Dorothy Welch

Greetings! Let me show my work right from the start: "Law offers equal opportunity in employment to all the citizens worldwide with the aid of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is done because the people of the world particularly those that constituted the under privileged lot felt a strong need to speak up their minds and raise their opinions against the discrimination that is prevalent in varied forms at different levels of the society. Thus in order to curb the problem of discrimination in the employment sector, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission abbreviated as EEOC came into existence under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and started functioning on July 2, 1965 (U.S. EEOC: An Overview, Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs, 1998). Thus, with the aid of the drafting and implementation of several anti-discriminatory laws, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides its citizens with the employment opportunity that strictly forbids discrimination at all grou

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