My Post E3 Thoughts

My thoughts about a great E3 showing just about all around.

We came into this week with high hopes for all that E3 would show us and for the most part, it did not disappoint.  We got to see Microsoft flounder at their conference, never really addressing the problems that the general gaming public has with their new console, the Xbox One

Sony is emerging the frontrunner for the next-gen consoles.  Nintendo is, well, still Nintendo, relying heavily on first party games, since there is little to no third party support left. 

The next year of gaming is looking bright with the new consoles coming out, and several great looking franchises in development.  One of the main things that I am excited about is the new Metal Gear Solid.  The open world concept for that game sounds awesome.

The Elder Scrolls Online is looking better and better, and adding console support will gain the game many supporters who only play that series on the console.  There are still many great games that will be coming out for the current generation over the next few months, and it seems that Sony is going to finish the current gen strong with entries like The Last of Us, and potentially many people buying multi-platform games will switch to PS3 just to get adjusted to the controller style ahead of time; I know I will be.  This is definitely one of the better E3s in recent memory, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the games that we will be seeing over the next year.


Published Jun. 14th 2013

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