Stephanie Tang

Avid PC gamer and long-time console lover. I enjoy sneaking, stealing everything not nailed down, and shooting zombies in the face. I'm also a cat.


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  • McLain Anderson

    15 posts
  • gamersusank

    15 posts I am a gamer with years and years of game play. I started with Dungeons and Dragons on paper and with dice when I was barely a teenager....
  • EdibleKnife

    13 posts "How was the funeral?"
  • Critley Lynn King

    11 posts Critley Lynn King holds a BA in Theatre and English from Eastern Kentucky University and is actively pursuing an acting and directing career. She...
  • AJMandula
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    9 posts Hi! I'm a game developer from Colorado working on a game, 5th beat for the OUYA. When I'm not working on my own games, I am playing what I can on...
  • Callib Carver
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    9 posts I am a third year journalism & photography major living in St. Louis, pursuing a career as a full time journalist & photojournalist.
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    8 posts Brand Ambassador, Event Planner, Son of Sparda
  • Dr Dre X

    8 posts Avid gamer and believer that Common Sense is not as common as you may think.
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    7 posts General interests include eSports, Reddit, and a solid Netflix binge. Newly relocated from the midwest to Washington DC, writing from home and...
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    5 posts Love most video games just keep fps out of my sight
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