Damien Smith

Playing video games for over 23 years, love to write and love everything video game related.


  • SpaceGamerUK

    23 posts Matured Gamer. Mostly space sandbox games. Also, the owner of rather quiet Space Gaming Blog called spacegamer.co.uk.
  • Shade Stalker

    14 posts
  • Game_Without_Shame

    1 posts Gamer and freelance writer. I'm a sci-fi addict and love fantasy games. I love the culture that surrounds gaming and am here to share my passion.
  • Purple Phase

    1 posts We are Purple Phase - a company that transforms your business ideas into valuable creative solutions. We bring together the best of marketing,...
  • gamergurl_8076

    Rocker and big time gamer with a serious love of Tetris and Space Invaders. Yeah, I like new games too.
  • Roland F. Byrd

    Hello) My name Ronald. I worked in comedy and improv for over 3 years. I have written on 3 seasons of a highly rated comedy television show. I...
  • Kerry Kimbrough

    Hello) I`m professional writer. As a writer, I've worked with companies, developed content strategies, and crafted style-guides for agencies. I...
  • schnelle-schreibe

    Dieses Schreiben Firma ist solides Essay bemerkt gesehen auf ghostwriterhilfe.com mit wirtschaftlich Verkaufspreise und gut Hilfe. So stellen Sie...
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