Stephanie Tang

Avid PC gamer and long-time console lover. I enjoy sneaking, stealing everything not nailed down, and shooting zombies in the face. I'm also a cat.


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    4 posts The names Isma'il but I go by the name Ish. I'm a 18 year old who has an undying passion for video games. Expect weekly updates, reviews, and...
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    3 posts Host of and TerraBYTE. Gamer, Comic Addict, Musician, Journalist. Social Media/Digital Design Junkie. Founder of TerraBYTE, nerd...
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    1 posts I might solve a mystery... or rewrite history.
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    1 posts "The Professional Geek" - Contributing writer for a few Doctor Who Fan sites, WhatCulture and GameSkinny currently. I I love Doctor Who, Gaming...
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