Hitman episode 2 Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge

No extraneous kills and never get seen - are you up for this difficult challenge?

Every episode of Himtan features the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge in which you have to ignore all the typical kill opportunities and think way outside the box to take down your targets and escape without ever being noticed -- or using a disguise.

This is a particularly difficult task in the Sapienza “World Of Tomorrow” episode, since you have to sneak down into a secret laboratory and destroy a virus sample before you can leave.

Below is a full rundown on how to be the ultimate stealth assassin. If you are looking for more fun ways to kill the two Sapienza targets, be sure to check out:

World Of Tomorrow Silent Assassin, Suit Only Challenge

To get started, change your outfit in the “Planning” tab from Italian Suit to Agent 47's Signature Suit. Don't bother with a concealed weapons – you don't want or need them – all you want to take is fiber wire, a lock pick, and coins. If you don't have the ability to take both at once yet, don't worry, you can pick either of those objects up during the mission without being seen.

At the mission start, immediately stop blending in at the bench and go down the right-hand side of the road. Head down the road as it inclines and go beyond the barber shop. Further ahead on the right side of the beach area is a chapel.

The chapel

Head inside the chapel and blend in by lighting the candles. While standing there, listen in on the confessional booth to hear a lab tech talking about accidentally getting a colleague killed.

Eavesdropping on the confessional

If you didn't bring a lockpick, grab one from the back room of the chapel. After the conversation at the confessional is over, head over to the right side of the chapel and go out the side door. Turn right and go through the black gate and then hang an immediate left to go into the morgue area.

Entering the morgue

Inside the outer area of the morgue where the caskets are located, wait until the shopkeeper turns around and walks towards the door. When his back is turned, pick the lock on the inner doorway and quickly head inside. Go through the next set of doors and hide inside the casket in the viewing room, pretending to be a corpse on display.

So this is going to happen...

Wait until after the lab tech, her guard, and the priest walk through the room (don't move obviously, you are playing dead after all). When the priest leaves, sneak into the previous room and subdue the lab tech from behind.

Don't snap her neck – this will prevent the challenge from unlocking. Pick up the Biolab Laptop Dongle and Biolab Keycard she drops and then place the body in the freezer.

Subduing the lab tech

Now you can stroll right out the front door and run back up the road towards the main part of the town where the level begins. Before reaching the mansion, turn right and go in the wood door with the “3” marker (just to the right of the Il Maiale Pizzicheria storefront).

Run upstairs and go through the first door on the left using the ICA safehouse key that should already be in your inventory. Turn left and go through the bathroom door to access the rooftop area.

Rooftop access

Run across the roof, but instead of jumping down as you usually would to access the mansion, walk across the ledge on the yellow and gray wall and climb through the first window you come across, which gives access to the kitchen area. Here you are going to have to sneak and quickly jump from cover point to cover point to avoid detection by the cooks.

Go out the window on the left side of the room to avoid the head chef (make sure his back is turned before running for the window). Run over to the left side of the street and hug the wall to avoid the camera up above.

Avoiding the camera

Jump through the window across from the tree to access the building's bathroom (if you screw up and get seen by the camera, don't forget you can still erase the footage later to unlock the challenge).

Exit the bathroom and turn right. Go up the red stairs at the end of the hall and take the door to your left (next to a wall painting and lamp), which will give access to the balcony.

Entering the balcony

Run down to the next door and go up the black ramp to pick up the VHS tape on a desk. Go back down the ramp and out the same door, then head back exactly the way you came heading down the red stairs.

Grabbing the VHS tape

Instead of going back into the bathroom, turn the other direction and go inside the room with all the monitors and electronics equipment.

The viewing room

Go around to the back side of the equipment and place the VHS tape in the video player. As soon as it's in, quickly run to the corner of the room and hide in the crate by the door.

Your first target – Caruso – along with his two guards will shortly enter the room and watch the video. Wait for Caruso to order his guards to leave, then sneak up behind and use the fiber wire while his attention is focused on the projector screen. Very quickly drag his body back to the crate you were just hiding inside.

First target down!

You can't leave the way you came in or by the door Caruso first entered, as his guards are positioned on either the other side of both of those exits.

Instead, go through the door opposite the projector that leads to an outdoor section looking out over the town. Turn right and head around the side of the building. You will have to wait for some time for different guards to pass before you can make a break for it.

Waiting to turn the corner

When the guards are gone, go up to the shorter wall next to the wheelbarrow and climb up, then go back in the window just to the right (this is the same window you entered earlier to access the bathroom).

Head into the next room where the desk is located and check the door to your right, as there may be a guard standing there. Wait for him to leave (or use a coin to distract him) and run across the hallway to the same red stairs you used before.

Go back upstairs to the balcony, but instead of using the door that led to the VHS tape, climb up the green pipe.

Climbing onto the roof

Run left across the roof and go through the open window. Head through the next door to enter your second target's office. Hide in the crate and wait for De Santis and her two guards to enter the room.

She will wander slowly around the room looking at different objects and will eventually come to the desk directly in front of your hiding space. As soon as the guard starts moving while De Santis is in front of the desk, immediately jump up (don't wait until the guard is actually completely gone) and garrote the target, then dump her body in your hiding spot.

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike

Turn around and go back out the door you entered and head through the window to the roof. Go all the way back using the same route, jumping down the pipe and heading down the red stairs. Go all the way down the stairs to the basement until you see a door with a keycard.

 Using your stolen keycard

Swipe the keycard you stole off the lab tech earlier in the morgue and head down to the secret lab – completing bypassing the normal security you would have taken in any other route.

Turn right at the tunnel and then left into the small cave room with a table that overlooks the laboratory. Climb down the pipe on the open ledge to reach the lower level.

 Climbing down the ledge

If the cameras saw you earlier, head left and go inside the side door to access the security room. Access the monitor next to the huge servers to destroy the surveillance evidence.

Destroying the evidence

Head back out and hang a left, then go up the yellow staircase. Stay behind the crates, as lab techs and guards will be walking around this area. Access the red laptop sitting on the table to destroy the virus sample. This will only work if you stole the Laptop Dongle earlier.

Destroying the virus

Go back down the stairs and hide behind any of the crates while the guards rush by. As soon as their backs are turned, sneak across the dock and make your escape in the airplane!

Well done Agent 47!

If you were careful and stayed stealthy, you should now unlock the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge. Be sure to let us know if you figured out any other ways to get this challenge in the second sandbox episode of Hitman!

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Published Apr. 28th 2016

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