Chris Hendricks

I am a full time student at Full Sail University studying Creative Writing for Entertainment. As with any writing degree my hopes are to one day become a professional writer. Whether that means writing novels, screenplays or in an online forum, so long as I can sustain my life I will be happy. I am an avid reader of anything sci-fi and fantasy. I love playing video games of all kinds and I am in a constant struggle to contain the hundreds of ideas fighting to find their place on the page. When one of these ideas does make its’ way to the top, you will find it here. Whatever it may manifest itself into, I hope that you get some form of enjoyment out of the experience. Feel free to openly criticize everything I post here. I am a strong believer of open banter creating stronger and more intelligent ideas. Just don’t be a d-bag about anything. Respect everyone and their opinions, no matter how wrong they are. Stick around, you may learn something.


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