Elijah Beahm

Grumpily ranting at this computer screen since before you were playing Minecraft. For more of my work: https://elijahbeahm.contently.com/


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    39 posts
  • Chelsea Senecal
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    38 posts An undergrad working torward a BA in professional writing in between GTAV and Destiny binges.
  • SwordandSorcery

    35 posts
  • Xavier's
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    32 posts I'm here for unbiased news :)
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    30 posts Writer of stuff. Story stuff, music stuff, game stuff. Look at my Twitter pls.
  • NorthwestGamer

    23 posts I am a gamer and game developer from western Canada who is covering everything gaming in his free time.
  • Glen Schoeman
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    22 posts Glen is an avid rock climber, sky diver and bungee jumper who tends to lie about enjoying outdoor activities when in reality, all he does is play...
  • Delta Squad Reaper

    20 posts Just a nerd enjoying the geekier things in life.
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    18 posts Recent graduate interested in video game development, lore, and representation in gaming.
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