Kaitlin Silver

I'm a Media Arts & Design graduate from the D.C. Metro area! I grew up on Nintendo and Playstation, and love games that allow co-operative play! Besides gaming, I also enjoy traveling, working with new media and technology, and music!


  • Ceruleanjim

    5 posts Love most video games just keep fps out of my sight
  • Catrina Dennis
    Featured Contributor

    3 posts Host of GamerHub.tv and TerraBYTE. Gamer, Comic Addict, Musician, Journalist. Social Media/Digital Design Junkie. Founder of TerraBYTE, nerd...
  • Simon Andrew

    1 posts Gamer since before I can remember. Pretty diverse in my tastes but if I had to choose, I'm probably an rpg enthusiast. Live in London, developer...
  • Chandler Tate

    Aspiring video game journalist. Editor-in-Chief of Gamespresso. Currently working towards my BA in History at York College of Pennsylvania.
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