers and system builders might want to look at the FURY RGB, which not only offers enhanced visual options for case building, but is a solid option for those into DIY systems and really tweaking things.

For those looking for something to use for game backups, video editing, and any other storage requirements that take speed into account, the SAVAGE EXO would be the way to go. It's also very portable.

Capacity-wise, both drives come in 480GB and 960GB options. The FURY RGB also offers a 240GB option.

FURY RGB prices start at $128 for the basic 240GB and go as high as $400 for the 960GB upgraded drive. The upgraded version includes additional features such as USB 3.0 enclosure, a SATA Drive cable, mounting, and a USB 3.1 Type A to Mini-USB cable. The SAVAGE EXO runs $219 for the 480GB option and $419 for the 960GB.

A full rundown on both drives' specs can be found on the HyperX site. You can also order directly from HyperX as well.


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Published Sep. 24th 2018

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