Elijah Beahm

Grumpily ranting at this computer screen since before you were playing Minecraft. For more of my work: https://elijahbeahm.contently.com/


  • pixmaa
    Featured Contributor

    16 posts Hungarian college student, who likes to play games. Writing is a hobby for now, but I like to do it :) If you like what I am doing, you can...
  • Tom Keech

    12 posts I am currently going to school for Journalism and hope to eventually work full-time in the game industry writing articles or working in public...
  • Esteban Padilla
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    11 posts Recent grad in Chemistry, Psychology, Music, and Biology. Passionate about doing music and science, sometimes simultaneously. Enjoys the nerdier...
  • JC Lau
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    11 posts Hailing from Australia, JC Lau is a Seattle-based game journalist with a Ph.D. and interests in political philosophy, food science and roller...
  • Duran Boskovic

    10 posts After 15 years of gaming i've decided to do the unthinkable: put my opinion on the internet! Culture, RPGs and anything fallout and you can trust...
  • Pentrion

    9 posts Gamer
  • The Slow Gamer

    9 posts I'm a PC gamer of moderate years, with a love of turn based strategy, adventure and point and click games. I also crowdfund a number of projects...
  • Connor Van Ligten
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    8 posts With summer nearing soon, Connor hopes he can take breaks from playing overwatch to actually experience the outside world. Oh, and also write more...
  • Iron Gaming
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    6 posts Iron Gaming is a company dedicated to creating a platform for gamers to increase their fame, or infamy. We provide a community for gamers to...
  • John Harper

    6 posts John Harper's writing career began in his first year of school when he stood up in school assembly and read out his own rendition of the movie...
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