Nafc ShadowX

I'm a 24/7 gamer, Huge Xbox and pc fan , Clan leader (the crimson rogue's), I like to play Fps,mmorpg,drive,horror games , movie gere i like is horror,sci-fi,action,comedy, being busy by updating my Friends about the most games (news and tips)


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    47 posts Journalist and Google-certified content marketing specialist based in Torrevieja, Spain. Featured in AppTrigger, Headstuff, and more.
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    44 posts Writer. Gamer. Lover. The self-proclaimed master of multi-tasking. :)
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    3 posts Josh has been obsessed with video games since childhood, with titles such as Resident Evil, Tekken 3, and Devil May Cry inspiring him to become an...
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  • kimberly costello

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