Doubtfully by chance, and of course in a bar, without any reference to the great Hemingway. Once upon a time, at the end of 2017, I entered into a dispute over a bottle of strong drink with a friend from the university. The essence of our bet was who will be faster, I will write a book or a friend will buy a used Bentley (the car is good, but 10-year-olds are inexpensive, service is another matter, but this is not about that). It's just that two comrades on Friday night in one of the bars on Belinsky Street conclude an absurd argument. Well, honestly, who among you hasn't experienced this? It's not difficult to write a book if you have time, and I understood that, but I also knew that spending two million on a car would be even faster, and I knew my friend had them. Well, at night I scribbled a book that I myself came up with, but not without light literary borrowing, and my friend scoured the Internet in search of a foreign car.