Ashley Shankle

Ashley spends all her time playing games, cooking, and studying languages. It's a miracle she's not burned out on the whole thing after being a game addict since '89 (I'm old, deal with it). Classic annoying Sega kid, still hasn't let go of Sonic and prefers arcade-style games. Final Fantasy and SaGa rock whatever it is you like, chump.


  • Benjamski

    42 posts I'm a shameless geek for anything comedy, gaming and coffee. I play most of my games on PlayStation and drink my coffee with butter. I have deep...
  • John Robson
    Featured Contributor

    42 posts Multi-instrumentalist; graduate in design, production and development; wordsmith; goodie-goodie; atheist; vegetarian / vegan; player of games...
  • Pip Simon
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    39 posts I am a console and pc gamer, who likes to incorporate this passion into fashion and decor. Check out my Youtube channel, Geek on Your Sleeve, for...
  • Eli "The Mad Man" Shayotovich
    Featured Correspondent

    37 posts Pong, Pitfall and Pole Position were my babysitters, which means I've been traipsing through virtual realities longer than most of you young...
  • Jeni Harrison

    36 posts English, Priesty Heals, Geek Chic Original, Nerd.
  • Leah Augustine
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    33 posts Just a college student studying animation with a love of games. Feel free to talk to me!
  • Charner Boney
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    33 posts
  • Xavier's
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    32 posts I'm here for unbiased news :)
  • Rocky Linderman
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    32 posts I’m a freelance camera assistant by trade, but I also love video games. I run a weekly podcast called Video Game Wundercast.
  • Richard Whelchel

    30 posts Proud, card-holding member of the PC Master Race. Steam: The Abdominal Snowman
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