Elijah Beahm

Grumpily ranting at this computer screen since before you were playing Minecraft. For more of my work: https://elijahbeahm.contently.com/


  • iTrigonometry
    Featured Contributor

    5 posts A 21 year old Portuguese physics major with a strong passion towards video games and tabletop roleplaying. Just watch your wallet when around him....
  • Anthony Wright

    4 posts I write about games...
  • Sleepy Bison
    Featured Contributor

    4 posts Author of MEKANIKAL blog, the scrambled ramblings (scramblings?) of a geek/nerd.
  • Strazov LAN

    3 posts We are a small group of LAN party players focused on playing affordable and high-quality games. Our base is in Strazov, Czech Republic.
  • Cassie Gotto White

    2 posts I like video games, coffee, music, and cats.
  • Nafc ShadowX

    2 posts I'm a 24/7 gamer, Huge Xbox and pc fan , Clan leader (the crimson rogue's), I like to play Fps,mmorpg,drive,horror games , movie gere i like is...
  • David Paul

    1 posts I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Conversion Specialist, Business Blogger & Strategist, Growth Hacker. I help businesses increase conversions using...
  • Manish Sharma

    1 posts Hello friends, My name is Manish Sharma. I am a game reviewer. I love to play video games.
  • Theora Craft

    Writer, gamer, professional snarker.
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