Crusader of masculinity, liberal bastion of intelligence, anime enthusiast, not a weeeaboo, white, male, and ashamed, nerd. Dentist Hunter, sexy and fragile Unicorn, inexperienced clod, guy who totally finished that one game without a walkthrough, man who can make his own damn sandwich and do it better, future owner of "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Bernie Sanders" bumper sticker, person who wasted a dollar so that it could be stapled to the wall of an Irish Pub with his name on it, dude who can watch Shojo anime and cartoons made for girls and still be secure in his sexuality, possible Guy who made that one comment that that one time that got a ton of upvotes, Guy who ignores that stupid post by the Social Justice Warrior, Guy who argued with that other Social Justice Warrior for like eight pages of comments [seriously, it was epic], and able bodied miniature schnauzer owner. All descriptions of people, well, except for the Unicorn one, but that might be a gender identity thing. I'm not sure.

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