HC Billings

HC Billings is an excellent gamer, acceptable writer, and laughable parkourist.


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  • ShackAttackMike

    22 posts One of the many people trying to become a video game journalist. I post written and video reviews here on the site. If you like what you see...
  • McLain Anderson

    15 posts
  • Pentrion

    9 posts Gamer
  • Max Graham
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    5 posts Born in Canada, currently living in the US, I am part of a startup that designs games for physical therapy. In my spare time I like to keep up on...
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    4 posts A gamer with a love for rap, gaming and all of nerd culture.
  • FP-Cond

    3 posts Gaming addict trying to share his experiences with the world.
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    2 posts A twentysomething comp sci grad student navigating the strange world of nerd culture and gamers. Enjoys long walks on the beach, well-commented...
  • callumpat

    1 posts Greetings! I'm a professional writer & independent book critic. We have a new service here @BuyEssayClub: writing stories for gamedev, so I'm here...
  • BettyAdamou

    I make Games & Immersive Experiences for research, and I've been told that my games are more interesting and insightful than surveys. CEO &...
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