How do I stay Focused? There are many techniques out there to increase focus. Here are few tips to help you stay focused and to become more efficient in your activities: You stay focused primarily by asking and answering the right question over and over again, questions such as: * What is the most valuable use of my time at this point in time? * What are my highest-value activities? * What are my key result areas? * What can I and only do that, if done will I achieve the desired results? * Do one thing at a time; and * Surround yourself with positive influences. With a negative focus, your life becomes polluted and toxic, killing off your dreams and aspirations before they even have a chance to grow and produce after their kind. But with a consistent positive focus, you will cultivate fertile ground on which success and fulfillment will take root and grow to fruition. Notice, a well-known psychologist William James said about this: "If you would be rich, you will be rich; and if you would be good,

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